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As Time Goes On by TheBrightestOfHerAge
Chapter 9 : The Unimaginable Event
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I take vivid notes of the meeting that Draco organized. He was thrown off a bit from what Scorpius said, but he quickly shook it off and got back on track.

“Alright,” Pansy says slamming her palms down. “I think if we need to become known again, we need to do something big and fast.”

“Like what?” I ask.

“Like, going for the ministry, at night, on brooms,” She says with enthusiasm.

"You idiot!" Goyle says to her. "Ministry's underground!" 

“But it's a good start to an idea,” Draco says pondering the idea. “But if we go at night, who’s going to know it’s us.”

“The re-opening of Ollivanders is tonight,” I say glancing down at the daily prophet. “A lot of people are going to be there, and it’s right above the Ministry. Seems like a perfect movement. It might be a long stretch to do though. We have so little time to plan everything and get everyone on board, it’s almost impossible. But what abo-”

“Brilliant!” Draco says as he looks at the other members. “But we’re going to get more recruitment.”

People look down at their laps avoiding the eye contact. “But, no one wants to join the deatheaters now that the Dark Lord has fallen,” Zachrias says quietly.

Draco looked hurt by this one. “Well, once we make a big entrance, like attacking the ministry, then we’ll be sure to get more supporters.” The others nod in agreement.

“Alright, we plan on tonight! Bring your brooms and be back here by 7:30 sharp. Dust off the old masks for tonight, we show the others who’s in charge around here!” Draco declares.

The deatheaters clapped as they file out of the room and to their homes. Draco puts his hands on my shoulders. “You were great. This is why you’re the leader.”

I look up. “Leader?!”

“Yeah, I’ve decided that you and I are going to lead the Death Eeaters together.”

“Draco, I don’t know if I-”

“Astoria, you’ll do great at this. I promise,” He says reassuringly.

“But I can never be as good as Bellatrix.”

“You don’t have to. She’s mental anyways,” He chuckles.

“But I can’t,” I say looking down at my stomach. “I’m pregnant remember?”

“Well, for now you can help us, then when the baby’s here, you can be ready for action.”

“Draco,” I say holding his arm. “What if this is too much?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like, do we really have to do this?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do we really have to bring the death eaters back? You seemed so content with the way things are today,” I say sitting down on the chair.

“Well things aren’t right, do you see how Mudbloods are being treated?” He sighs. “They’re getting jobs, having families, take your friend for example! She’s having twins!”

“Don’t you fucking bring Hermione into this!” I hiss, a burst of anger exploded in me when he talked about her. “She did bloody nothing to you!”

“Yeah but her ‘love’ did!” He says pointing to the faint wound that still remains on his face.

“Oh please you’re being so dramatic!” I say. “Look at what you’re doing. Think of what you’re going to do,” I take a step closer to him. “Scorpius stormed out of the room, you don’t even know where he is. And I am not having my child born without her know her fucking father!”

I could tell that Draco was unhappy. He hates it when we fight. “I’ll be careful, okay?”

“Okay,” I say nodding quietly. He walks to his office to put the plans together. I’m left there in the dining room. I knew it was a lie. I hold my stomach as I feel a kick from the baby.

Draco was going to be as daring as he could with this.


“What?” I ask. There was a random teenage boy on my front steps, I could have said a lot more to him. “Come in, come in.”

He sits on the couch looking shaken and scared. I pass him a cup of tea. “My mum she picked me up from Hogwarts. She said it was something important. They’re planning on attacking the ministry, tonight.”

I stand up quickly and call Ron. If this was serious, a professional auror would need to know, and my husband too.

“Hullo?” He says.

“Come home, it’s important.”

“I’m working, love.”

“This is important Ron. Please, I can explain here,” I strain.

He hears the stress in my voice and sighs. “Alright.”

“Bring Harry too,” I hang up the phone. I get Scorpius some tea and I sit down next to him. “Scorpius, that’s a bold thing to say. How do you know?”

“They said something about the Ministry and Mum had a paper saying that there was a grand re-opening of Ollivanders which is above the Ministry, I knew Mum and Dad wanted to make it a big entrance and quick, so that was the nearest date.”

The door opens and Ron rushes in. “What’s going on,” Scorpius quickly explains the predicament and Ron’s face goes white. “Notify the Order,” He says to me.

“Ron, the Order hasn’t been working since the Second Wizarding War. You can’t expect people to drop what they’re doing and come here.”

“They’re going to have to,” Harry says. “From what Scorpius is saying, this is going to be big, we would need all hands on deck.”

“Okay, okay, okay!” I say thinking this through. “Scorpius, you have your apparation license recently, correct?” He nods. “Grab Rose and Hugo and bring them here,” I turn to Ron. “Ron, spread the word to your parents along with your siblings. Tell them their kids can come here but they have to be in charge of transportation,” I now turn to Harry. “Harry, go to the ministry and notify any other Order members that aren’t in the Weasley family. Also some of Dumbledore’s army would be helpful too. The more the merrier,” They all stare at me and nod. “Well... Go!”

