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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 26 : Introducing
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 I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch. 26 Introducing




Draco lies next to Hermione watching her sleep then he looks over at the two beautiful babies that his wife just brought into this world, and he feels the joy in is heart glowing.  He smiles to himself and strokes Hermione’s hair lightly, he is so bloody proud of her; he had had no idea how much it took to give birth.  He knew she had decided to do the birthing with out the pain management spells, and he is floored by how strong she was.  He watches as Lucas moves his little fist around still asleep, and then Libra moves her head in Lucas’s direction moving herself closer to her brother.  A tear escapes from his eye and he wipes it away taking a deep breath.  Today has been such an amazing day; his is married, a husband, as well now a father of two beautiful babies.  He smiles as he looks at his daughter, wow his daughter, just thinking those words pinches his heart, he wants to protect her and love her fiercely.  Libra was a fighter; at five pounds eight ounces he watched and sweated as Hermione brilliantly pushed her out.  Hermione was beautiful and wonderful the entire time never complaining, and pushing then gathering her Gryffindor courage, went for round two and pushed out his little boy.


Lucas, was four pounds ten ounces, it was amazing to watch the miracle.  He was worried a bit about them being okay considering Hermione isn’t technically due for another three and a half weeks.  He held his breath after each one came out until they cried, then he was honoured to be the one to cut the cords.  Healer Thomas assured him that both babies are healthy and everything went perfectly.  He remembered the vow he made to himself as the healers put both babies in Hermione’s arms, the three of them looking angelic and perfect, that he Draco Malfoy will always love them and do everything in his power to protect and provide for them.  Nothing was going to get to his family and hurt them ever, he would never allow anyone to harm them or try to destroy the love they have for each other.


He smiles as Lucas turns his head and opens his eyes, he scrunches up his little face and moves his fist around in the air looking like he was ready to take on the world, or at least this room.  Draco quietly slides out of bed making sure not to jostle his lovely bride, and moves to the bassinet to peer down at his son.


“Hey, Lucas.  What can daddy do for you?”  Draco whispers and Lucas’ grips Draco’s hand in a surprisingly strong grip. “You sure are a strong fellow.”  He whispers and Lucas makes a gurgle noise, then Libra opens her eyes and looks up at Draco.


Draco’s breath catches, they both have Hermione’s chocolate eyes, both sets are big and beautiful reminding him of Hermione instantly.  Draco reaches his other hand in and Libra grabs hold.  “Hello, daughter of mine, daddy’s here.”  He whispers feeling tears in his eyes again.  Both babies seem to study Draco’s face and continue to hold onto his fingers.


The babies both start moving around more and making little noises and Draco’s heart drops.  What is he supposed to do?  He needs to pick them up he decides and using his wand he is able to settle both babies into his arms, then both burrow in to him opening and closing there fists and mouths.  They must be hungry, he decides and raises his gaze to his sleeping wife.


He moves to the edge of the bed, and sits lightly then leans forward and whispers, ‘Hermione, love, wake up sweetheart.”  He says and she flutters her eyes looking up at him.  She blinks a few times then her eyes land on her babies and her face softens and she smiles at him.


“You look so sweet holding our children.”  She says softly tears filling her eyes, but she blinks them back.


“I think our babies are hungry, love.”  He says to her and she nods then sits up in the bed arranging pillows and lowers her gown reaching her arms out for a baby.


“Libra, will go first, and I will walk around with Luke, for a bit, okay?”  He suggests and she nods settling Libby for her to eat.  “They have your eyes love.  Draco whispers after Libra begins to suckle greedily.


“They do, don’t they?”  She says sounding awestruck, “They have my eyes, and I can’t believe I have made something as beautiful and precious as these two.”  She adds looking up at Draco.


Draco comes back to the bed and sits again “I believe it, you darling, are an amazing woman and I love you.”  Draco says softly leaning over to kiss her forehead.


“I love you too, Draco.”  Hermione says her eyes shinning.


Just then, Watson quietly enters the room, “I figured the little ones would be getting hungry.”  She says smiling at the new family.  “How is everything?”  She asks and both Draco and Hermione smile at her.


“Everything is great, I want to thank you for delivering our babies, and I am grateful you were there for us.”  Draco says softly coming to stand in front of Watson.


“Of course, I was happy to be your healer, and I am happy for you both, for the babies, and of course your marriage.”  She says smiling, then lowering her gaze from Draco to Lucas, “Looks like you timed it right Lucas Malfoy.” She says and Draco’s breath catches in his chest, swelling with pride.


“Lucas Malfoy.”  Draco whispers, then looks over at Hermione, “Libra Malfoy.”  He whispers as well and another tear escapes his eyes, He feels so proud that the babies have his last name.


