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Hogwarts for dummies by littlemisssnape
Chapter 10 : Hit me with those green eyes (The ball, pt. 1)
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                                                 CI by Saranghae@TDA

                                                   Chapter ten


“On a scale of one to James when he’s hopped up on Halloween sweets, how excited are you?” Rose was jumping up and down in the dormitory, as we were getting ready for the long awaited ball.


“Ok, Rose calm down, it’s just a ball and you’re not even going with Scorpius,” Molly commented.


“So what? It’s still a joyous occasion,” she defended herself.


Rose really did look stunning in the blue dress that she picked out and Scorpius would have to be nuts not to notice her.


“Girls are we ready to make the guys’s jaws drop?”


“We certainly are dress to impress,” Alice giggled, which was unlike her.


We walked down to the common room where Al, James, Scorpius, Mark, Louis and Fred were all lined up. Scorpius whistled when we came into view.


“You ladies clean up good,” Louis complimented us.


I noticed several eyes, including Al’s, glancing me up and down, all of them lingering just a tiny bit longer at my chest.


“Shall we?” Louis offered me his arm and I took it, smiling at him.


“Where are Megan and Prudence?” Alice asked, turning to Al and Scorpius.


“Since they’re from different houses we’re meeting them in the entrance hall.”


“What about you, Fred? Got a date?” I asked him kindly and I really hoped his affections weren’t still directed at me.


“Nope,” he said, kind of sadly.


“Then I guess Molly could be your date for the night!” I exclaimed, continuing my matchmaker business. This pairing was of course not so serious, since they were obviously cousins.


“I think that would be alright, Molls?” he said, grinning at her.


Molly laughed but took his arm anyway.


We headed down to the Great Hall where we met Megan and Prudence.


“So how do these things usually happen?” Megan asked Al, whilst holding on to his arm.


“First there’s a dinner and then we dance, it’s pretty simple.” he explained and gave her a sweet smile.


We entered and I have to say I was impressed at the sight. There were little tables for six people scattered around the place and Halloween decorations everywhere. Pumpkins were placed all around, some even floating in mid air and candles light the entire place. The ceiling displayed a thunderstorm although the night outside was clear. I think this was the first time I ever saw it in a different way than the actual weather outside. The teachers probably thought it would set the mood and there were also real bats flying around the ceiling, which freaked me out just a tiny bit. Cobwebs were also put in corners, although you could frequently find them at Hogwarts. Of course there were real ghosts present, but nevertheless it gave the whole thing an even better feel. Against the far end wall was a stage with a band and they were warming up.


“How shall we sit?” Louis asked and I shrugged just sitting down at an empty table. Louis sat down next to me and Rose, Mark, James and Alice also joined us, Al, Megan, Scorpius, Prudence, Molly and Fred taking the table next to ours. I looked sadly at Al, who was not going to be dinning with us.


“Have you seen Dom anywhere?” Rose asked me and Alice.


“No and so far it’s been a lovely day,” I said quietly, not wanting Louis to hear me.


McGonagall stood up, clapped her hands so that we fell silent and then she said a few words. I somehow managed to sleep with my eyes opened so that I didn’t need to listen to the speech.


“I know you are all waiting for the feast so without further ado…” food appeared on the table and I dug into it quickly.


“This lamb roast is delicious!” I told the table and then once again noticed that Louis ate very little. Did Fleur not feed them? Who doesn’t enjoy food?


I glanced over to the next table and saw that Megan was feeding a piece fish from her fork to Al and I almost gagged, but couldn’t bring myself to look away. Al caught my eye and winked at me playfully, then shook his head when Megan offered him more fish and continued eating by himself. Well, I guess that’s one good thing.


“Are you alright?” Louis asked, putting his arm on my thigh, looking concerned.


“Yes, I’m fine,” I smiled at him.


“You just looked a bit distracted.”


“I’m fine, really,” I said, eating a bit more.