They rush off to perform their duties. I rush to the kitchen and begin to make snacks. We have over thirty people coming to this house, I have to be prepared!

Scorpius, Rose and Hugo come back first. “Mum, Scorpius told me the whole story,” Rose says. “I want to help.”

I shake my head. “Absolutely not, Rose!” I scold. “This isn’t some Girl Scout survival where things are safe. This is real. They aren’t going to have any mercy for you.”

“Mum, I know!” Rose argues. “I know what we’re up against! You did the same thing when you were my age!”

“I was of age, Rose! And desperate times called for desperate measures! I had no choice!” I say. “Now help me make sandwiches. My decision is final so don’t ask me again.”

Ron comes back with the whole Weasley family in tow. “Take them to the dining room,” I whisper to Ron.

He nods and follows. He looks back at me. “Since Moody, you’re in charge of the order.”

“Ron, I don’t think that’s so smart,” I say looking at him. “I mean look at me!” I point to my enlarged stomach. “I don’t think I could do it mentally or physically.”

“But you have the organizational skills of an OCD person.”

“Maybe cuz I am OCD?” I joke. “Look, since we’re on a time limit, I’ll do it. Only as a temporary thing.”

He hugs me and kisses me on the cheek. “You can do this,” He says.

Harry comes back with the rest of the remaining Order members along with all of the Dumbledore’s army members. I order Hugo to bring in extra chairs from around the house.

I look at my watch, it’s already 6:45 and the reopening is at 8, we barely have any time to think this through. “Alright, from an inside source, we found out that the Ministry is going to be attacked by the new death eaters. We need ideas, and fast,” I say looking at everyone. “We don’t know when they’re going to get there or what they’re going to do, but it’s going to be big.”

Rose is sitting next to Scorpius and they’re nervously holding hands. Why must this happen now? They’re going to be split apart just by their families. I was so happy for them, why must it end this way?

Kick. I hold my stomach as baby A feels the stress and kicks me in the side. I have two months to go, but I can tell the difference between the two. Baby A is completely laid back and is content with staying on it’s own side. Baby B is the daring one. The one that just has to kick Baby A to get them mad. Usually, when Baby A moves or kicks is after Baby B gets in their space.

“We need to get in the ministry and get there quickly. We need people undercover, Ginny, do you still remember how to change people’s appearances?” I ask as I feel a kick from Baby B.

“Yeah, why?” She asks.

“Good. You and I are going to change people’s appearances because we need people to go undercover so the death eaters don’t suspect we’re already there. Ron, go grab some of the old clothing in the attic,” Ron rushes upstairs. “We need people at the reopening and people inside the ministry,” Ron comes back downstairs with a box of clothing. “Try not to look like yourselves,” Ginny and I begin to perform the spells on everyone and soon, I can’t tell who I’m talking to! “Brilliant. Apparate to the ministry for those who are being employers and some fly to look like tourists. I’m just going to go grab my things and I’ll be ther-”

Ron grabs my arm before I head upstairs. “You can’t go, Hermione,”

“Says who?” I demand. I feel a kick from baby B.

“Look at you! You’re seven months pregnant! Doing this is going to be selfish on yourself, you have two other lives you need to be thinking about, not your own or people you don’t even know!”

“Ron! I’m going to be okay. Now let me go, I’m going with you.”

“You know what? You’re going to be okay,” Finally he starts to agree with me! “Because you’re going to stay here,” Can he please get it through his thick head, I’m not made of glass! “You need to stay here to take care of the kids, Audrey and Percy just had Lucy, they need someone to take care of her.”

“Well what about Rose and Scorpius?” I ask.

He glances over at the couple as they are giggling and smiling at each other. “I’m not sure they’ll take their eyes off each other the whole night.”

“What about Nana?” Mrs. Weasley told me a million times to call her Molly or Mum, but since Rose and Hugo, I can’t help but call her Nana.

“No, Mum’s coming with us, so is Dad,” He grabs me on and holds me close. “You need to stay here, I don’t want to worry about you out there, they’re not going to be nice to you just because you’re pregnant. I want you to stay safe and stay here. You need to hold the fort down, Hermione. No one else can,” He looks at me as if he was begging me.

I sigh and look at him. “Alright, but I want to be kept in the loop, notify me via patronus.”

“Alright, Harry’s waiting for me outside, so I best be going,” Ron says beginning to walk away.

“Wait,” I say as I walk towards him. He laughs.

“You’re beginning to get the waddle down,” He jokes.

“Haha you’re funny,” I say sarcastically. “But seriously, please stay safe? Don’t do anything stupid,” I plead as I kiss him on the lips blocking the painful ‘what ifs’ in my head. What if he doesn’t come home tonight? What if he never sees his new baby twins? What if....


