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As Time Goes On by TheBrightestOfHerAge
Chapter 7 : Well this is awkward....
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I stare at my son who is holding hands with a Weasley. A Weasley. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Hermione and her family. But I thought the letter that Scorpius sent a while back was just him being lovesick crazy. I never thought that it was going to happen. And partially because I’m a Malfoy, so the blood purity feeling comes back into view. I look to Draco who looks as if he’s going to explode in anger any second.

“Rose?” Ron says standing up from his seat. “What is going on here?”

Scorpius lets go of Rose’s hand and steps aside. “What do you mean Dad? I was just told to come here.”

Hermione touches Ron’s arm giving him a silent signal to calm down. The two sit back down, Draco decides to follow.

“Scorpius, Rose. Take a seat,” McGonnagal orders and she flicks her wand and two chairs in between the two couples. Rose sits down on her parent’s side as Scorpius does the same.

McGonnagal puts her glasses down. “As Mr. and Mrs. Weasley know, Rose and Scorpius had a little problem in Potions class this Tuesday.”

“A little problem?” Ron says. “Excuse me, Headmistress, but I think it’s a bigger deal than that.”

“Well what exactly happened?” Draco asks avoiding even looking at the Weasleys

“Well, Rose started by talking back to Professor Celia Umbridge. She was then taken out of the room and Scorpius defended Rose,” Headmistress explains.

“You defended her? That halfblood?” Draco says glaring at Rose.

Rose looks away from Draco. She’s obviously intimidated by Draco.

“Rose,” Hermione says reaching over Ron to touch Rose’s arm. “It’s going to be okay.” Was she crying from what Draco said?

Rose nods and turns around and faces McGonnagal again. “What’s going to happen then?”

“Well, seeing that today they face their punishment, and since I’m talking to you, I can’t really thi-”

Madame Pomphrey rushes through the door. “Minerva!” She shouts. “It’s Celia!”

McGonnagal stands up and rushes out. “I’ll be back,” She calls out as she goes with Madame Pomphrey leaving us alone.

“Why would you do that Scorpius?” Draco hisses at his son. “Have you no pride? And you were holding hands with *it* also!”

“Oi!” Ron says standing. “You’re talking about my daughter you know,” He threatens.

“Ron, please,” Hermione says. She looks to me. “Look, by the looks of Madame Pomphrey, it looks as if Professor McGonnagal isn’t going to be back for a while,” She smiles at me. “How about we go get something to eat. Rose and Scorpius can come of course.”

I look to Draco who is glaring at Ron. “Yes,” I say speaking for both of us. “We’d be happy to join you.”

We decide to go to Three Broomsticks. The six of us sit down and stare blankly at our menus.

“Can I help you,” The waitress says looking at us. We all are silent. I glare at Draco who’s glaring at Ron who’s glaring at Rose who’s staring at Scorpius who is looking down at his menu. It’s an on going glare-a-thon.

“Just six butterbeers please,” Hermione finally pipes up.

The waitress gives us all a funny stare as she walks off to get six butterbeers.

Minutes of silence and glares tick on. “So,” Hermione starts. “Hermione, have you thought of any names yet?”

“Well.” I say looking to Draco. “We were thinking of the name Phoebe or even Zona. We wanted to keep the same pattern with constellation names.”

“Beautiful name choices,” Hermione says. She looks nervously at Draco as if he was a ticking time bomb, waiting to explode any minute.

“Well I never got to talk to you after the appointment,” I say as I begin to pick at the fuzzies on my jeans. “How did that go?” As if this conversation couldn’t get any more awkward.

“Oh very well,” Hermione says smiling. She grabs Ron’s hand. This causes Draco to grimace. “We found out we’re having twins!”

“Wow Twins!” I say smiling. “Did you hear that Draco?” I say almost roping him into this conversation.

“Oh yeah, I heard,” He says quietly. “Erm, congratulations,” He says quietly as he goes back into his silent stare.

Hermione quietly nods “Thanks,” She looks down at her hands. She then turns to her daughter. “So Rose. Anything new?” She says hinting to Scorpius.

