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Queen of Gorgeousness by Zyii
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five – Be My Friend, No Be Mine! We Can Talk About Boys, Fashion and Make-up. Oh Kill Me Now!
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Strong Language

Evvie could be easily recognized in between classes from the cans of Cherryade she carried with her. She used to drink it like a dirty little secret in the Hogwarts kitchens but why hide anymore, it was about time some muggle aspects made their way into the Wizarding World.

She could hear the giggling behind her and wished it would stop. She could handle the staring by now, and the whispering wasn’t going to stop soon but the giggling, the giggling Evvie couldn’t stand.

“Would you two stop following me around and giggling” exploded Evvie.

It shut the girls up momentarily. They looked slightly put out by the girls outburst. Why was the source of the giggling always Lavender Brown and Pavarti Patel?

“We just wanted to be your friend”.

“Yeah come hang with us. You can tell us all about the hot boys in Slytherin”.

“You never wanted to be friends before” said Evvie.

“You were boring before” said Lavender.

“And now you’re not” added Pavarti.

“Plus Blaise is your brother. And Draco, he’s so hot. You could introduce us” said Lavender.

“And why would I do that?” asked Evvie.

“It’s not like you have a chance. You may now be beautiful but you’re still the same old Granger” snarled Pavarti. “I’d love to sink my teeth into Draco, you’d never be in his league!” she added spitefully.

“Pavarti!!” said Lavender shocked, stepping away from her friend.

“Showing your true colours at last Patel” Evvie said.

“I’m really sorry Evvie, I did really just want to be your friend” said Lavender, pulling Pavarti away before she did more damage.

Slytherin Common Room

The boys were lounging around on the sofas, the girls gossiping at their feet. They entryway to the common room banged open.

“Uh oh” muttered Daphne.

Seething, Evvie was absolutely seething, to the point that if she could blow steam from her ears she would. How dare Pavarti say those things it was absurd! Evvie didn’t fault Lavender, she had been obsessive when it came to Ron but otherwise she was harmless. Pavarti had a vindictive streak.

“Evvie are you alright?” asked Daphne.

“Un-fucking-believable” muttered Evvie in response.

She turned on them eyes blazing, “If you wanted to be friends with someone, how would you do it?” she asked to the silence that didn’t want to respond.

“Why would I want to be friends with someone just because they’ve decided I’m no longer boring!” she huffed.

“Why would I want to be friends with someone who implied that I could never get Dra-“ she blushed, “That I couldn’t get a man”.


“Pavarti Patel what a joke. I should have just hexed her, I hate being reminded of who I was. Why does everyone assume that to insult the bookishness of Hermione Granger is to insult me!” she shouted.

“Cara please”

“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down Blaise!”

“Pansy” she whimpered.

Pansy stood along with Millie and took her upstairs. Only Daphne remained as an explanation to the boys.

“Care to explain what all that was?” asked Blaise.

Daphne sighed, sometimes boys really were stupid! “Evvie’s trying to shed everything that people remember her for. She’s insecure – and being around Potter and Weasel so long I’m not surprised why. She used to hide behind her books and intelligence. Evvie as you see her now was always there before, people just refused to see. Remember when she set those birds on Ron or punched Draco? That was Evvie as we see her now”.

Daphne paused for breath, “My guess is Pavarti called on Evvie’s insecurities” she glanced briefly at Draco before continuing, “She probably told Evvie that no guy would ever want her despite her new looks”.

“Why would she believe that?” asked Adrian.

Daphne rolled her eyes, “Please! Between previous comments made by us, Harry only having eyes for the She-Weasel, the Weasel’s jealousy getting in the way and the idiots that are Victor Krum and Cormac McLaggen you can’t blame her for her attitudes” she shared a look with Blaise when she mentioned Victor’s name.

“She’s scared” said Draco.

“She has reason to be” huffed Daphne.

“Go help Cara please Daphne” said Blaise.

Pansy and Millie were teaching Evvie about fashion and Make-up but more importantly how to appear confident and hard edged even when you weren’t feeling it on the inside.

Evvie was getting it – slowly – she wasn’t a Gryffindor anymore so she needed to stop wearing her heart on her sleeve. She was thankful for the girls help. She felt safe under their wings and an actual sense of friendship. With their teachings she’d get better and the next time she was confronted by someone like Pavarti she’d be the one to come out on top.

Down in the common room Draco was thinking about what had been said. Had she been about to say his name? No it must have been someone else. Draco wouldn’t get his hopes up for something that would never happen.

Blaise looked at his friend thoughtfully; he could see the conflicting emotions run past his eyes while the rest of his face remained impassive. He used to be so easy to read thought Blaise as he starred at the closed fortress of his friend’s face.

Evvie returned later that evening, no act of anger left on her features. Her clothes however left the boys struggling to contain themselves. She wore a small white tank top with small pink sleep shorts and light brown uggs. The other girls followed her over to the boys.

“What” she smirked, “Haven’t you ever seen a girl in pajamas before?”

The boys shifted around her, only Blaise was unaffected but was amused as she tortured the others. His sister was a real firecracker.

The girls giggled at her antics.

It was fast being seen that Evvie was more comfortable in the Slytherin common room than anywhere else, though she could hold her own if needed. If she came across Potter or the Weasels it was usually a punctuated awkward moment before they each went their separate ways.

Evvie’s fashion got better and better and more people asked her where she’d got them. She’d kept a little of her muggle past with her. The clothes her Mother sent contained items from the muggle world. Her Mother wasn’t like all the other Pureblood supremists. She knew the Zabini’s had stayed neutral during the war but she hadn’t expected to get a Mother as nice as Katherine but perhaps that showed Evvie’s prejudices and assumptions.

The only one Evvie felt uneasy around was Draco – surprise surprise – it wasn’t as if he had said anything bad, he just remained completely indifferent like he’d follow the other Slytherin’s but never seek her out. If it wasn’t for his part in the revenge against Ginny, Evvie would have thought he felt nothing at all for her. She supposed it was hard for him, her changing from everything he hated to everything he was supposed to be. She’d put everything from her old life behind her, forgive and forget she thought but he seemed to keep pulling her back to the past.

As the weeks went by Evvie became more frustrated by Draco’s behavior, it was like a thorn in her side.

“Why don’t you talk to me?” she asked.

“I do”.

“No you don’t, never alone. Always in group situations”.

“Maybe I don’t want to talk”.

“Draco look at me” she whispered.

“Why is it you want to talk to me?”

“I want to move past this I want to be friends”.

“You may have a different face, a different identity but we’re still the same people. Why do you care so much?”

“Why do you not!” she demanded.

“What is your problem, you find yourself a new family and a new look and suddenly demand that everyone talk to you!” he said his voice rose.

She whimpered.

“What do you want from me” he shouted.

“Nothing” she replied in a small voice.

“Friendship” he sneered.

She said nothing.

“You deserve more” he whispered leaving an angry and tearful Evvie behind.

Pansy came up behind her, wrapping her arms around Evvie’s waist and resting her chin on Evvie’s shoulder. Evvie leaned in to the comforting embrace.

“It’s alright Evvie” she murmured, “He’s just angry with herself. Don’t take anything he says to heart” she turned Evvie around so she could wipe the tears from her face.

Evvie didn’t know how she’d managed before she had Pansy by her side but she sure as hell wasn’t going to do anything to lose it.

Enjoy reading this while I enjoy the sunshine :) ~ Zyii 


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