“Are we in position?” Harry asks. I have a thing called a “Blue Tooth” muggle invention in my ear that Hermione came up for communication. The weird thing is, it’s not blue nor does it resemble a tooth in any way.

“I’m here,” I say as I stand in my Ministry uniform and wait by the front door to let people in. I have a beard on and short, black hair. I look nothing like myself. Ginny was also gracious enough to give me a snaggle tooth also, but I think that was just for a laugh. I look across to see Harry standing looking as normal as possible. I see Ginny walk past the front door acting as a party goer. We were all in position. All that was left now was to wait.

The Ministry knows nothing, so we had to be cunning. Luckily, the Ministry is a big corporation that no one knew what the other person was doing, which was helpful.

“Frank?” I hear a voice call. It was my character name. Hermione put too much time into this plan obviously. I look over and see a woman with dark red hair. I stare closer and my face goes white.

It was Hermione

“What are you doing here?” I say angrily.

“Coming to pick you up silly!” She says giggling she begins to grab my arm and pull.

“You’re supposed to stay home with the kids,” I say. I can’t believe she’s here. “How can you be so stupid to come here?” I hiss as I bring her out of earshot from anyone around me.

“Ron, I can’t let you do this alone!” She hisses back.

“Hermione, if anything happens tonight,” I fume at her. “You’re going to regret coming here. You’re in the most danger!”

“I’m not made of glass! I’m just pregnant.”

“Yeah with twins! You have three lives to take care of! In fact more! You just left all those young kids home alone. What about Lucy?”

“Rose promised she would take care of her. Scorpius said he would help also. I took major thought on this. I’m going to be fine!” She argues. “Now listen closely, they’re planning on attacking the ministry first, but then they’re moving to Gringotts. You need to get there and fast.”



Another bang.

Hermione gasps and looks outside and up. People are on brooms attacking the Ministry. She looks at me. “They’re here,” She whispers as she rushes outside and away from me.

“Hermione! No!” I say running after her. I run straight into a masked death eater. “Stupefy!” The masked man falls to the floor as I sprint after Hermione and run straight into a crowd of frantic people. I push past witches and wizards who are running in my direction. “Hermione!” I shout totally forgetting about the use of code names.

“Ron where are you?!” I hear Harry saying in my ears. “Ron, you left your post!” I can hear bangs around him. “We need you to get to Gringotts!”

I scan the crowd once more to see if I can see Hermione. No sign of her. I begin to sprint to Gringotts, knocking out any death eater that comes in my path. I spot Harry who is going up against Zachrias Smith. I get him in the back of the head.

“Frank? Where’s Cindy?” Harry shouts across. Cindy meaning Hermione, I guess. “What’s she doing here?!”

“I don’t know!” I yell across. As I get another death eater.

“You don’t know where she is?” He roars. A loud crash comes above our heads and Harry looks up to the shaking ceiling. He looks to me with a white face with beads of sweat sparkling on his forehead. “We got to get out of here, this place is going to come down!”

“Down?!” I quaked. Harry and I were the farthest away from the exit.

Harry and I begin to run for our lives. The building begins to shake as huge pieces of rubble begin to fall down all around us. We’re were this close to the exit when-

Black. Everything went black. Rubble was all around us, it was almost impossible to move no matter how hard we tried.

“Harry!” I shout trying to see if I could see him. “Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine!” He shouts. I hear some small shifting. “How are we going to get out of here?!”

“I don’t know!” I’m soon thinking. If I don’t make it out here, I’ll never see Hermione, or Rose, or Hugo, or the twins. Never seeing Hermione again, and the last thing I said to her was in anger and I told her how stupid she was. Never seeing the twins born, or smile. Hermione having the stresses of being a single widowed Mother. And Harry, never to see Ginny again. Never seeing his kids again. How are we going to get out of here?


The building falls down with a huge crash with rubble flying everywhere as small fires begin to form with cries of fear coming from others.

A feel someone pushing through the crowd. The woman had dark red hair with a rather large nose. “Ron?! Ron!?!” Instantly I knew that a frantic Hermione is making her way through the crowd. She steps in front of the burning Gringotts. She begins to breathe very heavily, as if she were about to explode in tears.

“Hermione!” Astoria says running towards her. She was off in a safe distance watching this whole thing go down. I didn’t want her involved because of her condition. She grabs her arm and looks at her.

“Where’s Ron?”  She says calmly to Astoria.

“I-I” She looks to me.

“You,” Hermione says walking towards me. “You did this. Are you happy with yourself?” She says to me. You can hear her have a lump in her throat. “Are you happy that my husband is now missing? Are you happy that Gringotts is now destroyed? This is all your fault, and you don’t even care!” She spits. She turns to Astoria, completely not mad at all. “Where’s my husband?” She quivers.

Astoria says nothing but glances at the Gringotts. She then looks down at her feet. “I saw him last in the Gringotts,” She says quietly.

