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Echoes of a Hopeless Future by ewsoucf7
Chapter 1 : Echoes of a Hopeless Future
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A/N:  I hope you guys like this, though admittedly it is a little short. Please R&R!



      She was tired and aching all over, but she couldn’t stay here. She had to leave. Somehow she would escape. She glanced over to her husband, a disgrace of a man, and frowned. He was sat, grimacing as he looked at the destruction he had caused.  He caught her eye. She turned away, eyes averting from the monster. She whispered softly into her son’s ear before leaving, not once returning to look into Lucius’ eyes which were following her intently.

      Though she knew the castle well, she was unsure of where her feet were leading her. The castle was barely recognizable and the destruction was clear to see. She stopped to observe the corridor around her. She was consumed by sadness. Though Hogwarts had never been her home, she had never been unhappy here. Her legs started moving again as though they knew exactly where she was going, or where she needed to be.

      Finally she stopped outside a vaguely familiar room. She frowned as she looked around, unsure of whether she had been here before. The corridor was so badly damaged that she couldn’t even guess where she was. Apprehensively she grabbed the door handle and turned it slowly.

      She stood aghast as she entered the room. She had been here before. She stepped further into the room, only stopping when she was face to face with the magnificent mirror. It was much bigger than she, encased in gold. Though she had seen it before, it enchanted her still. She gulped loudly. She was nervous about what she was about to see. She knew the secrets of this mirror. Its’ secrets made her anxious. She wondered whether it would show her the same as last time. She laughed at how stupid the thought was.

      As she examined the mirror further, staying just beyond it’s range. She read the words which framed it. She thought it was strange, the majority of Hogwarts had been destroyed in the battle, yet this room was untouched. There wasn’t even a scratch on it. She smiled at its beauty. It was beyond elegant. She closed her eyes, remembering the first time she had discovered the mirror. She was twelve years old.

      She had been walking aimlessly around the castle avoiding some of the girls in her dorm. They had been teasing her all day and she’d finally had enough. She had originally been in search of her older sister, but could not find her.

      Narcissa laughed as she remembered her twelve year old self. She could not believe how naïve she had been. She thought back again, remembering the moment she’d truly discovered the mirror. She was remembering that first time that she saw what happened when you looked in the mirror. She smiled as she remembered exactly what she had seen when she was twelve.

      Twelve year old Narcissa looked into the mirror, her curiosity overtaking her caution. She was highly intrigued by the golden mirror. It was a secret that only she knew. She didn’t even think Bella knew of the mirror. She gasped as she saw herself staring back. She stared harder into the mirror. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She turned around just to check. She could see her mother, and her father. She frowned slightly, she could not see Bella, nor could she see Andy. She was making her parents proud. She grinned as she continued to stare in the mirror. Oh how she wished she would make her parents proud…

      She was still laughing at how naïve she had been. She could not believe that her desire had been to make her parents proud. She would certainly change that now. She wondered if her parents would even be proud of her. Were they proud of Bella? She considered her eldest sister for a while. Bella had been the one, who upheld the pureblood values of the family most, yet Narcissa couldn’t help but wonder was she happy? She was completely devoted to Him, yet she remained unloved by Him. Were their parents proud of Bella? She had entered a pureblood marriage, yet it was a loveless one. She hadn’t even provided them with grandchildren. She pondered Bella for a little while longer until her thoughts shifted to her estranged sister.

      Narcissa knew that her parents weren’t proud of Andy. She had been a blood traitor and married a muggle. Yet Narcissa couldn’t help but feel proud of her sister. She had a happy marriage, and children who loved her. Though she had lost her family, she had gained another one. She had been truly happy. A tear fell down Narcissa’s cheek as she finally realised what was important. She closed her eyes again, remembering the last time she had visited the mirror.

      Seventeen year old Narcissa had become a regular in this room. She was still as enchanted by the mirror as she had been when she had first found it. She had visited the room almost every year since Hogwarts, though she hadn’t been in the past two years. Each time she had been she saw the same thing. She was making her parents proud, more proud than Bella and Andy had. She checked that nobody had followed her before stepping forward to occupy the space directly in front of the mirror. She had become accustomed to seeing the image that she was deeply surprised when she saw something highly unexpected.

      She blinked disbelievingly. She could see Lucius in the mirror. She looked at her image in the mirror. She was wearing a long white gown. She gasped. Was the mirror depicting her marriage to Lucius? She frowned. The mirror confused her. She had no idea why it was showing a wedding. She had only just started dating Lucius. She was overwhelmed. She wondered whether the mirror showed the future. She laughed at the foolish thought. Of course it didn’t show the future, if it did her parents would be more proud of her than Bella…and she knew that wasn’t true.

      Narcissa still didn’t fully understand the mirror. Initially after marrying Lucius she thought that it had been a mirror which showed the future, but she had never believed that her parents had been any more proud of her than they were of Bella. Yes, she had married a man of whom they approved, she had given them a healthy grandchild…yet, Bella was eternally blood proud. She had remained fiercely loyal to any blood purists and Narcissa knew that it was this that her parents were most proud of.

      Now here she was, stood in front of the mirror once again. It had been years since she had last been here, and yet she still hadn’t figured it out. She stepped closer slowly. She was afraid, genuinely afraid of what she was about to see. She inhaled deeply as she succumbed to its charm. She opened her eyes slowly.

      She saw herself. For a moment, she thought it was showing only her reflection, until she gazed deeper into the mirror. She saw her two sisters, one either side of her. On the left she could see a grimacing, manic Bella. To her right, she could see the soft, warm smile on Andy’s face. Narcissa looked from one to the other. Two sisters, but equally, two very different people. She then gasped, slightly startled as her reflection moved away from Bella, and moved closer to Andy. She was surprised to see Bella fade away into nothingness.

      Narcissa smiled knowingly. She understood. She finally knew why the mirror showed what it did. She desired to be less like Bella. She wanted to protect her family, and to live with them in peace. It did not matter to her about blood purity, all she wanted was to watch her son grow up and be happy. She cried a little as she thought about it. How foolish she had been. She turned away from the mirror, not wanting to look at it any longer. She glanced around the room once more before she closed the door softly behind her. She needed to do something which was long overdue.


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Echoes of a Hopeless Future: Echoes of a Hopeless Future


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