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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions by potterfan310
Chapter 4 : Of Charms, Family And My Boyfriend
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Chapter image by naughtforreal @ TDA!!

AN - This is whole chapter is a flashback, enjoy :)

We had been back at school for nearly a month when before I knew it was half term and my sixteenth birthday was here. I'm having a big party at the burrow where my Nana Molly and Granddad Arthur live. There's going to be a big white marquee, the very same that my uncle Bill and auntie Fleur got married in back in August 1997.

My god brother Teddy and my cousin Tori have both celebrated their sixteenth, eighteenth and twenty-first birthday's, my brother James and cousin Fred have celebrated their sixteenth and eighteenth birthdays with a joint party since they were born six days apart and are practically inseparable. Al and Rose will be celebrating their eighteenths here in December when we're all home for the holidays, as their birthdays are November thirtieth and December sixteenth.

Dom and Molly will be celebrating their eighteenths next year and Hugo has his sixteenth birthday party back at the end of August since his birthday is September fifth. And last but not least Louis, Roxy and Lucy will be having their sixteenths next year. As you probably know that in the wizarding world we become an adult at seventeen, but there is a reason we celebrate our sixteenth, eighteenth and twenty-first birthdays.

The reason is because on our seventeenth we always get together and go for a meal, just family. No friends and your only allowed to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend if you've been dating a year or more, unless your engaged or married.

And lastly no reporters, ever since the war the Weasley's became just as famous as dad, auntie Hermione and uncle Ron. There are always reporters trying to find stuff out about us and if that fails they make it up. The amount of times I've been asked if James is engaged or if uncle Percy is still alive, it's unreal. When we have the parties, reporters are only allowed in for two hours, any more and they would see what our family is like after they've had too much alcohol.

Either uncle George or uncle Ron tries to run around starkers (and pull flower's out of places I do not want to mention) depending on who's turn it is as they are apparently trying to be like their uncle Bilius who was and I quote from them 'the life and soul of a party'. Or when Dom starts pole dancing using the poles that are holding the marquee up, (that happened last year and James and Fred's eighteenth) and trust me that is not something you want to see.

Like I was saying the Burrow and The Weasley marquee has got so many memories and this year it's created a whole lot more.

It was around six o'clock and I was sat at the breakfast bar reading a book and drinking apple juice. Dad was in work (He's an Auror), as was James (He works at uncle George's joke shop) and Al was in his room with Scorpius playing on a muggle X-box. Scorpius is also staying the night as he's invited to my party, so he's coming along to the Burrow with us.

Mum was behind me making spaghetti bolognese for tea and I could hear her humming along to the radio which was playing in the background. Five minutes later mum came over and stood on the other side of the breakfast bar, she looked at me and then sighed, "Lily I know you probably don't want to hear this, or you might already know but I need to talk to you about sex and protection."

Oh dear Merlin, was my mother really going to talk about this in the kitchen, when Al and Scorp are upstairs and could come down at any time. "Mum, honestly it's ok. I know everything, you don't have to tell me." I said trying to reason with her.

She gave me a stern look, "Lily darling,, don't be embarrassed it's completely natural. I just want to talk to you about protection and the consequences. Always use it or you'll get pregnant or an STI and I don't want my baby girl having a baby until she's ready or any sort of nasty infection. Ok."

I sighed, there's no way I'm going to get out of this. Once my mother's mind is made up no one can change it, except maybe dad.

"As you know, tomorrow you turn sixteen and therefore you are the legal age to have sex. I know you and Jake have been going out nearly two years and I want you prepared for when you're ready."

G.r.e.a.t, here comes the sex talk.

Mum carried on even though I was bored out of my brain and not really paying attention, "I'm going to teach you the contraceptive charm and just because I'm teaching you it, does NOT mean that I'm giving you permission to sleep around, ok. It's Tueri Infantem, repeat after me, Tueri Infantem."

"Tueri Infantem." I repeated.

"Tue-ri Infan-tem." Mum said slowly.

"Tue-ri Infan-tem." I repeated, even though I already know the charm. They gave us sex ed lessons at school, back at the beginning of the month.

"Promise me that you'll use it, and don't let anyone pressure you into sex."

Mum went back to stirring the bolognese and I hopped down off my stool and made to leave just as uncle George casually strolled into the kitchen as if he just walked into people's houses everyday without knocking. Well he usually does, but that's not my point, we might not have been home.

"Hiya Gin, hey Lil." He called as he walked straight past me and mum and headed for the fridge.

"I'm guessing Angelina isn't home yet then?" Mum asked her brother.

