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The Next Generation of Potter and Black - the Prisioner of Askaban by JammyTheJellyFish4321
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1 - The Truth is Revealed
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Chapter 1: The truth is revealed

General POV


The next couple of days passed without incident, with the exception of someone trying to use a Severing Charm on Cissa’s bag, but she’d protected all her things against anything like that because she realised that something like that might happen. She turned around and glared at the 5th year boy who had tried to cast a Severing charm on her bag, she then sent a rather nasty stinging hex at him; she was left alone after that.

The only other incident was when Cissa got called to McGonagall's office:

At breakfast on Tuesday, Cissa received a note from McGonagall. McGonagall wanted Cissa to come to her office at 11:30, as she needed to speak to Cissa.


It's was 11:29 and Cissa was outside McGonagall's office. Cissa raised her hand and knocks. 


"Come in!" Cissa hears McGonagall's crisp voice through the door.


Cissa opened the door and walked in. McGonagall looked up from her desk.


"Ah, Miss Black, come in and take a seat." McGonagall indicates the chair in front of her desk.


Cissa moves further into the room - shutting the door behind her, and taking the seat McGonagall had indicated.


"You wished to see me Professor?" Cissa asks, curious as to why she was there.


"Yes, Miss Black, your file has just arrived from Beauxbatons, and there were a couple of things I wanted to go over in it with you." McGonagall replied.


"Oh?" Cissa shuffled nervously. " What is it that you wished to discuss, I am not aware of anything that might be in my file that could warrant me being called to your office." Cissa stuttered slightly.


"Based on your reaction to the news I have just given you, I know you are lying." McGonagall cleverly wheedled.


"..." Cissa was speachless.


"In your file, it says that you struggled with your written work, and had trouble focusing in lessons, and based on reports from your teachers I would believe that it is correct in saying that you do struggle with such things."

"I-I I'm not sure I know what you mean... there's nothing wrong with me!" Cissa exclaimed. 

"Miss Black... Narcissa, Let me be frank, you have dyslexia and ADHD, and you know this" McGonagall spoke frankly.


"I-I'm fine, there is nothing wrong with me!" Cissa started figidting in her chair

"If you are so sure of the fact that you are fine, I'm sure you would be perfectly happy to take a couple of tests" Replied McGonagall.

"I-I Um What sort of tests?" Cissa stutters.

"Oh just some basic spelling test, some speech tests and some sound tests." McGonagall replies.

“Well… if I took the tests, and passed, no more would be said about it – is that correct?” Cissa tried bargaining.

“Yes, that is correct” replied McGonagall

“Um… Well… Okay…” Cissa reluctantly agreed.


So Cissa took the tests. She was in there until Lunch time, and then had to go back after Lunch for a couple of hours.

When Cissa had finally finished all the tests Professor McGonagall marked them very quickly and looked at the results, while Cissa sat in her chair, nervously twiddling her thumbs.

"Well Miss Black, after reviewing your results, the diagnosis made by your head of year at Beauxbatons you clearly are dyslexic and have ADHD. Now I want to arrange some extra lessons to help you cope with this, also I would like to arrange a mentor to help you cope with your class work as well." Professor McGonagall spoke.

"Um... W-W-Wh-Who w-would the m-mentor be, it c-c-can't get out that the H-Heiress to the Ancient and M-most N-noble H-house of B-b-black has these s-s-sorts of issues." Cissa stuttered nervously.


"I was thinking of Miss Granger, She's very responsible and studious." Replied Professor McGonagall.

"Um... would she be sworn to s-silence? I won't agree otherwise."

"I will ensure she does, will you agree then?" queried Professor McGonagall.

"Very well, I wil  agree." Replied Cissa.


"Good, I will arange it, and also lessons with me will be arranged. I'll give you a schedule. You many go now."

"Thank you Proffesor McGonagall." Cissa replied befored getting up and leaving the office.

Roxy's POV:

Lessons from them on were ok; I loved potions, considering that my godfather taught it and that he’d previously tutored us, before school started.


