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Happily Ever After? by Juicey_Moosey
Chapter 4 : All About Tonight
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DISCLAIMER: I own nothing you recognise sadly. All credit to their respective owners.


Quick note: All excuses to be given below…

Last Time: Returned to Hogwarts, Beginning of the great feast…




I plopped the last forkful of chocolate cheesecake into my mouth, before sucking the fork clean.


The plates soon (if you’ll pardon the pun) disappeared and the feast was over.

Our last ever Hogwarts feast: Over.

I’m never going to experience that amount of food ever again.

Well, except from Christmas at the Burrow; Molly Weasley I still tries to fatten up all her vistors. I mean it’s probably a blessing in disguise that Christmas only comes once a year else I seriously doubt I’d be able to get my broom off the ground, and considering, I play chaser, that’s probably not very good.

I was knocked out of my internal waffling by some question.

“Say what now?”

James chuckled.

“I said are you ready to go love?”

“Ohhh yeah sure, sorry about zoning out then, I was thinking about your nanas food.”

Because that’s a perfectly reasonable reply.

"Okay” He murmured before helping me up.

“Okay, prefects, please can you show you new midgets to your corresponding common rooms.”

“Timetables, as usual, will be handed out by your heads of houses tomorrow morning, but until then, Good Night.”

The prefects and first years aka ‘The Midgets’ slowly filed out the great hall and to their dorms and common rooms.

I yawned, just as a muscled arm wrapped itself around my waist and pulled me close.

“Come on love, let’s go.”

We strolled hand in hand down the deserted corridor to our ‘Quarters’.

Oh yeah, we have our own quarters!

I understand your jealousy.

It’s a short work from the Gryffie Common room, and we can also get into it from there as well as our own entrance.

“Rocks my socks” He spoke to the unicorn statue that marks the entrance to our living space.

“I still can’t believe Minnie let you set the password to that.”

“It’s the Potter charm, and Minnie loves me!”

“She loves me more.”

“Does not”

“Does to!”

“Does not!”

“Does to!”







Whilst we squabbled like infants over who exactly it is that Minnie loved more, the Unicorn statue had reared up to reveal the entrance to our new luxury pad.

“Shuddup! I want to go in and explore!”

“We go in together, take my hand”

“Okie Dokie! Come on Jamesie”

We pushed the door open and we skipped in together, hand in hand.

What?! Just because we’re heads, does not me we can’t be a little immature sometimes.

Okay, very immature.

Alright alright! More immature than most.



My breath caught in my throat as we entered.


I was amazing; colours exploding across the walls; blues, pinks; every single colour you could ever imagine!

There are photos on the coffee table in frame to be mounted on the wall.


The one that stands out to me is the one of James giving me a piggy back and we’re running towards the camera, grinning from ear to ear.




We walked to the end of the room; where there was a door and a spiral staircase.

“We have a spiral staircase!”

“And a window balcony!!”


I skipped up the (SPIRAL!) staircase and pushed open the door with my name on it.

Oh HELL Yeah!

I ran full pelt across the room and launched myself onto the KING sized bed.

Oh I could get used to this.

Strolling in behind me, James climbed onto my bed, lying on his side, facing me.

“Nice bed…Bet it’s very…Comfortable.”

Typical boy.

“MAYBE later. And only if I’m drunk enough.”

He grinned like the cat that got the cream. But only more like the cat that got the cream, the mice, the luxury treats and anything else a cat could want.

“Fancy a drink dear?”

“James Sirius Potter. Are you trying to get me drunk?” I teased.

He put his hands on either side of my head and hovered his body over mine

“You bet I am.”

“Sorry love, I’m not drinking till the party, and even then it’ll be minimal.

He leaned closer, pressing the majority of his body flush against mine.

“Are you sure I can’t tempt you?”

I cupped his cheek with my hand.

“Absolutely positive.”

With that, I slid away from him and walked over to my trunk.

“Go get changed already.”

“Into what my dear”

“Whatever you’re wearing to the party. Oh and Jamesie, love, you should know by now that innuendos really don’t work on me.”

“What about the Dirty ones? The ones the snakes use?”

“What? Mind if I Slytherin? And multiple basilisk and chamber of secrets combinations? No. They just repulse me.”

“Good not even Davies uses them!”

In case you were wondering, Davies is the biggest manwhore in the school.

Last I heard, he’d shagged all, save a few, of the girls in our year, and the one below and once upon a time he’d did some bloke.

Talk about hormones.

He’s normally locatable in one of the many school broom closets.

Classy eh?

“Just go get changed.”

He pouted and walked out and into his room next door, but not before smacking my arse and chuckling.

What a Gentleman.

Grabbing the black bodycon bum-skirt and a dressy top with matching heels, I got changed into them with tights, as a bum-skirt is not something to be worn without tights.

“You ready to go yet?”

I turned around to see James leaning against the door frame; smirking, wearing… you know… clothes.

What?! I’m not good at guy’s fashion!

“Coming sweetie- pie!”

I love making him cringe at lovey dovey names ;)

I walked, well strutted over to him in my heels.

