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Unexpected by PrincessInge
Chapter 26 : The day after
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Mary opened her eyes and looked around disoriented. Suddenly, memories from last night came back to her. A huge smile appeared on her face and carefully, she looked up. Sirius was still sleeping, a content smile on his face. She thought about her study program for the morning, but couldn’t make herself leave. His bed and body just made the perfect combination to make her comfortable. She snuggled closer to him, making him automatically pulling her even closer, putting his arm around her waist.


After a few minutes of enjoying herself, following the silvery butterfly, that was still floating above her head, she started wondering what time it was. She figured the other boys were also in the dorm, but since Sirius sealed the curtains, she didn’t  know the time. Looking up at her boyfriend, who was still fast asleep, she wondered if she should wake him. She didn’t want to leave him while he still slept, but she also didn’t want to face a full common room. just as she was staring at him, he growled, “Moire, staring at people who are sleeping is creepy” he commented, still keeping his eyes closed.

“it doesn’t count when your busy figuring out something and the person isn’t really asleep” she shot back.

“What were you figuring out?” Sirius asked, opening his eyes.

Mary smiled, “Whether or not to wake you, since I have to leave soon”

Sirius nodded, “Well, I am awake now” he commented unnecessary, “now, what’s the next dilemma?”

“I was just wondering how late it is, am not looking forward to a meeting with a full common room in my pyjamas” she explained.

“You’re getting dressed again?” Sirius commented, clearly disappointed.

“No, I’m staying naked. Don’t mind the other Marauders and every other Gryffindor outside” She said, rolling her eyes.

“Fair bet” Sirius smiled, “but you could also stay here” he suggested, pulling her closer to show her how nice it could be.

Mary rolled her eyes, “I have to get out of here eventually, Sirius” she explained, “I’d rather do it while no-one sees me, than while everyone is staring”

“Point taken” Sirius nodded, “now, any other dilemma’s?”

Mary thought for a second and shook her head, “no, I’m done” she smiled.

“Sure?” Sirius asked, frowning his eyebrows.

Mary looked at him questionably, “What are you getting at?”

“Just, last night” Sirius exclaimed, “you sure you’re okay with it?”

Mary just pecked him on the lips, “I’m better than okay” she stated.

Sirius smiled broadly and took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. Just as the both settled in it, they heard an annoyed growl from outside. “Padfoot, can’t you tell her to get that shiny thing away, it is kind of disturbing”

Mary turned crimson, while Sirius just let out a bark like laugh. She quickly made the butterfly, who turned even shinier because the ‘action’, disappear and settled herself in Sirius’ chest, utterly embarrassed.

“I think you’re not getting out of here unnoticed” he just winked, kissing her on the head. Mary put her arms around his neck and sighed playfully, “I guess I could stay for another minute or two”


James elbowed  Remus, when the door of the classroom was opened again. Everyone looked back, where Sirius entered.
”I am very sorry for my tardiness, Professor Binns” he apologized. He shot a smile at his friends and walked to the front of the class, where there was a place left. He sat down next to Charles Fenwick, a Ravenclaw and took out his quill and some parchment. Just when he was settled, dreaming away with the boring story,  Charles shoved him a piece of parchment in his hand, that had just hit him in the back of the head. Sirius looked up questioning and opened it.

Paddy! What are you doing over there? Get out the charmed parchment!

Sirius rolled his eyes and grabbed something in his bag. He opened it and started writing:

Prongs, you were the one that didn’t save a seat   Sirius simply wrote down. The ink seemed to disappear, when James’ handwriting appeared again:

You just seemed like you could by busy in there for a while.. speaking of which

 You’re not getting any details James!  Sirius wrote down quickly..

Ahh.. why not  James wrote down, and Sirius could just see him pouting behind him.

A gentleman never tells..

Gentleman?, Sirius just rolled his eyes and shot an evil look backwards. Suddenly, another handwriting appeared.

Sirius, don’t mind James, you do remember about the prank tonight, right?

Moony, I had sex, I didn’t had a memory charm casted on me or something

Talking about that..

You’re still not getting any details!!!

 Well, I guess the blinding butterfly gave us enough information, Mr. Casanova


Muggle thing, never mind that.

So, we need any more preparations for tonight?

Just as James was about to answer, the bell rang. The boys quickly packed their bags and followed the other students out of the classroom.

“Sirius” Lily started, appearing next to him, “Do you know if Mary has a free period today?”

Sirius, who indeed has memorised Mary’s entire schedule shook his head, “Double DADA with Dumbledore, she’ll be free for lunch though”

Lily nodded thankfully, said her goodbyes to the boys and left, while the boys went to Transfiguration.

“Mr. Black!” they suddenly heard behind them. They looked back and found Professor Binns, floating towards them. Sirius looked at the man surprised, since he didn’t even know Professor Binns knew his name.

“Professor Binns” he greeted him anyway, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing wrong, Mr. Black” Professor Binns explained, “I was just wondering if Mary already heard something about her application”

Sirius smiled, “No, she didn’t” he answered.

“Okay, well, I’m sure she will get in anyway” he stated, “good day, Mr. Black”

The boys watched him return to his classroom and Sirius saw James roll his eyes.

“Don’t say it” he warned his friend and started walking toward class again.

James just rolled his eyes again and followed his friend. “What do we have anyway?” he wondered aloud.

It was Remus’ time to roll his eyes, “Transfiguration” he answered.

A smile appeared on James’ face and Remus pulled up his eyebrow. “What?” James said defending himself, “Can’t help that Minnie loves me”

“She hates you” Sirius pointed out from the front.

