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Lost Potters 5: Nothing Really Changes by HP lookalike
Chapter 27 : Wedding (Part I)
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 With much preparation to do and very little time to do it in, it was a good thing the Quidditch season had finished, as things were getting hectic in the Potter and Black-Hunt households. James, Hayley and their respective families were going mental trying to sort out everything in time for the wedding and across the Weasley family tree, people were helping out. The Burrow was kitted out for the celebration and the Longbottoms, Scamanders, Stones and Hunts were all notified of the date, along with James and Hayley’s closest friends that didn’t already know. James was feeling excited as the day drew nearer and everything seemed to slot into place. Ginny and Amy hadn’t stopped since the wedding had been announced back on and Teddy was sticking his head in everywhere he could. The only member of the Weasley family not involved in the festivities was Fred. James and Hayley had invited him to the wedding, but neither of them particularly wanted to see him or speak to him so kept him well out of the planning. Josh was pretty much their favourite person and he was always around, asking helpful questions and providing his opinion on what the best options were in certain situations.

It had seemed like the big day would never arrive and when the night before the wedding came, everyone was excited. James and Hayley were staying in their flat, but the rest of the clan had descended on the Burrow and another enormous tent was required to house them all. Teddy and Victoire were naturally housed in a real bed after what had happened, as were the elder members of the families, but the younger parents such as Ron and George found themselves in the tent with the kids. There was a real buzz of anticipation and it felt very similar to Teddy’s and Victoire’s in the sense that all the family were there and under one roof as they prepared for it.

Lily in particular was a ball of energy, rushing around the tent like a mad child, flitting from room to room and chatting to everyone she saw. Having just emerged from Rose, Molly and Dom’s room, finished chatting with Rose and watched Molly mumble swear words whilst sat in a corner working on something official looking, Lily found herself pondering her next move. She was sharing a room with Kelly and Lucy, which was a match made in hell if you were Lucy. Even so, Lily was more than happy to leave Lucy in Kelly and Roxy’s clutches for a little while longer whilst she hunted out her boyfriend. Lysander would probably be in the room he was sharing with Lorcan and Jake, so that was where she headed. On the way she heard some angry voices from outside the tent, obviously a boy and a girl arguing but she ignored them once she’d realised the guy wasn’t Lysander. Passing through the tent, Lily almost bumped into her agitated Aunt Fleur, who was in a stress about something.

“I’m sorry Lily, have you seen Dominique?” Fleur asked and Lily shook her head. “It’s important, she needs to be resized for the dress immediately, she’s lost a fair bit of weight and obviously the wedding is tomorrow.”

“I can’t say that I have,” Lily replied, racking her brain for any clues as to where Dom might be. “I’ve just been to her room and Rose said she was out with Lorcan, but I’m not sure where they might be.”

“Okay thank you anyway Lily,” Fleur said, still sounding agitated and taking off in the opposite direction as Lily smiled to herself. The reason Dom had lost so much weight was all the exercise Lorcan was giving her, on top of all the Quidditch practices she had. Lily chuckled to herself as she flipped open the tent flap into Dom and Lorcan’s tent and found the pair doing exactly the exercise she had been chuckling about just a moment earlier. Lily did a double take and shut her eyes, stumbling backwards and falling over as Dom and Lorcan hurriedly put on some underwear.

“Okay, I’m sorry, that wasn’t meant to happen!” Lily stammered. “Have you guys seen Lysander?”

“He’s um over with Hugo and Neville I think,” Lorcan muttered. “Our fault Lily, should’ve at the very least found a way to stop people coming in…”

“Don’t worry, carry on, as you were, I’m going!” Lily clambered to her feet and left the room hurriedly, turning straight into Fleur again, who smiled though somewhat impatiently. “Oh hi again Aunt Fleur. Are you still looking for Dom?”

“Yes I am,” she replied, her voice a touch strained. “And she’s in the room you just came out of, I heard from your boyfriend.” She said the word “boyfriend” like it was poisonous. “Now kindly move aside so I can fetch her.”

