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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 28 : What do we do?
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 I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch. 28 What do we do?

Vaguely I could hear Narcissa telling somebody to get Harry Potter, and I also heard a voice that sounded like Theo.  I am holding Lucas who wouldn’t let go of me; he is now sleeping in my arms.  I cuddle him close humming to him and kissing his face, head, cheeks, hands anything I could reach.  He is such a little sweetheart.  Libra decided that her new favourite person for the moment is Lucius, who some how ended up sitting next to me.  I am sort of numb just sitting on the sofa.  Lucius puts his arm around me and I lean into him.  All I can think about is Monday I really don’t like Mondays.  I am worried about Ron getting out of Azkaban, I wasn’t listening to anyone else in the room, I am thinking about how if he really isn’t insane, he will be allowed to see my precious babies. 


Greg is sitting tied to a chair in my living room not too far from me, he is staring at Lucius and I not doing or saying anything, just staring.  I’m not even afraid of Greg, he used an unforgivable, but he also made an unbreakable vow with Narcissa that he won’t harm the twins or me.  I am shocked that he seems to be somewhat obsessed with me, I’m not sure I have ever spoken more than ten words to him.  Ever.  I blink several times when I hear Theo say something about Ron not having a second chance, that he will get the kiss if he goes back.


“What?” I say out loud leaning up straight and looking around for Theo, “Theo, what did you just say?”  I ask again and he turns from talking to Harry and Draco to me.


“Hermione?”  He asks wondering what I want.


“What did you just say about Ron?”  I ask again Theo looks down at the floor not answering me.


“He said, that if Ron goes back to Azkaban, there are no second chances.”  Greg says still looking at me so I turn to him, “For anyone who gets out of Azkaban, there are no second chances, they are automatically given the kiss.” He says sounding flat.  “Including me, when I go back for using an unforgivable, I will receive the kiss.”  He finishes still looking at me; I can tell that he is resigned though there is still longing in his eyes.


I feel horrible Ron will get the kiss. “No.”  I whisper, and everybody looks at me in shock including Greg, who probably thinks I am talking directly about him; a spark of hope ignites in his eyes.  “There must be another way, I don’t want that to happen to anybody, not Ron.”  I say knowing how it will hurt the Weasley’s.


“What are you saying Hermione, you can’t still be in love with him.”  Draco says sounding more offended than this warranted.


“Of course I’m not in love with Ron.”  I say glaring at Draco, “You should know better than to think or even suggest that.”  I give him one last glare then look at Harry, “It will kill Molly and Arthur, not to mention the rest of his family.  He mustn’t get the kiss, we have to think of something.” I say feeling like this is my entire fault.


“I understand what you are saying Hermione, but what can we do?”  Harry says looking like he feels as sick about this as I do.


“Well, I suggest that right now we all go to the Manor, where most of our friends and family are probably waiting for us, and discuss this later.”  I say wanting to be out of the cottage for a bit and away from having Greg stare at me.  “I think we need to not do anything rash, I know that Ron deserves what has happened to him because of what he has done, but I will not be responsible for his death.  Greg can go to the Manor and Lucius, I’m sure you have a place to put him?” I question turning to look at my father-in-law.


He nods, “Yes, ‘Mione I do, are you sure?”  He asks looking at me.


“Yes, I’m sure.”  I say taking a deep breath and letting it out trying to keep myself in control and not get hysterical.


“I can’t believe you are serious.”  Draco says and I turn back to look at him as does everyone else, except Greg who is still staring at me.  “Why are you protecting Ron?”  He asks looking livid.


“Draco, you need to think this through, do you want to tell your children, when they are old enough, that mum and dad sentenced their biological father to death, just because we didn’t think it through and consider all the options?”  I ask getting angry and standing from the sofa, “I know you have never completely liked Ron or the Weasley’s but I can’t believe you would make them suffer through the death of Ron just because you don’t like him.”  I say breathing hard feeling my control start to crumble.  “That isn’t the man I married, the man I married is compassionate and loves me and our kids more than anything, are you even thinking about anyone other than your hate for one man?”  I ask my voice having risen and sounding like an angry teakettle.  I stop feeling like if I say anymore I will burst.


