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Something Like That by padfootforeveryoung
Chapter 4 : Lilacs and Late Night Visits
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CI by tina.loves @TDA



“You’re a hot mess, and I’m falling for you.”

                -Hot Mess (Cobra Starship)



After Regulus left me standing their confused, I put the snitch in my pocket and made my way to the girl’s dormitory where I hid out until later that night. Thankfully, Marlene and Mary didn’t return so it was peaceful. I figured they were in Lily’s dorm getting ready. The snitch was zooming around the dormitory while the noise from downstairs was slowly drifting its way upstairs. I sighed to myself. Remus would be looking for me and would know something was wrong if I didn’t go down there. However, I was much more comfortable laying in my bed reading. I had finished Jane Eyre, and was currently flipping through the pages of Hogwarts a History.  Yeah, I’m lame skipping a party to read. It was pretty interesting though reading about the founder’s. It surprised me that at one point Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin were close friends. Who would have thought?


“What are you still doing up here McEwen?” I yelped and fell off my bed my book went flying.


“Bloody hell Black, how did you get up here?” I asked angrily. Sirius Black was standing in my dorm. Ah, if only Mary was here to see this. She’d probably faint. Back to the point. What the hell was he doing up here?


“I have my ways.” He said mysteriously and held out a hand to help me off the floor. I accepted grudgingly. His long black hair was falling elegantly over his aristocratic features, even I couldn’t deny he was good looking, but for some reason I found myself preferring the short hair his brother had. We both looked up when we heard a soft zooming noise hovering above us. The snitch, his brother had given me. I grabbed it quickly, and it stilled instantly. Sirius wasn’t stupid he could put two and two together.


“There’s no use in hiding it, I know he gave it you.” Sirius said sounding irritated while looking at the snitch enclosed in my hand. I gulped. I really didn’t want to fight with him tonight.


“He’s not a bad person.” I told him, glad that my voice wasn’t shaking. I brushed my hair out of my eyes, and straightened my shoulders.


“You don’t know what he’s capable of,” He told me baring his teeth. “I can’t stop you from tutoring him, as I know you didn’t have a choice in the matter,” About time he figured that part it. “But I will know if anything happens.” I rolled my eyes.


“Sometimes you remind me of a dog.” This seemed to loosen him up.


“Why do you say that?” He asked smirking.


“You have bad breath just like one.” I told him giving a smirk of my own.


“Ha Ha Ha, McEwen. Now, let’s go downstairs before Moony has a coronary.” He told me and started gently pushing me out the door. I hated when they used those nicknames. It was so bloody annoying, and Remus or as Black would call him Moony, would never tell me what they were for.


“I can walk on my own thanks.” I told him, and pushed him off of me. It was his turn to roll his eyes as we made our way down the stairs.


“Katherine there you are!” Remus called running over to me as soon as he saw me.


“Hi, Remus.” I said and took in my surroundings. It was all fifth years and above, and it was packed in the common room. There was a table that was filled with food, punch, and butterbeer, which I’m sure the marauders had been the ones to bring. The screaming banshees were being played loudly and the dancing was getting pretty, uh, intimate. Couples were snogging in various parts of the room, Mary and Gabe from the Quidditch team, Marlene with her long term boyfriend Benjy Fenwick, Lily and James, Peter and some desperate fifth year girl. Hang on, Lily and James?


“Is that…?” I said pointing in the corner where it looked like James was eating Lily’s face off.


“Yep, that’s them.” Sirius said proudly. You would think it was him that had got the girl of his dreams finally, not his best mate. But I suppose he was just happy that James was finally going to quit his whining.


“They started out talking, and well that happened.” Remus said blushing a little at the pair of them. Remus was always very reserved, and in all the time I’ve known him he’d never had a girlfriend. That type of stuff always seemed to make him uncomfortable, I wonder why? I made a mental note to ask him about it later.


“Well as long as they don’t do that in front of me I’m happy for the pair of them.” I said. Remus nodded in agreement.