“Nothing,” Rose says picking off her chipped nail polish.

“Rose,” She warns. “I think now might be a good time to say something.” Hermione says quietly.

Rose gives quick glances to everyone at the table. “Scorpius and I -” She stops her self and takes a deep breath. “We’re going out,” Draco groans as well as Ron. “He asked me today.” She says quietly looking down.

Hermione beams at her daughter. “Congratulations!” She says.

I hold my breath. Is this really happening? Could a Malfoy be dating a Weasley? I don’t know how to take this. I thought we brought him up differently. Draco looks as if he’s going to strangle someone. I can’t look at Scorpius, how could his choice be so ... wrong.

Wait Astoria! This is the blood purity talking! You have to be happy for your son! You have to! Then again, that halfblood! Your grandchildren are now going to be 1/4bloods! This is not going to work out!

Draco looks down sadly. “Dad?” Scorpius asks looking to his father.

He stares up as the butterbeers finally show up. I take a sip. Draco looks to his son. “How? Why?” He asks glaring.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“I’m talking to Scorpius,” He says to me which causes me to go silent. “Why?” He says to Scorpius.

“Dad, what do you mean?” He asks looking embarrassed.

“Why as in Why? Why her?” Draco says now looking at Rose who is still scared of Draco.

“Dad I-”

“I mean look at her!” I groan as this whole spiel is starting. “She’s not even good looking! And did you even forget the fact that she’s a halfblood and a Weasley!” He shakes his head and looks down at the table.

“But she’s-”

“Did you even forget she was a Weasley? And partially a Granger? Her parents are responsible for the downfall of the Dark Lord! I thought you would care about that. And look at her! Red hair! I bet you it’s frizzy in the morning!” He begins to pick out critiques in Rose.

“Now you listen here!” Ron says slamming her hands down. “I don’t want to here one more damn thing out of your fucking mouth about your son or Rose,” Hermione lets out a small gasp at his choice of words.

“Honestly, Malfoy! Scorpius is obviously happy being with Rose. So I suggest you stop talking before you get another broken nose,” Hermione sneers.

“And there it is Scorpius.” Draco says back to his son. “This mudblood mouth off over here is her mother! You don’t want to deal with a clone of that now do you?”

“Hey,” Ron says glaring at Draco. “You might want to stop your bullshit now. First you insult my daughter, then you insult my wife? You might want to watch it.”

Rose covers her face in her arms. Draco looks to her and back to Ron looking amused at what Ron just said. “Yeah Ron? Who’s going to stop you?”

I groan as I look up to the ceiling. Why did I agree to go meet up with Hermione’s family? I thought that this was going to be perfect!


I can feel my face go white. Why does this always happen whenever the Malfoys and the Weasleys try to make things better?

“Ron.” I hiss. “You need to stop!”

Ron looks to me then back at Malfoy. “You might want to stop before someone turns you into a ferret again,” He says.

Astoria rolls her eyes. “Now both of you stop it!” She says but the boys ignore her.

I look over to Draco and smile. “How’s the business?” I ask attempting to make conversation and trying to change the subject.

“Great,” He says sarcastically. “Never better.”

“Draco’s work has been extremely stressful recently,” Astoria says putting a hand on Draco.

“Oh,” I say quietly. Why can’t Ron fish me out of this awkward conversation?

I glance over at Rose who is giggling at Scorpius who is making funny faces at Rose. I smile and sigh. Draco, Astoria, and Ron notice the scene going on and they too look over. Astoria smiles as Ron and Draco grimace.

“Young love,” I whisper. Rose was so in love that she probably won’t notice what we’re saying. “It’s adorable isn’t it?”

“Yeah... adorable,” Draco scoffs.

I glare at Draco. “You were in the same situation as your son!” I say. “At work? Don’t you remember? Oh yeah! It was the with the person you are sitting next to?” I shake my head. “Look, this whole blood purity thing, it’s over, times have changed, does it matter now? Your son is in love!” I say smiling. “Isn’t that all that really matters?”