"Nope, Fred's at the shop with James and Roxy's over her friends. So I thought I would come and visit my favourite sister." He turned and grinned, giving me a wink before turning back to the fridge.

"I'm your only sister." Mum retorted.

"I know," He replied from within the fridge.

"And anyway the reason you came over was because no one will cook for you as your all alone at home. So you thought you would stop by in the hope I was cooking and then see if I would give you any." Ha mum knows him so well.

"Yeah pretty much, thanks for the offer sis. What's for tea then?" He asked with a smile on his face. How mum never went insane when she was growing up with six brothers, I'll never know. I've only got two and I'm already slightly insane.

Mum shook her head and said, "Spaghetti bolognese."

"Yum." Uncle George said as shut the fridge behind him, he then put a jar of peanut butter down on the counter before getting two slice's of bread and a knife. I raised my eyebrows at him, "What I'm hungry. I've been on my own all day."

"You really need to learn to cook uncle George." I told him.

"Nahh, why bother when I've got Angie, mum, three sister-in-law's and of course my darling sister."

I laughed but mum hit him around the head before saying, "You better not say that when we're all at the Burrow, you wouldn't make it out alive."

I watched as he smothered the bread with peanut butter and then grabbed a packet of cheese and onion crisps. He battered the packet and then opened it letting all the crumbs fall on the bread before topping it with the other slice.

I pulled a face as he tried ramming it all in his mouth, "That's revolting." I told him as I turned to mum, "How long til dinner?"

"Five minutes, your dad will be home soon and so should James." She added as she looked towards the clock. I followed her gaze and saw that the hands 'James' and 'Harry' were both pointing to travelling. You see we have a clock exactly like Nana Molly, on ours there are six hands: dad, mum, James, Al, me and Teddy. Originally Nana's started out with nine hands, it now has twenty-seven including Teddy.

If my party is anything like my life then I should expect a lot of madness and a hell of a lot of laughing.





 Tap. Tap. Tap.

If I ignore it it'll go away, I thought.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

There it is again, but I'm going to ignore it. I don't care, I need my sleep.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

In the end I sat up in bed and looked around groggily for the source of the tapping noise. I saw a fuzzy shape outside my window and headed over opening it. In flew a tawny owl, I recognised him as Hooter, my boyfriend Jake's owl.

Hooter landed on my bed with a flump and I walked over to him, I untied the package from around his leg and then took him over to my own owl Persephone's cage so he could have a drink. Wondering why on earth Jake would have sent me an owl and this time in the morning I ripped open the letter and read:

My dearest Lily,

Happy 16th Birthday, I hope you enjoy today. I know I'll be seeing you tonight but I just couldn't wait to give you, your birthday present. When I saw it I though of you and what you mean to me.

See you later,

Love you lots,

Jake xxxx

Crap, I had forgotten that today was my own birthday. I picked up the package and unwrapped the purple paper carefully. Inside was a navy blue box, the sort that you would get from a jewellers. I opened it and out fell a little note in Jake's hand writing:

'When you put this on, it will remind you of our love and that we are forever and always. If I ever stop you or you stop loving me then take it off and it's power will live no more x'

And there inside nestled amongst white satin was the most gorgeous necklace I had ever seen. It was a silver chain complete with a love heart hanging from it, around the heart's outside there were little ruby's embedded in it. It was gorgeous, I took it over to my dressing table and put it on in the mirror. I smiled as I picked up a piece of parchment and a pen and wrote:


Thank you so much for my necklace, I love it and the colour it's gorgeous. I can't wait to see you later, so I can thank you properly.

Lots of love,

Lily xxxx

I sealed the letter and went over to Zephie's cage, Hooter held his leg out and I attached it. I watched him as he flew out my window into the starry night sky. As I climbed into bed I looked at my clock and saw that it was just gone one am. I snuggled under my quilt and fell asleep once more.

When I eventually woke I up, I yawned and stretched before getting out of bed and putting my dressing gown on before going downstairs. When I entered the kitchen I was greeted by the heavenly smell of pancakes and mum.

"Happy Birthday sweetie." She said pulling me into a hug. "Your presents are over here." she indicated to the breakfast bar where a small pile of parcels in blue paper were.

I had just opened my first present (a silver charm bracelet with a diamonté 'L' hanging from it)when mum put a plate of pancakes in front of me and dad walked in. "Happy sixteenth birthday baby girl." Dad said as he gave me a hug and kissed my forehead.

"That's a pretty necklace." Mum commented as she put a plat of pancakes in front of dad as he sat down.

"Hmm." I mumbled through a mouthful of pancake, once I swallowed I was able to answer properly, "Thanks, Jake sent it over this morning as he didn't want me to have to wait."

