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The Red Piano by TheCarrowChild
Chapter 5 : Save the Drama for your Mama
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 I’d been asleep on Seamus’s couch for several hours when I wake up to find it dark outside and Seamus still not home. It was odd to say the least, he was always home before dark. Perhaps he had a date or something…although I hadn’t seen him go on many dates, he claimed women were too picky and he wanted no part in it. Seamus was more of a hit and quit it guy surprisingly, ya know for being the nice guy and all. Going to the kitchen I search his cupboards for something to eat as I glance at the clock I see it’s 8pm meaning I’d slept the entire day away and would no doubt be up all night now because of it. After settling on a box of macaroni and cheese I proceed to make my “dinner” if you could call processed muggle food real food anyways.

After eating my dinner I was beginning to get worried, it was nearly 9pm and he still wasn’t home. This was very unlike him although arguably I had no idea what his schedule was like today. But when I’d lived here he was never home this late, unless we were out at the bars together. After doing the dishes and watching the clock constantly I settle down on his couch again in his living room and flip absentmindedly through the channels on his television. I couldn’t stop watching the clock, he should’ve been home by now, he should be here telling me some story about his day and complaining about something someone did at the Ministry.

Finally, at 11pm I hear someone outside the door, I turn to see Seamus walk in currently snogging the face off of some blonde. Clearing my throat I get up and find my coat. “I’m just gonna go, have a lovely time, I’ll talk to you tomorrow Finnegan.” I hear him call my name as I quickly run out his front door and apparate back to my apartment.

Upon arriving at my apartment my heart sinks when I see a dozen red roses in a vase in my kitchen, clearly someone had been in my apartment, some attack cat Mystique was. Looking at the note I see they’re from Nott, he evidently still wasn’t giving up I was unsure what else I would have to do at this point to shake him.

Exhausted mentally from all of this drama I slump down into my favorite chair. I could feel my world crashing and crumbling around me. I knew I shouldn’t have slept with him, I should’ve stayed far, far away from him but I had always been drawn to him, ever since that first kiss. Even now hours later I could feel his lips on mine, why did he have to feel so perfect? Why couldn’t I just love Theo, he was nice for a Slytherin that was rare, he didn’t argue with me, he always treated me right, he was loyal to me even when I wasn’t to him, he was the guy every other girl on the planet would want. But me? No. I wanted the guy that infuriated me, that drove me right to the edge, the guy that could run hot and cold in the same conversation with you, the guy I’d thrown several objects at, the guy that used to torture me just because I hadn’t given him a second glance, the guy who made my stomach do flips at the very sight of him and could make me smile just by giving me a look. Why couldn’t my life be easy?

I was lost in my own thoughts and my own world when suddenly I hear a loud pounding on my door breaking me from my thoughts. I get up apprehensively, I wasn’t ready to talk to anyone, I didn’t want to talk to anyone. So I just stood there looking at the door, listening to someone knock on it but I was held firm and not answering. Finally, they speak up, “ISABELLA CARROW! THIS IS YOUR ONE AND ONLY GIRLFRIEND SO YOU’D BETTER OPEN THIS DOOR UP BECAUSE I HEAR YOUR LIFE HAS GONE TO THE SHITS AND JUST IN TIME FOR ME TO MAKE A VISIT!”I would know that shrill screech anywhere.

I open the door not bothering to put on a happy face to see Pansy Parkinson now Pansy Flint as she’d married Marcus Flint, standing on my front step with a big smile on her face and a bottle of red wine in her hand. “How do you always show up exactly when I need you and with exactly what I need?” I say taking her in my arms for a hug.

I hear her giggle, “We Slytherin women have to look out for one another, those men’ll chew us up if we don’t. I’m like your guardian angel Dizzy.” I smile at her pet name for me and watch as she saunters into my kitchen as if she’d been there a million times, which..she probably had over the years. I hear her getting the glasses down.

“It’s a good thing I don’t go around rearranging my stuff else when you stop by you’d never know where to get everything from.” As I open the door I see she’s already stolen a piece of cake from my fridge and I giggle, “You always did know how to find the good food.”

“Now, Dizzy darling I hear you’ve had a run-in with your ex.” She starts as she takes a sip of her wine and a bite of her cake looking at me expectantly knowing that I would open up to her about all the girly stuff I wouldn’t tell Seamus.

