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Average Ally. by BlameItOnTheNargles
Chapter 6 : Rule Number Six: Don't Be Afraid To Say No.
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Why did I agree to this? Why did I agree to sit with two girls from my dorm who just talk about boys, and clothes, and boys.

“I can't wait! I'm so excited that Drew invited me.” Danni said flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

“I can't believe you get to go and I don't.” Amy replied.

“I could try and get one of Drew's mates to ask you, if you want Amy?”

“It's too late, they have already all invited girls, and they only get one invite each.”

“What you on about?” I asked after swallowing a mouthful of pancakes.

“Oh, the Gryffindor Quidditch party tonight.” Danni practically squealed, making me wince.

What was she on about though? I got invited.

“What do you mean they only get one invitation?” I asked.

“Well, each Gryffindor Quidditch member can only invite one person from a different house. Their parties are really exclusive when it comes to their Quidditch victory, but they are always amazing.” Danni said.

“Oh, well, I... ermm... am going.” I muttered, confused. What did they mean? James wouldn't have invited me if he could only invite one person. Then again, he is the Quidditch captain, he could probably invite a load of people. I mean, he only invited me to be kind, after looking after him in a drunken state. Which he will probably be in again tonight. Maybe I will find out who that mystery lady is...

“Oh my god! You’re going? Who asked you?” Amy exclaimed.

Several pairs of eyes landed on us and the excited voices of the two girls before me. I already knew Reed was looking at me, ever since I entered the Great Hall with the two of them. I mean I couldn't turn down their invitation to eat breakfast with them when they asked so nicely.

“Err, James, but I guess he got to ask a load of people considering he is the captain.” I replied.

“James Potter asked you. You are James Potter's date.” They seemed shocked to say the least.

“I'm not.” I muttered quietly.

“Uh-huh, even James only gets one invite. ONE invite, which he gave to you, Ally.” Danni said.

“He only asked me as a friend, as I helped him out.” I muttered as I could feel my cheeks going pink.

They both smirked at me. You know the smirk when they know something you don't. Yeah, that smirk. With that they both froze and went wide eyed.

“Oh my god, Albus Potter is coming towards us.” They whispered in a squeal. Even when they whisper, they squeal. Oh god. They smoothed there hair down and smiled like some cheesy photo. I am going to need therapy after this breakfast.

“Hey Ally.”

“Hello Albus.” I turned to face him and saw him grinning down at me. I mouthed one word which saved my life. His eyebrows burrowed in confusion before going normal.

“Hello ladies.” He smiled to them, making them giggle in a high pitched voice.

“Hey, Al.” They spoke in some creepy unison.

“Mind if I rob Ally for a bit?”

“Go ahead.” They spoke in a dream state before winking at me. I feel scared to say the least. I got up and grabbed Al's arm.

“Come on, Al,” I said overly cheerful and I literally skipped out the hall dragging Albus along with me. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I screamed while jumping on Al. He laughed and just wrapped his arms around me and picked me up.

“That was torture, I mean who wants to just talk about boys.” I exclaimed, but trailed off when I noticed I was hugging Albus Potter. I was hugging Albus Potter. I hate hugging people. I've like hugged Reed about three times in my life, and not of my own accord. So why was I hugging Albus? Of my own accord. He seemed to notice my sudden awkwardness and placed me down.

“No problem, it's my duty to rescue damsels in distress.” He replied. I snorted in laughter as he nudged my arm.

“So what did you want?” I asked as we continued to walk.


“Well, you came over before knowing I needed a hero.”

“Oh that! Yeah, I was, erm, wondering what are you doing tonight?” He seemed nervous.

“Oh, I'm going to your victory Quidditch party.” I laughed noticing his face drop a bit. Or I might have imagined that.

“Right...Who asked you?”

“Err, your brother.” His eyes seemed to change slightly as I spoke.

“Ahh, right, well...”

“He only asked me as a friend considering I helped him out when he was drunk.” I don't know why I suddenly said that, but I did.

“Oh no it's, ermm, fine Ally. I'll see you tonight yeah?” He seemed off and weird, so I just nodded my head with a smile while he walked away.


How was I going to pee? If I wanted to pee I would have to get naked. Naked. Why would anyone want to wear a playsuit? It once again showed off my bare legs, only just covered my butt, and it also showed a lot of cleavage. It also pushed my boobs together and made them look bigger. I don't think I'll complain about that one. I mean who would?

“NO!” I squealed jumping over my bed. “I will kill myself.”

“Come on Ally, you can't go to party in Converse.” I shuddered as I looked at the death trap in Amy's hand. I would never be able to walk in them. “They’re charmed! You won't even feel like you’re in heels! I promise.”

“Promise?” I think as soon as my feet touch them, I will break an ankle. Why would you wear something so high and thin? They like look a device women use to attack pervy guys.

“Pinky promise.” She rolled her eyes and chucked the devil shoes onto the bed. “Now put them on, or I will let Danni re-do your make-up.”

With that I jumped on top of the shoes growling. I know, I'm a classy bird. But there is no way in hell that I would be going to the party looking like a Barbie Oompa-Lumpa. Well, at least she was right about the shoes being charmed. I looked in the mirror to see myself in bright red shoes, to match my lipstick, matched with the plain black playsuit. My hair fell deadly straight and actually looked nice. My hair has never been dead straight before. I guess you could say I looked pretty, but for a party I was average. I already knew the other girls there would be like models.

A smile graced my face as I saw James leaning against the wall with his eyes shut. He was dressed in dark jeans and a fitted grey shirt which clung to his muscles. He looked great for a guy. I wasn't going to lie. He also got to wear his Converse, lucky git.

