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Tale of Lynette Carr by shadowcat2
Chapter 1 : Home
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A special thanks to magicmuggle01 for encouraging me to write when I thought I couldn't and Elenia for being my amazing Beta friend.

Tale of Lynette Carr.


“Lyn, what did you get me for Christmas?” Jennie asked as Lynette braided her four year old sister’s hair.


Lynette smiled. “Just wait till Christmas, sweetie.”


 “Pretty please?” Jennie pouted.


“Keep trying, Jen. It won’t work this time,” Lynette said, scooping up Jennie in her arms.


On her way out of the bedroom, Lynette stood in front of the full length mirror near her wardrobe to make sure she looked alright. She couldn’t help but smile when she saw the intent look on Jennie’s face as the little girl brushed her Barbie’s hair like her sister always did hers.


Her sister really was the sweetest thing in the world. 


“Lyn, can we play in Nate’s room now?” Jennie asked. She was looking expectantly towards the furthermost room in the corridor. It was closed with a sign “do not disturb” hanging on the door knob.


 “Wait here, Jen,” Lynette replied as she gently placed Jennie on the floor.


Her brother was stressed about his football match. He rarely spent time outside his bedroom. Whenever he did, he was not usually in a good mood. Lynette wanted to make sure that Nate was not in one of his angry moods before Jennie went to his room.


Lynette knocked on the door two times and was about to leave when Nate opened the door, left it open and went back to where he was working on his table. The room was littered with bits and pieces of paper. If Lynette wasn’t wrong then Nate was probably making strategic plans for his football team.


Nate and Lynette were similar in so many ways. They were both captains in their school teams. They even looked identical. The only difference in their appearance was that Nate wore glasses and Lynette wore contact lenses.


Nate's hair was even more messy than usual. It was like he didn't know how to use a comb. Lynette had the sudden urge to tease him about it. But she had to refrain herself. Nate never appreciated her jokes or anything else for that matter.


"Do you want anything?" he asked rather impatiently.


"Not really. Didn't you guys have a football match yesterday?" She asked in an attempt to make conversation.


Nate frowned. “Yeah, we lost.” 


“Do you guys still have a chance to qualify for the next round?” Lynette asked.


Nate rubbed his eyes. He looked tired. “We have to win the next match. But it’s against the best team in our group. No matter how well we play, we will most likely lose anyway.”   


“Is there any way that I could help you? Lynette asked.


Lynette knew it was a stupid thing to say as soon as she said it out loud.  She tried to think of the last time she did something together with her little brother. She couldn’t think of one.  


“Right,” Nate said, his tone mocking. “Since when did you have any idea about sports, Lyn?  Even if you do know anything, I really don’t need your help.”


Lynette blinked a couple of times, the hurt evident in her eyes. Even though she was used to Nate’s indifference, she was rather taken aback. She wanted to point out that she was the captain of her Quidditch team and she was as athletic as her brother. She felt angry at his brother for not bothering to know anything about her.


At the moment, Lynette felt sudden warmth in her hands. It was Jennie and she was holding her sister’s hand as if to give her support. Lynette’s anger vanished in an instant and she looked at Nate to see him smiling broadly at his little sister.


Jennie ran off to her brother and jumped as he caught her in air. Lynette stood near the door way as she saw Nate giving Jennie a piggy bag ride.  She could still hear Jennie’s giggles and Nate’s laugher as she made her way to the bedroom. Lynette wished she could join in with her siblings. But she could never have the bond that those two had. She was just too different.


It all started on her eleventh birthday when she found she was a witch. Her father and mother were so proud of her. Her ten year old brother was very happy too. But things changed when she left for Hogwarts. Nate was soon busy with his own school. They became more and more distant as time passed. They had their own circle of friends. It was like they lived in two different worlds that could never mix. Lynette tried her best to bridge the gap between her magical world and Nate’s muggle world. But nothing worked. She had lost her little brother, and it was all because she was magical.   


Every summer when Lynette came back home, she hoped that things could go back to how it used to be. Nothing ever did. She felt more alone than ever.  Even at school, she knew she was different. Lynette was one of the few muggleborns in her school. The insults of the Slytherin long stopped bothering her. Her school friends supported her whenever the slimy Slytherins called her the hated M word. It was just that she didn’t want their sympathy. She didn’t want to be treated differently just because she was a muggleborn. She just wanted to be ordinary and but even in the magical world she wasn’t one.  