"Aww young love, how I wish I was your age again." Mum said as she looked at dad dreamily.

"I doubt that mum," Came Al's voice as he and Scorpius entered the kitchen. "Weren't you sixteen in the middle of the war?"

"Stop ruining the moment Al." Mum snapped as she came out of her trance.

"Happy birthday sis." Al mumbled as he handed me a small neatly wrapped box. Inside was a miniature red and gold Gryffindor crest to go on the charm bracelet that mum and dad had bought me. "The lion has a special charm on it and roars if a stranger comes within a certain length."

I hugged him and whispered "Thanks."

"You'll have to wait for mine and Rose's present." Scorpius informed me as he helped himself to some orange juice.

When James finally got his lazy ass out of bed and downstairs, he handed me my present which was rather book shaped and quite heavy. Now normally I receive some sort of joke set or something from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes but this year off my eldest brother I had a book. A pink frilly book to be precise, called 'Charms and Potions for the 16+ witch'.

I tried not to look to revolted at it's frilly ness and half expected James to shout 'joke' but he didn't. I read the back which said it included love spells, the contraceptive charm and tips on how to make your love life more interesting. I laughed as I read the last one wondering why on earth over sixteens would want to make their love life more interesting.

My laughter caused James to snatch the book out of my hands and I saw his eyes dart across the back cover, reading what I had. "If I ever find out you have any sort of love life then I will personally kill the boy in question or at least make sure he can never have children." He said with a smirk.

Oops he better not find out about me and Jake, but then again we've been dating for one year and seven months. It's not my fault he hasn't heard the Hogwarts gossip. We left our house at twelve and set off for the Burrow. On the journey Al told me that he had charmed the lion to roar if any male came near me but then thought it was pointless considering as our family is mainly made up of males.

When we arrived the marquee was already up and I could see a few balloons outside. I went inside and sat in the living room with a good book. Once my uncles and aunts started arriving I was given even more presents. Off uncle Bill and Auntie Fleur I had two books as well as a large slab of Honeydukes finest white chocolate which happens to be my favourite. The first book was called 'How to charm your hair' and the second 'Make your clothes last ten times longer'.

Once I had unwrapped them uncle Bill pointed to the clothes one and whispered, "There's a spell in there which can make things that fit you when you were younger to fit you now. I used it on a pair of Louis superman Pyjamas about eight years ago. He stills wears them now."

I giggled, it was a cute thought. Louis and Hugo had this big obsession with muggle super hero's when they were younger, the had the comics, clothes and toys. Louis' favourite was superman and Hugo's was Batman.

"Lilllllly!!!!" Came the voice of my cousin Hugo as he ran into the room. "Happy birthday!" He yelled.

"For god's sake Hugo calm down." Uncle Ron grumbled as he walked in along with Auntie Hermione, with Rose trailing behind.

"Happy birthday Lily." Auntie Hermione beamed as she handed me my present. I opened it to find a very large box of Bertie Botts every flavour beans and a jewellery box that played a beautiful song. It wasn't until auntie Hermione said, "It's Hedwig's song." That I recognised it. When I was little I could never sleep without it, dad always used to sing it to me every night without fail. On top of the lid was my name and date of birth carved in fancy lettering and surrounded by swirls.

"Thank you, it's gorgeous." I said giving them each a hug.

I went up to my room to put my presents in a safe place but as I left the living room I was stopped by auntie Angelina and uncle George, "Happy birthday my favourite niece." Uncle George said in a low voice, "Just don't tell the other's I said that." He added with a wink as he handed me a an envelope. Inside the card was a two year season pass so that I could go and watch my favourite Quidditch team The Godric's Hollow Girl's when ever I wanted and I wouldn't have to pay. I thanked them both before carrying on upstairs.

As I entered the kitchen I was hijacked by auntie Audrey and uncle Percy, I unwrapped their present which was book shaped and very heavy. Molly was hovering behind her parents and was mouthing something at me, I couldn't make it out so I carried on with opening my present.

Inside were three books, two muggle stories called Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream and the third was a very thick book all about the Ministry of Magic (just what ever teenage girl wants.) "Thank you." I said forcing a smile on my face.

"Glad you like it."Auntie Audrey beamed, she ruffled my hair before she went over to annoy Nana, whoops did I say annoy, I meant see if Nana needed any help.

"Sorry Lil, I tried to persuade them not to buy you the ministry book."Molly whispered, "The other two books are really good though."


I saw Molly wave her hand and in came Teddy carrying a large purple box complete with a big silver bow on top, followed by James, Al, Scorpius and the rest of my cousins who were all singing "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Lily, happy birthday to you!" whilst I just sat there grinning like an idiot.

