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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six – Ex’s Are Bad News. If You Are unfortunate Enough to Run into One Better Make A Quick Exit
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Sensitive Topic – Strong Language

Victor Krum strutted around thinking he was god’s gift to women. He had girls falling at his feet begging him to date them. He had his pick in women and really it was expected of him to have scandals to his name. Any publicity was good he thought. There was still the one that got away as everyone had. Hermione Granger had been the unusual girl he’d set his sights on during the Triwizard Tournament. Never had a girl made him work so hard and he’d hoped to get something for all his troubles but he was sorely disappointed, his attempts failed by some meddlesome Slytherin’s and he hadn’t heard from her since.

Fortunately the Daily Prophet was great with reporting gossip and Hermione’s transformation to Evvie was obviously reported. Naturally Victor recognized the hotness in her transformation and felt he deserved another go at attracting her attention. Thus he headed towards Hogsmead with his goal in sight and his determination set.


The girls were lounging around in their room wondering what to wear to tomorrows Hogsmead trip. They’d been giggling for a while over the recent gossip circulating the school. Luna Lovegood had discovered the insults Ginny had been spreading around the school. There had been a massive argument between them and the divide between the girls of the school had worsened. Now you were either on the side of Ginny – girlfriend of Harry Potter and bitch of Hogwarts – or the side of Evvie – hot goddess with a heart of gold.

 Evvie hadn’t had her fair share with male suitors; there had been Victor Krum, the ghastly Cormac and then Ronald. The war had started up before she could pursue anything further. She was as they say still a little innocent. She’d read all the relevant books of course but they weren’t the same as actually having the experience.

Victor Krum was in Hogsmead looking every bit the stuck up wizard he was. The students would start arriving soon and he had no worries about Evvie being with company. He’d get her alone if he wanted.

It was still warm enough to not have to cover up with lots of clothes. Evvie’s outfit for the Hogsmead trip was simple. Her staple cowboy boots, black leggings, a plain maroon skater dress paired with a navy cardigan. That was the thing about Evvie’s style, it was never too loud or demanding. It was simple yet sensuous.

Blaise was on high alert he’d heard the rumors of Victor Krum’s appearance in Hogsmead. He stood before Draco, Adrian, Marcus and Goyle, wearing a hole in the carpet and barking orders to them. They knew not why it was important to keep Krum away from Evvie but it must have been something pretty big for Blaise to react the way he did.

The girls knew who was in town as well – though only Daphne knew the real reason it was essential to keep Krum away from Evvie – They hadn’t told Evvie what they knew, Daphne didn’t want to upset or scare her.

Ron was a pompous arse that much was true. When Victor Krum had come to Hogwarts during their fourth year he’d behaved like a besotted fan. So jealous of Evvie’s infatuation with him and the fact Krum had ignored him had hurt Ron’s pride. But rumor has it Victor Krum was in Hogsmead so perhaps Ron would get his chance at being friends with the famous seeker after all.

As the students began walking to Hogsmead, in what was sure to be an eventful day. Evvie was lost in thought, she still hadn’t heard back from Bill and Fleur Weasley and her insecurities were beginning to make her think they had rejected her. Then there was all the stuff at Hogwarts, Evvie was beginning to find it difficult who to trust and who was being nice only at face value. She now understood why Slytherin’s were so untrusting and into self-preservation. They had to be! Another thing then – Slytherin! – It was so hard to understand Slytherin. Most of these people were born Slytherin but she had no training.  Yet another thing to add – Pureblood society – she knew nothing of it. Not how to act, how to talk, how to think, how to present herself. As much as she was changed she was also lost in a sea of things she didn’t understand.

Evvie hadn’t spoken to Draco since their mini argument. Pansy tried to soothe her fears but Evvie was still left feeling unsure. Draco was a conundrum, on one side he seemed to have accepted Evvie and on the other side he hadn’t.

Hogsmead looked much better than it did before the war. The result of the war had left it rather damaged and so it had been rebuilt by volunteers’ and the finished result was incredible. It was like Hogsmead was new again. The group had a leisurely walk around the town stocking up of things they’d run out of.

Evvie wanted to go in the pet shop – Crockshanks had perished during the war – but the others were cold. So she vowed she’d go in after a butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks. They managed to get a nice big table, the girls happily tucked in the middle of all the boys.

“Penny for your thoughts?” asked Blaise.

“Sorry what?” replied Evvie.