“Rose have you noticed that Scorpius is looking at you all the time?” I leaned to my right, to whisper to her.


“Are you serious?” she asked, looking happy.


I was, because I saw him looking over here, when I was looking at Al.


“Yes,” I confirmed, “He isn’t paying much attention to dear Prudence, over there,” I gestured in their direction, where Scorpius was playing with his food, totally oblivious that his date was trying to get his attention.


“It seems to be that out of all of us, Al and Megan are the only one on a real date. You and me aren’t with our first choices, Alice and James are only here together because of our little matchmaking, Scorpius seems displeased and I would hardly call Fred and Molly a couple,” I laughed quietly.


“Do you know this band?” Louis asked, pulling me into his conversation.


I shook my head, “You?”


“No, I hope they’re good,” Louis said.


“Do any of you guys know the band that’s playing?” I asked the rest of the table.


“Yes, they’re called The Fire Hippogriffs,” Mark informed us.


“Are they any good?” James asked.


“I like them,” Mark said.


“Ok, Hogwarts! Are we ready to party?” Suddenly the singer grabbed the microphone and the plates started disappeared. The professors raised their wands and the tables drifted to the edge of the room so that a dance floor appeared. I saw that Al immediately offered his hand to Megan and she giggled but then took it. They were already dancing and I saw that she must have had some dance classes, while Al was anyway brilliant at anything he tried.


“Cece, care to dance?” Louis asked me.


“Louis, what, if we were to skip the first one? You know I have two left feet and I would really like to save the embarrassment of falling until later,” I told him quietly.


“Ok,” he nodded, “Why don’t I get us some drinks?” he then asked pointing at the table at the edge of the dance floor.


“Yeah, sure. Can I have some pumpkin juice?”


“Pumpkin juice it is,” he said and gave me a smile that would make any girl’s heart melt. But did it do anything to mine? I wasn’t sure.


“I’ll go with you,” Mark said quickly, taking Rose’s drink order.


I turned around to face the table and saw that Alice and James have gone dancing.


“Oh my god, look Cece, Al asked Megan to dance!” Rose exclaimed, just noticing it now.


“Oh really Rose? And I thought you’re the smart one. They are here on a date after all and this has been going on for a good five minutes,” I said.


“Sorry, I was preoccupied with someo-thing else,” she blushed to a violent red and I saw her glance at Scorpius who was still sulking on his chair, Prudence fussing around him.


“There you go, my lovely ladies,” Louis said, setting a drink down in front of Rose and me, while Mark was carrying theirs.


“Do you remember when we used to go trick-or-treating?” Rose asked and was met with loads of nostalgic oh’s and ah’s.


“James always ate too many sweets and wouldn’t calm down for another week,” Louis smiled at the memory.


“And do you remember the old lady that lived down the road from ours and would never give us anything?” Rose laughed.


“We used to play the meanest tricks on her,” Louis nodded, smiling.


The conversation died down a bit and we all looked at each other silently.


“The decorations are nice,” Louis commented.


Way to make small talk, buddy.


“Yes, they are,” I agreed nevertheless.


“I heard that the outside is packed with pumpkins and other scary Halloween decorations,” he continued.


Pardon me Louis, you must have mistaken me for someone who give a damn. Oh, that was actually a bit harsh. Sorry Louis. Good that I don’t say these things out loud. I have to try harder, we are on a date after all. And I like Louis. Yes, I do, I really like him. Who cares about Al, when I have Louis? Lo-uis. His name is fun to say. Lo-uis. Oh, yes, Louis, I have to talk to him. But what should I say? I peered slowly at him to see what he was doing. He was playing with his napkin. Ok, let’s start the conversation with your date. Louis is my date. Not Al, but Louis.


“Louis, shall we go and dance now?” I asked him kindly. The song had changed so more people started shuffling to the dance floor.


“Sure,” he stood up quickly, looking glad that I asked him.