"Happy sixteenth!" They all yelled as Teddy placed the box in front of me. I lifted the lid and found all of my favourite things which included: a huge photo of me, Al, James, Teddy and my cousins, Lot's of sweets from Honeydukes, various Weasley's Wizard Wheezes products, a book all about my favourite Quidditch team, a hand made seashell mirror, three more charms for my bracelet (a wolf, a lily and a diamonté heart) and all my favourite muggle DVD's.

"Thanks guys I love it, just like I love you all Lot's." I called as I pulled them into a group hug just as Nana came over with auntie Audrey trailing behind her.

"Nonsense Audrey I'll be fine, you go and find Percy."

I smiled to myself, Nana's not too fond of Molly and Lucy's mum and never has been. Auntie Audrey always tries to help Nana or mum or my other auntie's when they don't need it. I think that she feels she has to step up and be as great as Nana, she tries but fails badly.

Once Nana had shooed auntie Audrey from the room she pulled out an envelope from her apron pocket, "Charlie sends his love." She said.

I opened it and found a birthday card, inside was a little dragon charm for my bracelet and some money off uncle Charlie.

"I can't believe your sixteen Lily, it still seems like yesterday that you were born." Nana told me as she pulled me into an unexpected hug. Once she let go she announced, "Right you lot out the kitchen, I have work to do." With that she shooed us all out the kitchen and we went off in different directions.

After a quick lunch I went upstairs to start getting ready, towards the end of the summer when we went dress shopping for Hugo's sixteenth birthday party we bought dresses for today as well. No one has seen mine yet except for Rose (because she helped me pick it) as I've kept it a close secret. Each of our dresses are different and they match our personalities, every birthday party we have to have a new outfit because according to auntie Fleur 'a girl can never be seen in the same outfit twice' especially when the Daily Prophet and Witch Weekly reporters are around.

Since I'm one of the youngest I have hundreds of dresses which live in my walk in wardrobe back at home. They're all different colours, styles and lengths and I have to say that this dress is my absolute favourite.

It took all afternoon for us to shower, put on face masks, paint our nails, do our hair and put our dresses on and eventually at five o'clock we were already. I haven't seen the boys since lunch time and I know for a fact that half an hour ago they were playing Quidditch because I saw and heard them outside.

I was stood in front of the floor length mirror in mine and Rose's room looking at myself, my dress was short and ended halfway between my knee and thigh. It was in my three favourite colours: blue, pink and purple. The top half is a butterfly and in the middle is a silver gem, the butterfly wings spread out each side and are complete with sequins and sparkles. The skirt is pale blue and then on top are layers of pink and purple netting, it stick's out a bit but not to much. It's perfect.

My long auburn hair was bumped up on top and then my fringe swept across the right half of my forehead. At the back where my hair met in the middle I had a gorgeous butterfly clip that was made up of purple and lilac gems holding it in place. I put my necklace off Jake back on, not caring that the gem's in it were red, I'm never taking it off apart from when I shower or go swimming. I had sparkly silver heels on and on my right wrist was my new charm bracelet complete with my diamonté 'L', the Gryffindor crest, the dragon off uncle Charlie, a wolf, a lily and a diamonté heart.

"You look stunning Lily." Rose said as she came up behind me and stood next to me, I was nearly the same height as her with my heels on mainly because Rose had silver ballet pumps on.

I smiled, "Thanks Rosie, you too."

Rose was wearing a bright blue one shouldered dress that came just above her knee. The blue of her dress matched her eyes and went well with her red hair which was all pulled to the right side and pinned, creating a small pony tail which was curled, just above it was a white flower. The top half of her dress was all sequined and sparkled in the light, it had a wide waistband and then the skirt which had silver sequins on it, stuck out just like mine. She had on a matching silver necklace and bracelet which both had a diamonté 'R' hanging from it in a star.

She smiled back at me which was one of the first times I've seen her properly smile since the summer and finished her look by putting on shiny lip gloss. The door opened and in walked Roxy who was wearing a floor length, strapless forest green dress which complemented her skin really well. Her dress had gold beading across the top which then came under her boobs and around her waist to make a cross. Her dark hair was straighter than normal and curled slightly, pinned back with a beautiful square clip that was covered in green and silver gems. To match the gold beading on her dress she had on a pair of sparkly gold shoes that had a flower on the side.

Roxy looked amazing and considering that you'll normally find her in jeans and a t-shirt (she loves Quidditch way too much and is such a tomboy), I think a lot of boys will be after her tonight. Fred will probably have to fend them off with a stick, then again he would try and fight them with it, maybe that's not the best of ideas. The last thing I want is Fred fighting and getting hurt especially since tonight is my night.