“You can’t!” Lily almost yelled then checked herself. “I mean, she’s busy with Lorcan, they’re doing schoolwork; they shouldn’t be disturbed.”

She’d said the last part as loudly as she could, hoping by some miracle that one of the two heard her. Nobody knew what would happen if Fleur found out what Lorcan and Dom had been doing, but it was guaranteed to be unpleasant at best. Lily smiled unconvincingly and Fleur digested these words before shaking her head and almost pushing Lily aside, she ripped open the flap. Lily braced herself and flipped round, letting out a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding when she saw Dom and Lorcan sat, clothed, on Lorcan’s bed, with textbooks and parchment out. Lily gave them a thumbs-up behind Fleur’s back as the latter rounded on her daughter.

“Dominique, we need to resize your dress,” Fleur explained. “It’s way too large on you now; you have lost a lot of weight. Hello Lorcan, I trust you are looking after my daughter? Keeping her healthy?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Lorcan grinned. “I always make sure she eats properly at meal times.”

Lily let out a snort that Fleur ignored and Dom shot her a look before turning back to her mother and smiling politely, standing to go with her and shooting an apologetic look toward Lorcan, who put on a sulking face and kissed her gently. As Dom walked past Lily, she mouthed ‘Thank you!’ and Lily gave her a small nod before Fleur had dragged her out of sight. Lorcan sighed in evident relief and grinned appreciatively at Lily.

“Fuck me that was close!” Lorcan grinned sheepishly as Lily raised an eyebrow at him. “Thanks for the help Lils, just about bought us enough time to finish up and look innocent. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Great,” Lily replied sarcastically. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and find my boyfriend before this night gets anymore disgusting for my innocent little mind. You two have fun doing your thing when she gets back Lorc.”

“Oh we will.”

“Dom? At what point did you think this was a good idea?” Lorcan asked, shifting in an attempt to get comfortable on the hardwood table he lay on, her straddling him with a fantastic grin on her face. “I mean this is completely insane, not at all clever and quite frankly painful. I know we suggested trying things out, but what was wrong with the bed? I love the bed?”

“Lorcan,” Dom groaned. “Shut up, stop squirming and concentrate on what you’re doing. This is supposed to be you’re A game remember? And at the moment, I’m a bit worried you’re going to let the side down.”

Lorcan shut his mouth and did as instructed. Dom was still feeling smug having successfully dropped a dress size since her fitting and whilst Lorcan whinged at her, she moved in closer, kissing him viciously as he grumbled. Lorcan rolled over so he was now on top of her and Dom let out a curse as he laughed. Then, as their world came shattering down around them, the door to the kitchen burst open and Dom’s incredulously stuck up Aunt Audrey and Uncle Percy strolled in and, met by the sight of the two teenagers naked on the kitchen worktop, Audrey screamed at the top of her lungs as Percy stared, transfixed. Dom looked at Lorcan and Lorcan looked at Dom and then the two started squabbling angrily about exactly whose fault it was that they had been caught and exactly which of them forgot to charm the door so it wouldn’t open and by the time they looked up, pretty much the entire clan had descended to locate the source of Audrey’s screaming.

Most of the children looked relatively unsurprised; most of them having stumbled in on the pair at some point and they mainly looked amused as opposed to anything else. The majority of aunts and uncles had wry smiles and amused grins and even Grandpa Weasley allowed himself a chuckle. Dom was horror-stricken, tears threatening to erupt as the mutterings of the people continued. After a split-second, Fleur pushed her way to the front of the pack of people, faced with her daughter naked on a kitchen work surface and she hit the roof. Literally. With her wand. After erupting her wand in a wild display of no self-control, she started rambling and swearing incessantly in French, waving her wand and within a second Dom was magically covered up. Lorcan went to say something, but Fleur had already grabbed Dom and was dragging her away by her ear, Dom yelping in pain as Bill gave chase. Lorcan flushed furiously as he was essentially up on a pedestal and everyone was looking at him. He grabbed his boxers and tried to look inconspicuous as he clambered off the table.

