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I Remember by TheNewMalfoyMistress
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5.
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I remember our very first day in Hogwarts like the back of my hand. I had sat on the train with Draco and we were speaking about being housed.

“So, Allie, do you think the sorting hat will take into consideration what house we actually want to go into?”

“I don’t know Drake... I hope we get put together though...” I was sat opposite him fiddling with my hands and looking out of the window. For a reason that I still do not know, I had a knot in my stomach that was telling me I may not end up in the same house as Draco, and it made me feel like being sick.

“Well of course we will, both of our parent’s were Slytherin’s so I cannot see a reason why we would not be.” He seemed so sure of himself, like he always did. The train came to a halt and we made our way to the castle, my heart was beating so loud in my chest. The huge black gates opened and we all walked down the winding path towards the doors, Draco and I held hands as if seeking support from each other.

I stood in line waiting to be sat in that chair and be sorted when Draco was called. Before the hat was even placed properly onto his head he was sorted into Slytherin and gave a sigh of relief. He searched for me and gave me a wink, walked passed me and squeezed my hand.

I heard Harry Potter’s name be called and my tummy turned because I knew that it was not very long until it was my turn. He jumped off the seat looking very happy with his house, and gave me a warm smile as he passed me. I smiled back at him and could not help notice the glare that Draco had on his face.

When my name was called, I slowly sauntered up and sat on the chair, closing my eyes and letting out a slow breath. The hat began to speak...

“Well, well, well... It would be thought to many that I would know exactly where to put you, but this is quite a difficult decision... Considering everything about your background, personality and potential I think I will make my decision on what I think is best for your own good Miss Taylor. Better be Gryffindor!” All colour drained out of my face as I leapt down off the seat and sat at the Gryffindor table. Draco was looking over at me open mouthed and I could tell that he wanted to cry just as much as I did. What was I going to do without him?


The next day Alison went down to breakfast and then to Muggle studies with Hermione. It was one of her favourite subjects and she was always in a good mood when she went there. It was the only lessons that she could sit and give the professor her full and undivided attention, for one because she was so interested in it and for two because the only other person there that she would have spoken to was Hermione, and there was no way she would get any proper conversation out of her whilst a professor was speaking.

When the lesson ended, she decided that she would go up to her common room and sort out hers and Draco’s timetable for lunch duty the following week, since she knew he had a free lesson like her at this time. She was in a very good mood and was looking forward to seeing Draco, something that she had been feeling a lot lately and didn’t have a clue why. To her, the past month or so had been like the two were taking a walk down memory lane.

Alison gave the portrait the password and went in as normal, with a smile on her face. However, she was not prepared for what she was about to see...

Sprawled all over the sofa was Draco with a blonde haired girl sat on his lap, aggressively kissing his neck. Draco had his hands all over her with his eyes closed, obviously having the time of his life.

Alison stopped in her tracks and just stared at the scene before her, her eyes widening. Her mouth dropped open as she took in a sharp breath and brought her hand up to cover it. Draco must have obviously heard this and his eyes shot open as he saw Alison watching them.

“Fuck!” He said out loud as he pushed the girl to the other side of the sofa, away from him. “Hey, I erm, this is not what it looks like...” Alison did not know what to do, she was in so much shock.

“I hate you Draco Malfoy.” She said in a low tone, and turned to walk away from them. Draco told the blonde girl to leave and followed Alison up to her bedroom.

“Go away from me, Malfoy!” She shouted at him as he entered her room.

“I really did not mean for you to see that, she was just going... Why are you so mad at me anyway, what do you care?”

“I do not care! I do not care what you do, you can shag her for all I care! I am so mad because... Because you have the nerve to do it in our common room where I could just walk in at any minute! You have no respect for anyone Malfoy and I will not stand for things like that!” She could feel her eyes welling up and willed herself not to let the tears fall. He was walking towards her and she was backing up with her hands running through her hair, until she pushed passed him and made way for the stairs.

“Don’t walk away from me, just please listen to me Allie...”

“DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT!” She had raised her voice to the maximum now and was absolutely livid. “You lost the right to call me that the very day that you decided to remove me from your life, Draco.” And with that she was gone, sobbing into her hands she ran out of the portrait door and went to find Hermione.

Draco sat on Allie’s bed and cursed to himself. He looked over to the window sill at her owl and said out loud to it, “what have I done?”

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