“A bit of snogging never hurt anybody, McEwen.” Sirius told me and wiggled his eyebrows at me suggestively. I blushed knowing I didn’t have nearly as much experience as Sirius did. I’ve only kissed two boys.


“Katherine is off limits Sirius.” Remus told him and put a protective arm around my shoulder. I appreciated the gesture, because the thought of Sirius being interested in me like that terrified me. Not that he ever would be.


“I’m going to go grab some punch.” I said and walked in the direction of the food table. Thankfully neither of them followed me. Unfortunately for me I didn’t hear what Sirius had said to Remus.


“Do you think she knows that the punch is spiked with firewhiskey?”


Two hours later


“There you are Remmy I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” I said giggling and running up and hugging him. He was standing in a circle with Peter, and Sirius. At least that’s how I think it was. It was awfully blurry.


“Kay, exactly how much did you drink?” Remus asked concernedly?


“Why does it matter? It was only punch.” I let out another giggle.


“Dear Godric, she is smashed!” Sirius said. Now I was confused.


“What’s he talking about Remmy?” I asked.


“Nothing love why don’t we get you to bed.” Remus said tugging on my arm gently. I didn’t want to go to bed.


“No I don’t want to go to bed Remmy! I want to dance and sing. Sing with me Siri.” I grabbed an amused looking Sirius and started belting out the Celestina Warbeck song Mary was always playing. Spinning around the common room I began belting out the words.


“Oh, come and stir my cauldron

And if you do it right

I'll boil you up some hot, strong love

To keep you warm tonight.”


“Aren’t I good Remus?” I asked the sandy-haired boy who was holding his face in his hands, while Sirius held me steady as I was stumbling around.


“You’re just wonderful Katherine.” Peter told me clapping his hands. Godric he was weird. Just then my stomach started to feel funny.


“I don’t feel so good.” I said out loud not to anyone in particular. Sirius looked alarmed and tried to take a step back while still holding me up right. Too late, I threw up all over his feet.


“Sorry.” I coughed as I took in his disgusted expression. That’s all I remember, as I promptly passed out.





“I can’t believe I missed her throwing up all over you Padfoot.” James annoyingly loud voice said.


“Quiet you prat, she’s still sleeping.” I opened my eyes slowly and saw four boys staring at me.


“No, she’s not she’s awake!” cried out an excited Peter. Why must he be so loud?”


“Where the bloody hell am I?” I asked. My head was pounding and it looked dark outside. The blankets I was wrapped in smelled like Remus. Sweet Merlin I was in the boy’s dormitory.


“Well, you see you drank a little bit too much.” Said James.


“And passed out after throwing up on Sirius.” Added Peter.


“We didn’t want to bring you into the girl’s dormitory, out of fear of Mary.” Sirius continued.


“So we had to bring you hear. Sorry Kay.” Remus said apologetically. Godric these four idiots even finished each other’s sentences.


“I got drunk last night? Please, tell me I didn’t do anything to embarrassing. I’ve never drank before.” I said. Sirius smirked, that was not a good sign.


“You sang me a little Celestina Warbeck is all.” He said evilly. Oh please no. I looked at Remus and all he could do was nod. James looked gleeful and Peter was looking between the three boys excitedly. I slapped my head, which wasn’t the best idea at the moment probably.


“I can’t believe I did that to you of all people Black.” I said glaring at him, he looked offended for a moment, but it was quickly replaced by his stupid smirk. “What time is it anyways?” I asked


“It’s about 9,” Then why is it dark outside. “At night.” Remus finished. I slept the whole day away? I was never drinking again. I rolled over and closed my eyes.


“What are you doing?” James asked.


“I’m going back to bed. See you morons in the morning.” I told them grumpily and was almost instantly asleep again.





“Katherine, wake up,” Remus said.


“Go away.” I responded sleepily.