Astoria looks at me as Draco puts down his now empty butterbeer mug. He scoffs. “Silly mudblood.”

Ron stands up from the table and takes out his wand. “You’ve taken it too far Malfoy!” He spits. “Here is Hermione trying to change things and makes thing better, and you have to be immature about it? Grow up!”

“Ron!” I say standing up. I can’t believe this is happening! “It doesn’t matter,” I say trying to defuse the situation.

“It does matter!” He says to me.

“Watch it Weasley,” Draco says obviously amused by Ron. “Or you could lose your job. How else are you going to pay for the new twins?” He smirks.

Ron’s jaw tightens as he’s trying to keep in all the words he can. I look over to Rose who is now shaking. Her head is in her folded arms, hidden from the others. I put a hand on her shoulder. I lean into her ear. “Come on to the bathroom to freshen up,” I whisper.

She gets up quickly and practically runs to the bathroom at three broomsticks. I rush after her and open the door to the bathroom. “Rose. Where are you?” She was no where to be seen.

I open the first stall in the bathroom and there’s Rose, smeared makeup and sniffling. “Oh Mum, it’s horrible!”

I close the door behind the stall and hug Rose. “Aww Rosie,” I say. “It’s going to be okay.”

“No it’s not!” She sobs.

“Look here’s what your going to do,” I say as I come up with a plan. “You’re going to go out there and hold your head up high. Sticks and stones Rose, sticks and stones. Besides,” I say as I begin to get a fuzzy of off Rose’s blouse. “Draco and Astoria just didn’t get to know the real Rose,” I say smiling trying to make things brighter.

“Okay,” She says bravely as we begin to walk out.

“Sorry that took so lo-”

Rose and I show up just in time to see Ron lunge across the table to Draco, attempting to break his nose or possibly turn him into a ferret.  “Ron!” I cry.

“Dad stop!” Rose wails.

“Draco!” Astoria says as she’s trying to get Ron off of Draco.

“Hey!” The three broomsticks owner grabs both Ron and Draco by the scruff and tosses them out the door. “Take your fights someplace else!” He grunts showing no trouble tossing the two out the door.

Draco and Ron stand up quickly and brush off the dirt. They walk in opposite directions glaring at each other. Draco with blood under his nose and Ron with his lip bleeding and a wound on his eyebrow. Draco rushes to Astoria as Rose and Scorpius walk in their families directions.

“Ron,” I say as I shake my head disapprovingly. “There was no need for that!” I begin to brush off the dirt from his shirt. “Honestly, here we are trying to make things okay between the Malfoy’s and the Weasley’s and you have to screw with it.”

“I didn’t screw with it! Did you not hear what Malfoy was saying?”

“Of course I did! But you just let him get your goat!”

“I don’t own a goat!”

“Forget about the goat!”

“But I couldn’t take it anymore! He was making fun of you and Rose and the rest of the family! He got what he deserved!”

I look over to Astoria as her family walks in the other direction. Her look she’s giving me pretty much translates to: “I’m so sorry.”


Rose storms in front of me and Hermione. Walking faster to get away from us. “Hey,” I call. “Where’s the fire?”

“Really?!?” She cries turning around. “Do you not care at all?”

I turn to look at Hermione, who has fallen silent and is now looking at her shoes. “What do you mean, sweetheart?” I ask.

“I can’t believe you’re asking me this!” She shouts right in the middle of Hogsmeade.

“Keep you voice down.”

“No I won’t!” She says her voice elevating. “I don’t care if the bloody whole Hogsmeade hears me!”

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Dad!!” She cries. “You ruined my whole entire relationship with Scorpius!” She whines. “You had to go back to a childish thing and beat up your old enemy!”

“Well it wasn’t my fault!”

“It actually was your fault!” She cries. “Thanks to you my boyfriend’s parents fucking hate me!”

“Language!” I warn.

“I don’t fucking care! You ruined a good relationship!”

“Well good!” I shout back. “‘Cuz I hate your boyfriend!”

“You don’t hate my boyfriend,” She shoots back. “You hate my boyfriend’s parents over a silly child thing!”

