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The Killer's Son by BoOkWoRm24
Chapter 17 : Gildroy Lockhart
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Tom woke up that morning to Scott shaking him.

"Urrgggggg," Tom moaned, "It's just the first day of school Scott," he complained.

"Yes well hurry up," Scott said dismissing Tom's complaints immediately. Tom sighed and slipped into his robes. Soon the two boys were heading down to the Great Hall.

"So I started reading some of Lockhart's books and I don't think they are that bad," Scott said as they headed down the stairs.

"You've got to be kidding me," Tom said giving his friend a worried look.

"Well they aren't really. I mean if you look past the part where Lockhart says all this stuff about how great of a wizard he is and pay attention to his actual achievements, the guy is pretty impressive," Scott said lightly.

Tom shook his head, "The man is full of it Scott. I bet half that crap is made up."

"All of it is stuff that can be proven," Scott objected," I mean someone would notice if the Bandon Banshee was still around."

Tom rolled his eyes, "I don't care what he says he did. A wizard who actually has seen battle acts different. Lockhart simply doesn't act like he has fought anything in his life."

"You would know," Scott said sarcastically.

"Ever notice how Snape seems to have eyes in the back of his head," Tom said, reaching for the first example he could think of.

Scott shrugged, "Not really I figured it was a wizard thing."

"It might be a teacher thing during class, but it never goes away," Tom explained. "Last year on my first night here I had a nightmare. Snape was in the dungeon, sleeping at the time and he heard me yelling in my sleep and came up to the Gryffindor common room because he thought there was some kind of intruder. Do you know how alert you have to be hear someone yelling in their sleep who is half way across the castle? I think it's impossible actually. He is just so used to that life that it's second nature to be like that now. McGonagall, Dumbledore, and a lot of the other teachers are like that too. Lockhart is probably the most oblivious person in the world though. He wouldn't stand a chance against the Bandon Banshee and he most certainly doesn't act like he fought anything more dangerous than a fluffy bear."

Scott sighed looking defeated as the two settled in to the Gryffindor table for breakfast. "Suit yourself," Scott mumbled in response. Tom knew that Scott still didn't believe him though. This wouldn't be the last discussion they had on the topic.

Tom looked up to see a black owl swooping down towards the two. It landed gracefully in front of Scott holding a letter between its brown beak. Scott grabbed it looking at the owl strangely. Tom raised an eyebrow at the letter.

"It said that they rented the owl," Scott said his eyes scanning the letter. He grinned and held up a picture for Tom to see. The people in the photo were stationary, so it must have been taken with a muggle camera. In the picture stood ten boys all with boxing gloves on their hands. To the right was Scott's dad. The word Coach was written in big letters across his shirt. Tom found himself standing in the back of the picture with one of the corners of his mouth tilted slightly upward in what was supposed to be a smile. It was strange to see himself standing there motionless of the piece of paper.

"Camp picture," Scott said, "They said it's for you." Scott was about to say something else when another owl came swooping down from the sky. It hit the table in front of Tom and slid a little until it finally stopped in front of Ron.

The red head stared at the owl stunned for a moment before going pale. He reached for the red letter the owl was carrying.

"RONALD WEASLEY!" yelled a woman's voice. The letter continued to chew out poor Ron for stealing the car. By the end of the letter the second year had the attention of every student in the entire Great Hall. Tom could hear some kids from the Slytherin table laughing as Hermione pulled the traumatized Ron out of the room. Harry followed close behind.

"I'm almost happy my parents are muggles just so they can't do that," Scott muttered as the two left for Herbology.

"Yeah," Tom muttered. He wondered for a moment what his own mother's voice would have sounded like if she had sent a howler. He quickly pushed the thought from his mind almost as soon as it had entered. Thinking about the past would only make him depressed.

As the two boys neared the Herbology greenhouse a man, no doubt Lockhart, in a hideous bright turquoise robe became visible. The man stood talking with a boy that Tom recognized to be Harry.

"I blame myself," Lockhart was saying as Tom and Scott walked passed. Tom snorted as Lockhart proceeded to say something particularly obnoxious.

Herbology class was slow. They were working with mandrakes, a plant Tom wasn't exactly fond of. The thing screamed too much and was far too needy to be practical for anything Tom deemed necessary. None the less he performed flawlessly with the plant as this was by no means his first encounter with it. He ended up finishing early and helping Scott with his mandrake.

When the class finally ended the two were the first out the door.

"What's next," Tom asked.

"Lockhart's class," Scott replied happily. Tom groaned. "I bet he'll be a fine teacher Tom just you wait and see."

"I'm sure," Tom said sarcastically. It only took about ten minutes into the class to know that he was right. Lockhart handed out a quiz. On had healthy amount of questions on it all strategically requesting facts about Lockhart's personal life. Tom was tempted to write exceedingly arrogant for number seven 'What is Gilderoy Lockhart's best trait'. The only thing that stopped him was the fear of Crouch using something little like that to prove that he was inherently evil. Thus instead he sat there and made up something that Lockhart would hopefully find flattering.

After Tom finished the quiz he returned to his desk and tried not to fall asleep. It didn't work and soon he was nodding off. The classroom faded and he was lying down in a dimly lit cave. His father stood in front of him demonstrating some spell

"Peskipiksy Pestronomi," he said waving his wand. Tom sat up with a jolt. Standing in front of him wasn't his father, it was Lockhart. He had cast the spell, not his father. Tom looked around dazed before realizing what was going on. Around him several pixies were zooming around the room grabbing at the second years. Lockhart was looking rather panicked and everyone was rushing out of the room. Tom felt a tug on his robes as one of the pixies tried to drag him into the air. He took his wand and zapped the thing slightly annoyed before grabbing Scott and dragging him out of the room. As the two hurried away Tom let out a loud laugh. Peskipiksy Pestronomi wasn't a real spell. Lockhart was an incompetent idiot. He happened to be in charge of educating the entire upcoming generation of wizards. It really wasn't all that funny, but it didn't matter Tom laughed all the way to Potions class.

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