“Hermione Malfoy.”  Hermione adds smiling hugely, “We were never announced as husband and wife.” She says matter of fact.


“Well once our little babes eat and are content, you two can join your party for a bit, if you are feeling up to it Hermione, We can perform the healing and pain management spells on you once you are ready, then you will just be a little tired.”  Watson says as Draco hands Hermione Lucas and puts a sleeping Libra back in the bassinet.  “We can have Minky stay in here and watch over the little ones and come get us if need be.”


“It is up to you, Mrs. Malfoy, I am good with whatever you decide.”  Draco says smiling at Hermione sitting next to her while his son suckles greedily.


“I think that would be nice.”  Hermione says, “We don’t have to stay for too long, then I can come back to my babies.”  She says looking first at Lucas who is looking up at her with eyes the same colour as her own and his little fist resting next to his mouth, then over at Libra.


“I will go get Thomas,” Watson says and quietly let’s herself out of the room.


“Are you sure love?”  Draco asks her looking at Hermione.


“I’m sure.”  She says determinedly.  “They will both be sleeping, and then once the party is over, we will have Grandma and Grandpa to help us.”  She smiles at Draco.  “I’m sure they won’t mind if we stay here tonight.”


“No they won’t mind, we can go to my wing, then we won’t disturb them with the babies.”  Draco says smiling down at Lucas.


Lucas finishes, and Draco places him in the bassinet with his sister, and then turns as Narcissa, Watson and Ginny enter the room.


“I will perform the necessary spells for you, then these two will help you dress.  You will be a bit sore, but otherwise with these spells, it will be as if you never gave birth, at least from a pain perspective.”  Thomas says.


“What does that mean exactly?”  Hermione questions as Thomas comes up to the bed.


“Well, the spells heal you and the pain and discomfort will be gone.  You will be able to do anything you would normally be able to do, you will just be a little tired and sore, think of it like you just had a vigorous workout.”  He explains, “Does this answer your questions?”  He asks.


“Yes, it does.”  Hermione says and nods her head.  Thomas goes to work waving his wand, and muttering incantations.


“Also, if you would like to have visitors, to see the babies, then I can cast a protective charm like we use at St. Mungos to guard against germs, in fact we can wheel the bassinet to the ballroom for a bit with a silencing spell as well if you would like.”  He suggest as he finishes on Hermione who is smiling all traces of pain gone.


Hermione and Draco look at each other, then both nod, “That would be wonderful.”  Draco says and Thomas flicks his wand a couple more times the bassinet is surrounded in a pale yellow glow and the babies sleep on.


Thomas leaves the room, and Hermione turns to Narcissa, “Would you mind terribly if Draco and I stay here tonight, then tomorrow we will go home?”  Hermione asks her.


“That would be lovely, you are all welcome here anytime.”  Narcissa assures Hermione.  “Now lets get you dressed.”  She adds gesturing to Ginny.


Narcissa and Ginny help Hermione into her dress for a second time today.  Once she is in it, Narcissa makes a few adjustments to fit her shrunken form.  Ginny waves her wand and Hermione’s makeup and hair are fixed, not as perfect as before, but still lovely.  Ginny hands Hermione her garters and Hermione slips them on quickly, Hermione looks one last time in the mirror smoothing her hand over her much smaller stomach then turns to Draco.


“You are beautiful, Hermione, I don’t remember if I told you that earlier, but you are gorgeous.”  Draco says looking at Hermione with heat in his eyes.


“Thank you, Draco.”  Hermione whispers, “You look pretty good yourself.”  She says slyly and then they head to the door Narcissa wheeling the bassinet behind them and Ginny rushing out in front of them.


They all stop at the door to the ballroom, before Ginny walks in Hermione pulls her to the side and whispers to her, Ginny nods with a smile then walks in and gets everyone’s attention.


“I would like to introduce to you, Mr. Draco Lucius, and Mrs. Hermione Jean Malfoy, along with Libra Megan Malfoy and Lucas Morgan Malfoy.”  Ginny calls out and Draco, Hermione, Narcissa, and the bassinet enter the room to thunderous applause.





I smile as I look around the ballroom and all the people clapping and cheering.  Then everyone is holding a champagne glass and clinking it with his or her spoon, I turn to Draco who is grinning widely with a look of pure joy in his eyes.


I lean in to Draco and wrap my arms around his neck smiling, “Come here stud and give these people a kiss to remember.”  I whisper and he smirks before connecting his mouth to mine.


Everyone cheers again as Draco presses his mouth to mine we tangle tongues as he slightly bends me back as if to dip me.  He releases my mouth lingering his mouth against mine he murmurs, “I love you so much.”



I smile up at him and whisper, “I love you too.”  Then we straighten up and walk to the end of the room where there is a table set up for the bride and groom.  We sit as the bassinet is wheeled next to us.


