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Nobody Breaks My Heart by KatDaniels
Chapter 13 : Haunted Soul
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I didn't leave the Head common room at all that day. Nor did I the next. I didn't walk through that portrait until Monday morning, when I had no other choice.

Beside Ron I walked, heading towards the Great Hall. I was a bit sad we had to part to sit by our tables, but I sat down next to Luna and grabbed myself a couple of toasts.

"Good morning." She greeted me with a large smile, and I gave her one back. "Morning, Luna."

"You look like upset," she said as she cocked her head to the left, and I felt like a rat being examined.

"I'm fine," I said, scratching my left upper arm, something I always did when I lied.

Luna simply smiled, seeing right through my pathetic lie.

As I looked away from her, someone else captivated my eyes. They were so dark brown they always looked black, and belonged to only one person – Blaise Zabini.

He smirked at me, and I knew Draco'd told him. The Slytherin leant over and whispered something, and soon Crab and Goyle were smirking at me as well. I felt so embarrassed, hurt and exposed. Zabini elbowed the lad beside him, and my eyes moved to Draco who seemed rather uninterested, but he did look up. He held my gaze for several moments before I broke away and stood up.

As I exited the Great Hall, I walked outside. I need fresh air, and I needed to concentrate. Channel my hurt to anger. It was easier to live on anger than to live on hurt.

Sitting down on a bench, I inhaled deep before exhaling slowly. My hands were shaking, my bottom lip quivering.

I looked up and saw people walk out of the Great Hall and to their classes, but I just couldn't. I couldn't face them. Soon everyone was going to know the Head Girl had fallen for Draco Malfoy.

I covered my face with my hands. I rubbed my temples hard, trying to massage away my headache. Maybe Hermione would be an angle and lend me her Time Turner? I could really need it about now.

Closing my eyes, I listened to the sounds of nature and relaxed. I felt a lot better knowing I was all alone.

I wasn't all that fragile, and now it was time to show it. I didn't realise I was smiling until I opened my eyes. I wore a big smile, and I felt confident.

Standing up again, I walked back inside. I bumped into Neville in the corridor, and together we walked to History of Magic.


I sat on the stairs, reading through today's patrols as I heard footprints approach. I barely shifted my gaze, and saw a pair of black-leathered shoes.

I knew it was Draco before he spoke.


I looked up at him and folded my hands together on my knees. "You're 5 minutes early," I said, looking down onto the sheet of paper I was writing notes on.

"I know. I needed to talk to you."

"Go ahead, then," I answered bluntly, pairing up some new people.

"Oh, okay then. Uhm..

"Well, first I never meant to hurt you-"

"Draco, listen. You didn't hurt me. I knew what I was doing. It was just sex." I looked up at him and arched an eyebrow, and I saw clear shock in his eyes.

"What?" he stuttered and I placed my papers and pen next to me and stood up, levelling my eyes with his.

"Draco, give it a rest. You got what you wanted, now can you please just leave me alone. I have work to do."

I bent down again, grabbing my papers and stuffed the pen behind my ear.

As I walked up the stairs, his voice called after me, "we both know you'll come back to me. You need me."

I scoffed, pressing the papers closer to my chest and speeding up my pace. What bothered me the most was that I had a sensation he was right.

When I came up, Ron was sleeping on the sofa. His snore had all the paintings cover their ears, and it made me smile. Carefully I sat down on the sofa beside him, and shook him awake.

"Hey," I smiled.

"Hi." Ron dragged his hand down his face, his face looking rather groggy.

"Tiring day?" I guessed, and he nodded.

"Maybe you should go back up to your bed, and continue sleeping there?" I pushed some of the hair in his eyes away, and he nodded at me before stumbling up to his feet and dragging his body up the stairs, and I followed his example and retreated to my own room.



A/N: I beg you; if you read this PLEASE leave me a review with your opinion! Bad or good, it doesn't matter. I just want to know what you all think!! xxx

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Nobody Breaks My Heart: Haunted Soul


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