He took my hand and walked me to the dance floor and took the lead immediately.


“Wow, Louis! You are a terrific dancer!” I told him.


It was true. He looked like he had just stepped out of the Russian dance academy.


“I took classes in France,” he said modestly.


I must look like a loser with my two left feet.


“You’re not so bad yourself,” he complimented me.


Why is he so sweet? I suck at this.


“Yes I am. I can’t dance,” I told him.


“I don’t see that. I see a wonderful dancer,” he said, his eyes twinkling.


He spun me around and I laughed, starting to relax a little bit.


“You see, you know how to dance,” he smiled.


“It’s just because you’re a good dancer. You know how to lead.”


I glanced over and saw that Megan and Al were also dancing close to us. Why did she have to look so perfect? She was also wearing a red dress, which annoyed me to my limits. And the worst part was I had to admit it looked good on her.


“You look really beautiful tonight,” Louis told me, wrapping his arms around me a bit more. More beautiful than Megan? But I knew that that would not be the right thing to say.


“Thank you, you look good too.”


The song shifted into a slower one and Louis held me close. I was entering dangerous territory. Soon I would have to be leaning on his shoulder, swooning like young couple in love.


But that’s what I should be doing, remember Cece? Brain, shut up that I can enjoy this moment with my lovely date. I put my arms around him and we slowed danced. When the song was over I pretended not to feel the slightest pinch of relief that his arms let go of me.


“Why don’t we sit down for a bit? I’m kind of tired,” I said to him and he agreed.


Good job Cece, showing him just how unfit you are.


“You can go and dance with somebody else in the meantime, you know? I really won’t mind,” I told him kindly.


“I think I’ll go and ask Molly over there, she looks sad,” he said.


I give him permission to go and dance with other girls in sexy dresses and the person he chooses is his cousin. He is too good to be true.


“Hello Cece,” James sat down next to me, bringing his drink along.


“Hi, Jamesie,” I greeted him, “How’s it going with Alice?”


“Fine, fine,” he nodded, “she’s nice.”


“Just nice?” I asked.


“What do you want me to say?” he laughed.


“I don’t know. Have you fallen in love with her yet?”


He looked at me like I was weird. Me? Can you believe that? He’s the one who should be considering suing his brain for non-support. Why do I keep saying nasty comments in my head and then regretting them? James is so sweet it’s not his fault he’s stupid. And he’s not mean like Dom, I shouldn’t insult him. Yes, I have to concentrate on insulting Dom and Megan, who actually deserve it. Because, if I’m going to decide not to insult nice people I have to let it out on others. Ok, quickly. If ignorance is bliss, Dom must be the happiest person alive. Ok, that’s better. Now I can talk with James without insulting his stupidity. At least I think I can, some people are just asking for it, if you know what I mean.


“Why aren’t you two dancing?” I asked him.


“She just went to talk to Rose, so I came here,” he shrugged.


“Speaking of, where is Rose?” I asked, looking around the dance floor.


James shrugged and I noticed that Al and Megan were still dancing.


“Oh James, what does Megan have that I don’t have?” I groaned.


“A brain,” I heard a voice behind me and turned around. Who else, but Dom?


“Hey, look who’s talking, your brain is even smaller than mine,” I told her.


“Then it’s the big boobs and sexy lips,” she told me with a sly smile, “Why are you wondering this? Do you not like Louis anymore?” she looked at me dangerously. Ok, now I’m scared of her.


“No, no, I still like Louis,” I said in a high-pitched voice and James shot me an odd look, “You know, I was just wondering, because...because all the boys like her.”


“Are we a bit jealous with Al the attention that she’s getting?” Dom teased me in a mocking voice. You see this is the reason she is the devil woman.


“Dom, I’m busy now, can I ignore you some other time?” I said in a fake sweet voice.


“Hey Cece?” she didn’t stop.


