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Seventh Year by zoeey
Chapter 15 : Making Things Better - Adriana
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 “Go out with me?” Sirius asked as he slid into the bench next to me, as if that was the new normal greeting now-a-days. I let the soup slop back into the bowl, letting the red liquid splash onto mine and Sirius’ shirt.
“Okay, now I look even more attractive with Tomato Soup dripping down my white shirt,” he smirked as if it was actually a funny situation.

“W-what did you just say!?” I asked him, my mouth in the widest ‘O’ that was ever possible. Had he seriously just asked me out? And then referred to his attractiveness.

“That I look attractive?” He answered straight away, raising his eyebrows in that way that always seemed to irritate me and turn me on loads; you know back in Fourth Year…

Yeah still the fucking same now.

“G-go out with me?!” I said, not actually caring whether or not he thought that he looked attractive. He knew full well that he always looks bloody gorgeous.

“Yeah, like a date?” He asked, surprisingly he did have the decency to look slighty embarrassed - and to be honest if I didn’t know that he ran his fingers do around the cuff of his shirt when he was nervous then I would have never known that he was.

“B-But why?” Great, the third time I’ve stuttered whilst having a conversation with my ex in the past, I don’t know… two seconds?

“Don’t you think it’s about time I did something about the feelings I’ve got for you?” Sirius had such a cute happy smile on his face as he said that, picking up a piece of bread from my plate and biting into it, his eyes never once left mine. That told me that he was serious, and he wasn’t just trying to fuck my head up like he did in Fifth Year.

“Feelings?” Score! No stutter that time, at least I’m not completely stupid around him.

“Yeah, the fact that I love you,” He said like it was the most natural thing in the world to say. And to be honest, it was the most natural thing in the world to hear. And instantly, my face pulled itself into a smile. I love hearing those words ’I love you’ and I love hearing those words come from his mouth.

“You love me?” I asked, suddenly going completely shy; I even felt a blush creep up on my cheeks. Sirius turned and brushed his fingers softly down the edge of my blush, a genuine smile never leaving his face.

“I’ll always love you,” He all but whispered.


He smiled. And then I smiled.



“So, how bout this date then?” Sirius asked me again, leaning away so that our faces weren’t so close. It made me sad. I missed having him in close proximity where I could kiss him if I wanted to. And where I could hold him in my arms and just lay there - just because we could. And I when I could stand around and watch him play with Summer, and then just turn around and tell me that he loves me. And I miss being with him

“Suppose I can do Saturday - I’ll have to cancel a few dates I had piling up for this weekend. But I suppose it wouldn’t be impossible,” I winked and slightly nudged his shoulder with me teasingly.

“Get me the list and I’ll have them taking up all of the beds in the Hospital Wing,” he winked back - but it was funny because I actually know that if there were a list of lads wanting to date me, they would all be in the Hospital Wing. Curtosy of Sirius Black, James Potter and Remus Lupin…
- Well you gotta love those marauders.

“Can Sum come, or…” I trailed off, not really knowing what he wanted to do on this date and whether or not it was family friendly. Of course if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t actually be hard to get a sitter - every one who has ever met Summer is irrevocably in love with her.

“Babe,” He paused, looking as if this was a horrible decision to make, “ I want to see whether me and you could work again, bringing Sum into it to early could be catastrophic. So can we do just me and you?” Now there was a nervous edge to his voice, as if he was seriously concerned about my reaction to this.

“Makes sense,” I smiled, realising that he was actually right. And that for once, he was making perfect sense when it comes to our relationship.




Later in my loungy / common room thingy, I was debating ways in which to tell everyone about my date with Sirius on the weekend. I hadn’t told anyone, regardless of being with Tat for basically the whole day prior to the little conversation at lunch. I don’t know why, but I didn’t want everyone to make a big deal out of it and I know full well that that is exactly what they would do. Whether they’d coo and make it seem like the best thing that happened this year, or whether they’d think it was one of the dumbest thing I’ve ever done - I hope they’re happy for me though. I really want my life to go back to normal, having Sirius, the Marauders and the Girls would certainly make it better, adding baby Summer would just make it perfect.

Tat was on the floor playing dolls with Summer - they’re so perfect to pay with each other sometimes you know. Both girls get totally in to the characters that they’re supposed to be playing with the muggle Barbie dolls that I had gotten Summer at Christmas.

“C’mon Barbie, lets get in the pink jeep and drive past Ken!” Tat put on a childish high pitched voice as she walked Cindy over to the pink jeep and waited for Barbie to join her. Even once the doll was in the toy car, not once did her eyes leave the game.

