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The Black Death by SiriusGal
Chapter 5 : Those Deep Eyes
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 Chapter 5: Those Deep Eyes

“You know, Rebecca, red is a great color on you.” I blush as I look Sirius Black in his deep, brown, deep, intense, deep, flirting, deep, deep eyes.

“Thanks, Sirius, I like your…” I am at a loss for what to say. I like his what? His face? His mouth? His deep, deep eyes? His…everything?

“That’s okay,” his says as he places his hand over mine. “You don’t have to say it. I know.”

I smile, ignoring the borderline arrogance that was present in that statement. Instead I focus back on those eyes, those deep, dark eyes that seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Wait; they are getting bigger. His eyes are coming closer because his face is coming closer. Sirius Black is leaning in to kiss me!

I feel excitement in the pit of my stomach and slight dizziness in my head. I am nervous, I am excited. I want to reach out and pull him near, but I don’t want to seem too thrilled that I am about to have my (gasp!) first kiss. Instead, I patiently wait for Sirius to get to me first.

I focus on those eyes, realizing as he comes nearer that I can see my reflection in their darkness. My reflection looks puzzled, yet amused. These turn into one big grin, which turns into a laughing face. But, wait, I’m not laughing. I realize I’m not looking at my reflection, but the face of Lily Evans. She is standing above me, trying to wake me from my dream (er, nightmare?).

“Rebecca? Transfiguration starts in fifteen minutes. It’s lucky I came back to get my textbook, or you would have slept through class!” She holds back a laugh as she explains this to me.

Darn it. She must know what I’d been dreaming of. After all, missing class isn’t something the intelligent, punctual Lily Evans would laugh about.

“Lily,” I start, “Did I, uh, talk out loud in my dream…?”

“Oh, Rebecca, don’t even worry about it,” she shakes her head, her silky red hair glistening in the sunlight that is coming through the window. “Your secret is safe with me.” With that she gives me a wink and skips out of the room.

I get out of bed and quickly get ready for class, all the while trying not to think about that dream. But I can’t not think about it, every time I close my eyes I see those deep, deep pools of…Jeez! I am not, NOT attracted to Sirius Black. I can’t be. I always pictured myself with a man of sophistication, of intellect, of gentleness, of general care for others to be the man I would fall in love with. And Sirius Black, he’s just…not man enough for me.

Besides. Physical attraction is not the same as love. Just because I want to fall into the deep, dark, lovely pools that make up his eyes does not mean I am in love with him. It just means I appreciate the appearance of his iris.

Satisfied with my personal pep talk, I run down the Girls’ stairs, and leave the Gryffindor common room, and head to Transfiguration. I know I am late, as the corridors are empty. I walk quickly while trying to come up with an excuse for my professor, as to why I am tardy for the first time.

As I turn the last corner before my Transfiguration classroom, I catch a whiff of dog and sneeze. Now as students aren’t allowed to have dogs as pets, there is only one explanation for that smell: Sirius Black is near. My stomach does flip-flops at the thought, reminding me of my dream.

I look around, wondering where he is. I notice an open broom closet across the corridor, and hear soft sounds that I couldn’t have if I wasn’t specifically listening. I walk softly towards the closet, not wanting the people making the sounds to know I hear them. I think to myself, What if it is Sirius? What should I say? What if it isn’t? WHY DO I CARE?!

I reach out for the handle and pull the door open slowly, without making a sound. As soon as it is open and I can see inside I involuntarily gasp loud enough so that the two people inside stop what they are doing and stare at me with open mouths and flushed faces.

The culprits? Sirius and Sadie. Kissing. In the broom closet. With their perfect mouths.

I shut the door quickly and run down the hall. I don’t head for Transfiguration, but for the girls’ lavatory. I shut myself in a stall and sit down on the toilet seat. I don’t cry; instead, I clench my fists in frustration.

I am not frustrated at Sirius and Sadie—anyone could have seen that coming. I am frustrated at myself. Why did I dream about Sirius Black? Why did I feel jealously for that second when I saw him with Sadie? I had spent so long hating Sirius, and now that I find his eyes even slightly attractive, I am one of the many girls affected by the Black Death epidemic. What does that say about me? Have I become one of those girls? What happened to my dream guy?

I stand up quickly from the toilet seat and leave the stall, smoothing down my uniform. I am better than this. Better than this girl who lets a crush rule her every thought. I need a hobby, I decide. At least, something for me to feel passionate about, that can help realign my life.

I take out my Transfiguration textbook from my bag and place it on the sink surface. I flip through it, looking for anything remotely interesting that I can devote my time studying. I look at all the possible hobbies I can have, ranging from turning everyday objects into exotic animals, to more exciting topics, such as…animagus?

Animagus: when a person has the ability to change into an animal at will. Wow, how cool would that be to do! I wonder how difficult it is to do? I smile to myself, placing the textbook back into my bag, finally heading to my Transfiguration class, as I actually have a reason to go now.

Hello, new intellectual hobby. Goodbye, Sirius Black.


A/N: Hi everyone! This story was abandoned, but I'm going to try to start writing it again.

Thanks for reading and please leave a review, even if it's only to say hi! Also, what does everyone think of the turn the story is taking? Good? Bad? Just whatever? 


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The Black Death: Those Deep Eyes


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