“Apparently you just don’t know who you married.”  Draco spits the words glaring at me, “Maybe Greg here could step in since you seem to want to save him too.”  He says the words like a slap across the face gesturing to Greg who of course is still staring at me. “I’m sure he would be more than happy to.”  He adds the words dripping with anger and frustration.


“Draco, mate that’s too far.”  Theo says quietly but firmly and Draco whips his head around to glare at him.


“Maybe you would rather step in.”  Draco says to Theo who narrows his eyes and sucks in a breath.  “I can’t deal with all this anymore.”  Draco says in a huff throwing up his hands and heads to the door, “I’m done.”  He snaps and walks through and slams it behind him, Luke jumps in my arms, and we all hear a faint pop of apparition.


My mouth drops open and I feel a sob working its way up my throat and I can’t stop it from coming out.  From the corner of my eyes I see Greg still staring at me smiling, I turn slowly closing my mouth and pushing the sob away letting anger replace it. 


“Stop. Staring. At. Me. Or I will hex your eyeballs out of their sockets, then slice your bollucks off for fun, then I will send you back to Azkaban the kiss be damned.”  I say lowly and harshly, Greg’s eyes go wide and I see fear, and respect in them before he slowly lowers his eyes to his lap, still smiling.  “Get him out of my house, I can’t stand him leering at me.”  I say almost screaming, trying to keep my tears in and my frustration down, feeling like if somebody seriously doesn’t get him away from me I will probably do as I threatened.


Theo steps forward and grabs, him getting rid of the ties, and stepping into the floo and leaving in a flare of green flame.  Narcissa steps forward without saying anything and reaches for Luke, who surprisingly smiles and reaches for his grandma with a squeal.  She pulls him into her arms, gives me a last look that I don’t care to decipher, and steps into the floo.  Lucius steps up and kisses my cheek before he follows his wife into the floo with Libra who is silently watching everything though she’s smiling at me before they are gone as well.  I fall back onto the sofa and can’t keep a hold of the sobs any longer.


Harry sits next to me and wraps his arms around me pulling me close just holding me.  “Harry…I don’t…know…what to…do.”  The last words is said on a wail and Harry squeezes me close murmuring to me as my body is wracked by sobs that I can’t hold in, nor keep from stabbing into my heart. 


“Shush ‘Mione I know, we will figure this out, please don’t cry.”  He says softly and I can hear the tears in his voice as well, which makes me cry harder.


“I love Draco, I wish he wouldn’t have left.”  I gasp out and I feel Harry nod his head.


“I know you do, sweetie, I know.”  Harry whispers against my head as I continue to cry.


“I don’t think Draco knows I love him, I don’t want him to think I don’t love him.”  I blubber as I feel fear that he would leave me, and fear that he doesn’t love me too.  “Do you think he loves me Harry?”  I ask feeling like if Harry says no that my heart will permanently break into so many pieces that nothing will help it.


I feel Harry move his head in what could be a nod, and he says, “Yes, love I know he loves you, he is just afraid of what Ron could do to your family.”  Harry answers me back softly and I cry harder, not having thought that Draco could be scared of that.


After what seems like hours I ask, “Is he going to come back?” Sounding like a heart broken little girl with a small voice.


“Yes, I know he will.”  He answers sounding more sure than I feel.


“This hurts Harry, my heart hurts so much.”  I say then start to sob even more, this time crying for everything, for Lucas and Libra who both love Draco so much, for Ron, even though he is a git he doesn’t deserve to die, for the twisted way that Greg may die because of me, I can’t handle this anymore.  “I can’t.”  I gasp as more sobs wrack my body my eyes hurt and I can’t seem to make anything do what I want it to.  My body just keeps purging itself of stress and worry and fear by using my tears.