Even in heels I’m shorter than him.

I hate being vertically challenged.

But then again, at least I can still wear heels and not tower above him like some girls do.



“You look beautiful dear…”

“Ta very much hun, not looking to bad yourself.”

He looked at me incredulously.

“Not too bad?!”

“You heard me right. Let’s Go!”   



“Don’t let me get (too) drunk.”


As we got to the RoR (Room of Requirement) James paced up and down the corridor 3 times and the door appeared; I being in 5 inch platform heels, decided to stay where I was, in front of where the door appears.

As we pulled the doors open and stepped inside the music was blaring at a deafening volume.

At least they’d been smart enough to shove a silencing charm on the outside.

Just as well really, the bloody floors vibrating because it’s so loud.

I was guided straight to the bar where there was some 5th year serving.

“What do you want my love?”

“Gin & Tonic, Gordon’s from the can preferably.”

I tend to have a taste for muggle drinks, they sound a lot more normal than some of the wizarding ones…

Despite the fact he party had only been going on for about 15 minutes, there were already people drunk beyond belief and grinding like no tomorrow on the dance floor.

You’ve got to love the atmosphere a bunch of intoxicated youths create.

Forget the stereotypical teens in hoodies supposedly carrying knives. We actually get beyond drunk and pass out on your lawn.

The favourite age group of the community.

I do believe someone got so drunk they passed out in the middle of the Quidditch pitch; what they were doing down there anyway is up to personal interpretation.

My drink got placed in my hand and took a large sip from it.

Merlin that’s good!

Must. Resist. Alcohol.

Damn it not being allowed to get tipsy.

“Fancy finding a broom cupboard”

Oh for god’s sake.

“Davies, shove off.”

“But babe, you look like you need help relaxing.”

“I mean it Davies, get lost.”

“Just a quick shag”

“Merlin! Piss off Davies before I bloody well castrate you!”

“Mad bint” He muttered as he sulked off.

That my friends, is the incredibly charming Daniel Davies.

Where’s James got to?





I turn to see the stunning brunette that is my Best friend.


We launched ourselves at each other in to a hug.

“I’ve missed you so much!”

“And you think I didn’t!”

<Insert long girly conversation/squee fest here>

“May I interrupt”

We simultaneously spun round to come face to face with Rhett Goldstein : Hogwarts resident hottie.

Of cause I’m now immune to his charm, or else James would probably hex my broom during a match to kill me, like Quirell id to his father…

Who am I kidding, he’s to win crazy on the pitch to risk losing.

“Alara, I was wondering whether I could talk to you?”

She looked at me guiltily

I winked and she smiled .

“Of course” 

I wondered off giving them some time to chat.

As she came back over she was smiling ear to ear.

“What did Rhett want?”

“He asked me to tutor him!”

“Babe that’s great!”

She just smiled, until she heard the murmurs.

“What a bitch”

“Such a slut”



“Ugly cow”

The smile slowly started fading as she tuned in to what they were saying.

“I err Lyce, I’m gonna go get a rink”

I’d like to say she came back with a soft drink, but she didn’t come back; she grabbed the litre bottle of Fire whisky from the bar and stormed out of my sight.



“James? You seen Scottie lately?”

"Not since he left, heavily intoxicated”

“When was that?”

“Errr, just after ‘Lara left I think, why?”

“No reason really; just wondering”



“You don’t think…”


“No, course not…” 


A/N: I AM SO SORRY!!!! - Seriously, I’m so sorry for not updating sooner!!!

Excuses:  1) I had the worst writers block ever, like literally I resulted in typing up what I had then eventually finishing it on my computer. I took all my effort just to come up with something for you, so unfortunately the slow updates are here to stay, but hopefully not as bad as this one (Almost 3 months since I updated!!!)

2) I had so much revision to do for exams that determine groups for GCSE etc, but I did well on most of them, my English essay I’m re-doing though… 

 3) I have had a migraine since the 17th of March, well got one on the 16th as well, but that went before getting this one that I’ve had for almost 2 weeks now… meaning Computers = Nightmare, Concentration = Pain.  

4) There aren’t actually as many reasons as I’d first thought…

f it’s any consolation I have like 70 updates I haven’t red on here because I spent all that time trying to write this.

I’m really sorry it’s quite short, but there was a limit to how much I could do… But there is some DRAMA coming soon!

I’m also writing another story so when It’s up feel free to check it out (Shameless self-promo)

And my Meet the Author is set up now, so come join me and Nag me to update, ask questions about the story/inspiration etc, basically anything you want… To get to it, click on my username and on my page there’s a link saying something like ‘Click here to meet Juicey_Moosey and ask about aspects of their writing’

So yeah, well done to everyone that made it this far in this mahoosive A/N.

Finally SHOUT OUT to Ginny Potter, horseyrosyrb, ImLostWithoutYou, Fudgemonkey, CambAngst, dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap, Elenia, potterwife124 for all their reviews on any chapter since I last updated!

I will be giving anyone that reviews a shout out, so the magic box is below!!!

Until next time… ~ Julia

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