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Expecting by SaritaMalfoy22
Chapter 5 : Chapter 4: Kiss The Girl
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                                                            Chapter 4: Kiss the Girl

Friday night arrived nice and quickly, and there I was, 9.00 at night, with Becky, Sarah and Dom, preparing my clothes for my date the next day. We'd finally decided on a moss green dress with white polka dots. Becky was going to style my hair tomorrow, pulling the two front/side bits back and accessorising with a white ribbon. I was borrowing a pair of Sarah's white kitten heel slingbacks and the girls were all going to help me do my makeup since they knew becoming friends (or more) with Freddie was very important to me.

First cut is the deepest, so they say.

But anyway, the girls are chatting away now, Sarah sat on her bed and curled up with a hot water bottle and a bar of Honeydukes finest (oh the joys of period pain) while Becky was sat on the end of Sarah's bed, pinching her chocolate when she wasn't looking. I'm getting into my PJ's and Dom was taking her makeup off.

"So, what's the plan for tomorrow? Are you going to be together again?" Dom asked, slightly muffled because she had her mouth in an 'o' to get the mascara from under her eyes. I look down at my fairly new pyjama top, which felt a lot tighter around the chest than usual.

"Rosie, what's up?" Becky asked, abandoning her split ends (which she was trying to repair using magic) and looking up to see my puzzled expression.

"It's my boobs, they're huge!" I spluttered without thinking. Dom looked up from her cross-legged position on the floor by the full length mirror while Sarah chewed thoughtfully as she weighed up the difference.

"I think Sarah's still got the edge, Ro…" Dom said uncertainly as she looked between us. I waved her off impatiently.

"I know that, it's not a competition. But they have grown loads in the past week haven't they?" I asked, staring at them under my top. Becky nodded.

"Yeah, I suppose they have actually." Sarah said, her eyes narrowing in thought.

"You're a growing girl. You're due on next week or something aren't you?" Dom dismissed, turning back to her eye make up remover.

Becky returned to her split ends, as if hearing someone else say it confirmed her own thoughts, but Sarah popped another piece of chocolate in her mouth and chewed thoughtfully, staring at her duvet. I forgot about my breasts then, Dom having calmed me down. A hundred thoughts had run through my mind when I saw my melons, the most ludicrous being that someone had put some kind of spell on me or something. But like she said, I'm still growing, my weight is bound to fluctuate and I'm due on next week. Hmm.



We all slept well that night, after watching a few chick flicks like we do every Friday night. Sometimes we sneak into the boy's dorm and have a movie night, but Sarah didn't feel like getting out of bed when she was under the covers so we just stayed where we were, transforming my bed into a flat screen T.V. like we do every time.

"Morning, sunshine." I said to Becky as she crawled out of bed and towards where I stood in the doorway of our en suite, looking like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards.

"Meh." She mumbled incoherently. She's not a morning person. In fact, none of us are apart from Dom, who's already gone down to breakfast, bed made and area tidy.

What a weirdo.

"Give." Becky mumbled, holding her hand out for the moisturiser that my mum bought me last year for Christmas, her eyes half open. I gave it to her absentmindedly as I massaged foundation into my cheeks and dusted some pretty pink blusher over the apples of my cheeks. My eyes are already done, with liquid liner and mascara and a little bit of brown eyeshadow contouring my lids.

"You look good." Becky said thoughtfully, rubbing in a line of foundation on my jaw line for me.

"Thanks" I said, smoothing my dress nervously and looking into the room, where Sarah was sleeping.

Her covers were around her knees and her arms were above her head, hair everywhere. She's a really violent sleeper; she once threw a vase full of flowers at Dom in her sleep whenshe had a nightmare and thought she was beating off a demon or an evil marshmallow or something. Which is why I don't believe it's ever a good idea to piss her off, because if she could do that in her sleep then I know full well she could do worse in waking hours.

In fact we're all damn hard women. I used to have trouble with some Slytherin lads in the year above, taking the piss out of my dark red and at the time frizzy hair. That is until James stepped in and reminded them who we all were related to, and that James could knock them out if the need arose.

Unsurprisingly, I wasn't bothered by them again

Dom used to get teased by the Parkinson twins and their posse of bitches a few years back because she was so thin with no curves. Even now she has tiny breasts and no bum, but we helped her see that she was pretty enough to get away with it. It's not her fault; Aunt Fleur is exceedingly slim, but she's so pretty nobody notices that she's got mosquito-bite boobs. As for Becky, she never really has trouble with people; she's the kind of person that everyone has a tendency to like, although she rarely likes them back. But Sarah still has her problems with some guys. Most if not all are too busy checking out her goods, but some are cheeky. I remember a few times she got taunts from lads for her height. Let me tell you, she had absolutely no problem putting them in their place, and every single one of them was shorter than her. Coincidence? I think not.

"Oi chick, are you really that tall or are you on stilts?" One of the Slytherin lads had shouted as we walked past, Sarah stood straight and proud and graceful. She turned towards him, 6 feet of pure hormonal woman staring him down.

"I'm sorry, that was rude of me…" The boy mumbled as she walked towards his table, face set into a mask of indifference.