On Thursday we had Potions once again, we brewed the Forgetfulness Potion, which was easy-since Uncle Severus (my godfather) had taken our books and written notes about how to do the Potions quicker-once he’d given us our points, he discreetly slipped a note to me, which read:

Dear Roxy,

I’m glad you are here; I also wanted to tell you that I liked your entrance earlier this week, at your Sorting, however, I advise you not to mention it to your mother, in any of your letters to her. My Quarters are always open to you, so you can come and visit me, whenever it please you, look for a portrait of a man stirring a potion, because that is the entrance. The password is Gillyweed. You are permitted to bring Cissa along, if you so wish.


Do come and visit me soon.

Uncle Severus.

P.S. Any points I deduct/owe you or Cissa will be added later on. As I must maintain my evil persona, in front of various people.( your half-brother for one)


I then added a bit of aconite to Harry’s potion without him realising, his potion turned a violent Purple colour and he’s potion ended up as the start of a Polyjuice potion, Uncle Severus gave him zero for that day, which was brilliant. Anyway after that we had Ancient Runes, which was fairly easy.

Then we had Divination where Professor Trelawney, who was crap, in my opinion, she predicted Harry’s death and that Cissa would be reunited with a member of her family soon… I mean that’s pretty obvious, her Dad!


Then we had Transfiguration, where we had to turn our pets into goblets, I would have used my snake, Crystal, but technically snakes aren't’t allowed, so I used my owl, Spotty. Cissa had brought her kitten, which wandered off, and rubbed against Professor McGonagall’s legs. McGonagall got a bit angry, but when she saw it was a cat tickling her, and not someone casting spells at her, she cooled off.

After Transfiguration – which we were top at - it was Lunch, we ate lunch in the Kitchens so we could talk to Draco(Cissa’s really fit cousin), we thought that the less people who realised that Cissa was related to Draco, the better.

After lunch we had Defence against the Dark Arts (D.A.D.A.) with Professor Lupin – the teacher on the train. He deliberately picked on Cissa, and we knew why, he had been friends with Sirius, before he “Betrayed” his closes friends.

He wouldn't’t stop picking on Cissa, he kept making snide comments like “It’s important to defend yourselves against deranged murderers like Sirius Black, wouldn't’t you agree Miss Black?” and “Did you know that the Dark Side is also known as the Black side?” It upset Cissa so much that she ran out of the classroom crying, Draco and I were so angry but Draco couldn't’t leave the lesson otherwise people would realise that they were related, and I didn't’t leave because I want to take some revenge on Professor Lupin. I discreetly managed to cast a Jelly Legs Curse at him, it was rather funny actually. The Jelly Legs Curse is a favourite of mine.


When we were finally dismissed me and Draco hurried out of the class and started searching for Cissa.


Cissa's POV

I hate that Professor Lupin, why won't he leave me alone. I ran towards the Whomping Willow, and charmed a stick to prod the knot at the base of the tree. The tree became immobile. I crawled down the tunnel that I knew would lead me inside the Shrieking Shack, I just wanted to be left alone. When I got inside, I hurried over to a corner and sat down crying, ignoring the scruffy black dog who was there.

Suddenly I was wrapped up in a hug, I looked up and saw Dad.


I carried on crying, into his shoulder, whilst he hugged me and rubbed my back. When I finally calmed down he asked, “What’s wrong?”


So I told him everything; how much I missed him and all about Professor Lupin. When I had finished I saw a glint in his eye, and realised that he had been hurt that Lupin had been so mean to me. He said


“Don’t listen to that mean old fool, he knows nothing about our situation, that stupid were-wolf…”

“Yes! I was … I mean, Were-wolf, Professor Lupin is a Were-wolf?”


“Shit, I shouldn’t have said that, oh well. Cissa promise you won’t tell anyone?”


“What about Roxy and Draco?”


“Hmmm…. Ok you can tell them both, I trust them not to say anything. Now I want you to tell me about my Godson, how is he?” Dad asked


“Harry? Well, he can be quite mean, especially to Roxy, but I think he cares for her. Also he thinks that just because he is the Boy Who Lived - he’s brilliant, but in fact he’s near the bottom of every class, except in D.A.D.A. He spends most of his time with his friends, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. He talks a lot about Quidditch and how he’s the youngest Chaser of the century. He has one of the Invisibility Cloaks that Uncle James had; Roxy managed to get in to the Potter Vaults last holiday and got the other one. She also got a locket that Uncle James had left for her.” I told him.


