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Amidst the Ashes by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 5 : This is HIS Fault!
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This wasn't supposed to happen!†

He picked up his glass and threw it at the wall, watching it smash into tiny pieces, and when his anger only grew, he threw the knife, letting it stick out of the wall with grim satisfaction. It helped to pretend that piece of the wall was the man's heart.†

He stood there, eyes fixed on the wall, his chest raising and falling rapidly as he tried to control himself, and let out of an almost animalistic scream. All of his hard work, all of his creativity, everything was going wrong, because he was getting the credit for them with his messages, his fucking clues, for Potter. He was ruining everything!†

He ran across the room, grabbed the handle of the knife and pulled it from the wall, letting small debris fall to the old wooden floor. Everything in the tiny flat was old, worn out, so different from the rest of the world. Just like himself. It was the reason he chose it.†

He twirled the knife around in his fingers. "It's all his fault," he growled. "Yes, it is. I'll make him see that."†

Making his way to the small table by the window, he lifted up the photograph he had taken. The young Auror had just gotten back yesterday. It had been a shock to him when he had spotted him; it made him wonder who the man on the case was, since he had seen him interviewing people at the crime scene. But it hadn't taken him long to figure it out. And that was when he had known.†

He was here and he was helping and he had to be stopped.†

He looked back down at the picture, to the man about to die, and with the knife in his hand, he scoffed.

"His life is in your hands now, Theo Moon."


"Did you talk to Ginny?"†

Harry slowed his walk, but didn't stop, and turned his head slightly to David, who jogged to catch up. They walked side-by-side down the street, away from the witness' house; she had been the last who had been at the crime scene around the time of the last murder and they still had nothing. Not a lead or scrap if credible evidence, not a name or even a face to bring to the investigation. It was like the killer was a phantom; an evil spirit sent to torture Harry along with the rest of London, and worse, Harry was starting to believe it.†

He shook his head slowly, focusing more on the man's question rather than the game of cat and mouse he wasn't sure he could win. That drove him crazy; Harry rarely lost this game. That was all it was; a game. One great big game of Hide N Seek and the criminals were the players.†

He always imagined their next move, the likely place to keep hidden, to run to, like with his children when they played at home. That was how he caught them. The only one who he had never found was... Teddy. It had been his idea, Harry remembered; when the boy had been eight, they sat down after their game and Harry went through his file. Teddy had sneaked a look, despite Harry's protests, told Harry to play the game; where's a smuggler selling illegal plants most likely to go?†

Harry found him two days later working in a garden centre not far from his known location.†

Harry shut his eyes tightly. He still took Teddy's advice at work, even though he hadn't played at home in a long time.†


He felt a hand on his shoulder and opened his green eyes to meet David's concerned brown. He blinked, taking a step back; he could have worn they had been blue for a second. Harry ran a hand through his hair, clearing his thoughts, and finally answered David. "No, I haven't talked to Ginny yet."†

David frowned as they turned right into the next street. "I thought that after our talk the other day that you were going to sort everything out with her."

"I am," Harry reassured. "Just not yet. She's really mad with me, rightfully so in a way, though I refuse to believe completely, not that I'll tell her that." David glared, making Harry stop rambling and get to his point. "Nothing can happen until I sign the papers, so if I don't sign, Gin will have to wait. That way I can figure out what I want to say and she has the chance to calm down and realize that she doesn't want this divorce, she's just angry."

David nodded his head, taking in his boss' words. "Okay. And how long do you plan on making her wait for?"

"Till the case closes," he muttered, hoping he hadn't heard properly.†

"That, Harry, just tells me it's going piss her off. You should talk to her now, before you lose her forever."

Harry scoffed, despite believing his words, and turned to stand in front of him, poking his finger into the man's chest. "I know we've worked on a lot of cases together since you joined the department, but since when did that give you the right to stick your nose in my personal life?"†

Harry knew he was only saying it because he was scared, they both did. David had become a comfort this month and Harry was thankful for someone who wasn't family to talk to; he felt like he was getting a fresh prospective from a trustworthy yet external source, a non-biased view point into what he should do. A small part of him wished he'd shut up and listen, but a bigger part, the stubborn side of him that thought he could do everything himself, was louder.†

That small part of him was relieved when all David did was push his hand away and roll his eyes; he'd paid attention to the head Auror in the three years since he'd joined. He seemed to know Harry so well. "I stick my nose in because what's happening is finally really getting to you and it's scaring me." He placed his hand on Harry's shoulder. "You're not the only one whose lost family, I don't want you to lose anyone else, especially when you have the chance to fix it. So you talk to Ginny and you talk to her now."

They carried on walking in silence, until they turned another corner, both with their hands buried in their pockets. They weren't far from David's flat now, which was where they were heading. Their day was over and Harry had said he'd walk his colleague to his place before he apparated home since it wasn't far. Despite David's assurances that he'd be fine, he'd accepted.†

Harry looked up at the sky, watching the sun set lower and the sky darken, then across the road, to a seemingly happy couple probably making their way home. The man had his arm around the woman's shoulders, their hands locked, and they were laughing and smiling. When he kissed her, Harry turned away, noticing that David had been watching, too, or, most likely, watching him.†

"I want to wait until after the case closes because I don't want there to be any distractions from me. I've had too many distractions," he whispered.†

"I know," David answered quietly. "But you'll regret it if you waiting means you lose her and your wishing you had told her sooner. I don't want that to happen to you. You need your family, Harry; they're the most important thing."

"How about after this month is over?" He said instead. "Ginny's not going to want to talk to me at all until after this party, she's angry that I won't go. But that's only, what, a few days away and after that, she has nothing to hold against me and will listen. I hope," he added nervously.†

David chuckled softly, more out of pity than humour, and nodded. "Fine, but I'll be checking on November the first -"

"Or the second," Harry interrupted

"The first. And if you haven't, I will... Lock you both in a room and make you," he laughed.†

Harry soon followed. "Agreed," he managed to say between breaths.†

They turned the final corner and David pointed upwards to the one of windows of the building in front of them. "This is me."†

Harry let out a low whistle; the building was definitely one of the newest designs. He didnít know if it was as expensive as some of the other places he had seen, nor was he very knowledgeable of real estate in general, but even he knew you needed some money to afford a place like this. "Very nice."

That's when they heard the scream.†

A/N: Now, did you see that coming? Not one, but two OCs. One doing the crimes, one writing the messages... But why? And who is this Theo? Who's the man in the picture? Who is in the Auror department? :P

Next chapter: Harry figures it out...

Reviews would be greatly appreciated. I would love to know what you think. :)


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Amidst the Ashes: This is HIS Fault!


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