She stood over him, towering over his friends as well while me, Dom and Becky stared.

"Don't worry love... just as soon as you hit puberty, you'll start to grow, too." Sarah said with a sympathetic smile, turning on her heel and strutting away, tossing her hair, to laughter from us and even the boy's mates.

And another time she and James were walking through the great hall.

"Oi Big Bird! What's the weather like up there?" A short but cocky Hufflepuff said, trying to look her up and down but eyes stopping determinedly on her breasts.

James looked at the lad and snaked his arm around Sarah's waist. He then saw which part of her the boy was looking at and before Sarah said anything (her mouth was open, ready to burst with a witty retort) James spat on the boy's head.

"Looks like rain to me" James said, while Sarah held her hand out mockingly and looked at the ceiling for rain. The pair then walked off, to applause and cheers from the crowd that had gathered. That was the talk of the school for a good few months, let me tell you.

"There." Becky said triumphantly. I looked in the mirror, having snapped out of my memories. I have a tendency to start random flashbacks up when I'm nervous or bored. She had pulled two bits of my hair back and put the white ribbon in to hold it in place.

"You look great" She said proudly.

"Yeah you do, Ro" Sarah said groggily from her bed. She was rubbing her eyes as she sat up, hair already falling into natural, pretty wavelets. She had no makeup on this morning but she was still beautiful, and curse Satan and his hundreds of cat babies, I hated it.

"Cheers chickens." I said, turning to the mirror as Sarah sat up further for her traditional weekend lie-in (or sit in) and picked up a magazine. Becky sat on the edge of one of the baths (there are six side-by-side baths in our en suite so we can all bathe at the same time, with curtains separating them.)

"Morning girlies!" Dom said brightly, coming into our dorm, carrying all our post and about fifty pieces of toast. She was followed by James and Danny. God knows how they get up our stairs, but somehow they manage it.

"Hello darrrrling" James purred, jumping onto Sarah's bed as she flicked the page. He lay next to her before she caught sight of Danny's expression. She quickly hopped out of bed, leaving James to look more than a little put-out as she kissed her boyfriend.

"Morning." She grinned as he hugged her, smiling too. James caught sight of me then and wolf whistled.

"Got a date, little ducky?" He asked knowingly. I don't know what his obsession with farmyard poultry is today but James has had a lot of weird phases. Like the time he would eat nothing but tinned pineapple.

Happy days.

"Yeah. With Freddie" I smiled, putting my earrings in.

"Freddie?" James asked incredulously.

"Yep." I said. He sat up and picked up Sarah's abandoned magazine, probably to throw at me. He knows how much of a mess I was when we broke up. However he opened it, shaking his head.

"Where have my boobs gone?" He said suddenly, looking intently at the magazine. We laughed, Danny actually cracked a smile. Well, stone the crows!

"What?" Sarah asked.

"It says it in here; a witch cursed her boobs off!" James said holding up the magazine. Sarah shook her head with a smile and turned back to Danny.

"You look amazing, even in the morning." Danny said quietly in Sarah's ear as they ate toast. Dom leapt onto Sarah's bed with James and took the magazine out of his hands as he stared at Danny, ready to hurl it.

Sarah laughed.

"Like hell I do." She said scornfully. Like most of the world's most beautiful girls, she just doesn't see it. I looked at the alarm clock on my bedside table and nearly had a heart attack. Picking up my tiny white handbag and a few pieces of toast, I hurried to the door.

"Right you dossers, I've only got five minutes to get downstairs and eat this. Toodle pip! Stay in school, don't do drugs!" I yelled over my shoulder as I hurry out of the room, to a chorus of 'Good luck's and 'have fun!'



"Hello Freddie. Sorry, you have no idea how hard it is to run down seven flights of stairs in kitten heels." I complained, putting a hand on his shoulder for added balance as I used the other to adjust the already uncomfortable heels. I glanced around the entrance hall, watching people filing out.

"There. All better" I say brightly as he grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"Rosie you look great." He said, kissing my cheek. I blushed and I feel someones eyes on the back of my head. As I turned and met the eyes of Scorpius, I'm not really surprised. He looked annoyed as he and a gaping Albus walked by and I sighed.

"You ok? Ready to go?" Freddie asked, looking nervous, as if he thinks I'll pull a sickie on him or something.

"I'm fine and dandy, let's offski!" I said cheerily.

Let's offski? I hang around with James far too much.

Instead of having the normal human reaction to me (running for the hills and screaming) he laughed and took my hand as we walked out into the grounds.



"Please tell me we're going to avoid my dad's pub." I said as Freddie led me through the side streets, both of our other hands holding now tiny lollies he bought us from Honeydukes about an hour ago. I finished mine and tossed it into the nearest bin while Freddie wrapped his in its packaging and put it in his jacket pocket.