“No!” I say back. “He seems like a bad kid!”

“That’s so stereotypical Dad!” She says back. “Just because he’s in Slytherin doesn’t mean he’s bad!”

“It most certainly does mean he’s bad!” I shoot. “What happened to him and Piper! They broke up because he was cheating on that Ravenclaw girl!” It’s a tad sad that I know my daughter’s drama life.

“Dad that’s different!” She explains. “He explained it to me! He said he was different! He changed Dad, he really did!”

“Doesn’t matter,” I say crossing my arms. “He seems like a bad kid Rose!” I say. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“He’s not a bad kid though!” Rose shouts. “You’re just holding a grudge ‘cuz of his father! If he wasn’t Draco Malfoy’s dad, it would be totally different!” Her voice cracks from all the yelling. “Honestly Dad you can be so immature sometimes!”

“How is this being immature Rose?!” I say. “I care about you. I don’t want to see this boy hurting you. I don’t trust him.”

“Why can’t you just let me be happy for once?” She cries. “Can’t you see that Scorpius and I are happy?!”

“That isn’t happy.”

“It’s love.”

“It isn’t love either Rose. It’s teen love. You’re so wrapped up with this whole thing that you can’t see that in two weeks or so, he’s going to cheat on you.”

“Dad, Scorpius is not going to cheat on me!” She cries.

“I’ve been a sixteen year old kid Rose, I know what I’m talking about! And he’s a Slytherin, it’s bound to happen,” I can’t believe that Hermione isn’t backing me up on this.

“You can’t let me be happy! You just want to relive your child years of rivalry. Scorpius is different from the other boys. You can’t tell me what to do anymore, I like Scorpius and there isn’t one thing you can do about it. I’m still going to be with him!”

“Because I care about you Rose and I don’t want you to get hurt! This boy is looking for trouble!”

“I hate you!” Rose shoots at me. It stabs into my heart.

“Rose- I” I grab her arm. She jerks it free.

“Get off of me! I’m going back to Hogwarts!” She wipes away tears as she rushes up to Hogwarts. She leaves me in the pool of guilt.

“Oh Ron,” Hermione says putting her head on my shoulder.

“Oh so now you finally talk?” I shoot at her as we walk away from Hogwarts.

“Don’t you drag me into this,” She orders. “This wasn’t my place to butt in and you know it Ron,” She hugs me. “I’m so sorry what she said to you.”

“Is it true though?” I ask. “Does she really hate me?”

“No,” She soothes. “Not at all. She’s a teenager,” She says straightening my jacket. “I’m sure you know how that feels. Especially when a teenager is in love.”

I smile at her and go back to my misery. My daughter just said she hated me. “I know,” I say putting a hand on the back of my neck. “But she said she hated me.”

“Ron, she’s a teenager. I’m sure you said you hated your mother or father.”

I nod. “Yeah, she probably didn’t mean it,” I say trying to shake it off, it wasn’t working. Rose left an impression of guilt on my chest that won’t ever get off. Hermione and I continue to walk to home leaving Hogwarts and our daughter.

She hated me.


“Now that wasn’t so bad,” Astoria says putting an arm around my waist.

“Yeah,” I say rubbing my wounded head. “And fighting a dragon is a cup of tea.”

“Your cut looks pretty bad,” Astoria says studying the cut. “Maybe we should go to St. Mungos just in case.”

“No, it’s fine,” I say.

“You ruined it,” Scorpius finnally says.


“You ruined my relationship with Rose,” He says going to other direction. “It was only one day! And now it’s ruined.”

“We were just having fun!” I say smirking.

“Didn’t look like fun. Dad, you almost got a sock in the nose.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” He says quietly.

“Don’t worry about it,” I say. “It was just some fun, it’s all good.”

“Okay,” Scorpius says nodding. “I better head back to Hogwarts.” He hugs Astoria and then me. It was an awkward hug, mostly because he could tell I was still fuming with anger. “I’ll see you guys later maybe?”

“Who knows?” Hermione says smiling as she waves goodbye to her son. We floo home.