“That’s great, have you found any of the Maps(AN://Sirius is referring to the Marauders’ Map!)?”


“No, not yet, I think that the Weasley twins have them, I’m hoping that when I tell them that I’m one of the Marauders they will give it to me.”


Dad and I talked for ages, I told him about how happy mum was when she heard he’d escaped, I also told him about how I’d missed having a parent around to look after me, “I mean, Aunt Bellatrix is great and stuff but I really needed you.” I then told him about how I was going to try out for the Seeker Position of the Quidditch, and Roxy for Chaser

We carried on talking until I heard someone calling my name, I realised it was my mirror. I quickly pulled it out and looked into it, I saw a very worried Roxy and Draco, who had been looking for me since D.A.D.A, in fact everybody had been looking for me, because I hadn’t turned up for anything, people were thinking that I’d run away.


I sighed and got up. Dad transformed into Padfoot, and we headed back down the tunnel towards Hogwarts. Dad was with me the whole time while I walked towards the Great Hall. When we reached the Great Hall there was a lot of noise coming from inside, I presumed that Dumbledore had announced that I’d gone missing. Before I headed in I made sure that I had performed Occlumency, to protect myself from a Legilimency attack (Aunt Bellatrix had taught me how to when I was 9). I walked in silently with dad following me, but when Dad saw Lupin he went mental, he knocked Lupin over and jumped on him, he then began attacking him. I think Lupin realised who it was because he made no attempt to defend himself.

Eventually Dad stopped, growled at him, jumped off him, ran to me licked my hand, and ran back to the shack. All the teachers started fussing over Lupin, who told them that he was fine. I wanted to talk to him, so without people knowing snuck out and headed over to his office, and waited.


When he finally turned up he walked over to me and put his are on my shoulder, I simple looked up.


“Are you alright Narcissa? I’m really sorry, it’s just the betrayal of your father really hurt me and I couldn't’t take my anger out on him so I took my anger out on you. It was very wrong of me, I’m so sorry, can you ever forgive me?”

“That’s ok sir, but dad never betrayed the Potters, he wouldn’t and he couldn't’t, you see the Potters’ changed Secret Keepers Dad was a decoy, it was Peter Pettigrew, who betrayed the Potters, he was the keeper, if I had the map I could prove it, because the map shows him even though he’s in his Animagus form, but I can’t find the map anywhere!”


“I’ll try and locate it, it’s probably still in Fitch’s office, Cissa did you know that I was made one of your Godfathers, James Potter was the other.” Remus told me


“Yes, I did, that was one of the reasons I was so upset that you were picking on me…”


“Oh… I just remembered that we had 3 maps of the castle, quite recently I confiscated one of them off Harry, I’ll have to give it back to him at the end of term, but there should be another two around the school, if I find it I’ll give it to you. Actually now that I think about it Harry said to me, when I took it off him, he said that he saw someone who he knew to be dead; Peter Pettigrew. I completely forgot about it.” 

“So can I look at the map, please Uncle Moony?” I asked


“Sure Narcissa, hang on how did you know my Marauder Name?” Remus questioned me


“First, before I explain, call me Cissa; I don’t really use Narcissa that much.” I told him


“Oh, Ok!”

“Well, when I left your class earlier, I went to the Shack – crying – and Dad was there and he asked me what was wrong, so I told him. He then got angry and started going on about you being a stupid Were-wolf, then when I asked him about it, he swore and made me promise not to tell anyone. I then remembered that Dad’s nickname was Padfoot – leading me to deduce it was based on an animal that you transformed into, so since Pettigrew was a rat, that left Prongs or Moony for you, I then realised that if you turned into a Were-wolf you would be Moony, because Moony – Moon – Were-Wolves change on a full moon.” I told him.


“You’re a very clever witch, you know don’t you?”

Cissa looked down at her feet, “Well… Everyone at my old school said I was only graded so high because everyone was afraid of Dad.”


“Cissa, look at me, It’s not true, you are a very cleaver witch, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, understood?” Remus asked.


“Ok, thanks Uncle Moony, now can we look at the map, please?”