“Oh no...” Hermione says putting her hands over her mouth. She begins to cry, a lot. Astoria grabs hold of Hermione and glares at me. “Happy?” She mouths at me. She was against this from the start, she just never told me, I could tell.

Hermione was really upset about it. She gets out of Astoria’s grasp and begins to run to the burning rubble that was Gringotts. “Hermione, no!” Astoria says running after her and grabbing her before she gets close to it.

“No!” Hermione sobs trying to get out of Astoria’s grasp. “I need to get Ron!”

“Hermione!” She says as she rubs her back while hugging her. She looks to me again with a teared look. I look away from her. She turns back to Hermione. “It’s going to be okay.” She soothes her friend.

I look to the remains of the Gringotts as it begins to shift. Hermione notices too as she picks her head up from Astoria’s shoulders. The ruins begin to shift more and more as two bodies begin to appear. They stagger towards us as Astoria runs forward and practically tackles the first figure.

“Ron!” She says as she hugs the figure and sobs. “You’re okay.” She repeats a lot. The figure darkly looks forward as she kisses him multiple times on the cheek. Hermione then runs to the other figure and hugs him too, but with not as many kisses as the first figure. The first figure spots me and begins to walk toward me with his wand coming out of his pocket.

Scared, I grab Astoria by the hand and apparate home.

“Draco!” Astoria gasps as she hangs on a back of a chair for support. She grabs her stomach in pain. “The doctor told us not to apparate anymore!” She sits down on the couch slowly and begins to breath heavily. She looks at me angrily. “Really?!” She says.

“What?” I spit at her.

“You are the most selfish person I have ever met.” She says darkly. “You were only caring about yourself out there. We were just making an entrance. You did not have to go and almost kill someone!”

“I didn’t mean to kill someone!”

“Well you would have had to expect something like that coming! Look at the damage you did! It’s going to take years to rebuild Gringotts! Years!” She repeats for dramatics. “And then you had to go and apparate me home! Have you not thought of the baby at all?”

“Of course I have! Why wouldn’t I? What kind of father would I be?”

“Obviously you weren’t! You just fucking apparated me home! That could have caused major damage to the baby and you don’t care!”

“I was worried about you!” I thundered at her. “I had to get you out of there before Weasley came to kill us!”

“More like kill you! I didn’t do anything!” She shouts with me. “And did you see what you did to Hermione! She was devastated!”

“She was just overreacting. Her Won-Won was okay!”

“He almost died, Draco!” She cries. “And you don’t care! Typical you!” She waves her face. “Go get my a bottle of water.”


“You heard me!” She orders as she points to the kitchen. “Water. Now.”

I laugh. There was no arguing with Astoria. She was either right, or right. I get her the water and hand it to her. “Anything else your Majesty?”

“Yes,” She says smiling at the joke. “I want a foot rub,” She laughs.

I sigh and follow. “You know,” I say. “I really do hate fighting with you.”

“You did put up a fight,” She laughs. “But you had no chance.”

“It was because you changed the subject. I almost had you,” I smile.

“Fat chance!” Astoria says laughing as she sips.

“Do you feel better?” I ask feeling bad for forcing her to apparate.

“Better, hopefully there isn’t any damage.” She smiles. “Can we take a break from this Death Eaters thing?” She rubs her stomach. “I doubt she can take it anymore.”

“Alright,” I say finishing up on the foot rub. “But after she comes, big plans are coming,” I smile.


“I just put Lucy down, she should be down the rest of the night, hopefully,” I say sitting down next to Scorpius. I look to the clock, it’s almost midnight.  

“When are they going to show up?” Hugo asks impatiently.

Scorpius looks at me at me and shrugs. Hugo scowls at him and continue to look at James, the person he originally asked the question to. “I don’t know, mate,” James says as Rose comes in.

Teddy and Victoire walk in hand in hand and Dom scowls as they walk down to the basement. Once their out of earshot, Dom looks to Rose. “They’re fucking back together. Again,” She says. “It’s bloody disgusting.”

Lily looks over at the basement door, trying to glance to see if she can see anything. “What do you think they’re doing down there.”

“Snogging and who knows what else,” Dom sighs as she runs her finger through her hair.

“Can’t you be happy for them?” Molly nags as she looks up from your book.

“Oh go back to your reading,” Dom sneers. “No one asked you anyway,” As much as I love Molly, she can sometimes be a wet blanket to our fun.

“Speaking of reading,” I say standing up. “We should all be working on our Hogwart’s work. McGonnagal wasn’t too pleased to be seeing us leave,” I grab a roll of parchment and a quill and begin to work on the paper about pixies. Forgetting my book, I had to write about it from my own memory.

“You’re worse than Molly!” Dom whines as I throw her a parchment.

“We should really be working on quidditch practice!” Al suggests. He’s trying to be sweet to his own brother, it’s Jame’s last year at Hogwarts and Al is dying to become Gryffindor’s captain. “Let’s go!” He says as he begins to stand up.