For the next half hour or so people take turns coming up to see the babies and offer congratulations for both the wedding and delivery.  Finally the band starts to play and everyone who has finished eating gets up to dance.  Draco and I eat while chatting with various people.  Narcissa doesn’t seem to want to leave the babies and is sitting next to them smiling. 


“You two need to cut the cake.”  Ginny announces, bouncing up and down like she just can’t contain her happiness.


“I like the shoes by the way.”  I tell Ginny as the rest of the bridal party joins us.


“Then after you cut the cake, you need to toss your bouquet, and then Draco gets to take off your garter.”  Glori says, “He then gets to toss it to the men.”  She says on a whisper.


I laugh at Glori and her excitement over tossing a bouquet and garter, and then I look over at my babies both still sleeping.  I walk over to Narcissa, “I think maybe we can have Minky watch the twins for a little bit, I want to make sure we all get to dance tonight.”  I say as I lean down next to Narcissa.


She looks up at me then blinks a couple times, “Okay, I suppose, I just love looking at them, they are so sweet.”  She says then on a whisper adds, “They are my precious grandbabies.”


“You will be the greatest Grandma ever, I know you will, and after the dancing, you are welcome to visit the babies all you want.”  I assure her and she nods looking one last time at the babies.


“Minky.”  Narcissa calls, and the little house elf pops up just barely taller than the bassinet, “Minky, could you take Lucas and Libra back to Hermione’s room, and watch over them?”  She asks the little elf, “Would you also send word if you need us at all?”  She adds.


“Yes, Mistress, Minky is happy to watch little ones, Minky loves little ones.”  She says nodding her head making her ears flop and her dress swish.


“Good bye babies.”  I whisper and I feel Draco slide his arm around my waist as we watch the elf wheel away the bassinet.


People watch and say goodbye and wave as the babies pass by, even though the babies have no idea what is happening, I smile at how sweet everyone is.


“Okay, lets cut the cake.”  I announce after Minky closes the door behind her and the twins.


Draco and I stand behind the table where the cake is, while Char clicks away at her camera, the crowd is gathered to watch us.  I explain to Draco that we are going to cut the cake then feed a piece of it to each other, then we will toast and drink to each other and our happiness.


He nods, and has a gleam in his eye. “Did somebody already explain this to you?”  I ask wondering why he looks so mischievous.


He just smiles at me and I feel anxious as to what he is thinking.  We cut the cake and turn to each other with our pieces; Draco smirks at me, and then smashes the cake on my face.  Shocked, I suck in a huge breath of air and some cake with it.


I hear laughter and clapping the loudest coming from Fred and George.  It figures.


“Draco. Lucius. Malfoy.”  I say and hear someone mutter, ‘Uh oh.’  I wipe the cake from my eyes, so I can open them to see Draco who looks quite pleased.  I don’t give him time to think about what I’m going to do, so with my cake still in my hand, I lean over and put my arms around his neck and mush my face against his, while smashing my piece of cake on the top of his head.


More laughing and clapping ensues, and I hear Fred say, “Wow, she sure got him, maybe we should have told him that it wasn’t just the groom who got to do that.”  I laugh as Draco pulls back from me.


“Not my hair.”  He says looking bewildered, and I laugh harder.


“Fred and George didn’t explain it completely, they should have told you to run.”  I say between chuckles while smirking at my cake-splattered husband, “You look quite yummy though.” I say then lean forward and lick frosting off the corner of his mouth. “Yum.” I hum at him and I watch as his eyes soften and desire replaces the shock.


He leans in and kisses me thoroughly my knees go weak; there are wolf whistles and loud clapping as he moves from my mouth to my cheeks and licks off cake.  “Yes, quite yummy.”  He says then kisses me again.


Blaise walks up to us and asks, “Would you two like to keep eating each others faces, or can I get rid of this mess, and we can toss some flowers or something?”


I turn to Blaise and then I look back at Draco and we both slightly nod at each other before we pounce, I give him a mushy kiss on the cheek while Draco gives him a big bear hug making sure to get as much cake on him as possible.  I notice that Ginny is standing only a couple paces away with her mouth open in shock, so I reach out quickly and pull her into the mess as well.  A couple seconds later Draco and I step back.


Ginny looks over at Blaise who looks at her then they both look back at Draco and I then we all crack up laughing, “The honour of being Best Man and Maid of Honour.”  I gasp out while there is a riot of laughter, though everybody else had taken three huge steps backwards once I yanked Ginny into our cake hug.  Char was the only one close she was flittering around us taking pictures.


Finally we get ourselves under control and Harry steps in and waves his wand efficiently cleaning us all off before we are able to mess with anyone else.


