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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 5 : Returning to Hogwarts
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It was the early morning of September the first and it was time to go back to school. It was time to face my peers who wouldn’t know who I was, or would hold it against me if they did, and It was time to trade houses. Ginny smiled at me at the train station before joining Harry and Ron. She didn’t want to but I told her it was for the best to maintain their friendship, that I needed a mediator between us. Besides, Ginny wouldn’t be allowed into the Head Compartment, and I would only see her shortly for the prefects meeting. I soon boarded the train myself after a long hug from both my mom and dad and walked to the Heads Compartment after my brother. I poke my head in His compartment where he sat laughing with some of his friends including Malfoy, erm Draco. When I had captured his attention, Blaise smiled, so did Draco but Pansy Parkinson, Crabbe and Goyal and Theodore Nott all stared at me mouths agape.

“Umm, guys.” Blaise said to break the stares from my person, “I probably should introduce you to my twin sister Serena.” I smiled as if on cue when the stares once again turned to my direction.
“Hello Everybody.” I was beyond nervous, here sat most of my tormentors of the past six years in front of me, clueless as to who I really was. Draco smirked knowingly and moved his stuff over so that I could sit down, I did. That was when all the questions began.

“You have a twin?”

“A sister, Well she a looker, Blaise.”

“Draco did you know about this?” The last question came from Nott who noticed Draco’s lack of shock.

“Yes, I did, because unlike most of you, I actually attended our friends Blaise’s 17th birthday party, as well as spent the summer in his residence. The rest of you were too busy at the new Wizarding Hotel to attend.”

A mummer of apologies sounded the compartment, which was now quite full.

“So, Serena, where have you been hiding all these years?” Pansy asked me.

“I was adopted by muggles when I was born and placed under a glamour to keep me safe, even from myself. I have been a student at Hogwarts this entire time.”

“Really, who were you?” Crabbe asked dumbfounded.

“Hermione Granger.” A shocked silence filled the compartment now.

“And I would appreciate this not leaving this compartment, but as you are my brother’s friends I thought it would be alright for you to know. I’m just happy to be back home, I finally feel as I belong.”

“Well, I’m sure that your family is happy to have you back safely, and we are Happy to have you here. I’m assuming that you are Head girl?”

“Yes I am.” I replied to Pansy’s question. “This means, that since it is about time for the train to depart, Draco, we should go to our own compartment now. I believe we have a meeting with the Headmistress. I’ll see you all at dinner, as I’m in Slytherin now.” I said and departed the compartment heading to my own.

When I passed through the Doors I saw Harry and Ron sitting in the compartment across from ours, they turned and stared, then realizing who I was, shut the door in my face. Not that I would have gone in there anyways, but I felt an overwhelming rush of sadness and pain fill me. Draco seemed to sense this and he grabbed my hand, and the door flew open when my two former friends saw this. They were about to say something, when Draco said:

“Come on Rena, they aren’t worth it. We have a Heads meeting remember?”

“Yes, you are right, let’s go.”

Harry and Ron watched me go, I could feel their eyes boring into my back as I walked away, it was a long walk down the corridor to the rather large compartment. Draco sat down next to me, but was quiet, he held my hands till but oddly I didn’t mind it, actually it felt nice. When the compartment door closed behind us, I finally let a single tear fall down my cheek. I composed myself immediately because their was a knock on the compartment door as soon as the train took off.

“Come in.” Draco said smoothly.

“Hello, Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Zabbini.”

“Hello Headmistress.”

“I trust that your holiday was satisfactory?”

“Yes Headmistress.” I said.

“Well good. You two are aware that you are the Heads and will be sharing a dorm as well as with Ms. Weasley and Mr. Zabbini?” We nodded. “Good, well As Heads, you are allowed to take points and grant them, assign detentions and are responsible for assigning prefect patrol schedules.” We nodded again.

“Additionally, you will be asked to plan four balls for the year and all four Hogsmede trips for students. As Heads, you may leave the Campus at any time for a trip to Hogsmede after classes are complete as long as you are back by the 11’oclock curfew for all students.”

“Yes of course.”

“Well. Have a pleasant ride and I will see you at the banquet.” We smiled and nodded.

Once the Headmistress had gone Silence once again filled the compartment. Draco seemed to know it was just what I needed for the time being. About an hour before the train’s arrival we held the prefect meeting where Draco and I went over the information that had just been given to us, and assigned the prefects partners and patrols. Blaise and Ginny, Pansy and Luna, Frederic Johnson from Hufflepuff paired with Collin Mans from Gryffindor, and Helen Waters from Hufflepuff paired with Jake O’reily from Ravenclaw.

Questions and comments about planning trips came blurted out and I put up my hands.

“We are not planning the trips or balls at this moment, and we will only be planning one at a time. We will consider your suggestions for them at our first Prefect meeting next week. Please everybody, go get changed into your robes, we will be arriving in a few minutes.” The Prefects departed and since Draco and I were already changed we headed back to our Compartment.

At diner, the first years were sorted, I watched from my seat next to Blaise and Draco, who introduced me to literally all the Slytherins before the arrival of the First years in the Great Hall. There were 15 new members for each house, 100 students in all.

“Students!” Our Headmistress called from the podium at the High table, gathering everybody’s attention. Silence filled the hall. “I welcome you back to a new school year. Let me remind you as to the rules. The forbidden forest is off limits to all students, the fifth floor should not find any students without a badge, and the 11 o’clock curfew is mandatory for all students, except those on patrol. Tomorrow at breakfast you will all receive your timetables and classes will begin next week Monday.” A week, I thought, that was new, and we had only ever had a day off before classes before.

“The Head Girl and Head Boy this year Are Mr. Draco Malfoy and Ms. Serena Zabbini from Slytherin.” Applause sounded in the Hall. “Your prefects are Ginny Weasley and Collin Mans from Gryffindor, Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabbini from Slytherin, Helen Waters and Frederic Johnson from Hufflepuff and Luna Lovegood and Jake O’reily from Ravenclaw.” Another round of applause sounded before the headmistress continued.

“The Heads of house may assign or take points from any student’s house for behavior and compliance with the rules. Prefects may not take or grant points; however all of our Prefects and our heads may assign a detention to any student for any reason. Have a good school year students.” The Headmistress finished her speech and soon food appeared at each table and we all began to eat. An hour later, Draco and I guided students out of the great Hall, and watched as they all followed their House prefects to their dorms. We waited outside our own dorm for Blaise and Ginny. We decided that our own dorms password would be Unity and the portrait slid open. All four of us walked into our doom and gasped in awe at the sights.

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The dark side of love: Returning to Hogwarts


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