“Mum says we shouldn’t go outside,” I warn as Al looks at me depressed. “Did we all forget the fact that the Ministry may be attacked tonight?”

“Louis!” Dom calls to her brother who is in the kitchen with Fred, Roxie, Lysander and Locran. There was no answer from anyone. “Louis! Honnêtement! Ce garçon me tape sur les nerfs! Peut-il pas simplement écouter!” She begins to say in quick french. We knew instantly there was something wrong. All of us get up quickly and rush to the kitchen to see the five crowded around a radio. We all fill in the empty gaps.

“This is Romilda Vane reporting from Honeydukes. It was the reopening children were looking forward to. Adult reminisce Honeydukes as their dream candy store. But this dream, slowly became a nightmare.”

“Nightmare?” Lily says. She gets shushed by multiple Weasley children.

“At about 8:42 PM, flying above the excited wizards and witches were a newly revised group, the Death Eaters. The death eaters were masked as they begin to attack the Ministry as well as the people there, along with Gringotts. After twenty minutes of rough shooting to the building, Gringotts could take no more. It came down leaving two people trapped under the rubble. New reporters say that the two people trapped, are Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.”

Everyone goes silent. My stomach drops. Faces are all white around me. Lily cups her mouth with her hands and James and Al are silent. I look to Hugo who is silently staring forward. I stand up with my poker face on. Being one of the “older kids” of the group, I had to stay calm for others.

I walk into the other room and sit down on the couch and rest my head on my hands. Scorpius walks right in behind me and sits next to me. He puts an arm around me and holds me close. My dad could be dead, my uncle could be dead. I don’t know where my Mum is. I could lose my family in a heartbeat. With a house full of people, never has this home sounded so silent.

“You okay?” He whispers after minutes of silence. I lean on him as he begins to brush through my hair soothingly. I can’t say anything, all I do is nod.

No one else dares to come in here. They’re all still stuck in the kitchen, grasping every word that Romilda is saying.

I lean on Scorpius more, he doesn’t seem to mind. He allows me to lie on the couch and he mirrors my position and is soon spooning me. His hand lightly on my waist.

I fell asleep next to Scorpius. It must have been a while because I hear a door open and people walk in. I wake up and nudge Scorpius awake. I blink and gasp.

It was Mum and Dad. Dad had an arm around Mum and Dad’s limping. He looks dirty with dark all over him. Mum and Dad’s disguises wore off and they were back to themselves.

She looks to me frantically. “Get a chair,” She says. I turn to get one, but Scorpius is five steps ahead of me. He’s bring a chair in as Mum carefully puts Dad down. After a weak Dad is situated I go to Mum and hug her. “Is anyone back?”

“No one’s back yet,” I say quietly as Mum grips her stomach with a pained expression. “What’s wrong?” I say as I grab her and lead her to the couch.

She shakes her head as she sits down. “Nothing,” She says bravely. She couldn’t hide it, she grips her stomach again and lets out a quiet yelp.

“What’s going on?” I say scared.

“Stress pain,” Dad croaks out. His voice sounds weak. Scorpius hands him some tea. He nods and sips it.

“What?” I say looking at Mum confused.

“When a due date gets closer and closer,” Mum says as she grips her stomach again. “Anything that stresses the baby, they’ll tell you. And it’s bloody painful,” She says.

“Mum! Dad!” Hugo says rushing in and hugging Mum and then Dad. Soon, the whole family rushed in.

Mum looks at each of their scared faces. “Harry had to be rushed to St. Mungos,” The family goes even more silent, which I thought was impossible. “Ginny took him.”

“Is he going to be okay?” Lily asks.

“You know your dad,”  Mum laughs. “Always jumping right back on his feet. He’s going to be fine. He just had some minor burns and a bad cough. They just want to check on him.”

“What about my dad?” Fred asks looking to his sister. “And Mum?”

“They’re at the Ministry holding up the press and making sure everyone is okay.” Dad says standing. Mum gets up quickly and rushes to his side. “You know,” He says laughing at Mum. “I should be the one helping you up, not the other way around.”

“Ron, I’m fine,” She reassures.

“No, you seven months pregnant!”

“And I’m not made of glass!”

He sighs and looks back to the kids. “We’re taking you to the burrow. Nana’s there. So grab your things.”

“But what about Hogwarts?” Al asks as he grabs his books and things.

“There’s no point going back with only two days left. Final exams are done, so really there’s no point.”

“But it’s my last year!” James says.

“Ron!” Mum says. “The last two days of school are most crucial!”

“Says you, Hermione! You can go, but you’ll have to talk to Nana about it,” He rounds up the kids and sets up the Floo Network. He looks to Scorpius and then doesn’t make eye contact. “If you feel safer here, you can stay here for the summer break,” I smile at Dad. It was another start of getting Dad to like Scorpius!