“Yeah, lets go look at Ken!” Summer replied, just as enthusiastic as Tat. But it was perfectly acceptable because she was one and half years old - Tat was eighteen.

Josa and I just sat on the sofa, starring in a shocked awe at Tat. Of course we had always known that she was childish but this was taking it to a whole new level. Lily… sat doing homework. NEWT stress was starting to kick in to her. Only another week before crunch time!

“What you doing Saturday Lil?” I asked her casually, hoping that she wouldn’t see through to my ulterior motive.

“Urg, James wants to spend time with me!” She huffed, as if her boyfriend wanting to spend time with her was the worst thing in the world.

“Oh yeah Lil, the worst thing in the world!” Josa deadpanned enough that even Summer laughed at the sarcasm that oozed out of every single word.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” She rolled her eyes at us - a constant reminder that she still thought that we were all extremely dumb. “Its exam week next week and he wants to spend the day with me! I’ve got so much revision I have to do, and then all of the extra credit work! I’ve asked for it now so its not even like I turn round and be like ‘fuck it’” Lil gushed all at once, we all laughed.

“Sweetie, weekends are the time for boyfriends - in the week that’s when we can tell them to fuck off,” Tat said to her, pulling her head out of the life of Barbie and Cindy for two minutes to listen into the conversation.

“Yeah I suppose you could be right,” Lil thought over.

Okay so Lil and James are out on the babysitting front - it’s lucky that I have three back up people isn’t it.

“Josa?” I asked, not really feigning innocence as I was curious as of what she was doing. She was yet to mention anything to me about me going with her which was strange. Jos laughed as if she was remembering a hysterical joke.

“I’m taking Dora Tonks out to the Hogs Head and were casually going to bump into Benjy and Remus!” Josa’s eyes were so bright with amusement it caused the whole room to nearly shake with laughter. It was so sweet, Josa and Benjy double dating with Tonks and Remus - always knew that that girl would find a way to be with Remus, even if it is through Josa!

“Well Fabien’s coming to town and were just going to chill in Hogwarts looking at flats to rent or houses to move into once we graduate - oh that reminds me! Ade can we come here, of course you’ll have to leave like but it’ll be better than the Gryffindor Common Room with immature First Years gushing over how hot he is!” Tat looked so happy with the realization that this up and coming weekend she would be seeing her boyfriend and they would be looking for a place to move into together. I’m so happy for her.

“That’s so sweet!” We all coo’ed and cawed at how adorable Tat and Fabien were! Lily and James were still hot gossip of course, but I’ve never heard either one of them mention moving in together, never mind already looking for flats! And of course I agreed to letting them have my little home that I had created for us here, maybe they’d be okay with watching Summer why I was on my little date.

“So what are Mummy and Summy doing this weekend!?” Lily asked happily, picking Summer up off of the floor and bouncing her on her knee, we all grinned happily as Summer squealed out happily. Well it was now or never.

“Well Mummy’s got a date with Daddy,” I said, hoping that all of my friends would be clever and know that I mean Summer’s daddy not my own - I haven’t heard from him in years and years. Everyone sorta stopped for a second and stared at me there mouths hanging slightly open as Summer clapped happily and shouted ‘Yay Yay’ like it was the best thing. Of course, for our one and a half year old it probably is.

“Mummy, as in you? Daddy as in Sirius?” Josa asked, as she was the first one to get her speech back to her. Taking a deep breath, I smiled shyly before carrying on.

“He asked me out, and I said yes?!” I kind of asked them, if they wanted to know then they’d ask more details but if not they’d just look at me and be really disappointed and then I would jut be depressed and I’m not allowed to be depressed with Summer in the room.

“When the fuck was this!?” Tat exclaimed, and now I was confused. I haven’t got a clue if her shouting at me is a good or a bad thing.

“Lunch time?” I asked again, my voice getting smaller.

Shit, they all think it’s a horrible idea. They all think that I should do this. They all think that me and Sirius are making such a mistake. Shit.

“Why didn’t you tell us sooner!”

And next thing I know, everyone is jumping and squealing and hugging me like I’ve just announced I’m getting married.


Girls confuse me…










So Tat said that her and Fabien would be more than happy to look after Summer for me, only if I promised not to come back to my OWN dorm until about half ten. Dumbledore was allowing Fabien to stay over night but only in the Room of Requirement - according to Tat, he has actually hinted that no teacher would know whether or not she would be in there or not. So I swear, we have the coolest head teacher ever.

Saturday was fast approaching and all the girls were starting to become just as nervous for me as I was for myself. What if he thought that this was a big mistake? What if he had changed his mind? What if he realised that he didn’t need me anymore? What if he only wanted Summer? Can I handle that level of rejection again?

