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Drowning Down Under by AussieLottie
Chapter 20 : Chapter 20: Veritaserum = the Truth
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A/N: Hi Guys, I know this has been a big gap between my chapters, for me at least.. xD But I have been busy. I had to change the rating of my story so that I wouldn't get held up in Validation troubles... So it is now a 17+ story. Another thing.. The use of Veritaserum in Harry potter is never explained. So I have made it a lot stranger then most people would expect. I wanted to make it a big deal. That Ginny used a potion that does this to her friend.. It needed to be serious... Anyway.. Enjoy! :) All rights go to J.K. Rowling. I own the plot and my OC's.



I woke up in a ball of bliss, I was so pleased with life that it took me a moment to remember that, firstly, it was Monday, and secondly, I had to get out of bed to begin patrolling the corridors as a Head. I glanced at my watch and swore internally. I had to get out of bed NOW. Or I would be late… I struggled into my robes and was about to have a mental fit about my hair when I remembered that the spell I had cast would keep my hair perfect until it was washed again. I patted it to make sure it was still in shape, it was. Suddenly I felt my mood lift and it being a Monday didn’t seem so bad anymore, especially as I would see Draco on my morning patrol as we did the Monday morning shift together.


I flew down the steps and out of the portrait hole, to ram into Draco, he turned and began to swear, stopping abruptly when he realised it was me, he gave me a silent smile and we walked side by side to where we would be patrolling, unable to do anything but be civil to each other because of the students passing us by on their way to the Great Hall. We attempted to begin speaking about last night, this didn’t really work out with the hords of energetic students screaming around us…



I woke up earlier then I normally did, I guess because of the guilt that had begun to consume me since I had started thinking about the plan of spiking Hermione’s drink with Veritaserum. I rolled over, now facing Hermione’s bed, and heard her mumbling in her sleep, it was a dream. I listened intently, curious bout what was going on inside her head, apart from the occasional word, her ‘mumblings’ were inaudible. I heard her say Malfoy’s name more then once, and Ron’s too.. The rest was impossible to decipher. I heard her wake up and rush to get dressed, I pretended to be asleep and I didn’t say a word, how could I? When I planned to interrogate her later today?


After what felt like hours.. She left, and the coast was clear for me to get up. I shrugged n my things and made my way to the Great Hall, ducking through students to avoid being seen by her. I don’t know what I’m thinking.. But Harry’s right. Right?



My mind wouldn’t focus at all today… Me, Hermione Granger, wasn’t the one to raise her hand in class, I know, I must be going mad! My mind was on Draco the whole day and whenever we had class together, I had my eyes on him, thank heavens I can multitask! I somehow managed to write notes, even in my distracted state.. Ginny has been distant for the whole of today, I don’t know why.. She didn’t sit with me in Charms and was nowhere to be found during lunch. I don’t know if I did something, or if she is just getting her head around me and Draco being together.. I hope she gets over it soon because I don’t want anything to come between our friendship.



It is almost time for my plan to take place.  I am freaking out, what if she doesn’t want tea!? What if something goes wrong? I am shaking madly, sitting on my bed, waiting for Hermione to come back from her Head Meeting… I feel the minutes pass, the clock on the wall ticking loudly, suddenly sounding ominous and dreadful. I have my eyes on the door, waiting for it to creak open… Tick.








The door creaks open, Hermione appears, smiling brightly.

“Ginny here you are! You won’t believe what Draco did-“

“-Hey Hermione! I was about to conjure a cup of tea, do you want one?” I asked quickly.

“You know we aren’t supposed to use magic outside of the classroom,” chastised Hermione, her grin broadening, JEEZ! Draco is like some kind of mad drug to her… “But just this once!” Laughed Hermione.

I laughed insincerely and conjured to mugs, popping a tea bag in each and putting them on the ground, out of sight of Hermione, where I poured in the whole bottle of Veritaserum into one mug, adding hot water with another wave of my wand. I lifted it up and passed it to Hermione, a nervous frown on my face. Hermione takes the cup and drinks deeply, oblivious to the potion now mixing into her blood stream.

“Chamomile my-“

She pauses and freezes. Veritaserum is the scariest kind of potion in my opinion, it makes you freeze against your will and forces you to tell the truth, wiping your memory of the time it is in your system, I was in the library the whole of lunch, reading about the effects. But seeing them in action is entirely different, and far scarier. I’m an awful person, doing this to my best friend. What am I doing?



I burst into my bedroom, to see Ginny sitting on her bed anxiously.