“Thanks, Mr. Weasley,” Scorpius says. Dad nods as each Weasley kid goes into the green fire.

Once Mum goes to freshen up and Hugo runs down to get Dom and Teddy, I look to Scorpius. “What are you going to do?” I ask.

He shrugs. “I don’t know.”

“Well it’s up to Scorpius, Rose,” Mum says coming down in pjs and a robe. She sits down on the couch and looks at us. She could tell we were giving her weird looks. “Come on, I won’t tell Ron!” She says as she pats the couch telling us to sit down.

Scorpius sits down next to Mum and I sit next to Scorpius. “It’s not Mr. Weasley that I’m worried about,” He says. “It’s my parents.”

“I understand how you’re feeling. But you can not worry about how your parents feel about this, it’s about your safety. It’s not like you will be hated here. I can honestly say that I can see as my own son now.”

Scorpius smiles and looks at me. “We don’t have to say you’re staying here,” Mum suggests. “You can just say you have been invited to go stay at a quidditch training camp.”

“They won’t believe that,” Scorpius scoffs. “They’re not stupid.”

Mum arches her left eyebrow as she reaches for the phone and dials a number. “Hello? Astoria! It’s Hermione. I’m fine, I’m fine. Yep, the babies are alright too. Ron’s fine, too. Thank you. Listen Scorpius does not feel safe at your house...... Well what with the incident that just happened recently.... Mhmm yeah I totally know how your feeling right now..... right.... I’m just saying that Scorpius really wants to spend time time with Rose. Young love you know what I mean?” She winks at Scorpius and smiles. “Look I’m just trying to look out for your son! I know he’s your son and you need to worry about him. Hmmmhh.... look while this incident settles in and gets taken care of, how about he stays here for a week. If you don’t feel safe either you’re more than welcome to come and stay here.... no? Are you sure? No, you don’t need to tell Draco. Yes, I know he would be mad. Alright just a secret. Alright, but Scorpius is going to come visit you. Right right right this is about Scorpius feeling safe I understand. He’s just really scared. ... No he’ll be in safe hands I promise. Alright I’ll see you later!” She hangs up the phone. “Simple,” She says folding her arms.

“That was amazing! I knew my Mum would never allow that,” Scorpius says.

“I could only get a week,” Mum sighs.

I look at him and smile, we now actually get to spend time together.  


Rose, Scorpius, Mum and I were sitting in the living room, reliving the moment that just happened.

“So did you get anybody?” I ask looking at Mum eagerly.

“A couple.”

“What did you hit them with?” Scorpius asks looking as eager as me.

“Just simple spells,” She says.

“Mum, you’re being modest,” Rose laughs.

“Alright, I hit them with the best of the best,” She says leaning forward. “But this was only in self defense! I don’t want to get another owl saying that you stunned someone!”

“Like what spells?” I ask.

“With stupefy, expelliarmus, you know, the defensive ones,” She says as if it’s no big deal.

“Any unforgivable?” I ask shifting in my seat.

“No goodness no!” Mum says. “But I swear, I was this close!” She says.

The fire lights up and Dad comes through it. “All situated?” Mum asks Dad as he sits down. Mum tries to get up, but Scorpius helps her up. “Thanks,” She says as she goes to the kitchen and grabs a wet rag. She begins to dab at the wounds on Dad. He winces a little.

“Everyone’s fine,” Dad says as he lifts his head down so Mum could get at his neck. “James is going to go back for his last year. It took a little persuading, but Mum allowed it.”

“Crap!” Rose says standing up quickly. “We completely forgot that Lucy is upstairs!”

“It’s okay. Percy and Audrey are fine about it. Besides,” Mum says as she wraps Dad hand in a bandage. “It’s going to be good training for the household,” She smiles.

“Speaking of baby.” Dad says shifting in his seat. “We should start thinking of names. Especially for the two designers over here,” He looks at Rose and Mum. “They might want to incorporate that in the room upstairs.”

“Right!” Rose says happily. “Mum! We only have two months!”

“Right, two months. We have time,” Mum says laughing. “But I do want to start thinking of names.”

“Well what do you have in mind?” Dad asks as Mum summons a bucket of warm water and places it at Dad’s feet and carefully puts both feet in.

“I don’t know,” Mum says wondering as she begins to wash the wounds on Dad’s legs. She sighs. “You’re lucky to be alive Ron Weasley! Just look at these wounds. Maybe we should take you to-”

“No, absolutely not,” He says firmly. “You’re doing a pretty good job anyway.”

“Continue Mum! What about names?” Rose says.

“What are they anyway?” Scorpius asks.

“Oh that’s right I forgot to tell you!” Rose realizes. “One boy one girl,” She smiles.

Mum tries to get up after being on her knees. Dad has to help her as she holds her back. We all quietly laugh at her. “Alright, alright, I shouldn’t be doing that much movement now,” She says.

