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Meeting Him by weasleytwins123
Chapter 7 : Confessions
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This chapter's pretty short, but things to happen, and I hope you like it! I;ve just been very distracted by life lately, so this isn't really my best work. Anyway, only three (maybe less?) chapters to go, so please do review and stuff, it makes me write faster! :)






Go, Bea.”



“No! Look, Penny, I really think I should stay here and-“



“Beatrice!” Penny shrieked, her eyes blazing with annoyance. “Don’t you even start, young lady! You’ve pissed me off enough these last three years, so for the sake of my unborn child, will you just go?!”



“But, Penny-“



“Bea, I know you’re scared, honey, I get it” Penny sighed, leaning back against her hospital pillows and rubbing her pregnant stomach. “You honestly don’t think I was petrified when I turned down that opportunity in America all for Jacob? What if we’d left Hogwarts and he’d found a new girl, when I’d just given everything up for him? But I followed my instincts, and I was right. You shouldn’t be scared of it Bea, I promise you, Louis will be fine.”



“It’s different Penny, we’re not… together.



Penny frowned, mulling over the whole story Beatrice had just spent the past two hours explaining to her. “Bea, just do it. You’ll never know until you try, right?”






“If you don’t go I will get Rose in here and make her force you to Shell Cottage, Beatrice. Imagine how you would feel if you were in Louis’ position?” Penny raised her eyebrows meaningfully at Beatrice. “You’d be crushed, like I’m sure Louis is right now. Go fix it Bea, before it’s too late.”



“Are you sure I should, Penny?”



“Of course I’m sure!”



“I’ll see you soon?”



Penny nodded eagerly. “I’ll owl you or something, and pop round anytime. I’ll tell Guy and Dylan you’re back too.”



“Oh, er…”



“Beatrice” Penny reprimanded her instantly. “I’m not keeping it from them; they need to know you’re back. They want to know, Bea.”



“Ok” Beatrice exhaled heavily. “Wish me luck?”



“Good luck” she smiled, pulling her little sister back into her arms for a comforting hug before releasing her strong hold.






Beatrice almost apparated straight back to the flat, but then changed her mind at the last minute. When she opened her eyes, she immedietly found herself situated on a sand dune, on a winding path that lead down towards a beautiful, beachside house. But Beatrice didn’t need to enter Shell Cottage, because she’d already spotted Louis.



He was sat on the beach just below her, his back against a wall of sand and his eyes on the calm, blue sea. His blonde hair ruffled in the slight summer wind, and Beatrice breathed in a lungful of refreshing sea air, suddenly understanding why Louis came here to think when he was upset. It was so calm.



Quietly, she made her way down to him, her hands shaking uncontrollably and her breathing slighty panicked the closer she got to him.



With a small sigh, she moved to sit down beside him and carefully placed her hands in her lap.



Louis didn’t move, he simply continued to look out to sea with a small grimace and furrowed eyebrows.



Beatrice wanted to wait for him to speak, because she didn’t know what he was feeling, or what he was thinking. He’d told her he liked her, but had he meant it? Beatrice had been sure before, when she read it, and when she told Penny and Rose. But it was different now, he was so tense, so unlike Louis… Beatrice didn’t truly understand what was going on.



“Come to say bye?” he said softly, after a few minutes of tense silence.



“Do you want me to?” Beatrice asked, confused hurt filling her suddenly.



“Why would I want you to?” Louis turned his head to shoot her a perplexed look. “I don’t want you to leave.”



“Then why do you think I’m going?”



“Because of Alex?” Louis grimaced again, his soft eyes hardening as he turned his head to face the sea once more.



“Why would I go anywhere with Alex?”



“Because you’re in love with him?”



“Why do you think I’m in love with him?”



“Bloody hell, Bea!” Louis snapped suddenly, turning to glare at her. “Stop with the bloody questions! I don’t know why Bea, all I know is that you didn’t choose me!”



“What?” Beatrice’s shoulder shook against his as she chuckled. “Why on earth would I be here if I didn’t choose you?”



“I-“ Louis stopped suddenly, turning to look at Beatrice with an elated expression. “You… what?”



“I chose you, Louis” Beatrice smiled brightly. “I chose you because I never loved Alex, I only thought I did. I don’t think I love you, yet, but it could happen and I couldn’t just… your letter, and Rose and Penny and…”



Beatrice’s words were cut off and Louis clasped his hands around her face and pulled her against his lips.



With a small sigh, Beatrice closed her eyes, wrapping her arms around Louis’ neck as his hands moved to her hips, pulling him against him, until she was lying against him against the wall of sand. Their lips moved together tentatively at first, Louis exploring Beatrice’s lips with his tongue, lightly tracing intricate patterns until Beatrice pulled his face closer to hers and bit down on his lip suggestively. With a small growl, Louis’ hands tightened against her hips as he pulled her fully onto his lap, her legs either side of him as they kissed on another ferociously, hands caressing wherever they could reach, lips smacking against one another until Louis pulled away, resting his head against the sand with deep breaths.



Beatrice nestled into his chest after a moment of watching him, closing her eyes and smiling as his arms encircled her protectively.



“What does this mean then? Us… kissing?” Louis asked after a quiet few minutes, and Beatrice opened her eyes, glancing upwards to meet his.



“I thought we were already together?” Beatrice teased and Louis rolled his eyes.



“I mean it, Bea… I haven’t… felt like this in a while. This… you… it’s special” he admitted, a faint blush painting his cheeks as he looked away from her inquisitive glance.



“I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this” Beatrice whispered, slowly leaning upwards to kiss him gently. “I want it to be real, Louis.”






“As in, you’re my boyfriend, and I introduce you to my family…” Beatrice blushed slightly. “And maybe I could come off the couch?”



“I’d like that, actually” Louis smirked. “I’d have liked that a long time ago.”



Beatrice rolled her eyes at him, but still smiled and kissed him again. “You haven’t asked, Louis.”



“Asked…? Oh” Louis rolled his eyes, mimicking Beatrice and kissed her softly, before pulling away and meeting her breathless gaze. “Beatrice, will you be my girlfriend?”



“But we haven’t even been on a date!” she exclaimed quietly with wide eyes and Louis instantly appeared bashful.



“Well maybe we can do that and then…”



“Louis!” Beatrice laughed. “I was teasing you. Although a date does sound lovely, we’ve had enough date like situations, and I live with you. I feel pretty ready for this, Louis.”



“Oh, right… not funny, Beatrice” Louis pouted, but kissed her heartily all the same.



“Rose thinks we’ve just had a normal couple fight, by the way, but Penny knows the truth.”



“Penny?” Louis frowned. “As in your sister?”



“Oh, yeah” Beatrice smiled sheepishly. “We ran into each other at St Mungo’s… we caught up.”



“Are you forgiven?”



“No, not quite, it’s not… easy for her to forgive me, Louis. But she missed me… and it was nice” Beatrice suddenly smiled. “To talk to her, I’ve missed her more than anything.”



“I’m glad, Bea” Louis ran his hand through her hair gently. “I was getting worried about you, family’s important. To the both of us.”



“I know. Penny said she’d tell Guy and Dylan I was back, and I’ll have to visit Mum and Dad…” Beatrice bit her lip. “Would you like to come with me Louis? They’d love to meet you… and I want you there, to you know… well, it’d be nice.”



“I’d love to” Louis smiled gently, pulling Beatrice in for another swoon-worthy kiss that made her smile giddily.



For the first time in three years, things were looking up for Beatrice.

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