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Nobody said it was Easy by padmoonyfoot7
Chapter 1 : Knight in Shining Armour
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Knight in Shining Armour




The long, scarlet steam train left the crowded King’s Cross Station. People were leaning out the windows of the Hogwart’s Express, waving their families ‘goodbye’ and being told to write every day, and all that crap. Three girls weren’t bothering about that, though. It was the same old story every year. It’s not that they didn’t love their parents, it’s just that they thought sticking your head out of a train window wasn’t a very good idea. One of the girls was reading in the corner, while the other two were playing Exploding Snap. Suddenly, a girl with shoulder length, red hair came running into the compartment. “Bella – damn Bellatrix,” she said completely out of breath “just pushed me out of the train! Had to run for ages to catch it in time!” she collapsed onto the seat beside the girl that was reading.



“And why did she do that?,” the girl who was reading asked, without looking up from her book.



“She doesn’t need a reason – she’s scary!” said one of the girls playing Exploding Snap.



“Too right, Char,” said the other.



Sarah was still breathing heavily after being attacked by her cousin. She stood up to check if the compartment door was shut properly. Sarah Black was quite tall. She stood at 5”6, with shoulder length, bright red hair and dark-blue, sparkly eyes. She had light skin and was wearing a white tutu with black polka-dots, purple tights, purple t-shirt and black runners. She went over and plonked herself back down on to the seat, beside the girl who was still reading.



Rebecca Elizabeth Valentine looked rather comfortable reading Twilight – whatever that was. She stood at 5”4 and ¾ and was quite proud of it. She had shoulder length, brown hair and big grey eyes, around then she wore black glasses. She had sallow skin and was wearing denim skinny-jeans, a red Snoopy t-shirt, a black waist-coat with a bow in her hair and very proud of being Irish.



Across from Rebecca, a girl with long, brown hair, at the height of 5”8 was incredibly focused on a game of Exploding Snap. Charlotte Prewitt’s greeny-blue eyes were darting from one card to the other. She was wearing a long-sleeved, denim dress, with navy leggings with different coloured writing all over them, and black Converse with different coloured flowers all over them. She fell back onto the seat after realizing she’d lost the game.



 The girl beside her, Desirae Spindle, rejoiced in her victory. She was 5”9, the tallest of the group. She had silky brown hair, almost at her waist. Her skin was quite pale and she wore a pair of denim shorts, a green top with a black and white cardigan. She also wore flip-flops. She had grey-blue eyes filled with excitement and joy.



The girls exchanged knowing looks with each other. They were all struggling to stifle their laughter. All of a sudden Desirae and Sarah jumped up in the air to hug each other, but at the same time Rebecca jumped up and ended up accidently head-butting the two girls. They all sort of fell on the floor in pain and were rolling over because they were laughing too much. Soon Charlotte dived on top of them, and they were lying in a giggling mass on the floor. All shouting out stuff like “I missed you” “ – long time no see” and “ – I saw you two days ago!”. Then of course, the Marauders just had to walk in.



“Hey there’s a party, and we aren’t invited!” Sirius said, as though it was an abomination. And all the Marauders jumped on to the floor of the compartment to “join the party” as they called it, but after a while Sarah claimed that Peter farted, and said that Sirius “ruined their moment” so she kicked both of them.



Sirius Black was cheeky and was brazen enough to sit beside Desirae and put his arm around her shoulders, she slid away uncomfortably. Sirius was a handsome young fellow with bright blue eyes and curly black hair. He wore a pair of jeans with a plain white t-shirt.



 Across the compartment Rebecca was showing her new book to Remus Lupin, a smart boy with light brown hair and brown puppy dog eyes. He wore a pair of brown trousers, a white shirt and a brown knitted waistcoat. He laughed as she explained the book to him.



Charlie was sitting uncomfortably because Peter Pettigrew stared at her from across the compartment, he was a chubby child with blonde hair and watery blue eyes and wearing a pink shirt, presumably his Mum did the washing wrong, and a pair of jeans.



James Potter though was staring in awe at Sarah as she joined a conversation with Charlie. James was looking at Sarah, with a googly eyed look with his hazel eyes. He also wore a t-shirt and jeans.



“Sarah?” Charlie whispered “James is looking in your direction”



Sarah looked over at James rapidly. Her face went red with embarrassment and looked back to Charlie without hesitation. Suddenly Hufflepuff fifth years looked into the compartment.



“Eh.. Sirius but there’s some girls staring at you” Dee said pointing to the girls.



“Of course they are I’m stunningly attractive” he said with his Marauder grin. Dee annoyed grabbed Rebecca’s book and wacked him across the head with it. He rubbed his head sorely.



“What was that for?” he asked, annoyed.



“The spine of my book, you – you damaged it!” Rebecca said, rather upset.



“Becca, I’m sorry that his head damaged your book – even though it’s rubbish,” Dee said rather annoyed “And Sirius, I’m sorry - NOT! You- deserved- it!!” she shouted, hitting him with the book in between words, before throwing Becca’s book back to her.



“We have to go girls, try not to miss us too hard” James said giving Sarah a little wink. They got up to leave. Sirius went to kiss Dee’s cheek but Dee pushed him away embarrassed. And he just pretended to cry.



Remus and Becca sort of looked at each other longingly, and then he winked at her and gave her that cheeky Marauder’s grin, and she went as red as a tomato.



When the Marauders left, Dee shouted; “James and Sarah sitting in a tree!! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE! Then comes a b – Oww!! What was that for?” she whined to Sarah, rubbing her head.



You know why!!” Sarah scowled.



“Did anyone else notice how cozy Remus and Becca were getting?” Charlie said, giggling slightly.



No! Of course we noticed. They’re soooo cute! Anyways, he really likes you,” Dee said giddily.



“He does not!” Rebecca said, even more embarrassed than before. “We’re just friends,”



“Yeah, yeah,whatever.You just keep thinking that,” Dee said thinking of how much she was annoying her friend. Rebecca glared at Dee and went back to her book. Dee had her feet up against the window staring out at the rushing trees go by.



“Did you hear the Christmas Ball is happening this year?” Charlie asked. She sighed when she realised no one was listening. The sweet trolley came. “Anything from the trolley dears?” Dee got up to buy a cauldron cake.



“We’re mad at you you’re buying” Sarah and Rebecca shouted. Dee laughed and bought four cauldron cakes for them all and off went the trolley. Left behind her were jealous Hufflepuffs from before. They had cauldron cakes and they started to pelt the cakes at her. She screamed but was fired behind a straight strong body.



“Leave her the hell alone!” He shouted. She heard the girls gasp and run away. The body turned around, Sirius, had saved her from cauldron cakes, how romantic.



“Thanks” she said going back into her compartment but Sirius grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to him. She dropped her cauldron cakes as she realised he was leaning in. He kissed her lightly on the lips. It wasn’t what she expected, it was nothing like she imagined, he was gentle and sweet. He released her and kissed her lightly on the forehead before he bid her goodbye.

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