“You know what Dom? Fuck off,” I told her and then just walked away. I really did not want to deal with her bullshit right now. I made my way to the other side of the room where the drinks were set. I wonder if any of them are spiked. I could really use something right now. I sent a murderous glare Megan’s way. She wasn’t that hot, was she? Sure she had big boobs and she was from a “foreign country” so that was exciting. But now that I think of it, she actually looks a lot like me. She has dark hair and dark eyes, plus tonight she’s wearing the same color dress as me. In reality Al wanted me, but then he settled for a worse copy. Haha, yeah sure Cece. And her feet are remarkably big. Maybe Al likes yetis.


“Why does Dom think you like Louis?” James joined me by the drinks table.


“Long story blah, blah…meanwhile did you and Fred by any chance spike any of the drinks here?” I said all in one breath and glanced along the table with glasses.


“No, sorry,” James said, “But really why does she think that?”


I sighed and explained everything to him quickly.


“Why don’t you just tell her you don’t like Louis?” James asked after I had finished.


“Because she would peel of my skin and feed it to the snakes sprouting out of her head,” I sighed.


You see, Medusa reference? Greek mythology, I’m smart!


“Why would she do that?” James said, looking confused.


How could he not get it? Oh yeah, that’s right. He’s James. Right now, he’s probably checking, if Dom really has snakes growing out of her head.


“She told me a million times that, if I hurt Louis she will destroy me. She’s stupid and annoying as crap, but frankly that woman scares the shit out of me sometimes. If she wanted she could totally destroy my relationship and any chances I have with Al. Even though they’re relatively small as it is,” I peered at the dance floor and took a sip out of my glass.


“I don’t think she would do that,” James disagreed.


“Trust me,” I nodded, “be quiet now, because Louis is coming,” I quickly added as I saw the familiar crop of blond hair heading this way.


“Ah, Cece, there you are. Care for another dance?” he asked me giving me a nice smile.


“Sure,” I said taking his hand.


We danced again and this time it was nicer. I didn’t mind him holding me so close anymore, or perhaps I had just gotten used to it. He also smelled really nice, not mind-blowing like Al, but pleasant and calming, like the sea. Oh, I’m becoming a bit poetic.


The Fire Hippogriffs sung a faster song next and Rose and Mark joined us on the dance floor so we all danced together.


Rose said something to me, but I couldn’t hear her because of the loud music.


“What did you say?! Speak up I can’t hear you!” I yelled back


“It’s getting kind of hot in here!” Rose shouted so that we would hear.


“I know!” Louis answered.


We were all jumping up and down and were sweating like mad. Almost all the students at the ball were dancing now, since this was a well known hit (or so Mark informed us).


“I need to go to the bathroom! Come with me?” Rose yelled at me again.


“I never understood why girls go to the bathroom together,” Louis murmured.




“I never understood why girls go to the bathroom together!” he repeated, this time louder.


“I guess it’s a thing,” I laughed, “We’re just going to freshen up, we’ll be back soon,” I said to them and dragged Rose of the dance floor.


We went to the nearest bathroom and I dabbed my face with cold water carefully, not to ruin my make-up.


“How are you enjoying the dance?” Rose asked me.


“It’s fine but did you see that? Almost every guy I saw looked at my boobs! I really don’t understand them,” I shook my head.


“Cece, I told you, if you pick that low cut dress you’re sure to attract some attention, besides, a few guys checked out my bum as well,” Rose laughed.


“Well you’re bum does look quite fine in that dress,” I told her.


“Thank you,” she giggled.


“Let’s head back,” I said and we left the bathroom.


I looked for Louis in the crowd and saw him dancing with Alice and Molly. Just as well, I’ll sit down for a while. My bottom just touched the chair when Al was standing in front of me.


“May I have this dance?” he bowed like a gentleman and offered me his hand, enchanting me with his dazzling smile. I couldn’t help but blush wildly.


“Yes, you can,” I stood up and took his hand gladly.