Don't get me wrong as much as I love my weird and wonderful huge family but when it comes to Birthdays it's the only day that's all about us. Today's my time to shine as we only get one day a year all to ourselves. It's really annoying coming from a big family especially when it comes to birthday's and Christmas'.

Molly really surprised me when she walked into mine and Rose's room carrying a bottle of what looked like vodka and a glass. She was wearing a yellow dress with a black sash. It wasn't the colour that surprised me, yellow's her favourite colour despite the fact she's a Ravenclaw, it was the style and length. I though that Molly's dress was going to be short and slutty but it was far from that, it was strapless, elegant and classy. It came just above her knee and when she twirled to show us it spun around her.

I noticed that she had jazzy shoes on (black heels with silver stars) and her brown hair wasn't in it's usual ponytail but pinned up in a messy bun. "If your shocked at me wait until you see Lucy." She laughed when she saw my face. "Her dress is awful mum picked it for her. Drink?" She offered holding up the bottle.

"She's underage Mol." Rose said. "As are you."

Molly shrugged, "Only by a year, one shot isn't going to hurt anyone now is it?"

Rose sighed knowing that she wasn't going to win this argument. "You better not have offered the others any."

"Only Dom, Al and Scorp, who all accepted I might add. It'll calm your nerves Lil."

I shook my head, "No thanks Mol if mum or dad smell alcohol on me I'll be as good as dead before my party even starts."

She laughed, "Ok then, see you down stairs." And with that Molly left out room closely followed by Rose who was muttering something about going to check on Scorpius. I looked in my mirror once more before leaving the room. On my way down stairs I nearly bumped into Lucy who was coming out of one of the bathrooms.

Her dress wasn't as awful as Molly made out but I think it would have looked better on a younger child of about ten rather than a fifteen year old. It was fuchsia pink with a bubble hem skirt, thin straps with a bow on the waist. It came just between her thigh and knee and it was quite nice. I have to say her shoes were much worse, they were vile. They were black velvet with a small heel, an ankle strap and had a bow with a diamonté center on the front.

Lucy's face looked disgusted, "You look Stunning Lil." She commented when she saw me.

I smiled, "Thanks and you Luce."

Lucy scoffed, "I hate my shoes I swear they were made for a five year old. My dress isn't bad but I just wish I had different shoes. And if I did mum would probably quiz me as to where these went since she picked them out. I'm fifteen for crying out loud surely I should be able to choose my own clothes."

"Your hair looks nice." I told her. Her brown hair was straight and she had a black hair band with a bow on the left.

Lucy sighed, "I'm fed up of mum treating my like a child just because I'm her youngest child and the youngest grandchild doesn't mean she can baby me. I swear I might end up doing a Molly and rebelling."

I laughed, "I can't really see you as rebel Luce."

She sighed again just as Auntie Audrey's voice came up the stairs, "Lucy where are you come here?"

"Great." She muttered as she left me alone on the landing. You see once the twelve of us came along Granddad extended the Burrow. I'm really glad that it's held up by magic because it looks really worse for wear on the outside and I swear it would fall down otherwise.

Nana Molly and Granddad Arthur still have their room now with and en-suite, mum and dad are in mum's old room which was expanded back when she found out she was having James. Uncle Ron and Hermione are in his old room, Uncle Percy and Auntie Audrey are in his old room because he couldn't stand sleeping in another room that was different. Uncle George and Auntie Angelina are in one of the the new bedrooms that was added because Uncle George didn't want his old room because of all the memories.

These days James and Fred share Uncle George and Uncle Fred's old room which is still in the same state as it was back it day. Uncle Bill and Auntie Fleur are also in a new room complete with en-suite and Teddy has his own room which's had here since he was a year old.

Albus, Hugo and Louis all share a room, Dom and Molly share, Lucy and Roxy and then finally me and Rose. Before there was one bathroom and six bedrooms and now there are five bathrooms and fifteen bedrooms. Like I said I'm glad this place is held up by magic otherwise god knows what would happen.

I entered the kitchen to find Tori and Dom stood talking and they greeted me in unison with a "Happy Birthday."

I smiled as I took in their dresses which were totally different. Tori had on a long strap less red dress that had hundreds of diamonté's and sequins under her boobs and around her waist. It was really floaty and swished when she moved. Her blonde hair was down and had a slight wave to it. Lucky girl, I can never wear red as it clashes with my hair too much. She sat at one of the miss matching chairs at the dining table and slipped on a pair of silver heels that had silver stones all down the middle and stood back up making her much taller than normal.

