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Broken by lovemeneverleaveme
Chapter 13 : Looking up
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Hey everyone, I'M BACK! things have been hectic lately, got another job and i've completely devoted my weekends to friends and my boyfriend, and i've gotten suckered in to facebooks game since i got a new computer. So, i was going through fan fic on another site and decided to check back up on this one, then i saw all your lovely reviews and just had to post a new chapter. writers block has been a bitch i can tell you but whatevs, i'm back. So here you go, new chappie, i'll try not to make it sappy...i have the biggest inclination to do that with a lot of my fics lol.

on with it...i know it's what your all thinking....again...JKR owns it all



      It had been a week since the article about Victor had been posted. Since then it had been recanted, Draco's interview had been published, and Hermione had been living in peace. She rarely went to Diagon alley because of the looks of pity or shame she would recieve, shame from those who had been quoted in the article, or who she'd told before about the events in her life. Not going to Diagon alley didn't really bother her though, it meant she could spend more time remodling her new house.

     She had already gone to the hardware store to buy paint, new tiling, and a few other odds and ends for decoration. Draco had been helping her with her furniture and she'd crafted her own kitchen table which made her proud of herself. She and Draco had been on three dates this week and every time he managed to surprise her. Their first date had been a picnic in the park that he'd planned. Their second, he'd taken her to a new restaurante that was a wizards version of what they thought muggle restaurantes were like and their third had been a quiet night in with movies and pop corn at his house.

     They had only shared a few kisses here and there, not going farther then that and Hermione understood why. Draco was afraid of scaring her or hurting her, and she was grateful for it, because she wasn't sure she was ready for anything else. She knew that Draco wouldn't hurt her, that he wouldn't do anything she didn't want him to, and she was glad that he didn't push her, especially knowing his reputation back in school.

     She still hasn't mentioned anything to Ron or Harry, but she told Ginny on the phone and while she was weary about her getting together with someone so soon after Krum and Draco of all people she was happy that Hermione was happy.

    It wasn't long before Hermione had set up a routine. She'd get up, go to work, and then either she'd go to Draco's or he'd come over to her place. She found that she didn't get sick of seeing him every day as she probably would have with someone else. The thing was, he kept things interesting. He was never boring, and they always had something to talk about despite spend their day with each other. On the weekends, she'd go and see Harry and Ginny, or Ron and Luna, some times all six of them would hang out. Harry and Ron had accepted Draco as a friend and though they didn't know him and Hermione were getting closer, Hermione had a feeling they were suspicious about it.

   So that was how things went and before she knew it, a month had passed. She had gotten over a lot of the things she thought she wouldn't and she'd been making progress with Draco. They hadn't gone past light touching but it was progress none the less. And he'd officially asked her to be his girlfriend. They decided to attend Percy Weasley's engagement party togethere where they would break the news to Ron and Harry and the rest of the Weasley's about their relationship.

   During dinner the night before the party, Draco dropped a bomb shell on her.

"Hermione, I don't know how to say this without freaking you out, parents want to have lunch with us on Sunday" he said as they were sitting on the couch.

She freaked out for a who ten minutes while she sat silently staring at him then her logical side won over.

"Well I can't very well avoid them forever, if i'm going to be with you i'd expect your parents to show interest, I can't say i'm overly excited but i'll try, for you" she said.

Draco smiled and kissed her happily. When Hermione went to bed that night she kept thinking of the party and all that could go wrong, or possibly right. Either way she was almost late the next morning if not for Draco waking her up.



And as you can probably tell from this chapter it's been soooooooo soooooo very long since i've written any Harry Potter fanfiction, i've mostly been centered on The Big Bang Theory and Supernatural for those that know that shows :D :D. And my inspiration is just not with me on this chapter, hopefully, it'll be better next chapter, with more exposition then just action. and i'll hopefully go into more detail about things, but as of right now i can''t find it within me to continue this pathetic excuse of a chapter. Anywho, peace people, i'll update as soon as this chappies validated!






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