Remus nodded, “my point exactly”

“There is a fine line between love and hate” James pointed out, “if I wasn’t a student, I’m sure she’d..”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence!” Sirius interfered, just as they finally arrived in the classroom.

“Welcome boys” Professor McGonagall said, looking at the clock, “I was just wondering if you boys will ever be on time?”

Remus and Peter nodded apologizing, quickly sitting down, while James just smiled confidently,

“Well, Minnie, we do try” he pointed out, “besides, you should actually be proud of us!”

“I told you before, It’s professor McGonagall” she corrected him, “and will I dare ask why I should be proud?”

“Well, Minnie” James started his explanation, “last time we were 7 minutes late, now only 4 minutes”

Sirius smiled and sat down behind Remus and Peter, observing the lips of Professor McGonagall drew in a thin, disapproving line, but she kept still. Instead, she started her class, ignoring James, who took about a minute to sit down.


Mary walked into the Great Hall for lunch, after a perfect class with Dumbledore. After she showed him all the progress she made, he suddenly told her she was above Upper-NEWT level. So, they spend the rest of the class just practising her achievements and coming up with a study plan. Mary was so happy that Dumbledore was so confident in her that he made sure there’d be a special examination for her, during the NEWT-exams of the other seventh years. She found Lily sitting in the table left from the entrance and walked over to her best friend.

“Good Afternoon, Ms. Evans” she smiled formal.

Lily just shook her head smiling, “I saw you walking towards here, you really have one big smile plastered on your face”

Mary couldn’t help but smiling even more broadly.

“What happened?” Lily winked.

“Today, I finished all my material for the Upper-NEWT level. So, I’m ready for the exams” she explained.

Lily’s eyes widened, “that’s great!” she exclaimed, hugging her friend. But then she shook her head, “but you do know that wasn’t what I meant”

Mary looked at her friend and just rolled her eyes, “yes, we did it last night” she confessed.

Lily hugged her friend again and looked at her questioning, “how was it?”

“Lily, I can’t believe you’d even ask me such a question” Mary exclaimed shocked, but with a certain twinkle in her eyes.

“That good huh” she just commented with a wink.

Mary rolled her eyes again, “You’re turning more into James every day” she sighed.

“I happen to be interested in the life of my best friend, thank you very much” Lily said, rolling her eyes.

Mary didn’t comment, just packed some food on her plate.

“my my, we’re hungry today, Miss Anymoire” she heard a familiar voice behind her. She greeted the Marauders and started eating.

“Guess you need the extra energy” James continued, adding a wink.

Sirius shot his friend a warning glare and then focussed his attention on Mary, “you’re okay?” he asked.

Mary nodded with a broad smile, “I’m great actually”

“Iew!” Peter commented from across the table.

Mary just sighed, “why is everyone here so sex obsessed?” she wondered aloud.

“Mary, you remember that you are sitting with the Marauders, right” Lily commented.

Mary pulled up an eyebrow, “Who was asking me for details earlier?” she shot back.

Lily turned crimson and looked down at her plate. For a second everyone silently ate their lunch, when James finally looked up at Mary.

“So?” he asked.

Mary looked up, shooting him a rather irritated glare, “what do you want to hear, James?” she sighed.

James looked over at Lily, “whatever you told her” he explained.

“I didn’t tell her anything, and even if I did, you’re not my female best friend” she shot back.

“Ouch, that hurt Anymoire” James said, clearly disappointed.

“Can we just leave Moire alone?” Sirius suddenly suggested.

Mary looked at him thankfully, and James just sighed, “But I want to know..”

“What do you want to know?” Mary asked irritated, forgetting her discrete whispering voice,” that Sirius is a sex-god?”

Suddenly all the other noises in the hall disappeared and everyone looked over at the Marauders. Especially at Mary, who felt like she could die, right then and there, out of utter embarrassment. Mary turned back at her plate, letting her head fall in her hands.

“I’m so embarrassed” she whispered from behind her hands.

Sirius put a reassuring arm around her, and Lily shot James a warning glare.

“I’m sorry” James suddenly said. Mary didn’t dare looking up, since she knew most of the people were probably still looking at her, judging the silent whispers around her. Just as she was about to run out of the Hall, someone tapped his knife to a goblet. Everyone looked at the Upper table, where Professor Dumbledore stood up. He started a long speech about the Exams and the next Hogsmeade visit, making sure the students didn’t focus on the red headed Mary on the end of the Gryffindor table.

As soon as he finally finished, he smiled at Mary and examined his work. The students were now mostly talking amongst each other. About the exams, the Hogsmeade visit and, about the outburst of Mary. But at least they weren’t staring anymore.

Mary, who had finally dared to look up and had shot a thankful smile back at Dumbledore, focussed back on her friends.

“Mary?” James asked quietly, “can I ask you a question?”

Mary looked up, saw the others shooting warning glares, and finally smiled, “depends what it is about”

James looked at the others, “well, the butterfly” he finally explained.

Mary smiled and nodded, “it was wand less” she confessed.

Lily  looked at her wide eyed, “You conjured a Patronus without a wand?” she exclaimed.

Mary just nodded, smiling at Sirius’ proud look, “according to Dumbledore, I now have all the knowledge to pass my Upper-NEWTS exams with flying colours”

“Congratulations” Remus said.

Mary nodded, “thanks, but I do have to take it, remember?”

The others smiled, but rolled their eyes, “Anybody who won’t grand you an ‘O’ for those exams is a lunatic” James stated. The others just nodded in agreement. 




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