“Ginny, here you are!” I exclaim, happy I have finally found her. “You won’t believe what Draco did-“ I begin.

“-Hey Hermione! I was about to conjure a cup of tea, do you want one?” she asks randomly. What a stupid question, I always have tea after dinner…

“You know we aren’t supposed to use magic outside of the classroom,” I jokingly chastise, “But just this once!” I laugh. Ginny conjures cups and begins to prepare it, I pull off my robe and settle myself on my bed, I take the cup from here and smell it, I take a huge gulp, and begin chugging it down, I settle it on my bedside table.

“Chamomile! My-“ I freeze, suddenly my body feels cold and tingly, I feel like I can no longer control my body, it is like I am paralysed, the effects are like those of Veritaserum.. Veritaserum?! But Ginny wouldn’t! I try to scream in anger at her, but sit calmly on my bed, trapped inside my body. I am under her control, a puppet. I am going to kill her. I am going to-

“Hermione, I know you can hear me.. Don’t hate me.. This is for the best.. I swear.” Ginny cries. For the best? How can this possibly be for the best?



I tearfully mumble out a lame explanation, I can see in Hermione’s eyes that she is aware of what is going on. I feel like a villain. I feel- NO! I need to do this, I have to question her. I have to.


“Hermione, What are your feelings to Draco Malfoy?” I ask quickly.

“The feelings I feel for Draco Malfoy are still developing.” Comes a cold reply, she sounds like a robot, like her response is automated.

“What are the feelings developed so far?” I ask again, making my question clearer.

“The feelings so far developed for Draco Malfoy, are, adoration, adulation, affection, allegiance, amity, delight, devotion, enchantment, hate, infatuation, love, lust, passion, relish, respect, sentiment, weakness, worship and yearning.” The Hermione robot said.

Yikes, that was a mouthful…

“Enchantment? Is that what it is? An Enchantment? Has Malfoy cast an enchantment over you, to make you love him?”

“Draco Malfoy has cast no love enchantment over Hermione Granger.” The Hermione thing said.

No? Then what?

“Has Draco used a love potion on you? Has he influenced you into loving him?”

“Draco Malfoy has used no love potion of any kind on Hermione Granger.”

“Has Draco Malfoy used any outside influence to get Hermione Granger to love him?” I asked desperately.

“Draco Malfoy has used no method of causing Hermione Granger to love him artificially or against her will.”

“So then Hermione really loves him? Her feelings for him are real?”

“Correct. The feelings felt by Hermione Granger for Draco Malfoy are real.”

“SHIT.” I muttered. Suddenly a thought hit me. “Does Hermione like me?” I asked.

“Hermione granger holds you as her best female friend and one of her best friends.” I smiled brightly inside, this was kind of fun, especially if I didn’t think of the fact that Hermione was stuck inside her consciousness.

“Is Hermione aware of what’s going on?”

“Hermione Granger is aware of everything going on in this room, she says; ‘This is practically mutiny! How can you justify this!? You could have just asked instead of spiking my drink.’ Those are her exact words.”

I paled but carried on.

“Does Hermione Granger still have feelings for Ron?”

“Hermione Granger has the feelings of a seven year crush on Ron, she has been told these feelings are not returned for her.” The Hermione voice stated.

“Does Hermione have or has she ever had a crush on Harry?” I asked curiously.

“Hermione has never felt any feelings other then those of friendship for Harry Potter.”

“Oh.” I said.. I guess I did what I planned to do.


I levitated Hermione onto her bed and pulled off her shoes before getting her into bed. She would have a lot of questions tomorrow, I still had no idea how I would answer them.. I guessed I would think of something… I always did.. I wrote a quick letter to Harry, detailing what Hermione had said.




I did it. I used the Veritaserum on Hermione and it worked, I got the answers out of her, you were wrong, she does love Malfoy. I don’t know how this has happened but it has, it is real love and I don’t know what to do now. I know Hermione enough to know this doesn’t happen often, I am happy she has found love, even if it is with Malfoy. If this is whom she loves, I am happy for her, you should be too…


Your love, Ginny’


It was true too.. If this was who she had chosen, I would support her, I owed her that much, I would listen to her go on and on about him. I would be there for her, and if he hurt her.. I would beat the living daylights out of him, and kick him where the sun don’t shine. For now however, I was on his side. The only time I’d be beating him.. Was on the Quidditch pitch.



A/N: Well.. what did you think of the Veritaserum? Did you like it? Hate it? R/R and let me know! 

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