“Mate, I’m not gonna lie, Dom makes my ex-girlfriend look like a whale,” Jake muttered to Neville. “She’s fucking incredible.”

Neville assessed the situation and glanced at Rose before nodding his head. “Tell me about it cousin.”

Dom was in deep shit and she knew it. The whole family would be talking about this instead of James and Hayley; she couldn’t believe she’d been so stupid and selfish. Whatever the rest of the family were saying, it wouldn’t matter because now, in front of her parents, Dom knew she was going to get a hammering. She was wrapped in a black sheet so nobody could see her and they were sat in a room away from everyone else Bill had been quietly contemplative, whereas Fleur looked as though she was going to have Dom tarred and feathered. Again. Bloody James and Fred. Dom didn’t try any excuses, she just waited for the shit to fly.

“What on earth did you think you were doing?” her mother snapped. “You bring shame upon this family Dominique. You bring shame upon me. I will not have my daughter acting in such a promiscuous manner. Delacour women have always handled themselves with grace and decorum. They do not sleep with their so called ‘boyfriends’ on the kitchen table at their grandparents house.”

“Well when you put it like that sure it sounds bad,” Dom muttered. “What’s the big deal, we’ve done it a million times in basically every conceivable place. It’s just bad we got caught and you feel like a laughing stock.”

As her mother’s eyes narrowed and her nostrils flared, Dom saw her dad making a face that made it clear that was exactly the wrong thing to say to her mother. Bill practically dived for cover as Fleur raised her wand, but then lowered it, regaining her self-control. She shook herself, as if reminding herself where she was and then she faced Dominique, who was now staring at her mother defiantly.

“Dominique Marigold Weasley,” Fleur growled. “I did not bring you up to behave like a second-class citizen, like a street child, like a slut!” she all but screeched the last word. “How dare you act this way, how dare you think that this is an acceptable form of behaviour? You are a Delacour, a Weasley, not some common tramp who’s so easy to get into bed she might as well walk around with no clothes on.”

“I’m hardly a slut, mother,” Dom all but spat in reply. “I’ve been sleeping with my boyfriend whom I love very much, more than anything and it took me a long time to get to the place where I was ready to do it. And yes, we’ve had sex a few times and sometimes inappropriately, like we did today. And yes, today was wrong and stupid and selfish and I let myself down. But you have no right to stand to stand there and call me a slut because I’m not. Got that?”

Fleur bristled and Dom stood, so they were squaring off, face to face. Dom felt strong, but her mother was not a character to mess with. Dom looked to her dad for support but he was standing neutral leaving the fight between his daughter and his wife.

“You are to cease all contact with this vile Scamander boy this instant,” Fleur snapped. “No talking, no touching, no kissing and if you sleep with him again, you can consider yourself no daughter of mine. Understood?”

“Fleur…” Bill interrupted but Dom beat him to the punch with a flat out: “No.”

“I’m sorry Dominique?”

“I. Said. No.”

There was a crack as Fleur slapped her daughter and Bill stepped forwards but Fleur rounded on him with a quick barrage of French words that made him hold up his hands in retreat. Dom turned back to her mother, a huge red mark on her cheek, but she looked more angry and surprised than hurt.

“You insolent child!” Fleur snapped. “How dare you disobey me? The Scamander child shall never set foot in my house again and you will not leave my sight until you’re back at Hogwarts, is that understood young lady?”

“I don’t think you understood me the first time Maman,” Dom snapped back. “Because I said no. I love Lorcan. I love him so much and he’s good to me. He treats me like a princess and we have the best times ever and nothing means more to me than him and I will not let you take him away from me, whatever it costs me. Nothing you say or do will change my mind on this Maman, and you should know that.”

“You always were a stubborn little child,” Fleur grumbled. “What with the hair and the Quidditch and everything. Why couldn’t you be more like your sister? But still, you are my daughter Dominique and I love you very much. I do not wish to see you unhappy. The Scamander boy can stay, but no more frivolities, understood?”

