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Blind by CooperTowne
Chapter 6 : Green-Ray
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A few days passed during the winter holiday at Dom’s house, and to Isa, it felt like the first time she was able to relax.

Dom’s house is non-stop action. After the first night, people have been flooing into talk with Bill or various Weasley relatives to entertain those of us still in school.

James and Charlie are here almost around the clock. While Freddie has been mysteriously missing. We went to his house and found that he wasn’t home. Anna has opted to stay home for a couple days while she waits for Freddie to get his shit together. I believe her exact words were ‘Owl me when Fred proves he still exists.’

The Weasleys of year five and my sister have been getting along fabulously. Especially Rose and Taylor. Rose is apparently like her mother in that she is kind of a nerd. She loves books, school, and she knows absolutely everything. Which makes her and my Ravenclaw sister get along great.

“Isa!” Taylor called. Isa turned towards her sister’s distant voice. She was sitting in the kitchen with Dom who was excitedly watching popcorn pop without using magic.

“Kitchen,” Isa called. Taylor walked in tugged on Isa arm impatiently.

“Grab your coat and some boots. We’re going for a walk,” Taylor said.

“When was this decided?” Isa said breathing in the smell of fresh popcorn.

“Can it wait Taylor?” Dom asked. “We were going to try and work that old muggle contraption. What’s it called Green-Ray?”

“Blu-Ray,” Isa clarified. “And by ‘we’, you mean that you’re going to try.”

“Yes,” Dom said sliding forward to the popcorn. “Is this done?” she asked.

“Isa. Please?” Taylor asked, her voice on the brink of pleading.

Isa sighed and smiled weakly at Dom. “Yea alright, we’ll do it when you get back, but don’t be surprised if all the popcorn is gone,” Dom said. Taylor wasted no time after Dom agreed. Throwing Isa her jacket, Taylor stuffed Isa’s feet into some boots and then dragged her outside. Isa shivered as she greeted the cold and she quickly shrugged the jacket on.

“So,” Isa said awkwardly. They had walked to the edge of the woods behind the cottage, and they were sitting on a large root jutting out of the ground.

“I walked in on Louis when he was getting out of the shower,” Taylor spit out. Oh my Merlin. What? I think I’m choking on air. Taylor hit Isa on the back until she stopped coughing.

“Excuse me?” Isa managed to get out.

“Apparently he doesn’t lock the bathroom when he takes a shower,” Taylor said shrugging.

“How did you not hear the shower going?” Isa asked confused. You know the little pitter patter of water?

“I don’t know. I walked up the stairs and immediately went to the bathroom to get something. I open the door and there he is. Naked. Dripping wet.” Taylor sighed. “Let me say this: damn that boy is fit.” Taylor smiled and bit her thumb. Isa laughed.

“You can be so weird at times. One minute you’re all like ‘holy shit I just walked in on him’ and the next you’re fantasizing about him because you just walked in on him,” Isa said still giggling softly.

“Oi, I am not fantasizing about him. I’m merely stating a fact about how good looking he is and maybe his body too,” Taylor said wrapping her gloved hands around Isa’s bare ones. “But that’s besides the point.”

Isa smirked. She so fancies him. “Anything else I need to know about?” Isa asked.


“Like anything scandalous happen between you two over the last 5 days that as your older sister I am obligated to know about? Any late night rendezvous?” Isa asked smirking.

“Oh haha. So funny,” Taylor said dryly. “For your information, no. Well—”

“There was something!” Isa gasped dramatically. “Tell me now or I may die of curiosity!”

“You are really annoying sometimes you know that?” Taylor said. Isa shrugged and smiled. “It’s just that a few nights ago we stayed up until like 3 in the morning.”

“Doing what?” Isa asked.

“Talking. Eating some chocolate cake we found,” Taylor said.

Isa clasped her hand over her heart and sighed. “How romantic.” Maybe I am a good actress.

“Stuff it. It was nice to talk to him. He wasn’t freaking out like he usually is, though he probably is now after what happened. But he’s really nice and listened to me. I told him about Donny,” Taylor said looking at the snow-covered ground.

“You did?” Isa said quietly. We never talk about Donny. It’s been a silent pact in our family since it happened. We just don’t.