“Well today was eventful,” Astoria says. “Can’t you at least attempt to make friends with the Weasleys?”

“Nope,” I say. “It’s never going to happen Astoria. So you and Hermione might want to stop trying.”

“But what if?” Astoria says.

“Astoria,” I say looking at her. “How long have you tried doing this?”

“Seventeen years,” She says quietly.

“And how many times have we succeeded?” I ask.

“Well.. none,” Astoria says.

“Exactly,” I sit on the couch and put my arms on the back of my head and relax. “So we might as well. Give up.”

“I won’t! Hermione’s a sweet girl and was one of my best friends. And Ron, well, he can be nice if you’re on his good side. And we better be keen to them since their daughter is dating our son!” She sits down next to me. “I really think this can work. It’s just going to take some time,” I can see the cranks moving in her head.

I roll my eyes. “I think you have other things to work on,” I say focusing on her stomach. “Like a baby?”

“Oh yes!” She says standing up. “That reminds me! We need to start decorating!”

“Can’t we wait until later?” I say yawning. I look at my clock. It’s already 11:00. “I’m tired.”

She laughs. “Fine. But tomorrow we’re working.” As she walks upstairs to get ready for bed.

I walk into my office and sit down at my desk and begin to organize my papers for work. I like to be organize to I can just get up and leave for work and be on time.

I put my papers in my briefcase. I look to the corner of my desk and do a double take. Weird, that letter wasn’t there before....

I look to the window to see a grayed owl sitting there. I weirdly stare at it and proceed to open my letter. By the looks of the handwriting I could tell it was my father and I could tell he means business.

I open the letter and with shaking hands I read it to myself.

“We’ve Done It.”


“Rose!” Scorpius shouts. “Rose wait up!”

I continue to run to Hogwarts, partially to get into Hogwarts before curfew and partially running away from sheer embarrassment.

I rush into the school and almost trip running up the steps to Gryffindor’s common room. Scorpius grabs my arms and jolts me back.

“Why are you running?” He says out of breath. “And more importantly, why are you crying?”

I cough and tears flow out of my eyes. I hate being a teenage girl! “I’m not crying,” I say over the sobs.

“You’re not fooling anyone, Rose,” He says chuckling as we sit down on the steps.

“We’re going to get caught,” I say sniffling.

“We won’t. Prefect, remember?” He says. “Now tell me what’s wrong.”

“Your parents hate me.”

“Your parents hate me. So now that we got that out of the way, anything else?”

“Was what your Dad say true?” I shift in my seat.  I sniffle and sniff up the snot (how attractive). “I mean about me being a dirty, dumb halfblood and my frizzy red hair and-”

“Rose, none of that matters to me,” Lily was right, he can be such a Casanova. I smile as he holds me close. “None of it’s true either.”

“Well my hair does get frizzy in the morning.”

He chuckles. “Well that doesn’t matter to me, I don’t care if your hair is bushy, frizzy, straight or curly. Either way, it’s beautiful.”

I blush. “I’m sorry,” He says. “It’s really all my dad’s fault. I guess he’s still holding a grudge against your father.”

“My father’s the same, so I apologize too. And my Mum can get angry too,” I giggle. “But Scorpius, you don’t need to apologize for what your Dad did, it’s really not your fault.”

“I know, but, he made you cry.”

“A lot of things make me cry,” I laugh at myself. “Titanic, Babbity Rabbity, Hogwarts, ... you.”

“Me? Did I do anything wrong?”

“No.” I laugh. “You did nothing. It’s just, I don’t know,” I say looking away. “No other guy has treated me the way you have been treating me.”

Scorpius smiles. His face falls to a puzzle. “What’s a Titanic? It sounds like a type of sweater.”

“Oh yeah, let me just get you a beige Titanic for Christmas,” I say sarcastically. He looks even more puzzled now. Boy, this boy can be thick sometimes. “It’s a muggle movie.” I explain. “A romantic love story, maybe I can show you it sometime,” I smile. “But I should be really going to bed, there’s a test in Transfiguration that I have to pass and I want to get some sleep.”