“Sure, come up to my office!”


I followed Remus up to his office, he went over to a draw, opened it and pulled out the map and put it on the table.


I then pointer my wand at the map and said; “I, Miss Pawfect, solemnly Swear I’m up to no good.”



Writing started to appear on the map it read: Messrs Moony, Padfoot, Prongs and Miss Pawfect are proud to present the Marauders map.


“What… Where’s Peter’s name and who is Miss Pawfect?” Remus asked


“Peter’s name was removed the moment he betrayed the Potters’ and Miss Pawfect is… me!” I explained.

“What? You’re a Marauder?” Remus was shocked


“Yes, although I don’t have an Animagus form yet!” I replied.

“Shall we start looking for Pettigrew?” Remus asked


“Sure.” We opened up the map and began looking for Pettigrew. “Look there he is, and Oh my God, he’s with Harry, Ron and Hermione.” I pointed out.

“Why would he be with them?”


“He’s in his Animagus form, he’s Ron’s rat, Scabbers.”

“We need to go now!”


We ran out of Uncle Moony’s office.


“Hurry, Harry’s in danger, Pettigrew could kill him!”


So when we rushed out, I realised that we would be too late, even if we ran all the way, so I summoned my Broom (Nimbus 2000) and Harry’s Broom for Lupin (also a Nimbus 2000). We flew towards the Whomping Willow. We then crawled down the lower part of the tunnel, and then we ran down the rest of the tunnel towards the Shrieking Shack. When we got up to the main part of the Shack, Harry was holding Dad at wand point. I screamed and jumped in front of Dad screaming (at Harry)


“Don’t you dare curse my Dad or I’ll…I’ll kill you!”


Harry lowered his wand, but when he saw Lupin, he raised his wand. Lupin disarmed him and then Accio’d their wand.


When Granger realised, she went crazy, she screamed at Lupin: “I trusted you, and all this time you’ve been helping them. He’s a Were-wolf, that’s why he’s been skipping classes!”


“How long have you known?” Lupin asked her


“Ever since Professor Snape set the essay!” Hermione replied.


I silently cursed Uncle Severus (I know he’s Roxy’s godfather but I call him that as well.), just because he didn't’t like Lupin didn't’t mean he could give hints about his condition, I mean, he is my Godfather! Uncle Severus would have surely realised that some people, like Granger, would work out and then spread it around.


I took a quick glance at the Map and saw that Roxy, Draco and Uncle Severus were in Dumbledore’s office; he probably wanted to know where I could have disappeared to. I showed the map to Dad and Remus, so they knew.


Dad then started to explain; “Harry, when your parents went into hiding, me and James came up with a plan: I would pretend to be the Secret Keeper, but it was actually be Peter, since we thought Remus was the spy, only the 4 of us knew who the real Secret Keeper was: me, your Parents, and Peter.”


“But it was Peter, who was the Spy?” Harry asked.


“Yes, you see, Peter also went to hiding, and on that Halloween I went to visit him. However he wasn’t there, so I hurried to Godric’s Hollow, to tell your parents, but when I got there, your house was destroyed. I thought you were dead, and then I saw Hagrid, and he was holding you. I wanted to take you in, but Hagrid said that Dumbledore had already arranged your new home and that you would be safe. I still wasn’t sure, but apparently Dumbledore insisted on it, so I let Hagrid use my bike, and went after Peter. When I caught up with him, he started shouting, acting like it was me who betrayed your parents, then the dirty coward blew out the street, cut his finger off and transformed, leaving me to take the blame!”


I suddenly noticed Weasley clutching a rat, which I knew to be Peter. I grabbed the rat, and dad performed the spell, which turned Peter human.


Remus then shot roped out of his wand, which bound Peter.


We then left the Shack, through the tunnel, although Uncle Remus had to help Weasley, who had fallen down the tunnel, and broken his leg, the idiot.


When we reached the gargoyle that guarded Professor Dumbledore’s office, Uncle Remus practically yelled the password –which happened to be Candy Floss – at it, and the gargoyle jumped out of the way, and we hurried up the steps, to Dumbledore’s office.

