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My Gorgeous Boy by Zyii
Chapter 11 : Chapter Ten - Part Two
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Chapter Ten – Part Two

15th December 1979

White lilies and lavender flowers adorned the arch ways and trees of the garden. Upon the grass stood rows and rows of white wooden chairs all pointed at an arch covered with more white lilies and lavender flowers. The guests were soon to arrive though they were only Order members, but that alone amounted to around seventy guests.

The Marauders got ready in one room with Hermione dressing in another. James was nervous, he couldn’t even tie his tie correctly his hands were shaking so badly. Sirius laughed at his friends vain attempts to dress himself, pushing his hands away and helping his poor dear friend dress.

Today was the day after all. After Hermione had told James she was pregnant, the wedding day had been moved forward to save a lot of hassle.

James had been more shocked than excited to find that Hermione was pregnant but he could see the hope and happiness shinning in her eyes and so had squashed down any dramatic feelings he had in order to focus on the positive. He was going to be a Father!

Sure he’d wanted children in the future but the future had come a lot quicker than he’d imagined.

People were getting married left right and center. War did that to people, made them make rash decisions just in case the worst happened. James and Hermione were already married via the bonding they shared but a little extra happiness never hurt anyone.

If James were to perish in the war, Hermione would surely follow for the survival of a break in a soulbound match was almost unheard of. Lucky for James he had Hermione and she wasn’t going to let him die anytime soon.

It would be easy to write about the wedding of James and Hermione. It would be easy to comment on the amount of crying women or heartfelt hugs the couple received. It would be easy to say how happy Hermione and James were. How Peter tried to hide his tears. It would be easy to say how simple and loving the ceremony was. How Hermione and James stared into one another’s eyes and blocked out the rest of the world. It would be easy to say that their wedding brought them to cloud nine, a place without fear and hardships.

It would be easy. It was easy. It was perfect. Everything was as it should.

March 17th 1980

Hermione felt fat. It didn’t help that James was more often than not too tired after his return from missions that Hermione felt completely unloved. It was the hormones of course but after hexing an Order member for telling her that, people generally avoided the matter.

She was crying, she’d been crying for close to twenty minutes. It was how James found her, crumpled on the floor with tears streaming from her face.

“What’s wrong love?” he asked gently. A pregnant woman was not to be trifled with.

He couldn’t hear her response, it was too muffled.

“I’m sorry I didn’t hear you love”

“I can’t see my feet” she moaned.

James choked back the laugh that was threatening to come out. He needed to be serious in his wife’s hour of need.

“What’s the problem?” he asked.

“I can’t see my feet and I was trying to put shoes on and I ended up with different shoes because I can’t see my feet over my humungous belly!” she huffed.

 “Let me help” James bent his head so she wouldn’t see him smiling. He placed matching shoes on his wife’s feet.

“Better?” he asked.

“Yes” she replied.

James smiled into her hair as he drew her into a hug. He helped walk her down to the kitchen for dinner. She’d gotten past morning sickness very quickly and hadn’t needed to take the potion for it in quite some time. Her eating habits had amused people for quite some time. She was currently favoring carrot sticks and cheesecake.

James couldn’t believe how seeing her pregnant with his child made him so unbelievably happy. She’d been cranky with him because he’d ordered other members to keep her work load down and forbidden her from leaving the house. So everyone began giving the pregnant hormonal witch a wide berth.

But James couldn’t be more in love with his wife, nor his unborn child.

April 20th 1980

“Oh” muttered Hermione surprised.

“What is it?” asked Dorea, from her space next to Hermione where they were sorting through parchments and plans.

“The baby just kicked”

Dorea smiled lovingly at her daughter-in-law “Can I?”

Hermione nodded guiding Dorea’s hand to her stomach so she could feel the baby kick.

The women smiled together. Hermione couldn’t wait for James to feel the baby kicking.

She was falling in love with her little family. James, Dorea and Charlus, Sirius Remus and Peter. She didn’t want to leave them. She hoped she never would. She’d found the place she belonged. This was as they say her ship.

June 1st 1980

James was avoiding Hermione. Hermione was growling as she searched for James. If there is one thing you don’t say to a pregnant woman, it is how much weight she’s gained. No matter what context it’s said in, you simply don’t say it. Clearly James hadn’t got the memo. Trying to avoid Hermione in a house of people who were presently thinking James was an idiot was hard.

The house shook as Hermione grumbled. James braced himself against the wall. He supposed he should go to her. He didn’t want the house to collapse under her erratic magic. Her magic had been behaving badly since the end of May. The occupants of the house told him it was just the baby talking to it’s Mother but James had other ideas as her magic only seemed to burst out of her when he’d done something bad.

He had images in his head of a baby exactly like Hermione already bossing him around from within the womb. It was a terrifying thought.

The baby was due at the end of July and frankly James couldn’t wait for that day. He couldn’t wait to get his Hermione back. The woman that had inhabitated her body the last couple of months was a frightful person. He wanted the Hermione back who thought he was the best thing in the world, the Hermione who loved him unconditionally and brought a smile to his face. Not the Hermione who condemned her for the pain she was going through.

As people reminded him, he’s had it easy. Wait till she’s in labor, then he’d really have something to complain about.

He couldn’t wait though, to be a Dad.

The war had been raging around them. Both sides seemed equal in forces. The secret weapon Dumbledore had secured within Voldemort’s ranks was essential. Voldemort had no idea that Nagini was the last thing tying him to immortality. When it came to the end he would die, forever.

James had been taken out of action at the beginning of July. The baby was due at the end of the month but babies can be unpredictable. Dumbledore had said the command but it was more for Hermione’s benefit. She needed James with her. Her magic began erratic and her moods depressed if James wasn’t around her constantly.

They’d lost some people, but then people were dying all over. The Order tried to give them a proper burial when they could but it was hard in the present climate. Life went on and everyone else tried to accommodate it.

July 31st 1980

In the wee hours of the morning of July the 31st, Hermione’s panting and pushing was over. Her screams had died once she laid eyes on her newborn son. The whole house was quiet with anticipation. Her son was cleaned and wrapped in a dark maroon blanket. Her son was given to her and she held him close.

“My gorgeous boy” she whispered lovingly.

James knocked on the door; he’d left to give the good news to the rest of the members currently in the house. He came back to see his brilliant wife cradling his newborn son. If life could get anymore perfect he wasn’t sure he wanted to know how.

“Everyone says congratulations” he whispered, “Have you decided?”

It was tradition in the Wizarding world that the Mother got to pick the names of her children, the Father had little to no say in the matter.

She nodded her head, she was very tired.

“James meet your son, Harry James Potter” she whispered, handing her beloved son to his Father.

James cradled his son as if her was the most precious thing on the earth – which of course he was – tears slipped from his eyes as he looked upon his son. Life was amazingly perfect.

He left his sleeping wife to introduce their son to his family. 

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