"I'm off to find Teddy." She informed us.

Dom had on a short strapless gold dress that was mid thigh length. The bodice was covered in golden sequins and the floaty net skirt had clusters of sequins which reflected the light when she moved. Dom had on matching golden shoes and her long blonde hair was down and had a slight wave to it. Dom looked like an angel since she was a vision in gold. I swear she could easily be a goddess.

The rest of my family entered the kitchen and there were 'oohs' and 'don't you look beautiful'. I have to say that the boys had scrubbed up pretty well considering they had been playing Quidditch an hour earlier. These days only older people were dress robes so the guys were all in suits as it's much 'cooler'. Teddy was in a black suit with a red shirt that matched Tori's dress and a black tie, his hair was brown instead of it's normal bright blue.

My eldest brother was in a white suit (god knows why) and a black shirt and for some reason he had on black sunglasses. I frowned at him and he just smiled back. I'm telling you that boy was dropped on his head as a baby, I swear he was even if mum and dad deny it. My other brother Albus was in a black suit with a green shirt and black tie, at least he didn't have sunglasses on and his messy black hair looked relatively tamed.

I nearly yelled at Fred when I saw him, mainly because he was in a bright orange suit, shirt and bow tie that classed terribly with his hair. He also had a matching hat, cane and shoes. Why the hell am I related to a bunch of weirdo's first James and his sunglasses and now Fred dressed in orange. I have no idea what runs though his and James' brains (probably nothing but stupid ideas).

Rosie was stood hand in hand with Scorpius (much to Uncle Ron's dismay) who had a grey suit which matched his eyes and a blue shirt which matched Rose's dress and a grey tie. Louis and Hugo were the only two who looked relatively normal, both of them had black trousers and a white shirt on complete with a black bow tie. You see they love this muggle show called Doctor Who and therefore think bow ties are cool as the Doctor say's they are.

Nana looked amazing in purple dress robes complete with little silver starts that shimmered in the light. All my Aunties looked gorgeous in their dresses and looking at mum in her green dress it's really hard to believe that she's had three children. One of them being totally insane aka James.

Everyone left the kitchen in two's and three's leaving me, mum and dad alone. It's custom for your parents to walk you in and then they let you go and disappear into the crown. At the end of the marquee is where my cousins plus Teddy and me (when it's not my birthday) normally stand, they then split in half and reveal your best friend(s) or the person that your dating.

Five minutes later dad was on my right and mum was on my left. "Ready." Mum whispered. I nodded and she squeezed my arm as we left the kitchen and walked across to the marquee. When we entered I was amazed, I had never seen it look so pretty. All around there were pink, purple and blue banners, streamers and balloons. Not too mention hundreds an hundreds of fairy lights. It look absolutely amazing.

"HAPPY SIXTEENTH BIRTHDAY LILY!" Everyone yelled as mum and dad gave me a kiss on each cheek before leaving me alone. I was blinded by the flashing lights of the reporters who were shouting 'over here' or 'look at the camera'. I was starting to wish that I had took a shot of that Alcohol Molly had offered to calm my nerves, I swear my hands are shaking. I posed for the last time and once I managed to see again, I could see all my cousins, Teddy and Scorpius. I waited a second before walking forward and they started to split to reveal Kayl and Livi, my two best friends.

"Happy Birthday! Here's your present Lil." Kayl squealed as she handed me a small package. I unwrapped it there and then knowing that if I didn't Kay would have done it for me.

I pulled her into a hug, "I love it Kay." I told her as I attached the little silver doe to my charm bracelet. "Thank you."

"Feeling any older yet Lil." Came Livi's voice from my right.

I laughed, "Older but definitely not wiser."

She smiled as she handed me another small package that was wrapped in blue and silver paper. "Happy birthday Lil."

"It's beautiful." I said as I pulled the charm out the box. It was a little puzzle piece engraved with the word 'friends', Livi then explained that she and Kayl each had a piece, her's saying 'Best' and Kayl's saying 'forever'.

"They all fit together in a line because we're best friends forever." Livi told me as she held up her right wrist so that I could see a silver bracelet with a puzzle piece hanging off. I hugged her and pulled Kayl in as well even though she had started talking to Roxy. "I love you two so much."

"Love you too." They replied. Once I let them go I was finally able to see what the were wearing, Livi had gone for long light blue dress, the top half was all shimmery and glittered in the light. Her brown hair was all in curls around her shoulders and I could just see a pair of silver ballet pumps sticking out. She looked amazing.