When Professor Dumbledore saw Dad and Peter he was confused, so we quickly explained; why Peter was still alive. Professor Dumbledore was still a bit doubtful, but when I suggested we use Veritaserum, he reluctantly agreed. Father took it first and said practically what we had just told Professor Dumbledore. Then Uncle Severus forced Peter to drink some Veritaserum, and Peter confessed everything.

Once Peter had finished his confession, Professor Dumbledore flooed called Cornelius Fudge –Minister of Magic – and asked him to come over.


He did, and when he saw Father he tried to have him arrested, but Professor Dumbledore prevented him. Professor Dumbledore then told Fudge that Father and Peter were both under the influence of Veritaserum and that Peter had made a confession and that the Minister was welcome to interrogate both Father and Peter himself.


Once Minister Fudge had done that, he said “I will make arrangements for all charges against Sirius Black to be dropped, and Peter Pettigrew is sentenced to the Dementor’s Kiss.”


I then had a thought. “Minister Fudge, instead of making this announcement public, why not use this as a cover, and get a spy inside You – Know – Who’s inner circle. I know a few people in our family who would be willing to become a spy for you. Possibly Uncle Luc? Draco could you contact him using your mirror, I left mine in my trunk!”


“Sure Cissa,” Draco pulled out his mirror from his pocket and called into it: “Lucius Malfoy”


Uncle Luc’s face appeared in the mirror “Yes Draco? What do you need?”

“Hi Father, Cissa wants to talk to you” Draco then handed his mirror to me.

“Hello, Uncle Luc, We’ve caught Pettigrew, and I thought that instead of the Ministry admitting they were wrong we, could get Father let off on a technicality, and then we could use a member of our family to be a spy for the Ministry, someone who could get information from inside Voldemort’s inner circle when he rises again. I think it should be you, Uncle Luc!” I explained my idea.


“Hmm, Yes, Cissa that is a good idea, also as there is a spy in Dumbledore’s ranks it makes sense to have one inside the Ministry as well.” Uncle Luc, reasoned “But Cissa how do you intend to get your father off?”

“Simple, Great, Grandfather Polloux, can arrange a meeting with the Wizengamot, claiming that it was all here say about father, and was no proof, and the appalling details of Sirius's incarceration. It is horrifying that a Black could be so easily deprived of the customary rights belonging to wizards of their class and social standing, and he can frighten Abraxas, Arcturus and Aunt Cassopia into using their influence and wealth to help remedy the situation.” said Cissa. “We can also point out that since mother died and my godparents can’t take me in, I need my father to look after me.”

“Cissa, who are Abraxas, Arcturus and Cassopia?” Roxy asked me.


"Arcturus is my Great- Grandfather’s cousin, Abraxas is my mother’s father and Aunt Cassopia is my Granmother's sister.” I explained.


“Yes, that is excellent, Narcissa! However should Lord Voldemort return, the Ministry will have to deny any knowledge of him, until it’s unavoidable!” Uncle Luc exclaimed.

“Ok then, bye Uncle Luc” I waved goodbye.


“Bye, Narcissa”


Uncle Luc’s face disappeared and I handed the mirror back to Draco, who put it back in his pocket.


“Is that alright, Minister?” I asked.


“Yes. Now I’m afraid I must return to the Ministry, to sort out some paperwork” the Minister replied.

“Ok, so until the next time, Minister!” I held out my hand and he shook it. He then floo’d back to the ministry taking Peter with him.

I then turned to Professor Dumbledore, who up until this point hadn’t said much. “Professor Dumbledore, in order for this plan to work, I will need to visit my Great Grandfather as soon as possible. Am I permitted to leave school tomorrow and go to Black mansions, I would tell you where it is, however its location is secret and only the Head/Heir or Heiress to the house of Black know where it is, anyone else who wishes to enter must be invited by the Head of the house of Black. So may I go tomorrow?”

“Certainly, Miss Black!” Professor Dumbledore said


“Actually, Headmaster, it’s Lady Black, due to the fact that Narcissa is a member of the royal family, the Queen’s Great, Great Niece in fact!” Uncle Severus told the Headmaster


“My apologies Lady Black”

“Its fine, I had forgotten about that!”


“All the teachers should address Narcissa like that, since she is royalty, so unless she bids them otherwise.”