The only person who didn’t see her differently was Daniel, her muggle best friend and neighbour. They became best friends in the summer of Lynette’s sixth year when Daniel first moved into their area. With Daniel, Lynette was just Lynette and she loved that feeling.


She never told him that she was a witch. They say one lie leads to thousand other lies. This is exactly what happened with Lynette. She had to tell Daniel that he couldn’t send her letters directly because her school had this weird rule that no-one outside family members were allowed to contact the students during their school year. The so-called reason for the rule was the school authority didn’t want their students to get distracted with things that were un-related to school. It was the worst excuse in the history of the world but fortunately Daniel was too thick to get that.


Lynette had to lie like that because Daniel knew she was studying in the Bruton School for Girls and obviously if he sent her a mail through the post in that address she would never actually receive that mail. The only way those two communicated was through her parents. Daniel gave his letters to Lynette’s parents and they mailed the letter to Hogwarts via the owl post. Whenever Lynette sent a letter addressed to Daniel, Lynette’s parents simply had to inform Daniel. At first, Daniel thought this was pretty cool. After all, they were breaking rules just underneath the school’s authorities’ nose.


But soon the whole thing became very tiresome. “My school is just very weird” was no longer a good enough excuse. Daniel became more and more annoyed every day. Lynette knew it was time to tell Daniel the truth. But she was never ready. What scared her most was that Daniel might end up hating her for lying to him for so long. She lost her brother once. She didn’t want to lose her best friend too.


As Lynette got ready for her movie day with Daniel, Lynette’s mum called out.


 “Lyn, Dan is here!”


“Coming, mum!” Lynette exclaimed as she ran down the stairs, two steps at a time.

Lynette was short of breath by the time she entered the kitchen.


“Slow down, Lynnie. I know I am attractive and everything. But really, you don’t always have to get this excited to meet me,” Daniel said, his eyes playful as usual.


Daniel was leaning across the kitchen cabinets while Lynette’s mum, Emily, washed the dishes. If it weren’t the stupid hoodie that he was wearing, he was actually looking quite handsome with his long unkempt hair and mischievous eyes.


Lynette sat on the chair comfortably with her legs crossed. “You are so funny, Dan.” Her tone was as sarcastic as it could get.


“Now, now, you two. Don’t start bickering already, “Emily said.  She was looking rather amused.


She brought out freshly baked mince pies from the oven and kept it near the window to cool off. Lynette and Daniel shared a knowing look. In an instant they were racing each other to see who reached the pie first. They pushed, shoved and did everything else that was inappropriate for two seventeen year olds.


“I won!” Daniel exclaimed, grabbing the whole plate. “You can grovel all you want now but the mince pie is officially mine and I don’t share my food.”


Lynette pouted. She made cute puppy eyes. Nothing worked. Daniel had no intention of sharing. Finally Lynette did the only thing that annoyed Daniel more than anything.


She poked.








“Oi, you!” Daniel yelled out. “Grab a piece and stop bothering me.”


Lynette gave a little victory dance as Daniel rolled her eyes. Emily who was busy preparing lunch was smiling to herself. Daniel was probably the best thing that happened to her oldest daughter. He made her happy when nothing else did.


“Lynnie, you know what?” Daniel said casually as he helped himself to another piece of pie. “Jennie thinks you’re magical. Apparently, you have a wand too.”


Lynette coughed to hide her look of surprise. Jennie, who was always a bit too excited about her sister’s magical abilities, often ended up saying the wrong things to other people. Her most favourite thing about magic was flying like a bird.


“Oh, that’s nothing. Jennie just thinks that I am a magician because I showed her magic tricks before I left for school,” Lynette replied as she stood up to clear the table. She was trying her best to avoid Daniel’s eyes. Even though she had lied to Daniel for as long as remember, it was never that easy.


“Yeah, I figured that much. Anyway, I think it’s a bad idea for you to show her stupid things like magic. She shouldn’t live in a fantasy world,” Daniel said. “This is just my opinion though.” He added.


Lynette was silent for a while. “No, you’re right. I will make sure Jen doesn’t believe in magic.”   She looked away. “After all, magic is not real,” she said quietly.


As soon as Lynette said that, there was sudden pain in her heart. Daniel who usually understood Lynette more than anyone else didn’t understand that and it was all her fault.







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