“You’re going to be late if you don’t get up now. I went to your dorm and got you some clothes. You have about thirty minutes before potions starts.” He replied sounding tired himself and shook me gently.  I threw my pillow, or I guess it was his, at him.


“I’m up.” I said as my eyes took a while to adjust to the morning light. He forced a smile on his exhausted looking face.


“Good, I’m going to head down now. I have some questions I want to ask Professor Slughorn. See you soon.” He grabbed his bag and was on his way out the door. I hated Monday mornings.


Taking a quick shower, and putting waves in my hair again I brushed on some make up and was out of the boy’s dormitory in a flash. Man, I sounded like a whore; I had spent the last two nights in my best guy friend’s bed. I can’t believe I slept all of Sunday. I must have needed it though; at least my pounding headache was finally gone.


Walking the corridors down by the dungeons when they were this empty I had to admit was a little creepy. Probably wasn’t the best thing for me to do.


“Well, well, well what do we have here?” I heard someone sneer, and groaned as I recognized the voice. I so did not need this today; and my hand tightened around my wand.


“Hello Evan.” I told him sounding bored. However, I realized it wasn’t just Evan Rosier, Rabastan Lestrange, and Vulcan Mulciber where there as well. Oh joy. They all smirked superiorly at me. Evan had this mad glint in his eyes. You see the thing with Evan was I had beaten him in a duel during class earlier in the year. Let’s just say he hadn’t been thrilled being beat by a muggleborn, who was also a Gryffindor, and a female one at that.


“What is someone like you doing wandering around these dungeons all by your lonesome?” He asked mocking concern.  His two sidekicks laughed.


“I’m on my way to potions which all of you are supposed to be at.” I snapped and tried to walk past them.


“Oh no, mudblood you are not going anywhere.” Lestrange sneered and moved in front of me. That was not a flattering facial expression for him, and combined with that awful mustache he just looked disgusting.


“Lestrange, why don’t you go and do something more productive with your time; like I don’t know go shave your face.” I said giving him a smirk. This pissed him off. I know I should really just hold my tongue given that I was outnumbered, but I lifted my wand anyways to cast a nonverbal. Before I could even think the word ‘stupefy’ I was flying against the stone corridor wall. He bloody hit me.


I could feel a cold substance dripping down my head. I was bleeding. Bastard much?


“Stupefy.” I muttered quietly as I was slumped up against the wall. My anger must have made it powerful, because Lestrange was set flying into the wall opposite of me and bounced off of it. Unfortunately he was still conscious, because I could hear the pansy moaning in pain. Serves him right I thought.


“You little bitch.” Rosier growled and advanced on me with his wand out. Soon he hanging upside down and soap was coming out of his mouth.  A little thing I picked up from Potter and Black. I observed my handy work, but my head was still pounding. Just then I felt the sensation of flying through the air and then I heard the sickening crunch of my body as Mulciber, who I had forgotten about in the commotion, picked me up and tossed me into the wall. The last thing I remember was hearing a voice that sounded eerily similar to Regulus Black.


“What the bloody hell did you do to her?” Then everything went black.




“Shouldn’t she be awake now?” I heard Remus ask his voice strained. My head was pounding; I hope I hadn’t got drunk again.


“She had serious head trauma, these things take time.” Madam Pomfrey the school nurse said. I was in the hospital wing? Thinking hard the last memory I have was hearing Regulus’ voice.


“Regulus?” My voice cracked.


“Katherine you’re awake!” Remus cried out looking seriously relieved. I opened my eyes and my head felt incredibly heavy. I could see that Sirius was also there, but Regulus was nowhere in sight.


“What happened?” I groaned.




“You were attacked Ms. McEwen. If Mr. Black hadn’t come along when he did, I’m not sure what would have happened. The Headmaster has punished each of your attackers. Unfortunately in my opinion they have not been expelled,” Pomfrey told me. “I’m going to go get you a potion for your head. I know it must be bothering you greatly.” And with that she bustled off.


“You saved me Sirius?” I asked. His eyes narrowed and Remus’ body stiffened.