“No! I do not believe it is relevant to my learning, I will not acknowledge that title!” I was getting annoyed; I didn't’t want the attention that I would surely get.


“But it is Lady Black, for as a member of the royal family you can access rooms, without passwords” explained Professor Dumbledore.


“Well… Ok, what rooms can I enter?” I asked.


“Only the sorting hat can tell us all of them.” Professor Dumbledore replied. He then got up and fetched the hat. He then placed it on his desk. “Sorting Hat, We need to ask you some questions”


The hat spoke “About Lady Narcissa Black, Heiress to Hogwarts and of the Ancient and Most Noble house of Black, as well as being the Queen’s Great, Great Niece?”


“Yes, how did you know?” Professor Dumbledore asked.


“Well, when I was first created the founders cast a spell on me, so that when a person was descended from 3 or more of the founders, I would become aware of all events concerning them, so that I could assist them with their studies, and managing the castle” the hat explained.



“Oh, well, we were wondering what rooms’ lady Black can access.” Professor Dumbledore explained.


“Well… as she is an heiress of all the founders, she can access any private rooms of the founders, so the Chamber of Secrets, the private tower of Gryffindor, the private library of Ravenclaw, the private greenhouses of Hufflepuff, as well as all the common rooms, she will not need a password for any of them as the portals will recognise her magical signature. Also Narcissa can access the private rooms of her majesty – the Queen – and private room of the founders, the Phoenix rooms.”


“I’ve heard of most of them, but not the Phoenix rooms – I wasn’t even aware they existed!”


“The Phoenix rooms are where the 4 founder lived, they can only be accessed by either the heir/heiress of the all the founders if they have been bonded with a phoenix and of course those heir/heiress allows to enter”

“But Cissa hasn’t bonded with a phoenix…” Father said.


“Actually… father, I have bonded with a phoenix, her name is Naomi, I can ask her to come here if you like.” I informed father. I then though to Naomi, “I need you to come to Professor Dumbledore’s office.”

There was a flash of light, and then on the desk was Naomi, Naomi has dark blue feathers, with light blue at the tips.


“So, this is Naomi!” Roxy said

“You knew about this?” father asked Roxy. 

“Yes, you see after Cissa had bonded with Naomi, that’s all she’d talk about, for an entire summer, yet I never saw Naomi, I stopped believing Cissa , and her stories of Naomi, that was until Cissa got herself through very complex anti-Apparation and portkey wards, and then I believed her.” Roxy told him.

“You did this, at Aunt Bellatrix’s house… and she wasn’t angry?” Father asked me.

“No, and she was positively delighted when I found a snake and started talking to it, then me and Roxy talked in Parcletounge together for the rest of the holidays” I replied, Dad looked shocked.


Dad sunk down in a chair murmuring: “A Parselmouth, my daughter is a parselmouth… I need a drink!”


“Naomi is a shadow phoenix, so she can become invisible and as I’m bonded to her I can walk through shadows, as well Naomi can transport me through all wards that have been set.” I told Professor Dumbledore who had looked inquiringly at Naomi.

“Interesting, Fawkes here is similar as she can transport me through all wards that have been set. He can become invisible; he’s a fire phoenix, so I have powers over fire.”


“Cool!” I exclaimed.


“Indeed, so Sorting Hat is there anything else Lady Black needs to know?” Professor Dumbledore turned to the Hat.

“Hmm… Well yes, but she should find that out from the founders, I suggest that she goes to the phoenix rooms, oh and might I point out Headmaster, that this office was Godric Gryffindor’s office, so Lady Black will have access to this room as well. Oh I almost forgot, she is the only one who can summon the founders magical items; Godric’s sword, Salazar’s locket, Helga’s cup and Rowena’s diadem, she can advise the head of houses and has access to the founders vaults”

“Neat, Um… where are the phoenix rooms?” I asked


“The founders forbade me to tell anyone but you so you must put me on!”


“Okay” I placed the hat on my head and it began to tell me the way:

To start you can access the Phoenix Rooms from any of the private rooms of the founders and the Queen’s rooms, in these you’ll have to look for a statue of a phoenix, it will open automatically for you, however you can set passwords for other people.