“What were you thinking about?” asked Blaise.

“Lots of things” she said.

“Tell me what’s worrying you Cara” he demanded softly, knowing she’d open up when he called her that.

Evvie sighed nothing got past Blaise.

“Rejection” she mumbled while Blaise merely waited for her to continue.

“Rejection from Bill and Fleur, not knowing whose being fake or not, Draco doesn’t like me. Slytherin confuses me and I don’t understand the Pureblood society”.

“That’s a lot of worry” replied Blaise happy when his sister graced him with a small smile.

Daphne’s jab in the ribs bought Evvie’s attention back into main focus.

Great! Ronald Weasley heading this way- this day didn’t seem so great anymore.

“I think I’ll go to the pet shop” Evvie said, leaving before anyone could stop her. Oddly Ron didn’t acknowledge her leaving.

Evvie was in for a treat when she walked into the Pet Shop. They had a new littler of half-kneazles in. She bent down to look at the kittens on – a black one with white socks and tail – untangled itself from the others and padded over.


It nudged her hand into petting it. Evvie went to withdraw her hand only to be met with a very disgruntled “Meooow!”

Evvie was sold, the half-kneazle wanted her and she wanted it. It would be good to have a familiar again. She decided to name the kitten Socks – and it seemed to approve – so she took it to the counter to buy.

After sending her other purchases back to Hogwarts she walked from the shop with her new familiar in her hands. As she stepped from the shop she wasn’t expecting to find the person before her, she felt the fear rise up, Socks struggled in her arms trying to protect her new Mistress. But it was too late, as Socks dropped to the ground Evvie was whisked away.


“What do you want Weasel” growled Blaise.

“Do you know who is in town?” he asked smugly.

“Oh I don’t know your lover” laughed Pansy.

Ron reddened, “Victor Krum actually” Blaise’s face stiffened.

“Ooo struck a nerve have I” he mocked.

“You don’t know anything” said Adrian.

“Did you know Krum and Granger used to have a thing? I heard he wants to start it up again” he smirked.

“Have you seen Granger?” he laughed walking away.

Daphne and Blaise paled.

“Shit” he muttered pulling Daphne up with him.

“We need to find her now” he growled.

“Why?” muttered Goyle, “Krum’s a nice bloke”.

“He’s far from nice” replied Daphne sternly.

“I won’t put her through that again” said Blaise.

“I’ll get-“

“No, Draco. I need you here. Goyle Run back to Hogwarts and get McGonagall. Everyone else, wants out” they darted from the pub looking every inch the fearsome Slytherin’s.

“I haven’t seen you in so long Hermy why don’t you write to me” murmured the voice somewhere to the right of her.

She didn’t know if she expected an answer, she was too scared to move.

“I taught you how to be a girl and you denied me Hermy” he said, his breath like a razor sharp knife on the wind.

“Why Hermy why!” she felt her body fly across the sky.

God’s he was more deranged that Bellatrix. At least she could understand what Bellatrix had said.

“You are no longer with the Weasel. You are unattached. So will you date me? Will you be my girlfriend? You must Hermy you must” his gentle caress turning painful.

The search for Evvie had become wide spread a few more teachers becoming involved. The rest of the students were sent back to school. Ginny mumbling all the way that Evvie was just seeking attention as usual.


“Draco what was that?”


“Isn’t that the description of the kitten Evvie bought?”

“Yeah I think so” he replied.


“I think it wants us to follow it” said Pansy following the kitten.

“Pansy don’t be stupid” replied Draco.

“Draco shut up!” said Pansy walking away leaving Draco no choice but to follow.

How lucky they were to have followed the little kitten for it lead them right to Evvie and her captor. She looked scared but not too harmed, at least Draco couldn’t see any blood. Krum seemed to have come undone ranting and raving. They heard bits of what he was saying but not enough for it to make sense. It was easy to stun and bind him – one too many bludgers to the head seemed to have affected his intelligence!

Pansy reached Evvie’s side first – Draco having finished securing Krum had left to find the Aurors.

“Evvie can you hear me?” asked Pansy, Evvie mumbled her response; Pansy’s eyes began to tear up.

“It hurts” mumbled Evvie.


“Wrist, ribs” replied Evvie.

She allowed Pansy to check her out. Pansy found three broken ribs presumably from her fall and a fractured wrist presumably from where she’d been grabbed. All in all it could have been much worse. 

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