“No, my brother did,” He muttered and his eyes flashed. “Sorry he’s not here to greet you, seeing as how his name was the first thing you said after being unconscious for three days. The prat brought you here, and hasn’t returned sense.” He snapped.  I’ve been knocked out for three days?


“Sirius.” Remus scolded him. Madam Pomfrey returned at that moment with a bubbling purple potion.


“You two young men need to leave. She needs rest and it is nearing curfew!” She snapped. Pomfrey had a wand shoved up her arse clearly. I had questions that I needed answered!


“Will you be alright Kay?” Remus asked. I nodded my head. Sirius gave me one more look and headed out the door. Remus kissed my forehead and followed suit.


“I need to keep you here for a few days for observation and you need to drink this!” Madam Pomfrey said and handed me the potion. I brought it to my mouth hesitantly and decided just to drown it and get it over with.


“Sweet merlin that tastes awful!” I said as I coughed and spluttered. Madam Pomfrey took the empty glass and with a flick of her wand the lights were out.  This was going to be a long few days.



I had no idea what time it was, but I did know I could not sleep a wink. These hospital gowns were itchy and the room smelled terrible. I officially hated this place.


From my bed I could look out the window and see the stars. Coincidentally I had a perfect view of Sirius’ star, the brightest star in the sky. You know he really wouldn’t be that bad if he just let his grudge against his brother go. Okay, maybe I was bitter that he had practically ignored me all of these years. But still who wouldn’t be?  The whole I hate Regulus mantra he had going just didn’t help his case.


The door creaked open slowly to the hospital wing. I instantly reached for my wand and saw thankfully that it was at my bed side table. At least it hadn’t been damaged in the fight.


“Whose there?” I whispered into the dark. The area surrounding my bed was lit up as the candle next to it began to give off a hazy light. Hey someone brought me flowers! I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed a beautiful bouquet of lilacs next to my bed. Those were my favorite flower. I heard another creak. Getting back to my potential demise.


“What the bloody hell was that?” I whispered. 


“Must be magic.” I knew that voice. I looked up into the grey eyes of Regulus Black as he crept towards my bed with a slight smile playing on his lips.  However his face looked exhausted.


“Regulus?” I asked surprised.


“It’s nice to see you awake.” He replied and pulled out the chair at the side of my bed. When I met his eyes they were sparkling. I couldn’t help but look into them.


“What are you doing here?” Sirius had said Regulus hadn’t been here sense he had dropped me off. Regulus seemed a little embarrassed when I asked him that.


“I, uh, have been coming every night to check on you. I would have come during the day, but I don’t fancy having to deal with my brother and your friend Lupin.” He told me avoiding my gaze.


“That’s alright. Trust me I don’t blame you Remus can be a bit protective of me and Sirius is just a prat.” I said bluntly. He gave a small laugh at my remark.


“Remus is a good friend of yours isn’t he?” Regulus asked hesitantly.


“Yes, ever sense we sat next to each other in first year charms,” I could remember that day so clearly. I was having a hard time fitting in and all of the girls in my dorm had already paired off so I was left to sit by myself, but Remus saved me from that extreme embarrassment. “Why do you ask?”


“It’s just every time I’ve seen you, you’re with him. To an outsider it looks like maybe you two are more than friends,” He trailed off awkwardly, but at the same time his greys never left my blue ones. I burst out laughing at this. Remus was like my brother I could never and I repeat never have anything but strictly platonic feelings for him. “What is so funny?” He asked sounding irritated.


“There is no way Remus and I would ever like each other like that.” I told him in between giggles.


“That’s good to know,” Regulus mumbled to himself. “Those flowers are nice. Do you like them?” He asked abruptly changing the subject and pointing towards the table next to me. They were gorgeous.


“They’re my favorite. I absolutely adore them and they smell fantastic!” I said blushing a little at how over excited I sounded at the prospect of flowers.