I voiced my feelings to Josa, Tat and I suppose Lily on Friday night - the four of us and Summer deciding to stick together tonight considering we would hardly be seeing each other this weekend. I know that its completely soppy, but each of us were coming to the conclusion that there wouldn’t be very much time left together in Hogwarts. Of course, we’ll all make sure we stay in touch but that isn’t the point. Sometimes we all just wanna be together in Hogwarts.

“As fecking if!” Josa complained, keeping her language in check - Summer was still happily awake and enjoying the unwavering attention she was receiving.

Okay, so Josa obviously doesn’t agree with my worries then.

“He adores the ground you walk on!” Tat added on the end there, shaking her head in disbelief. Is it really that hard to believe that I’m slightly lacking self-confidence when it come to that guy.

“But what if things have changed?” I asked, my voice getting smaller as I carried on with the sentence.

“They haven’t you know,” Lil looked up for what seems the first time in a long time - she was studying some more. The girls seemed as if they knew this all along, all bobbing there heads. All of us in silence wishing for her to continue.
“I was with Sirius and James before I came down here, and he was litterally pacing around my bedroom running his fingers through his head trying to sort himself out for the morning - it was really cute actually!” She smiled on the end of that, showing that she was serious - hah Sirius - about it.

“Okay, so maybe things would work themselves out,” I said, laying back on my bed and hugging Summer’s body to my chest. Giggling and laughing as my little girl did.


Saturday and I was really really freaking out! I mean its not like I’ve never been on a date before - and its not like I’ve never been on a date with him before! But I have never had this many butterflies flapping around in my stomach and I’ve never had my heart beat this fast at the thought of just being on an actual date with him. I mean, I have got to be extremely lucky that he still wants anything at all to do with me! I kept him away from his baby girl, I broke up with him, brought my new boyfriend to a party at his place, flirted shamelessly and told him that we’re not good together - all in the space of a single school year. And he still wants to be with me and he still wants to give us a shot just to see if were all worth it.

“Want me to do your hair babe?” Tat asked, leaning against the wall in my bedroom. Fabien was already here and he was in the front room playing with Summer - he wanted to play the protective father card and open the door to Sirius and be all threatening and stuff! Its Fab as well, because he will genuinely do that just to see the look on his face.

“Just a de-frizz spell?” I asked her, not knowing what would be best for today, after all I have no clue what we’ll be up to today. Tat nodded happily and quickly said the spell before running her fingers through my luscious locks and she wiggled them around - giving my hair a lot more body and volume. It would be natural today which means only a little wave.

Tat then moved on to do my make up and reassure me that I did indeed look beautiful, well I hoped so! I can’t go on a date looking like a fucking loser! That’s just not allowed, I don’t care how old my daughter is! I will always look at lease stunning when going on a date! Going down into the front room where Fabien and Summer were I smiled, Sum loved being spoilt by Uncle Fab. He always did what ever she wanted him to do, and enjoyed every single second of it! Him and Tat would make such wonderful parents!


“So if you guys look after her till about half five, and then Josa said that her and Benjy would stop by and get her an overnight bag and take her back to the Gryffindor Common room, and she can spend the night in her daddies room. And I’ll be back here at eleven to kick you two out okay!” I clarified with both of the adults in the room, both of them looking relaxed and confident.

As Tat perched on the end of the sofa, and Fabiens arm around her waist tightly and his head rested on her arm just showed me that they were truly meant to be together - both of them were great with Summer which shows that they’re both ready to settle down with one another! Well after today, a full day of babysitting will we see that far ahead!

“That’s fine Adey! You bringing anyone back?” Fabien winked thinking that he was really funny - but he wasn’t! I know that he knows who I’m actually going out with and hopefully who’ll walk me home later. I know its only through the castle but its not the point. I didn’t reply to him, I just shook my head and turned around to stare at myself in the mirror. Hoping to go that I wasn’t too over the top.


Knock, Knock!

The door handle had knocked and before I even had time to process the sound in my head, Fabien was up out of his seat with Summer clutching onto the side of his body happily laughing at the position, which did look extremely uncomfortable, and practically running to the portrait. Cocking Summer out and holding a stern expression that looks like a bad male model he starred Sirius out to the death.

“Hey, Fabien mate hows it going? Summmer!” Sirius greeted, seemingly unfazed by the ‘intimidating’ stance that he was holding up. He went out to grab Summer out of his arms and spun her around quickly as he entered my dorm. Tat reached down and squeeze my hand for reassurance and to calm me down.