Scorpius chuckles. “You and your studies,” He scuffs the floor with his shoes. “Well can I at least kiss you goodbye.”

“You don’t want to kiss me.” I say embarrassingly. “I’ve been crying and it’ll be gross.”

He shrugs. “Doesn’t matter.”

“You just asked me out this morning, I don’t want to rush things,” I start to get butterflies in my stomach.

“I’m not rushing anything,” He leans in to kiss me. It feels like I’m flying. I’m suddenly not so worried about that Transfiguration test. Am I supposed to close my eyes when he kisses me? Seems kind of creepy if I don’t. I close my eyes. It’s like I’m on cloud nine, what ever that is. Mum used to say when she was in Hogwarts, whenever Dad would smile at her it would feel as if she was on cloud nine, I’m experiancing that exact feeling. Scorpius’s smooth, cool lips on mine. I should’ve put on chapstick before this, the good tasting kind, but how was I to know that he was going to kiss me? He backs away from my face and I open my eyes.

“That wasn’t so bad,” He says grinning.

“Are you sure we aren’t rushing things? I mean, you just asked me out this morning and you met my parents for the first time. Well, not formally but still, it didn’t go so well an-”

“Rose,” Scorpius says as he grabs me by the shoulders. “Did anyone tell you that you talk too much?”

“Everyday almost,” I say.

He kisses me on the forhead. “Am I going to fast for you?”

“I’ll tell you when you do,” I smile as I walk upstairs. “Goodnight Scorpius.”

He smiles back. “Goodnight Rose.”

I close the door behind and jump and dance around. It felt great! I slump onto my bed and scream into my pillow. He likes me!! He really likes me!!


“Yeah that’s her! And that Slytherin boy.”

“Can you believe it?”

“Not in a million years would I imagine that happening.”

“Look they’re coming down the hall! I want to see them!”

“Really? Her? He can do SO much better. Like me!”

“I can’t believe it! I love him!”

People are rushing past me, but not into the great hall for breakfast, but in the opposite direction. I sit down next to Al and Lily.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Everyone’s trying to get a view of the hot new Hogwarts couple,” Lily says shifting her head around the crowd to get a peek of the new couple.

“It’s totally mental what these people are doing. I mean, can’t they just get some privacy?” Dom says grimacing. She was just upset because her boyfriend recently broke up with her.

Lily leans in. “Well I heard that the parents weren’t too happy about them dating,” She says in a low voice.

“Do you even know who the couple is?” I ask.

They shake there heads no as the crowd seems to be gravitating to the great hall. Right in front of them was the new couple, I guess. I peek through the crowd to see the new couple.


What was she doing holding hands with Scorpius?!?! She sits down smiling at us. “Good morning!”

They all smile at Rose. Rose blushes as Scorpius comes to sit down. “Hey,” He says to Rose kissing her on the cheek. “I’m going to go sit with Slytherin”

“Okay,” Rose says smiling at Scorpius as he walks away.

“Details,” Roxanne orders. “Now.”

I stare at Rose. “Really?”


“You’re dating Scorpius Malfoy?”

“Yeah. What’s it to you,” She says with a mouthful of toast.

“Did you forget the fact that he’s a Malfoy.”

“You and Dad are just the same!” She spits.

“Good! Am I the only that sees that he’s pure evil!”

“Well, I think he’s cute,” Dom says quietly. “He has a cute mouth.”

“Hey,” Lily says. “That’s Rose’s girlfriend now.”  

“I don’t get why my family hates him!” Rose says looking at me. “He’s changed.”

“Yeah,” I snort. “Okay Rose.”

“He did!” She sits down. Her eyes are red, I could tell she was crying last night.

“Is something wrong?” Dom asks. She too noticed Rose’s appearance.

“Dad and I got in a fight last night,” She says quietly. “I told him, I hate him.”

“What was it over?”


“I don’t like him Rose!” I say. “I agree with Dad.”

“Well it doesn’t matter to you or Dad, does it?” She says. “It doesn’t matter to anyone! It only matters to me! I don’t get why people are always hating on him! He’s different.”