“Good I’m glad to hear that.” He told me and looked somewhat pleased with himself.


“Why is that?” I asked curiously. Regulus scratched the back of his head and looked a little uncomfortable.


“Nothing important. So has my brother said anything else to you about me lately?” He asked. Regulus was a master at changing the subject of something he didn’t want to talk about.



“Actually yes, he was a bit upset, because when I woke up you were the last thing I could remember and I said your name and he felt the need to lecture me it’s quite annoying actually.” I said rolling my eyes, but blushing at the same time.


“I was the first person you asked for?” He said teasingly looking down at me. His grey eyes sparkling, he looked incredibly cute at that moment.


Come on Katherine, focus here. “It’s nothing important,” I told him sarcastically. “Anyways he never cared about me before and now all the sudden that I’m tutoring you it’s like I can’t get away from him.” I said exasperatedly. Regulus seemed to be thinking carefully about what to say next.


“Sirius thinks that I want to be a death eater.” He told me bluntly with his eyes borrowing into mine. I must have looked confused, because of what he said next. “Do you know what a death eater is?” He asked.


“Of course I know what a death eater is you prat. What I don’t get is why anybody would want to be one. Let alone why you would have stopped the death eater miniatures from killing me if you did want to be a death eater.” I snapped. He narrowed his eyes at this.


“I wouldn’t let them kill you. You’re different.” He replied irritated.


“I’m different from what exactly? My parents are muggles for merlin’s sake,” I cried out. “I’m exactly what death eaters hate. Why do you even talk to me? Is this some sort of plot to hurt me?” I demanded wildly.


“Yes, you’ve got me. It’s been my intent to hurt you this entire time. I set this whole thing up,” He responded angrily with his stormy grey eyes flashing. “I don’t want to be a death eater okay? I don’t want to kill anyone let alone you.” He snapped breathing heavily. All of this fighting was really starting to make my head hurt, but he just looked so vulnerable in that moment that I knew he wasn’t lying.


“I’ve never told anyone that before.” He said and put his head in his hands. I could have sworn he was about ready to cry. Good Godric my life was turning into those pathetic soap operas my mum watched obsessively.


“I stole a book from the library once.” I blurted out. Regulus looked up at me like I was insane and burst out laughing. How hadn’t Pomfrey heard us by now?


“I tell you I don’t want to be a death eater, something everyone in my family is or believes in and you tell me you stole a library book,” If he wasn’t crying before he was now. “That is classic right there Katherine.” It wasn’t that funny. I mean I thought it was a pretty big deal, but I suppose turning on your family who worships dark magic ranks higher on the list then stealing a copy of Quidditch through the ages.


“Are we friends Regulus? Like real friends? Not ones who only talk in secret but ones that hang out in public?” I asked suddenly, and I had a right to know. There was no way I was going to be his secret, but Regulus’ laughing stopped abruptly and his shoulders tensed up.


“I don’t want you to get hurt Katherine,” He said seriously. “If my family knew…” He gave a small shudder.


“I’m not afraid of that Regulus. I want us to be able to hang out, because I feel really at ease with you.” I said earnestly. He smiled at this, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.


“No one has ever said that to me before.” He replied.


“Well, what do you say friends?” I held out my hand for him to shake very much like the first time I met him. However, this time he shook it.


“Friends.” He said as he looked down at our hands and gave a crooked smile. His large hand covered my rather small one completely and I felt safe. That was something that I hadn’t felt in a long time.



“Now Ms. McEwen if you continue getting headaches I ask that you come see my immediately,” Madam Pomfrey told me three days later. I was finally getting released from the hell hole in which the hospital wing resided. “I will also send the rest of your things up to your room.” I looked at my schools books Remus had brought me, clothes, and the Lilacs that were still sitting on my bedside table. They really improved the smell of this joint.


“Yes Ma’am and thank you.” I replied impatiently. It was an early Sunday morning and I was starving for some real food. Remus had come to pick me up. Pomfrey narrowed her eyes at me.