As did Kayl who had on a white fifties style halter neck dress which had a blue and red flower pattern all over it, complete with a thick red belt around her waist and a red flower just above her right boob. Her blonde hair was wavy and she had matching red ballet pumps on which had a flower on the front.

I felt someone tap my shoulder and saw Livi and Kayl smile, I turned around in curiosity and nearly squealed with joy: it was Jake. He had on a black suit and a purple shirt. I launched myself into his arms and he just about caught me. I kissed him full on the mouth not caring that any of my male cousins or family were around. Jake was kissing me back I was literally in heaven with no plans on stopping. I love him so much.

We eventually broke apart and he put me down, Jake ran a hand through his brown hair which was spiked. "Happy sixteenth." He whispered as he kissed my forehead . "I'm guessing you liked my present then."

"Oh Jake it's gorgeous, I love it just as much as I love you." I informed him as my right hand reached to my neck to check that it was still there. I grabbed his hand and led him straight to the dance floor.

After dancing with Jake I left my friends and mingled with various relatives and people from Hogwarts including Auntie Luna, Uncle Rolf and their twins Lorcan and Lysander who are in their second year at Hogwarts. For ages I was talking Auntie Hannah, Uncle Neville and their four children: Alice who's nineteen, Matt who's fifteen and one of Jake and Hugo's best mates, Lewis who's Eleven and just started Hogwarts and finally Daisy who's only eight. I was really surprised to Mcgonagall sat at a table talking to dad, I mean she's getting on a bit.

Once the reporters were gone I was able to enjoy myself a lot more and throughout the rest of the night I danced, I talked and I drank alcohol (with mum and dad's permission). It was just gone midnight when most people went home, mum, dad, Nana, Granddad and all my aunties and uncles had all gone off to bed whilst we were still dancing the night away.

I knew that I was tipsy, because one minute I was dancing with Jake, the next I was walking outside the marquee with him with no memory in between except that I fell twice. We walked passed a blonde who I think was Kayl, since the dress looked familiar with her arms wrapped around some dark haired boy, snogging his face off.

We also passed James who was talking to a brown haired girl that I didn't recognise, but she had a pretty white dress on and gorgeous red sparkly shoes. She smiled at me as we went by and I think I smiled back, but I can't be sure. Jake lead the way towards the house and we stopped outside the backdoor, he kissed me and his kisses were like heaven, my fingers fumbled with the buttons on his shirt and one of his hands moved down my back towards my bum.

I let my fingers run over his well defined abs and as I got towards the top of his trousers, something went off in my head. I knew what was going to happen if we carried on like this and I wasn't ready yet, I wanted it but I wasn't ready.

"Jake we can't." I whispered, "Not yet any way. Some day but not now. I'm only just sixteen and my parents would kills us. Not too mention neither of us has got protection."

"I know and we will wait." He said as kissed me again on my forehead. I yawned and he noticed, "Come on then birthday girl, let's get you to bed." Jake picked me up and carried me through the kitchen and up all the stairs and entered mine and Rose's room. He lowered me onto the bed and I felt him pull my shoes off before pulling my quilt up over me. "Night Lil, sweet dreams." He kissed me again and muttered, "Love you lots."

"Love you too Jakey." I murmured as he left my room closing the door behind him.




I was all snuggled in bed when I heard a lot of noise mainly shouting coming from downstairs. I shot up in bed but soon regretting it as my head was pounded and I felt a little dizzy and sick. It took me a minute to realise that I still had my party dress on, how had I gotten here, I thought. Then I remembered Jake had carried me, bless him.

I stretched and got out of bed, looking at the clock I saw that it was seven o'clock. That means I've only had about five hours sleep and that I have four more hours to sort myself out so that we can leave for Kings Cross. I grabbed a pair of leggins, clean underwear, socks and a top out of one my draws and walked across the hall to the bathroom. From inside I could hear someone being sick, lovely, just want I want to hear first thing in the morning.

I was just about to knock when it opened to reveal Kayl who looked really worse for wear, She looked like I felt.

"Morning Lil, still in last night's clothes I see." She muttered groggily.

"I didn't have a chance to change last night because I fell asleep. Kay just how much did you drink last night?"

She groaned, "Way too much, I really need sleep but I still have to grab my stuff and go home. I'll tell you on the train later Lil." She said quietly as she walked back to the guest room she was sharing with Livi.

I went into the bathroom and had a long hot shower before getting changed, I hung my dress up on the door so that I would remember to get it later on when we leave. I looked around and realised that Rose wasn't in her bed, I frowned as I wonder where she was or most likely who she was with.