We walked to the dance floor, hand in hand and I felt like the prom queen. I was holding hands with the guy I liked and I was on top of the worlds. There was an up-beat song playing and we danced, just barely holding hands.


“How are you enjoying the dance?” Al asked me, smiling.


“It’s nice, although the bats are kind of scaring me,” I said, glancing up at the ceiling where the black animals were fluttering about.


“You know what’s funny, they must do their business somewhere, I just really hope it’s not on us,” Al laughed.


I was talking with Albus about bat-dung, but I really didn’t give a damn what we talked about.


“I guess that would be quite unlucky,” I smiled.


“I do hope the professors were smart enough to charm them not to unleash their needs upon us.”


“Yeah, that would probably be a good idea. And what’s up with Scorpius? He looks like he’s just eaten some bat-shit. He’s been like that for the entire dance,” I noted when I once again saw him mopping around the room.


“You know what’s pestering him,” Al laughed, “He’s not happy that he’s here with Prudence. I think someone else caught his eye, but I can’t seem to figure out who,” Al said, annoyed.


“He won’t tell you?”


“No,” he shook his head.


I would bet a hundred Galleons that the girl who caught his attention is a certain red-headed Weasley, but he’s scared to tell his best-friend. I would be too, those Wotter boys can be quite overprotective.


The song slowed down and Al pulled me closer. I couldn’t breathe; I was so scared that I would do something to ruin it.


I felt him watching me, so I turned my head slowly and looked at him cautiously. Now that I did, it was so hard to look away, his eyes were so easy to get lost in, the many shades of green overlapping in them.


“Are you ok, Cece?” he asked me kindly, something in his eyes that I couldn’t quite place.


“Yes, I’m fine,” I shook my head quickly trying to get rid of the feeling that he was trying to say something.


We danced slowly and I saw that all around us couples were looking at each other, too in love to notice anything else.


I looked back into those swirling pools of green and I knew that Albus probably saw all my feelings for him right there. It was so hard not to look at him in this way, even more now when we were so close together, our lips just inches from touching. If I were just to lean in…but no, I couldn’t do that. I would ruin everything, he would probably never talk to me again.


I looked at him more closely again, he seemed happy, the smile on his lips reaching his eyes fully and his nose scrunched up just a tiny bit in the cutest manner. His eyes seemed to shine so bright, but maybe it was just because I had never seen them up close before. Well, except for that night, after Quidditch practice…I shuddered from excitement as I remembered what had almost happened. I wish I could go back to that moment and somehow stop James from barging in; I really wonder what would have happened.


Maybe Al was just a bit confused at the time, but again I could sense some kind of longing coming from his face.


“You’re a good dancer,” I whispered.


Objectively, Louis was much better, but Al somehow felt the music, he seemed to move with it. Or maybe that was just how I saw him, but anyway he would look good as a merman in my eyes.


“Thanks, you look good,” he said it almost silently. I wasn’t even sure he did, I was probably just imagining things. My stupid wishful thinking brain, it couldn’t contain itself. Why was he looking at me so intently? It made me uncomfortable and I started thinking, if he sees just how much I want him. His eyes were tracing all the lines on my face, my eyes, my nose, cheekbones, lips…


The song ended abruptly and Albus let go of me, like something hit him.


“Thanks for the dance,” I mumbled.


“No, problem.”


I blushed and quickly turned around so that he wouldn’t see my red cheeks. What was this all about? Why was he looking at me like that? Guys are so confusing, but is there hope for us after all?


I noticed that Lorcan and Lysander Scamander were watching me and when they saw I noticed them, they waved me over. The two twins were from Ravenclaw and just a year my junior so we sometimes hung-out, but I had to admit I have never met two weirder people. I sat down at their table.


“Hello, Cece,” Lysander smiled.


“Why are you two boys not dancing? Where are your dates?” I asked them.


“They went to the bathroom,” Lorcan explained, “I think all the blast-ended skreewets that are around today are really getting to them,” he concluded.