I feel another set of arms wrap around me and I don’t bother to figure out who it is I latch onto Harry who grunts once from my squeeze, then murmurs into my ear things I can’t understand, and I cry as I feel myself being shifted to someone else.  I smell him first and a little bit of hope burns in my chest, maybe he does love me enough not to leave me, and the twins.  I feel a hard chest under my cheek and my eyes are so swollen that I can only see a white button up shirt.  I feel strong arms around my waist as I’m lifted into the new person’s lap.  I’m crying and I can’t seem to stop, I am so afraid of what could happen.


“I’m sorry love, I was a prat, I am sorry.”  I hear a deep silky voice rumble against my face and I feel his breath against my wet cheek.  I feel his lips against my head and I cry harder.  “I’m so sorry, ‘Mione, I didn’t mean what I said, I am sorry.  I’m just afraid that Ron could take you away from me, and I lashed out to you, I am really sorry.”   He continues in his deep voice I can hear the regret in every word.  “Please, Hermione your cries are breaking my heart, forgive me love, I love you so much and I am sorry I made you doubt me.”  He says and I hear his voice crack.


My cries quiet a little as what he is saying finally breaks through my sorrow, and the hope spreads into happiness.  He came back to me.  My Dragon came back to me, I shift so I can lean back a little and look up into his handsome face full of regret.  I fling my arms around his neck and pull myself to him as far as I can make myself go and burry my face into his neck, not unlike what Luke did with me earlier.  I hear the sound of the floo in the background, but don’t think twice about it, Harry must have left.


“You came back.”  I whisper and I sound like somebody just told me I won the lottery.  “I am sorry, I got upset with you, please don’t ever leave again.”  I say begging him to stay with me forever.


He pulls me back slightly and after a second of hesitation I let him, He looks into my eyes and says in a steady voice. “This was not your fault, and I am the one who is sorry.  Please forgive me, and I will never leave you again like that.”  Draco says sounding completely sincere and I give him a watery smile.  I lean forward and nod once before smashing my lips against his, hungry for him to tell me this way that he loves me.


“I love you.”  I pull back and say then lean in again to kiss him, opening my mouth against his and flicking his lips with my tongue.  He opens and I dive in trying to taste all of him, that lovely taste of dark woods and rain.  I moan against his mouth and I can feel his body stiffen.


He pulls back to move to my neck and whispers, “I love you too Hermione.  I’m sorry I made you question it ever.”  He says as he places hot open mouth kisses all along my jaw and neck.  He continues kissing everywhere he can reach moving aside the neckline of my shirt down to expose more sensitive skin.


“Draco, you are my everything.”  I gasp as he nips me lightly then use his tongue to soothe.


He pulls back from me and looks up, at me desire plainly shinning in his eyes he blinks a couple times and then takes my face in his hands.  “Please say you forgive me.”  He says earnestly.


“I forgive you, my Dragon, I love you so much.”  I say softly and watch as joy spreads in his eyes and he gives me a genuine smile showing his dimple.


He pulls me forward and whispers against my lips “I love you too very much.”  Then he kisses me softly and with so much love I can feel the kiss everywhere.


He pulls back and rests his forehead against mine, breathing heavily. “We need to go to the Manor, don’t we?”  I question.


“Smartest witch of the age.”  He quips smirking at me and I can’t help but smile at him.  “Yes, my princess, we need to go, it is almost four o’clock.”  He agrees and I nod sliding off his lap.


We both clean ourselves up and then floo to the Manor, Ginny is the first one to see me enter the sitting room and using her Quidditch speed she rushes to me and pulls me back out of the room.  Draco gives me a small smile as he continues into the room.


“I just heard, about Monday, about Ron, what are we going to do?”  Ginny says panting since she pulled me a ways down the hall.


I just look at her for a few minutes seeing Libby in her face and I feel how I know I can’t let Ron die because of how much it will hurt this family.


“Hermione, say something.”  She says shaking me slightly.


“I hate Mondays.”  I deadpan and shrug; she looks at me for a minute then shakes her head on a chuckle.

I love love love that you will be getting two possibly three chapters in one day!!  Yay!  Please review and let me know what you think, I know I added a bit of a twist, bute it will all be explained.  Thanks for reading!

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