The shouting from downstairs suddenly got louder, curiosity got the better of me and I crept down stairs. I sat on the top step so that I could see the living room and still be hidden from view. Rose was sat on the sofa still in her pyjamas with mascara streaks down her face, she looked incredibly pissed off and was shouting at Uncle Ron. Scorpius was in one of the arm chairs looking scared stiff and auntie Hermione was trying to calm her husband (who looked like he was going to explode) down.

"What the hell do you think you were doing. Just because I gave you my permission doesn't mean that I can't withdraw it within a second and I think you've just violated that." He yelled.

"For god's sake dad we were only in the same room. THE SAME ROOM, NOT THE SAME BED!" Rose yelled as tears fell down her rosy cheeks, "I was so tired that I would have fallen asleep on the stairs, this house is so ridiculously big and if it didn't have so many sets of stairs then maybe I wouldn't have slept in that room. NOTHING HAPPENED!" She yelled.

I would definitely have to ask her later on what happened, preferably once we were on the train and away from uncle Ron. Uh oh, I thought as he rounded on Scorpius.

"And as for you, you may claim that you are nothing like your father but you're still a Malfoy and if you so much as do anything that she doesn't want you to or if you hurt her in any way I swear you will never be able to walk again. You got that." He yelled, his face turning redder with every sentence. It's clear to say that uncle Ron was definitely mad.

"RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY, you cannot say that to a child. I trust Rosie and Scorpius and if nothing happened then nothing happen. Ok Ronald." Auntie Hermione scolded her husband. It's so fun to watch her, Nana or mum yell at uncle Ron, he always get's so scared. It's quite funny actually.

"You don't know shit about us dad, we've been together four years and eight months and I only told you in the summer so that you would get off our case. Mum already knew and you know why, because she doesn't care about who his parent's are. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW IT FEEL'S TO LOVE SOMEONE SO MUCH AND YOUR OWN FATHER HATES THEM." Rose paused for breathe and wiped away her tears before continuing, "Just because you and his dad didn't fucking get along when you were younger does not mean that Scorpius is like him, because he's not. There are a lot more things about me that you don't know dad, ok. You don't know what I've had to deal with so just piss off and STOP INTERFERING IN MY LIFE." She yelled before storming out the room. She ran straight past me, nearly knocking me over.

From upstairs a door banged and I wanted to follow her and find out what was wrong yet I still stayed rooted to the spot. Uncle Ron then rounded on his wife whilst Scorpius looked like he would rather be a place very, very far away from here.

"What does she mean, there are a lot more things about me that you don't know. What's going on Hermione, what hasn't she been telling me?" Uncle Ron growled.

"It's not my place to say Ronald. You're going to have to ask her yourself once you've calmed down."

Auntie Hermione left the room leaving Scorpius alone with uncle Ron, I silently giggled as I watched Scorpius slip into the kitchen whilst uncle Ron's back was turned. I made my upstairs and knocked on my door, from within a small voice said, "Come in."

Rose was curled up in a ball on her bed, she looked awful. Her hair looked like a birds nest, her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks were rosy with long black mascara smudges down them and her makeup from last night was ruined. And of course she there were tears and snot everywhere.

"Shh Rosie, it's ok." I said trying to soothe her as I stroked her red curls.

"I'm guessing you heard that then." She sobbed

"Yes," I mumbled, "And when your not upset you can tell me what happened."

"Like I said Lil, nothing happened. I was so tired and a teeny bit drunk, I couldn't be arsed to walk up all the bloody stairs so I went in the guest room Scorp was in. He came up and got my pyjamas, I changed and then we fell asleep in the same bed." She paused and looked at me as I passed her a tissue, "Nothing happened Lil," She said as she saw my smile emerging. "When dad knocked and came in to tell Scorp to get up since Nana told him to wake to boys up. He spotted me in bed and thought we had slept together. Well we did but not in that sense."

"It's ok Rosie, you know what uncle Ron's like. He'll get over it eventually, maybe in like twenty years." Rose giggled, "Rose um what did you mean when you said there were a lot more things that you don't know about me?" I asked hesitantly.

"Lil as much as I want to tell you. I can't, not right now. But I promise I'll tell you."

I nodded just as there was a knock on the door, I looked up and saw auntie Hermione. I gave Rose a hug and left so that they could talk. I picked my dress up off the door on the way out and went to see if mum and dad were ready to go home.

All I could think about was how this had been the best birthday in all of my sixteen years on this planet.

A/N Images of all the girls dresses and the boys suits that I described and their face claims can be found on my blog - the link is on my author's page.

I don't own Superman or Batman and I don't own Romeo and Juliet or A Midsummer Night's Dream either.

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