“I’m making no promises,” Dom replied in an undertone, still glaring at her mother despite having won the argument. She ignored the Victoire comment, she was used to that from her mum by now. Bill heaved a massive sigh of relief and patted his daughter on the back as she grinned sheepishly at him. Feeling victorious, Dom called back: “How would you feel about a nose ring Maman?”

“Get out of my sight Dominique.”

After the kerfuffle had been sorted out, there was a brief moment of pause and relaxation and then the bride and groom arrived, separately of course and they were stewarded to their respective tents. After a great deal of preparation, the bridesmaids filtered out, earning drooling looks from many prospective male suitors. Toni winked at one of James’ fellow Quidditch players as she passed and he winked back, earning her a questioning glance from Lily. Dom and Rose were dazzling and even the guys five years older were gasping as the couple strolled up to their positions. Nicky and Teddy were stood up at the altar looking nervous and Lily found a piece of paper with a number on it being thrust at her. She groaned and threw it away before eventually being seated next to Toni as the bridesmaids part concluded. Lily had never felt more glamorous. Jake came and sat on her other side and she welcomed him.

“Brother of the bride, sister of the groom, guess we’re stuck together,” Lily chuckled. “How’re things with what’s her name? Lottie, that’s it. You two alright?”

“We broke up last night,” Jake replied bluntly, smiling at her but it didn’t reach his eyes. “My fault I suppose. We were discussing former partners and I told her about me and Dom. We lost our virginity to each other last year,” he explained in an undertone as Lily looked confused. “And then she reeled off this list of about twenty five guys she’d slept with, some of them unprotected and all that and I just thought…is that the sort of girl I want to be with? I mean I barely knew her, we talked a bit but she was so clingy and not my kind of girl at all. I think I made a massive mistake with her if I’m honest Lily.”

“So you two were who I heard arguing last night,” Lily muttered to herself. “Makes sense now I think about it. Even so, it’s good that you realised she wasn’t right for you and got out while you could. Now you can finally put Roxanne out of her misery and you two can finally be together.”

“What are you talking about?” Jake put on a stunned face. “Me and Roxanne? She’s my best mate Lily, don’t be stupid, we would never go out, neither of us wants that.”

Lily went to reply but she was stopped by the beginning of the music that signalled the wedding was going to begin. As she looked up, the crowds fell silent and James came down the aisle, Josh with him and they met Teddy at the altar, exchanged a few quiet words. Unbelievably, her brother had managed to look like he hadn’t got out of bed five minutes earlier and he was grinning like an idiot, although there was still nothing to be done about his hair. Just like his dad. Lily tried not to think about her dad. Today of all days, was a happy day. Then, the music changed and heads turned, craning to get a look at the bride. Hayley walked down the aisle to the music, tears of happiness flowing freely with her dad holding her arm. Her dress was magnificent; plain and simple white yet majestic and so suited to her body it was match made in heaven. Her hair was down and curly, swathing her shoulders. She was wearing no makeup at all except a touch of gloss and she was beaming. Her smile seemed to fade when they reached the altar and as she faced James, Lily got a clear look at her face. Was that fear? Or nerves? Or something else? But then Lily didn’t have time to worry as the ceremony kicked off and they were talking, all the introductions, the wording etc. etc. It carried on and on and Lily could tell Hayley was getting more and more nervous, her face struggling to hold the happy façade and Lily frowned as she hesitated for a moment. But, before anyone knew it, they had reached the vows.

“Do you James Sirius Potter, take Hayley Eleanor Black-Hunt to be your wife?”

“I do. Always.”

“And do you, Hayley Eleanor Black-Hunt, take James Sirius Potter to be your husband?”

Hayley seemed to falter. “I…I don’t. I’m sorry James. I can’t marry you.”


A/N: Insert dramatic background music here. Mwhuahahaha >:) You didn't think it would be that easy did you? HP

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