“I am counting on you to watch out for her.” She told Remus sternly.


“Of course, I will.” He told her as he put his arm around me and smiled.


“Very good, and I will be seeing you tomorrow evening Mr. Lupin.” She replied and his skin paled a bit. What was that about?


“Yes.” Was all he said and he practically dragged me out the door.


“So, let’s get down to the Great Hall. I for one am starving.” He told me as we walked down the corridor. He wasn’t getting off that easy.


“What did she mean she would see you tomorrow?” I asked him.


“Detention.” He replied blankly and kept staring straight-ahead to the nearing Great Hall entrance.


“Looks like when I’m not around you have no one to keep you in line.” I said teasingly and nudged him gently in the shoulder. He looked down and gave me a weak smile. That was strange? We sat down next to Lily (who had surprisingly come to visit me a few times while I was recovering,) and James.


“How are you feeling Katherine?” She asked kindly as James put an arm around her shoulders (they were now officially an item Lily informed me earlier that week during one of her visits.) I was impressed that he could eat with one hand considering the amount of food he usually consumed.


“All better,” I told her smiling. “My head has finally stopped pounding and I’m now able to eat food that is edible and doesn’t look like something Hagrid has to clean up from the hippogriffs.” James snorted at this statement.


“You’re right. The hospital wing food is nowhere near as good as this. It’s, because Pomfrey makes it instead of the house-elves,” He said while eating and food was coming out of his mouth. Lily teach your boy some manners. “Don’t ask me why though.” He added. Trust me I wasn’t planning on it.


“Good Godric James do not talk while your mouth is full.” Lily said sounding grossed out and handed him a napkin. He got a sheepish expression on his face, and thankfully used the napkin.


“Sorry Flower.” He told her causing her to blush. Who would have thought this day would ever happen? Sirius plopped down next to me. I hadn’t seen him sense he had stormed out of the hospital wing after I had first woke up.


“Good to see you McEwen.” He told me and gave my shoulder a squeeze. That was surprising?


“You as well Black.” I replied and started on my fourth piece of toast; which was my favorite food of all time. I could live off of it if I had too. I heard a rustling of wings as the owl post began to arrive. I only ever got letters from my parents, who found owl post delightfully interesting. That is why I was so surprised to see two letters drop in front of me. The first one was from my mum who had received a letter notifying her of my stint in the hospital wing and her desire to gravely injure my attackers. Oh my mum was sure a treat.


It was the next letter, or rather note was from Regulus.




Would’ve asked in person, but my brother is watching me like a hawk. It’s creepy really. I think he can now be added to my list of stalkers. It’s quite a long list let me tell you. Also, approaching Gryffindor table doesn’t seem like the smartest idea for someone in green and silver. Anyways, please graciously accept my invitation to be partners in defense tomorrow? I heard we have a new project. I don’t have Quidditch practice tomorrow (it’s a miracle really,) so maybe we can just start on my tutoring right after that? Write back.




This letter made me laugh quite a bit. Remus looked at me curiously as did Sirius.


“Just my mum rambling on, you know how she is Remus.” I told him. Luckily they both seemed to accept this answer. Taking advantage of Sirius stuffing his face with bacon I looked towards the Slytherin table. Regulus was their eating next to his cousin Narcissa Black. Narcissa wasn’t all that terrible. Okay, well she could be a serious bitch and she was dating Lucius Malfoy who was a few years her senior, but there were worse Slytherins to deal with. Trust me.


Regulus must have felt my gaze, because he met my eyes after a few seconds. I held up the letter carefully, as to not attract attention, and nodded my head yes. He gave me a quick wink and a smile which I returned blushing just a little bit. I was surprised that this was my usual reaction when Regulus looked at me now days. Especially after the several nighttime visits he paid me while I was in the hospital wing. He was very interesting to talk to. Thankfully no one noticed our exchange. Except for Narcissa; who was now looking curiously between Regulus and me.





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