I had learned it was better not to ask what a blast-ended skreewet was, so I just nodded in agreement.


“That was some nice dancing out there,” Lysander complimented me and I thanked him.


“You like Al.”


It was a statement not a question and it blew my mind how they knew that. Loona made some seriously crazy kids.


“Yes I do,” I nodded, not bothering to deny it. They wouldn’t believe me anyway.


“You do know he’s got a girlfriend, right?” Lorcan asked my.


My entire body froze. Al? A girlfriend? Why is this happening? That dance was nothing, then? I felt like I was under water and I was struggling for breath.


“A girlfriend? Who?” I managed to say, praying the answer would not be her.


“That Megan girl. You know who I’m talking about, the American, she’s wearing a pretty red dress tonight,” Lysander told me.


“Yes, I know her,” I swallowed heavily, “Where did you hear that? And since when are they together?”


“My date Andy told me, her sister shares a dorm with Megan. I think it happened like a week ago. All the girls are gossiping about it. How she came in and swooped one of the most wanted boys in school. Tough luck, Cece,” Lorcan stroked my arm sympathetically.


“Yeah, thanks,” I mumbled and got up.


My head was spinning from all this new information and my eyes were blurry. There was only one thought in my head: find Rose.


I somehow managed to spot her through the crowd and to get to her, I don’t even remember how.


“Al…he…girlfriend…Megan,” I spluttered.




I repeated what the twins have told me and then somewhat calmed down because of Rose’s comforting words.


“Are you going to be ok now, Cece?” she asked me after a few minutes of encouraging.


“Yes, I’ll be fine, I think I’ll just go outside for a while, to cool my head and all,” I told her and couldn’t wait to get away from here, because the crowd was making my head hurt.


I sat on a bench outside and tried to ignore all the sickly sweet sounds that couples in love were making around me. I kicked into the ground with my shoes and they got all muddy, but I didn’t really feel any better. The biggest problem was because I had already gotten used to the fact that he and Megan were close. But now this dance just made me hope again and it spurred out even more feelings for him. I didn’t want to feel this way anymore. Anything you do, you just end up getting hurt even more. It sucks. Love sucks.




I looked up and saw a Louis’s nice smile.


“Hey Louis,” I told him, half-sadly.


“Are you alright? You just disappeared,” he sat down next to me, on the stone bench.


“I’ll be ok.”


“What happened in there?”


“I…I just got a bit sick. All the people and dancing…”


“Yes I know, that’s why some fresh air will do you good.”


A light breeze passed us and ruffled Louis’s hair playfully. He looked very handsome, so why couldn’t I bring myself to like him? Maybe I just needed some more convincing. Because I can decide who I want to be with.


I shivered.


“Are you cold? You’re wearing just your dress, you must be,” Louis observed and then put his arm around me cautiously. Maybe I just wasn’t giving myself the chance to fall for Louis.


I looked up at him and he smiled at me. Then he took his hand and lightly removed a lock of hair from my face, then slid his hand down my neck.


“Oh, Cece…” he started moving closer to me and his lips were about to touch mine when Al’s face flashed through my mind. But he had a girlfriend now, so screw him! I should let myself fall for Louis. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m letting myself fall for Louis. In a second I closed the space between our lips and kissed him. It was nice and he was a good kisser. I closed my eyes, but, if I wouldn’t have I would have a seen a boy just standing at the entrance to Hogwarts with disappointment in his eyes.




A/N: I know you probably all hate me now and I am sorry! But I had to make a bit of a twist and a lot of things will be explained in the next chapter, so don’t worry. Speaking of, I have a little surprise for you for the next chapter! It will not be written in Cece’s point of view. And I think this is the longest chapter I have written, so I hope you’re pleased. Anyway, please bear with me for the complications that have just happened and leave me a review telling me what you liked and just how mad you are that Cece kissed Louis.


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