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Becoming Parents by EverDiggory
Chapter 6 : I Agree
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Author’s Notes: I am terribly sorry for such a wait for an update…. Can you guys let me know how’s the story going? I have over twenty and sometimes thirty reviews on the first few chapters, but chapter five has less than ten reviews…I don’t know if I am getting progressively worse or not. I would appreciate it if you guys could clue me in(: I love you guys!



I groaned as a cry pierced the serene silence, and my eyes snapped open. I tried to move before I realized I had my two babies on either side of me. I rubbed my eyes, then flinched back from the bright sunlight streaming from the window. I peered to my left to see Sapphire crying, and sure enough, Adeline joined in moments later. I scooped them both up gently, one baby occupying each arm.


I slowly got off the creaky bed, trying to ignore the fact that I hadn’t slept well.


Of course you didn’t sleep well…you were plagued with guilt that Draco was left in the hallway.


I scowled at myself, and placed each daughter on their changing tables. I proceeded our morning routine, when a knock sounded on the door.


I sighed, stopping myself from reliving the fiasco of last night.


“C’mon ‘Mione…baby, let me in.”


“Draco… “ I sighed, gathering my daughters and opening the door.


He looked like hell. He had a five o’clock shadow, his eyes had dark circles under them. He smiled slightly when he saw me and our daughters, but I didn’t respond. I kept my menacing glare on him as he tried to take them away from me.


I permitted him to take them from me, and the girls were immediately smiling, and giggling.


“Did you guys miss me? Maybe Mummy won’t lock me out next time because I can tell she didn’t get anymore sleep then I did,” Draco cooed.


I scowled, and walked to the mirror.


He wasn’t kidding. I slapped some coverup on, not really caring.


“Harry and Ginny want to swim in the lake today, so put your bathing suit on under your clothes. “


“Get Addy and Saph ready then,” I snapped.


“I thought we agreed it was Adeline and Sapphire. We said we wouldn’t be cutting their names short,” Draco shot back.


“Fine! Just get them ready for Merlin’s sake!”




He slammed the door, and I sighed for what felt like the tenth time this morning.


Suddenly the door flung open, and I was surprised to have Draco rush past me and gently lay the girls on the bed. He hurried over to me, and engulfed me.


“I’m sorry.”


“I am too.”


“ ‘Mione…please…just stay away from Ron. Just a little bit,” Draco whispered into my neck.


“He’s my best friend,” I replied. Draco sighed, and I knew he was dropping it—for now.


“Let’s go then.”


Within minutes we were on the beach with Harry, Ginny, and Ron. James was playing in the water with his buckets and shovels.


“James,” I called out. His little head, covered in black hair, popped up and his face lit up. He barely managed to his feet, and ran to me as best as he could. I scooped him up and I felt the inevitable smile spread across my face.


Finally, he was warming up to me. He was finally able to be held by anyone other then Harry and Ginny when he turned two years old, four months ago.


I was grinning as James gently pulled at my hair, trying to say my auntie, and I looked over to Draco—who had Adeline and Sapphire.


He was shooting glares at Ron, and I used one hand to caress his elbow lightly. I smiled at him, hoping no one else noticed the hatred practically radiating from him.


Don't Draco, I silently pleaded. Don't let today be the day you pick a fight with him. No. Please Merlin, please.

Ginny stood up, grabbing my arm as I set James down. He toddled off, and I glanced in front of me to see Ron’s eyes drilling into me. I flinched back in surprise, and Draco growled under his breath. I shot him a look, and I hope he understood I wanted him to lay off.


I hope that Draco could understand...what if he actually thought I would leave him for Ron?


Nonsense, he's knows I wouldn't. I couldn't.


My breath caught as Ron's gaze did not falter, and Ginny began to tug my arm. 


“Give me a minute,Draco!” I called out as Ginny pulled me from the group.


“Thanks for the warning,” I hissed when we were out of hearing range. Her electric blue eyes were like flickering flames, and her lips were pressed into a thin frown.


“I didn’t know what to say. To tell you what Ronald was up to."


“Maybe…’oh by the way, your ex is here and he’s going to push you off a dock. And tell you to leave your husband’ “ I suggested, laying the sarcasm down good and thick. Guilt passed me for a second as guilt flashed through her eyes. 


“Hermione…we have to talk,” the red head started. I automatically slumped a little bit, but my attention was on edge. She was very different, something wasn't right. She was always so straight forward, never afraid to speak her mind. 


“Yes?” I ask, and I can already feel the anxieties leaking through the crakcs. 


“I think Ron’s right," she says, not able to hold my gaze. My heart pounded a bit harder and I could feel Draco's eyes boaring into my back, probably listening for our conversation. Paranoid, he is.


“Ginny…What do you mean?” I question, and she straightened up a bit, finally catching my eyes and not flinching back. Her steady, dominating gaze drilled into me, and I felt the need to squirm. Best friend or not, she was still intimidating. Even worse, she just agreed that I need to leave my husband.


“I think you should leave Draco.”





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