Then I gather my flower bouquet and move to the middle of the room as the single women gather behind me.  I flick my wand over the bouquet to make sure it lands in Pansy’s hands and then throw it over my head.  There are a few loud squeals, and then Pansy yells, “I got it!”  I smirk and turn around to smile at the ‘winner’.


Lucius levitates a chair over to me and I sit as Draco stalks up to me like a predator stalking his prey.  “I get to pull your garter off with my teeth, yes?”  He says.  “Fred and George assure me that this time they were telling the whole truth, I get to climb under your dress and pull it off with my teeth.”  He says as he kneels in front of me.


“Yes, they were right, but there is one thing they don’t know.”  I say as I lean toward Draco’s face full of desire.  He raises his eyebrow and I lean in more to whisper in his ear, “There are two garters, one for you to remove with your teeth now and the other to remove later, when we are alone.”  I lean back and the look in his eyes is pure hot desire, he growls low in his throat, then moves under my dress to retrieve said garter.


I feel my face go hot as Draco kisses his way over my knee and up my thigh, “Draco.”  I say quietly and I hear as well as feel him chuckle.  He lightly runs his tongue along my thigh were the garter rests and then I feel him lightly nip my thigh with his teeth, I jump slightly and let out a soft moan as I close my eyes.  He kisses me gently where he nipped before he takes hold of my garter and I feel it being tugged down.  Finally he emerges from under my dress with a victorious look on his face and my garter handing from his mouth.


He takes the garter from his mouth then leans in kisses me then whispers in my ear, “I look forward to taking the other one off later.”  He smirks at me then rises to fling the garter over his head to a single man.


Harry catches it looking surprised, as his cheeks flame red.  “Who’s the lucky lady Harry?” I call out and he flushes even more red.


Once we are done with the ‘tossing of objects’, the band starts up and Draco and I have our first dance.


“I am so proud of you Hermione.”  Draco whispers in my ear and I feel my eyes welling with tears and how much that means to me. “You were wonderful when delivering Lucas and Libra, I can’t tell you how amazing it was for me.” He adds lightly kissing the side of my throat.


“Draco, I am so happy I ‘accidently’ ran in to you all those months ago.”  I whisper in his ear, and he pulls back and kisses me softly.


“Me too, I’ll love you forever.”  He says against my cheek.


“I’ll love you forever.” I repeat feeling those words in my soul.  We continue swaying to the music and then the song ends, we embrace and share another kiss before they announce it is time for the Father/daughter and Mother/son dance.  Harry comes up and offers me his arm, as Draco walks over to Narcissa.


“Thank you Harry for everything today.”  I say to Harry as we start to dance.


“You are welcome, ‘Mione, and just so you know when I get married, I expect the same from you, only I won’t be giving birth.”  Harry says a wry twist to his mouth.  I laugh and lightly hit his arm.


“No problem, I’ll be your maid of honour, just make sure your future wife is okay with that.”  I say chuckling.


“Oh I think she will be more than okay with that.”  Harry says and I follow his gaze to Ginny.


I whip my head around, “Ginny?”  I ask in a whisper and Harry’s eyes dart back to mine as his cheeks go pink again.  “Since when?”  I ask still in a whisper, shocked that neither of them has told me anything.


“Since the bridal shower, we haven’t told you for two reasons, first you have been unbelievably busy.”  He says and pointedly looks at my much smaller belly then back up to my face, “Second we didn’t want to jinx our relationship, it is still new but I,” Harry looks away then back at me and leans in a whispers, “I love her.”  He says his eyes full of said emotion.


“Oh, Harry, I am so happy for you two, and I am shocked I didn’t see this sooner.”  I say then reach both arms around him and hug him.


“You know, it is much easier to hug you, now that you had the twins.”  Harry says lightly obviously trying to change the subject.


I laugh at him and squeeze him a little harder.  Harry pulls back and I notice Lucius standing there, “May I cut in?”  He asks Harry and Harry nods and steps away.


“You know you have a line of men whom are waiting to dance with you, since you didn’t give us a chance at the last dance.”  Lucius says and nods his head to a line of men.


“You’re serious aren’t you?”  I say then laugh as the guys wave at me, Jake, Charlie, Theo, Fred, and George are standing not too far from me watching me so I apparently can’t escape.


“They are worried you will get away before they get their dance.”  Lucius whispers and I shake my head at how silly my friends are.


I look back to Lucius and I smile, “Thank you for everything today, Grandpa.”  He blushes and then smiles at me.


“Your children are beautiful, and I am proud to be called their grandpa.”  He says seriously, though still smiling.


They announce that the wedding party is to dance and I watch as their partners pull my line of guys away. 


I chuckle and then rest my head against Lucius’ chest, “I’m proud to call you their grandpa as well.”  I say and I feel him smile as he kisses me lightly on the top of my head I hear a sniffle and I smile knowing that my two babies will have the most loving family any child could want.

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