Rose stands up. “I can take care of Dad, Mum.” She begins to clean the wounds on Dad’s left leg.

“Rose, I’m supposed to be caring for you, not the other way around.”

“Shh!” Mum hisses as she sits down. “You’re a mess!”

“Well any names in mind?” Scorpius says as he leans down to help Rose. How can he be so nice? How aren’t Mum and Dad seeing through this?

“I’m definitely liking the name Adelaide as the first name for the girl. It’s vintage and french,” She says smiling as she thinks about it. “We could call her Adele for short or Laidey. I don’t know.”

“Middle name?” Dad asks.

She smiles again. “Well here’s the thing that I was thinking. How about I name the girl and you could have the middle name. Then you could name the boy and I could name the middle name.”

He shrugs. “Fair enough, I don’t really care whichever way,” He stops and thinks. “I was thinking the middle name be Ginny.”

Mum thinks and then smiles. “Adelaide Ginny.”

Rose squeals. “Oh I love it!” As she claps her hands. “Okay! Okay! Now boy names!”

Dad begins to think. “I’m stuck between two names.” He says after a while.

“Okay, well what’s the first one?” Mum asks intrigued.

“I like the name Asher,” He says. “That’s my first choice. But then it’s going to kind of go with Adelaide because they’re both beginning with A. We don’t want them to feel like they’re one person. You know what I mean?”

Mum nods. “Okay, well what is the second choice?”

“Henry,” Dad says looking a bit embarrassed. He’s always weird when he expresses an opinion he’s awkward about or expressing his feelings.

Mum and Dad are both in the trance of thinking. “I like the name Henry better,” Mum says at Dad. “But it’s up to you. I mean, your thought of them kind of matching makes them seem like one and I don’t want that to happen. They’re too different people, not the twins.”

The whole family nods their head in agree- wait? Did I just refer to Scorpius Malfoy as one of the family? “I like Henry,” I say.

Mum nods. “Henry, Henry, Henry,” Mum repeats slowly as she thinks through possible middle names. “Arthur’s already taken,” She looks to me and smiles, my middle name is Arthur. “And I was going to say Fred, but we have a kid named that, it would be confusing,” She shakes her head. She looks at Ron quickly. “I’m liking Henry Harry a little bit,” She says.

Dad shrugs. “It’s up to you.”

“Well do you like it?” She asks.


“Well then it’s settled,” Mum says brushing off her hands as if this was a dirty job. “Adelaide Ginny and Henry Harry,” She tries to stand up and Scorpius helps her up again. “That’s it, I’m off to bed. Hugo, you’re in charge of setting up Scorpius’s sleeping arrangements,” She points at Rose and Scorpius very seriously, no shenanigans. You hear me?” The couple giggle. “Please fix it now Hugo, in the basement.”

I nod as I walk to the laundry room and grab the sheets. Scorpius is following behind me. I begin to set up the bed. Why couldn’t I do this with magic?

“So,” Scorpius says as he grabs a corner of the bed and helps me set it up. “I hear you hate me.”

I look at him as he continues to set up his bed. “I have this, you know. You don’t have to do this.”

“How can you be so nice?” I blurt.

Scorpius laughs to himself. “I’ve been getting that a lot.”

“But you’re in Slytherin and your dad is Draco Malfoy and your grandfather is Lucius Malfoy. How can you turn out so nice!” I say.

“You should really go out and actually meet and talk to someone before you judge them by stereotype. Is that why you hate me?”

“No,” I say kicking the ground. “I just know you’re out to hurt my family, and Rose.”

“I’m not going to do that Hugo,” Scorpius says firmly. “I love Rose and I love your family. I bet you and I have a lot in common anyway.”

“Fat chance,” I say looking down.

“Alright then,” Scorpius says sitting on a chair. “Let’s play a game. A game called 20 questions.”

I roll my eyes and look at him. “Alright, go,” I order.

“Favorite children’s story. And answer truthfully.” He says folding his arms.

“The Warlocks Hairy Heart.”

“Warlocks Hairy Heart. That’s one. Favorite Quidditch team.”

“The Irish.”

“The Irish, that’s two. Favorite Muggle Movie.”

“Fast and Furious Series.”

“Fast and Furious Series, look at that! Three. Favorite class at Hogwarts.”


“Charms. There. Now what would you call that.”

“I guess we have a little in common. Favorite Candy.”

“Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans. I save the good ones for me and prank my mates with the other one.”

“I do the same exact thing! Favorite Chocolate Frog Card.”

“Bertie Botts of course! That man’s a bloody genius!”

“Dream quidditch position.”

“Well before, I was on the team, I wanted to be a seeker.”

“Seeker too!” I smile at him. I give the guy credit.

“So are we on the same page now?”

“I guess,” I say shrugging. The both of us go back upstairs, I guess I could give Scorpius a chance.


“Goodnight Scorpius,” Mrs. Wealsey says smiling.