So, starting in the Entrance Hall, you need to proceed to the 12th floor.(AN: apparently there are only 7 floors, my friend told me that! But this is my fan fiction, my rules about the castle, so don't flame me for it!) Then when you are on the 12th floor, take the 1st right and walk along the corridor, when you reach the end of it, turn left. Then continue along that corridor until the corridor splits into 6, take the 3rd corridor from your left, and at the end of that turn right, and about halfway along that corridor, you should see a statue of a phoenix, place your hands on its beak and say; I am the heiress of the 4 founders, grant me access. It will then open and allow you into the phoenix rooms.

Oh and by the way, as the heiress of the 4 founders you own the castle, meaning you can go anywhere, I didn't’t inform the Headmaster of this as he would try and control you. The founders believe it best if you slept in the Phoenix Rooms or the Queen’s rooms as you will be safest there.


Furthermore all the house-elves at Hogwarts answer to you.

“Cool” I thought, “Is there anything else I need to know?”

Not at the moment, you should go now.

I took off the hat, and addressed everyone “I now know where the Phoenix Rooms are, may I go there now?”

“Certainly Lady Black” Professor Dumbledore replied.

“Thank you sir. Father, are you okay?” I asked.


“Hmm? what? Oh yes, I’m fine Cissa, I’d better be going” Father said.

“Ok, love you Father.”

“Love you too Cissa.”

“Bye Father.”


 “Bye my darling, don't get to many detentions!”

“But of course I won't!!”


Father left the office and a little later I saw a scruffy black dog running towards the Whomping Willow. I then turned away from the window.

“I’ll just be going to the Phoenix rooms, uncle Remus will you escort me to them?” I said

“Yes, of course, let’s head off” Uncle Remus replied.


“I’d best be heading back to my common room” Said Draco.

“And I should return to my common room too!” added Roxy

“I will escort you to you common rooms, we can’t have Mr. Filch catching you out, past curfew.” Uncle Severus said getting up with the others.


“Yes, I think you should all head off to bed now!” Professor Dumbledore shooed us all out of his – well technically mine – office. I bade goodnight to everyone except to Uncle Remus.

Uncle Remus and I moved to the entrance hall and started to climb up to the 12th floor.


“Uncle Remus?”

“Yes Cissa?”

“What do you suppose the Phoenix Rooms will be like?”


“I have no idea Cissa, but I’m sure the founders will have left you plenty of things to study, so make sure you study them carefully.”

“Yes, I will, did you know that Salazar Slytherin was the Potions master when Hogwarts was created?”

“No, I didn't, what did the other founders teach?”

“Well, Godric Gryffindor taught duelling, D.A.D.A and swordsmanship…”

“Really? Well that would explain the sword!”

“Yes,” I said as we turned right and continued along the corridor, “And Rowena Ravenclaw was in charge of Charms, Transfiguration and Divination. Helga Hufflepuff was in charge of; Herbology, Healing and Care of Magical Creatures. I don’t know who taught the other subjects, or if they all taught each subject they were in charge of; I assuming that they taught them on a rota.”


“That’s very interesting!” Remus said as we turned left. “Do you know which side which founders relate to you?”


“Yes, you see father is descended from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, all Blacks are – they just tend to be very ambitious and very clever, which is why they were put into Slytherin - and mother was descended from Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The hat didn't’t tell either of them as it wasn’t important or relevant to their lives!” I replied

“Fair enough,” said Remus as we took the 3rd corridor to our left. “How much further, do we have to walk?”


“Not much further” I replied. We then turned right and I said “Now, all we need to do is look for a statue of a phoenix!”


“Understood,” said Remus as we scanned the area for the statue of a phoenix.

“Oh. Look! There it is!” I pointed to a statue of a golden phoenix. We walked over to it, “Thank you very much for coming with me Uncle Remus!”

“That’s Ok Cissa, Goodnight!”

“Goodnight Uncle Remus!”

Uncle Remus turned around and left. Once he had gone I placed my hand on the Phoenix’s beak and said:

“I am the heiress of the 4 founders, grant me access!”


 The statue slid to the left to reveal a passage way. I walked down it. I came to a door, which I opened. I stepped inside and gasped…

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