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Who Is She? by Alice4177
Chapter 7 : The Early Bird and All That
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Ouch. That was the first thought that entered my head this morning. The second was why on earth is their a shoe on my face.

Unfortunately these thoughts were quickly resolved by Helen

"Get up you lazy bitch"

"Urgh" I grunted

"Come on, I have a plan and you need to get up." What the hell was she on about. I never got told anything about a plan. I looked over to my alarm

"What the hell! It's 6 in the morning Helen! Go back to bed already. No one gets up this early on a Sunday." I grumbled at her

"Well most people don't, but we're not most people so get up. Oh, and put on some jogging clothes." Did I just hear her right. Did she say ... jogging. I Anya Parker, do not jog. At all.

"WHAT? You are actually waking me up to go bloody jogging!"

"Well not just you, We're all gunna go. It'll be great, you'll love it. Trust me."

I didn't seem to have much choice, it looked like my lazy Sunday morning wasn't going to be so lazy. I made the informed decision to do what I was told. Helen can be pretty forceful when she wants and I don't want to be on her bad side. Plus if I don't get up she'll just come back after waking up Rose and Kirsty.

Jogging. Err, what do people even wear when they go jogging. I just grabbed my quidditch work out gear, which consists of knee length leggings and a long top.


"Jee Helen, what's with you today? It's like we're on a bloody schedule! Could we not have done this later on?" I replied frostily

"Just get a move on, I want us out of here in two minutes!" Helen replied in her commander voice. She's seriously gunna be a boss one day. A scary boss.


Five minutes later after lots of moaning from Rose, Kirsty and myself we were walking down the courtyard. We were quite simply not enjoying ourselves. It's October and in Scotland October is a cold month!

"Right. Umm, lets do some stretches"

We copied Helen as she used some of our quidditch stretches in order to warm up. To be honest at least I’m used to exercise. Rose looked like she was about to die and let me tell you flushed cheeks does nothing for us red heads. It got worse once we finally got to the running part.

Oh why did I agree to this. If Helen was so bloody keen for us to practice running then maybe I should have practiced running away from her and her crazy idea! Unfortunately I was so busy thinking about how bad I felt that I forgot to look where I was going and crashed into something and fell over. Something squidgy by the feels of it. Oh Shit.

It was at this point I looked down to what had inflicted my fall and found myself face to face with none other than Al. This just gets more awkward. I suppose on a plus note i'm on top. Not that I want to be on top of Al. Well maybe a little bit but... Why am I so dirty minded. It was at that moment when I was about to finally get off him, to be honest he looked in shock, I was probably crushing him, that he spoke.

"Not meaning to be rude but you're sort of crushing my diaphragm here so could you maybe just move?"

"Oh. Yeah, I was about to do that. Umm sorry" How embarrassing is this. Helen is so evil. I am blaming her for this! I slid off him but still managed to slip over and end up falling over again next to him. Why did I have to get the clumsy gene.

"If you're this clumsy on a broom Slytherin are going to have an easy win." He said whilst getting up and wiping his hands on his shorts. Oh Merlin he has nice legs.

"Unfortunately for Slytherin i'm only ever this clumsy on the ground." I said with an air of confidence or at least I hoped it was an air of confidence, but then since I was trying and failing to get myself up I don’t think Al heard it. I actually want to die. I look like such a clutz.

"Here" at this he outstretched his hand and since I’d already embarrassed myself enough for one day I decided I may as well let him help me. Of course I would have got myself up. Eventually. Well okay, maybe some time next month.


“No problem, see you at breakfast” He winked at me as he set of running towards to the castle. I think I might faint. He has one sexy wink.

Then I saw them. My torturers. Specifically Helen who had the expression of the cat that just got the cream.

“Oh My God! You knew! That’s why you had me running round here this morning. You knew we’d run into him at some point” I said to Helen

“Well, I wouldn’t say I knew that you were going to literally run into him, I’m no seer, but I was aware that he likes to take a Sunday morning run. Obviously I had no idea that he might speak to you, just that we might see him.”

“You totally planned this, didn’t you?” I questioned her

“Well, I may have asked him yesterday, as a favor of course, where a good place to take a run would be?”

“You devious…” but before I could finish Rose had slapped a hand over my mouth to prevent the four hufflepuff first years that walked past from hearing. Great, we’re only into the first hour of my supposedly stopping crazy plans and I’ve already failed. This is going to be a long term!

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Who Is She?: The Early Bird and All That


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