“Mr Potter, I would like to congratulate you on your victory but I must ask why you are standing outside the Hufflepuff Common Room.” My voice mimicked Professor McGonagal's, before my laughter broke through at seeing James jump.

“That was evil Party Girl.”

I grinned up at him. “Sorry, I couldn't resist.” I felt his eyes travel up my body and down again.

“Wow, you look amazing Party Girl.” I knew my face would be matching my shoes and lips.


“Come on then,” He grabbed my hand and lead the way. He obviously didn't notice the awkward air. “So did you actually come and watch the match, Party Girl?”

“Err, yes?” I am a terrible liar, why try and save his feelings if I can't lie. At least he laughed.

“Of course you did, what was the score?”

“Twenty.” Why the hell did I say twenty? How would he of bloody won if he got twenty? Stupid word vomit.

“I'll forgive you this once, Party Girl.” He laughed. He let go of my hand and wrapped it around my shoulder. I wonder if he actually knows my real name? I mean, he had never called me it before.

“I feel honoured, Party Boy.”

“So are you going to be drinking tonight?”

“Do I have a choice?” I raised an eyebrow. Danni and Amy already told me how nobody leaves the party sober.

“Good answer.” He said. I laughed.



“Why did you invite me tonight?”

“Because I wanted you to be here.” He said it so simply, like it was nothing. I thought it was nothing, but others thought different.

“Is it true you only get one invite each?”


“So why me?” I asked

“Because a party can't be a party without Party Girl.” He laughed, nudging me in the side. I felt confused to say the least. Very confused. 

James stopped in front of the portrait holding, me at arms length and looking right into my eyes. “Is Party Girl ready for the most awesome party ever?”

I rolled my eyes at him, which made him pout.

“Yes, Party Girl is ready for the lame party thrown by Party Boy.” He raised an eyebrow at me, making me smirk.

“I like a girl who isn't afraid to show her mind.” He whispered in my ear making me slap his arm. Stupid, deep, husky voice.

“Come on, we’re wasting time.” I laughed as the portrait swung open, and he pulled me through it. Considering it was only seven thirty, it was amazing how busy it was and how many people were already knocking back drinks.

“The party started an hour ago, want to get a drink?” He whispered in my ear over the music, which filled the room. I just nodded in response as he lead the way through the people. I already felt odd and weird.


“Okay, would you ever go skinny dipping?” James asked. Three hours later and he kept to his promise of not leaving me. We started to play twenty-one questions, but it turned into more like a hundred questions. I also had no problem in answering as I was, admittedly, a little tipsy.

“I already have.” I laughed loudly as I saw his eyes widen in shock.

“Well, well, well, little Miss Innocent has been skinny dipping.”

“I thought I was Party Girl?” My eyebrows raised as a smirk appeared on his face.

“You are the ultimate Party Girl.”

“Are you a virgin?” I asked, as it was my turn.

“Yes,” This time my own eyes widened. I would never have thought James Sirius Potter was a virgin. “I know, be shocked of the guy who is still a virgin, but I guess I've never been in a real relationship.”

“That's sweet. I mean, I haven't even kissed a guy so I'm not one to judge.” I replied.

“Well look at that, the girl who goes skinny dipping has never been kissed.” I hit his arm laughing lightly. I seemed to be doing that a lot lately. Laughing that is, even though I do hit people’s arms a lot too.

“Ha, ha, ha. Isn't the virgin hilarious?” I spoke in a mocking tone as he quickly placed his hand over my mouth.

“Cheek doesn't get you anywhere, Party Girl.” He replied. I licked his hand which made him quickly remove it.

“Suffocating people doesn't get you anywhere either, Party Boy.” I mimicked, and his laughter rang through my ears.

“I can't believe I've never noticed you before this year,” My eyebrows furrowed together as the words left his mouth. Why would he want to know me? “I mean you're hilarious, you're not like all the other girls here, you're gorgeous and you know how to have fun.”

I could feel the heat rise in my body as the words processed through my brain. Was he being serious? I was just Ally Turner, the awkward Hufflepuff. Maybe he thinks I'm someone else. Or maybe he is totally smashed and thinks I'm his pet tortoise. It is a possibility. Then again he already admitted to me he was in love with a girl who was hooking up with someone else. I bet he is just trying to be a good friend, because friends compliment each other. I know that Reed and I didn't say stuff like that, but we did say 'nice hair' or, 'I like your shoes'. So maybe that's what opposite sex friends say to each other. Right?

“James, who is the girl you’re in love with?” I asked.

“Isn't it my turn to ask the next question?” He was right. But as he tried to change the subject it made me think that whoever this girl is, she must have really hurt him for him not want to talk about it. Because the pain which hurts the most, is the pain which you keep hidden.

“Right you are.” I replied. He shot me that crooked grin which showed his dimples and made his eyes sparkle.

“Would you go on a date with me tomorrow?” He said.

I so wasn't expecting that. Why would he want to date me? ME? The stupid slug who hates Quidditch and eats way too much for my body size and always seems to be caught in awkward moments. A date? How would I even go on a date? I would probably end up killing myself from awkwardness, and drown in my own pathetic attempts of being a normal girl. Was I just the girl he was going to use to get over the other girl? If so, I wasn't a good choice. I'm a terrible choice. I'm sure him actually asking a real slug would be better than me. Anything would be.

“Sure.” I heard myself reply.

WHAT? Where the hell did that come from? Hello, get back in my stupid mouth! I didn't even think yes for a second. Oh god, how does my mouth talk without my brain? That is not cool. James looked just as shocked as me for saying yes. I'm guessing he also thought I'd say no. Like I should have. Stupid bloody word vomit. Go drown in a pool of vomit, you bloody word vomit.

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Average Ally. : Rule Number Six: Don't Be Afraid To Say No.


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