“Mr. Weasley, can I help you get upstairs?” I ask offering a hand.

Mr. Weasley gets up and winces. “I’m not 80 years old yet! I can take care of myself,” He walks upstairs.

Mrs. Weasley looks at him and rolls her eyes. “Thank you, though,” She says to me patting me on the back. “Don’t worry about him, he’s just cranky, you know how people get when they’re old,” She says laughing.

“Heard that!” Mr. Weasley says.

Rose comes back downstairs in her pjs. She sees me and turns around. “Ahh Scorpius!” She says. “I’m not decent!”

“I think we went over this before Rose,” I say getting up. “I don’t care if you’re not wearing makeup or wearing pjs, you’re beautiful anyways,” I say smiling.

“Awww!!” Rose says as her back is still turned on me. “But it’s pretty bad.”

“Oh yeah?” I say chuckling. “How bad.”

She turns around to reveal a green face. I look at her puzzled, what is on her face? “It’s a face mask,” She explains. “It’s supposed to really help your complexion.”

I look at her and start laughing. I couldn’t help it, it’s just so funny. “Can I try some?”


“Okay let’s go,” I say as I prepare my face for the green mask.

Rose stops laughing at looks at me. “Are you serious?”

“As the plague.”

“You really want to wear this on your face.”

“You thought I was kidding!”

“Yes! I was kidding too!” She looks at me for a while. “Well, there are some things that you can fix with your face,” She says grinning.

I smirk at her. “Oh, really?”

“Yeah!” She says grabbing my face and squishing it as she examines it. “Your skin tone is really uneven,” She says.

“Oh no! Not my skin tone!” I say sarcastically.

“This could clear that up in a jiffy.”

“Okay,” I say holding my hands up in forfeit. “Go for it.”

Rose rolls her eyes as she begins to apply it on your face. “You want your nails done too, Miss Scorpiusina?”

I open my eyes and look at her. “Scorpiusina? You couldn’t come up with any other feminine name other than Scorpiusina?”

“I was put on the spot!” Rose says laughing. “Now stop moving.”

“This stuff smells good,” I say as I attempt to sniff my face.

“Okay, I’m done. Now you can’t smile at all or else you’ll crack it.”

I run to the mirror and look at myself. I look like a freak. I can see Rose in the reflexion. “Tell any of my mates of this, and you’re gonna be in trouble,” I say trying not to smile.

“Don’t smile!” Rose warns while laughing. “It’s not going to turn out good!”

“Alright! Alright!” Rose begins to walk away. “Hey where are you going?”

“Getting a movie you need to see!” She calls as she runs down the stairs. “You’re going to love it!”

I sigh as I sit down on the couch. Mrs. Weasley walks into the living room. “Just came down to get a blank-” She spots me in my mask. I give her a friendly. “Scorpius?!” She asks shocked.

“In the flesh and blood,” I say trying not to smile.

“Rose got to you with that crazy face mask?” She says laughing.

“Evidently,” I say laughing.

“Well,” She says as she grabs a blanket and puts her hand on her back to support herself. “I can tell you right now, it’s not your color.”

“I know!” I say joking around. “I was thinking maybe next time, I might go with the light blue, it’ll compliment my eyes,” I say as girly as I can while still being a man.

Mrs. Weasley laughs. “Oh yeah definitely, but the green does go with your outfit, I give you credit for that!” She sighs while she looks at me. “You might want to watch yourself. Next she’s going to be waxing your eyebrows and lining your eyes with eyeliner.”

I look at Mrs. Weasley and laugh. “As long as it’s not green,” I say.

She laughs along and sighs. “You know, Scorpius, you really did change Rose.”

I nod. “Yeah I know.”

“No, really. She’s been so much happier now that you’re in her life. She’s been smiling more and not worrying about the stresses in life. I see how you guys interact, it really works with you guys,” She straightens a magazine on the coffee table. “Well now that I made things very awkward. I’m going to go to bed,” I smile and cause my face mask to crack. “Goodnight Scorpius.”

Rose walks in with a muggle movie in her hand. She taps it on her other hand against her palm. “You’re going to like this movie.”

“What is it?”

“Titanic,” She says laughing. “It’s not a sweater,” She laughs again as she sits down next to me. I put my arms around her and she leans on my shoulder.

“Hey!” I say watching the movie. “The girl in this movie is named Rose too!”

“Yeah, what do you know?” She says laughing and smiling.

The biggest ship ever begins to take off and I can feel my eyelids getting heavy.....

“Ahem,” A voice says as I blink them open. I look to the clock, 2:45 AM. Mrs. Weasley’s hair is slightly askew and she has an angry look on your face. “Not to break up this party, but you both need to go to bed. No shenanigans, remember?”

Rose yawns and gets up, embarrassingly as she looks down to see that we’re holding hands still.

“Rose, don’t let go,” The tv says.

“Well, goodnight Scorpius,” And both Rose’s let go that night.


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