“He’s just like any Slytherin!” I say.

“You and Dad are the same!” She stands up and marches to the Slytherin table to sit with Scorpius and his friends.

“I can’t believe her!” Dom says. “After all these years of being best friends with her, she hasn’t told me anything of this!”

“Me neither,” I say as I mixed my oatmeal around.

“I mean, I would have kept a secret!” Dom says glaring at Rose. “But no!” She says dramatically. “She had to keep it a secret! I knew something was up between them from the very start!”


“You couldn’t tell Hugo?”

I shake my head. “How she would always smile when Scorpius was around after that detention,” Roxanne says. “I’m telling you that girl was changed after that detention.”

I grimace. I suddenly lost my appetite and I push away my porridge. “Why wouldn’t she tell us?”

Dom shrugs as she shovels cereal into her mouth. Rose walks back to Gryffindor table smiling a cheeky grin. “Hey!”

Dom instantly stands up as Rose sits down. “Where are we all going?” Rose asks.

“You didn’t me, your best friend what was going on?!” Dom fumed looking at her friend. “You didn’t even tell Hugo! Did you not trust us?”

“You wouldn’t understand Dom.”

“Of course I would understand, I’ve had a lot more boy trouble than you and you know it!”

“Why am I the one getting blamed for this? You should be happy for me!” She sighs and stops herself from yelling at Dom. “Look, I know that this is a huge change for everyone. But we’ve got to get through this together. I don’t want to fight over this, it’s silly.”  

I gape at my sister, since when was she so mature all of a sudden? Dom sighs. “You’re right. I’m sure he’s a nice bloke,” She mutters as she hugs her cousin.

Rose lets go of Dom and walks toward me. “Hey, I’m sure you’re going to like him.”

“Yeah okay,” I smile looking at her.

Not in a million years will I ever like Scorpius.


3 weeks later


It was a free class for sixth years and Rose and I are in an intense match of Wizards Chess.

“Bishop to E5,” Rose says. The bishop follows and Rose sighs and looks out a window.

“Something wrong?” I ask looking at her. “Knight to G8”

“Knight to G7,” Her red knight takes out my black knight. She grins at me, satisfied with her move. She cringes. “I think, I think you are going to have to meet my parents soon.”

I stare at her. I can’t tell her the truth, I’m absolutely terrified of her parents. And I think her parents hate me, at least her dad does. I smile. “Of course!”

“You’re not opposed at all?”

“Nope,” I lie. In fact, I was terrified.

“Scorpius, I can tell you’re lying,” She says looking right through my lies. She grins. “You’re scared to meet my parents!” She teases.

“Am not!” I defend.

“Oh yes you are Scorpius Hyperion!” I should have never told her my middle.

“Oh I’m not Rose... Rose,” I studder. I can’t believe I don’t know my girlfriend’s middle name.

She giggles. “It’s Rose Lavender,” She smiles. “Queen to A9,” Her face turns serious. “Now, why are you scared?”

“You’re parents hate me! Rock to G2”

“They don’t hate you,” I give her a look of doubt. “Well, not Mum at least. But Dad likes you!” I give her another look of doubt. “Okay Dad doesn’t seem keen on you,” I can’t believe she was stretching the truth that much. “Okay he hates you!” She finally blurts. “Pawn to A7,” She looks at me again. “They don’t know the real you, though. Just let them get to know you and they’ll love you!”

I scoff. “I’ll see that happen when pigs fly.”

“It’s going to happen!” Rose reassures. “Mum is going to love you. And Dad- well give him a chance and I’m sure he’ll love your sense of humour!”

I sigh. I’m never going to win this conversation against Rose so I nod and agree with her. “Okay, I’ll go,” I smile at her. “Only for you though. King to F9.”

She smiles as she looks at the board. “Yay! Knight to G9,” Her King takes out my knight and looks at me sympathetically for killing my king. “Checkmate,” She says quietly grinning.

A/N - Thanks for reading! I know probably many of you are confused but you'll just have to patient! All will be explained next chapter!!!! Leave a review if you want! I love to read them and answer them all! :D :D 

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