Maybe I should have mentioned the fact that my parents own a pub here in Hogsmeade called The Basilisk Fang where a pub called the Hog's Head used to be. I forget why they called it that, whenever I ask dad he just smiles at mum nostalgically and mumbles something about their first kiss. But anyway, mum doesn't work there except in the holidays and the odd weekend since she works for the ministry full time, but dad has flexible hours so he divides his time between the two. Teddy Lupin works there too, and dad holds a Christmas/New Years party there every year, rain or shine, with all the 'old crowd' like mum, dad, Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry (who helps out behind the bar, too) Professor Longbottom and his wife Hannah, Auntie Luna and Rolf and even Draco Malfoy and Astoria come along for the annual party.

See, the thing with Draco Malfoy and my parents kind of sorted itself out when my mum and Astoria Malfoy became work partners and then were bridesmaids for a mutual friend. The rest is history, and they're really good friends now, meeting for lunch most weeks to discuss a project or a new legislation or Rob from the office or how much they are both in love with house elves. So when mum pushed dad to invite the Malfoy's to the annual party, dad could hardly say no. Me and Scorpius were hardly annoyed; we spend most of our time together anyway and all our school crew is all there so it's just like a real party.

Anyway, we walked past and Freddie stopped outside it and looked at me, eyebrows raised.

"Why? Don't you want them to know we're dating again?" He asked, looking at the pub, which we've stopped right in front of.

"Well it's our first date, I don't even know where this is going..." I said, fiddling with the hem of my dress.

"I do" Freddie says, leaning down slightly and kissing me, softly at first but eventually deepening it. Oh this is familiar…and oh so dreamy…

"Rosie? Is that you?" A familiar voice called out from behind us. I spun on the spot to see Teddy Lupin stood on the doorstep of dad's pub, cleaning a beer pitcher.

"Teddy!" I said happily, running forward a few metres to hug him. Today he's got bright auburn hair and unreal river green eyes, like Uncle Harry's, but usually it's a pretty dark sand colour and his eyes are usually a misty blue hue. He's truly gorgeous, but I suppose I would be if I could choose how I could look.

"Ro, I thought your mum had raised you not to kiss strange boys in the middle of the street." Teddy mock scolded, craning his neck to see who it was I was kissing.

"Hello Ted," Freddie said politely, coming to stand next to me and shoving his hands in his pockets. Teddy eyed Freddie cautiously.

Teehee - Teddy and Freddie. Oh rhyme, you funny mistress.

"Hello Freddie. I didn't know you two were an item again," Teddy said, surprise in his voice.

"Neither did we until very recently," I replied, clasping my hands behind my back and smiling at Freddie, bouncing on my (Sarah's) heels.

"Shall I get your dad? He's inside?" Teddy asked, half smiling at us.

"No! No, don't disturb him. We were just going back up to the school anyway. I started to feel sick in Honeydukes." I explained hurriedly. Teddy nodded.

"You felt sick? But Honeydukes is your favourite place in the world…you used to just sit in there for hours while I tried to keep James and Cousin Fred from nicking anything that wasn't nailed down." He said quizzically, laughing afterwards at the memory. I shrugged, swinging my arms.

"Well there's been a bug at school doing the rounds, I probably picked it up, knowing my luck" I sighed, looking at the sky, which was turning pink with sunset.

"Ok, well owl me soon, yeah?" Teddy said, patting my arm and shaking Freddie's hand. "I won't tell Uncle Ron I saw you two out today" He added, winking. I grinned and took Freddie's hand again.

"Cheers, Teddy. See you soon. I'll write to you as soon as something interesting happens." I said, glancing through the window into the pub, where I could see my dad vaguely, wiping down the counters with a rag, sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

"See you, Ro. Don't forget to keep me posted on the family, and the shifting." He laughed, before hugging me and waving with his dishcloth as I nodded and Freddie and I carried on up the slope that lead to Hogwarts.

"I didn't know you were still animagus-ing." He said after a few moments of silence.

"We call it shifting, love." I laughed. "And yeah, our whole gang still does it. We've got half the family hooked now." I grinned, looking up at the sky, which was turning a pretty mauve colour.

"Ah good." He replied, looking at the clouds above the castle too. There was another comfortable silence as we entered the Hogwarts grounds.

"Look Ro." Freddie said, stopping. "In case I didn't get to tell you later, I've had an amazing day today, you haven't changed a bit." He said, grinning and taking both my hands as he stood opposite me.

"Thanks. I had lots of fun too." I smiled.

"The thing is… I want to do this again. I want to start seeing you again." Freddie said nervously. I thought for a moment.

"Why don't we just play it by ear?" I said after a while. I didn't want to commit myself to something I didn't know I could handle again. I needed an escape route.

"Ok then. How does next Saturday sound? Same time, same place." Freddie said, smiling wider and showing off rows of dentist-advertisement teeth.

"That sounds great." I said, without giving my brain time to answer for me. I knew what I wanted now.

"Good. I wouldn't have it any other way…" He replied, edging closer and kissing me passionately, his soft familiar mouth moving against mine. My fingers found his soft wavy hair, and his found mine and as the sun set behind the clouds, I didn't see a furious Scorpius turn and head through the castle doors and into Hogwarts.

So what did you think? I hope you liked the pub idea; I was thinking about that one for a while and decided it tied in with everything :) Please review - it means so much to me! -Sarita x



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Expecting: Chapter 4: Kiss The Girl


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