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The Tale of Steven Bird by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : One's Second Thoughtlessness
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A/N: I wrote this story in reponse to the amazing challenge by starryskies55 Tales of an OC challenge. She came up with Steven and I just wrote him :-D.

The chapter title belongs to Madness, Madness are an English Ska band and in no way belong to me.

Amazing chapter image by AlandAl @ TDA.

I’m going to die young, I just know it.

If my best friend Lucy Weasley has anything to do with it (which I know she will) it’s going to involve her, and quite possibly be soon.

You see, my dear friend has been the cause for most of the pain and torment in my short life, and I am not being melodramatic. She’s the reason I have so many scars, burns, bad hair days, detentions, enemies... the list goes on. And I know because I made a list.


Damn. She knows where to look for me. I shuffled myself into the tight space and balanced a book on my head trying hard to blend in with my makeshift book fort that I had built to protect myself, but my lanky frame made it almost impossible. It was a good thing that I thought to cover my legs with books as well or she would have seen me. She could recognise my legs anywhere; apparently they reminded her of an Ostrich’s legs.

My best friend bullies me, that’s nice isn’t it?

I could hear footsteps coming towards me and I went completely still and tried not to breathe even though the urge to jump out of my hiding place and scare her was almost unbearable. I didn’t want her to find me because she had just been to the Headmasters office, and that could only lead to trouble for me!

You see, Lucy has some sort of need to acquire souvenirs every time she gets sent to a teacher’s office or the Headteacher’s office. Which is quite often to be fair, she’s a very big trouble maker.

The teachers seem to think that it's me that's the bad influence. Me! If only they knew the truth that Lucy was the worst influence on anyone. She was the one to convince her younger cousin Roxanne that mud was chocolate flavoured. Poor Roxanne had to go to St Mungo’s and now Lucy and I aren’t allowed to be around Roxanne alone.

“You do know that I can see you right?” I heard Lucy's voice saying.

I can sense her standing right near where I’m hiding but I don’t move, in fact I think I’ve stopped breathing..... Damn, I need to breathe. I take in a deep breath as quietly as I can, but unfortunately for me I’ve breathed in the dust from the stupid books. I start coughing and wheezing as though my life’s depending on it, which it is, because I can’t breathe.

I knock down my fort and end up covered by the books as I roll around struggling for air. Lucy just stands there laughing at me as I try to fill my lungs with enough air, but all I can breathe in is dust. Damn you books!

“When you’re quite finished...” I heard Lucy say before she took a seat and seemed to wait for me to finish with my coughing fit.

“Heartless woman!” I wheeze, finally regaining control of my breathing and struggling to stand from the floor, “I could have died I’ll have you know.”

“I would have arranged your funeral," she told me with a shrug.

“You wouldn’t have been invited; you would have been in Azkaban for murdering me.”

“I didn’t make you breathe in the dust.”

“Well you didn’t try and help me did you?”

She gave another shrug and smiled up at me as she got to her feet, grabbing for my hand with her small warm one and pulling me out of the library I had been hiding in. I tried to ignore the librarian’s glare at me for touching her precious books and dust as Lucy dragged me and ran down the corridor.

“Where are you taking me you mad woman?” I asked from beside her, I can almost feel mischief radiating off of her and its making me feel uneasy, and I knew that the smirk on her face definitely wasn’t a good sign.

“I’ve got homework to do,” I tried telling her, as I attempted to pull my hand from hers, but she seemed to have a tight grip on it.

“No you don’t, we finished it last night,” She told me, pulling me around a corner and carrying on walking.

Shoot, I forgot that we had all of the same classes.

"I have a dance recital to practice for,” I shot out.

She gave me a scoff. “Dancing whilst you sing Madness songs does not class as a recital.”

She’s good.

How am I meant to get out of this alive? I’ve only just realised that she’s pulling me towards the Astronomy tower and I will not be seen dead up in that place alone with a girl! I don’t want people spreading stories about how me and Lucy are up to no good; it’s already been in the school paper ten times. Yep ten! And out of all the stories, only me attempting to give Lucy the kiss of life was true. How was I meant to know she was just sunbathing by the lake? Am I a Doctor? No!

She stopped suddenly causing me to walk into her and push her slightly, she responded by stamping on my toe with the heels of her shoes. I let out a few choice words that made Lucy turn around and hit me on the arm to silence me, I responded by shoving her. Pretty soon a shoving war escalated, which ended in Lucy somehow managing to get me in a headlock and grab hold of my hair, causing me to give in. It wasn’t fair; I wasn’t allowed to do things like that.

“Are you going to behave?” She asked me, slightly out of breath as her grip tightened on my hair. I should have expected that she would fight dirty; she grew up with a lot of male cousins and me of course. If you didn’t fight dirty, you didn’t get anywhere in that family. Believe me I knew, how else do you think I got a massive scar on my ankle?

Let’s just say don’t kidnap and destroy Lucy’s doll, she will retaliate and you will end up in St Mungo’s ... for almost a week ... unable to walk.

“I promise nothing,” I tell her, trying to think of a way out of this situation without it ending badly for me, I must admit I couldn’t think of anything.

Lucy deemed my response good enough because she let go of me. I stood up straight and rubbed my head, glaring down at her.

“Well now that you’ve manhandled me, again I might add. What is so important that we’ve arrived here in this deserted corridor?”

“I took something from the Headteacher’s office,” Lucy said with a smirk up at me. I knew she would take something, and I knew that I would get involved in her crimes; I wonder how many detentions this is going to result in when we get found out?

I took a deep sigh before nodding at her to show me the item; it couldn’t be too bad could it?

Lucy gave me a massive smile before she looked around her and shoved her hand in her pocket. A feeling of dread filled my entire body. Seeing that the coast was clear she pulled out something that appeared to be a necklace of some sort, when I got a closer look however, I could only feel the horror at the awfulness of this situation flooding through me.

“I've got a Timeturner,” she told me happily as she began jumping up and down on the spot.

I could only stare down in horror at the object jiggling in Lucy’s hand as my academic life flashed before my eyes.

Yep, I was going to be expelled.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter, I made edits to the spacing so hopefully it reads better now.


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The Tale of Steven Bird: One's Second Thoughtlessness


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