As soon as he put Summer down, Sirius looked up and stared at me. A huge grin plastering his face, and he was looking at my face and my eyes rather than my legs - which do look immensely longer than they did last night - nor my chest - which again looked larger, wonder it Tat bewitched these too.

“Hi,” I said, a little smile gracing my face! Hoping that I didn’t seem to eager about anything, that was also some of the worst things to do on a date.

He replied and held his hand out for me to take it, bringing it softly to his lips, my hand started to tingle with the sparks of love and sexual tension where bouncing on and off of our bodies. I turned and spoke to Fabien and Tat about Summer and if there was going to be any problems how they go hold of me. But neither sitter seemed to bothered about anything.


As we were walking down the corridor, our fingers still interlocked I started to speak about Tat and Fabien - which isn’t something that I didn’t think would ever come into a conversation the two of us.

“Is it to late to turn around and take our baby away?” I turned to Sirius, hoping that he would give me a straight answer which is also infused with the truth.

“If you want to we can Adey, but I don’t plan on getting close to anyone except you - and still not even you for a long time,” He tried to reply with a smooth calm accent - but I actually think that he was as nervous as I am.

“Nah, they’ll be fine right?” I asked, trying to shake the bad feeling that I had with me.

“Course they will, Tat Ellis and Fabien Prewett alone with our child. It’ll all be great!” He replied, but I couldn’t figure out if he was being serious or he was using sarcasm.

“I cant wait till Josa an Benjy pick her up!” I laughed loudly, knowing that Summer would always break any tension that we had inevitably built up between the two of us.

“If you don’t like where I’m going to take you Ade, just say and we’ll go somewhere else or so something else,” Sirius said to me as we passed The Hogs Head pub; he’s so sweet! When have I ever not liked somewhere were he had taken me.

“Why won’t I?” I asked him, my eyebrows raised slightly.

“Cos, its not the same!” He pouted, and omg my heart nearly stopped my looked so adorable. I smiled happily, wrapping my arms around his waist slowly and rested my head on his chest.

“It’ll be great,”

I kept my head on his chest and closed my eyes as we walked. I breathed in his smell and smiled automatically. It was almost as if we were actually together again, but were not. Just going on a little date, no harm in that. And then maybe a second date or get completely swerved off, I hope a second date. This, just being with Sirius made me feel better, made me feel as if I was worth it all. I really really love him.

“Okay, were here.” Sirius slowly backed away from me as I starred at the space in front of me. He had left me to make my own assumption on the area he had created for us, and oh gosh he did a good job.

We were at the large oak tree near the Shrieking Shack - the place we had our first ever date, back in Fourth Year - only it was so much prettier. The first time we’d come here, it was simply a summers day and a picnic blanket and basket was laid out for us. But today, it was so much better. There were lights floating in the trees branches, in case it got dark and we were still here, there were pink rose petals all over the field and a pink and white checked blanket which seemed to have little sweeties at the top of it and the basket neat the bottom.

It was so beautiful.

I looked back at Sirius, who looked extremely nervous for my reaction. My mouth open in shock as I stared into his face, his eyes went wide disappointment.

“Shit, you hate it.” He said straight away.

I didn’t answer him… I just pulled his arms around me and attached my lips to his - kissing him so passionately to make up for anything bad that I’ve ever done. His arms tightened around me and pulled me closer as my hands went to his hair and the back of his neck, making sure that he never wanted to pull away from me.

“I fucking love it,” I whispered against his lips, smiling as he starred straight into my eyes. I could feel the smile on his lips. Quickly pecking my lips before pulling me over to the blanket,

“Still one more surprise,” He said, now seeming on top of the world. He moved out of my view so that I could see what was written on the blanket in the sweeties. I felt his body tense up before I even had time to look at the words on the sheet.

Looking downwards I saw the words that I’d wanted to hear every single day since I’d finished us.
Be with me forever?

I turned around and faced him, a passive expression on my face. He let go off my hand defeated, dropping his head and running his hand through his hair. I walked up to him, this time not touching him. I tilted his head so that he was looking into my eyes rather than at the floor, and there were actual tears welling up there. My heart dropped.

“Where else would I be?” I muttered, getting closer and closer to his face. Not breaking the eye contact.

“So you will?” He sounded so hopeful with just those few words - his eyes shining with the hope that we would be something again - but this time… forever.

“I love you so much,”





Authors Note -Hey! So did you like it? things getting back on track? was it to fluffy or something? please please please review, i would love to know what everyone thought of this chapter; and considering it's the second to last chapter and then Seventh Year is officialy finished! and i would like to say a quick thank you to the 3499 readers i've had for this story - I don't think you understand how much this means to me! so please please review for me!!

-love zo 

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