I sigh and lean against my counter taking a sip of the glass of wine she’d poured for me before speaking. “How did my life get so screwed up Panzer?” Taking another sip I continue, “Ya know two weeks ago I would’ve laughed in your face if you would’ve told me I would be once again entangled in some kind of complicated relationship with the Dragon.”

Using the nicknames we’d used while at Hogwart’s  felt good, I hadn’t had girl talk since I last saw her, some three years previous. “You don’t come around here nearly enough ya know, I’m surrounded by males at all times, every once in awhile I could do with my one and only girlfriend around.” I look up at her seriously, “I may not have screwed up my life so royally had you come around here sooner.” I say glaring down into my glass of wine, looking at the deep red liquid as if it would give me some answer.

Pansy just laughs, “Well if having hot, nasty sex with your ex is a screwed up life sign me up!”

I glare at her and shove her playfully, “I’m serious Panzer, I even saw Astoria cheating on him to make matters worse. I’m in over my head!” I rest my head on my fridge leaning against it for support frustrated with the complicatedness of my life currently. “What do I do about this?”

I hear her sigh behind me, “Dizzy,” she starts calmly and I can hear the sympathy in her voice, “You need to take this one thing at a time. Ya know this could be the one thing you need to help your little situation.”

“Panzer I don’t want to ruin a marriage so if that’s what you’re implying I want no part in it.” I say turning around to face her and lean my back against the refrigerator.

Her smile doesn’t falter, “I’m merely pointing out that in pureblood marriages it’s only okay for the men to cheat, the women are supposed to be loyal, obedient creatures that do only as their asked and spend their husband’s money.”

“So you’re telling me that you’re loyal and obedient?” I say cocking an eyebrow up at her to which she laughs, “Pans I know you’re married to Flint, you don’t have to lie to me, I won’t blow you in.”

She smiles over at me, “I am loyal but I’m not a doormat and in my marriage we’re actually very loving, it was of course an arranged marriage as you know but it’s worked out for the best and he doesn’t cheat on me. We have a mutual respect, the same cannot be said for the marriage between Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass. He has never, and will never love that woman, she’s a nagging bitch if you ask me, I can’t even tolerate her for 5 minutes at a pureblood function.” As she finishes we hear a loud knock at my door.

“Who would be coming to visit at this hour!?” I grumble as I push myself away from the fridge and head to answer the door. As I look out the peephole I see Nott standing on the doorstep. I immediately back away from the door as quietly as possible. “I forgot to mention something else to you Panzer.” I say as I shut the kitchen door behind me. “Theodore Nott is in love with me and will not take no for an answer, I’ve already dumped him several times, I don’t know what else to do. He sent me flowers and he’s at the door right now.”

Pansy just giggles quietly and walks past me to the front door. As she opens it I hear Theo stutter out a hello surprised to see Pansy standing there. “She’s off shagging some dude we just met at the pub, I think his name was Scorpion, or Snake, or maybe Dragon, I don’t know something like that, anyways she’s not here and is probably not interested if she’s off shagging random guys.” I hear Pansy say and have to stifle my giggles.

“Oh, well…just tell her I stopped by, and I won’t be stopping by again.” Theo sounds heartbroken but saying no wasn’t getting through to him so perhaps, Pansy’s approach of cruelty would be effective. I hear Pansy shut the door again and come back into my kitchen looking quite pleased with herself. “There, I think I’ve fixed at least one of your problems tonight, I’d say I’m a pretty awesome girlfriend. Oh and I have to get going, I told Marcus I wouldn’t be gone long, and it’s nearly 1am. It was good to see you Iz and I’m always just an owl or a flew away if you need more help.” She gives me a tight hug and dashes out the door before I can protest.

Frustrated with the lack of answers I received from Pansy and the fact I’d even gotten wrapped up in this whole mess I angrily clean up the glasses and put the remainder of the wine in my fridge to be drank tomorrow. The one good thing that had happened tonight, was potentially no longer having to break the heart of Theodore Nott every couple months. Once everything was neatly put away in my kitchen, I head to my room as the wine has made me very sleepy and I would love nothing more than to fall into a world of dreams where I can fly without the use of a broom and I’m not in some weird three way relationship with Draco Malfoy.

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The Red Piano: Save the Drama for your Mama


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