“Yea. I’m sorry I did, but he was just being so honest with me. I just thought—”

“No, it’s ok. Really,” Isa said. It was silent for a moment. Taylor looked at her sister and the soft snow falling around them. Isa eyes were cloudy now and Taylor felt a tinge of sadness because she knew it was her fault. Isa stood and brushed herself off. “Let’s go inside, it’s too cold.”

Taylor nodded and stood up next to Isa. Taylor grabbed hold of Isa hand and they made their way back to the cottage. “So,” Isa said, “you and Louis.”

“I never said I fancied him,” Taylor immediately said blushing.

“I never said you did either,” Isa said smirking.

Taylor cursed under her breath and Isa laughed at her. “Fine I may fancy him a little bit. He’s just so nice and funny—”

“And fit and sexy and—” Isa said mocking Taylor’s voice

“Shove it,” Taylor said slapping Isa over the head.

“You should ask him to Hogsmeade when we get back to school,” Isa said rubbing the back of her head.

“No, I mean, if he really wants to go with me, he’ll have to ask me. I’m not a girl to chase after a guy. Or to lose her shit because Louis Weasley may or may not have looked in her general direction,” Taylor said. “Guys should ask the girls.”

“You sound like Polly,” Isa mumbled as Taylor opened the door and they walked in.

“I’m sure I do,” Taylor said while she kicked off her snow-covered boots.

“Besides, he’s not ‘looking in your general direction’. From what I’ve heard, he looks longingly at you in a sort or ‘please notice my existence’ way,” Isa said.

“True. I guess we’ll have to wait and see,” Taylor said hanging up her and Isa’s coats.

“Dammit, you know I hate suspense,” Isa teased. Taylor rolled her eyes.

“Isa! Green-Ray! Now!” Dom called from the other room. Taylor squeezed Isa’s arm as she did when they were younger to say good-bye and left the room.



“Welcome to the Potter’s house!” Dom said to Isa the next day.

Isa nodded. “Er—thanks? I guess.”

Dom and Isa had apparated there with the help of Bill and shortly after Louis, Taylor, and Fleur joined them. The six of them walked into the large tutor styled mansion and took off their coats. “Bill, Fleur good to see you,” a woman’s voice came.

“Little sis, how are things?” Bill said happily giving his sister a hug.

“Fine Bill. Fine,” Ginny replied. “Harry, Ron, and Hermione are doing work and I tried to convince them not to, but—”

“Don’t worry about them,” Bill said with a wave of his hand. “Harry and Ron will emerge when we start eating, and you know Hermione will be right behind them.”

“True. Hi Dom, Louis,” Ginny said giving both of them a hug.

“Hi Aunt Ginny,” Dom said.

“Oh, hi to you too—Er—sorry,” Ginny said to Isa.

“Isa,” Dom said because of Isa naivety to whom Ginny was talking. Isa nodded.

“You’re Isa? Wow, we have heard so much about you. And James wasn’t lying when he said you were pretty,” Ginny said smiling.

“Mum!” James cried from the top of the stairs. He jumped on the railing and slid down.

“Oh oops sorry,” Ginny said smiling cheekily and not sounding sorry in the slightest. “So,” she said turning back to Isa. Dom looped her arm with Isa and the three of them walked down the hallway with James trailing behind like a lost puppy. “I’m so happy to meet you, I’m sure Harry is dying to meet you also. Junior, please get Isa and Dom something to eat while I get your father.”

Ginny walked out of the kitchen leaving James looking horrified while Isa and Don looking highly amused.

“You heard your mummy Junior,” Dom said sitting down on a chair.

“That’s a cute nickname,” Isa said leaning on the counter. “Does she pick out your jammies too?”

“Shut it,” James mumbled as he set down a box of Witchy Walnut cookies. Isa and Dom laughed at him as they helped themselves to a handful of cookies.

“So who else is here?” Dom asked with her mouth full.

“Everybody,” James said with a sigh.

“Really?” Don asked wide-eyed. James nodded. “Oh boy, Isa you’re going to have fun. I’m going to go find Roxie. She owes me some money,” Dom said. She scooted off the table and skipped out of the room.

“I’m ‘going to have fun’?” Isa asked. What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?

“Don’t listen to Dom. They won’t hurt you or anything. Just don’t make fun of quidditch or school and they won’t eat you alive,” James said standing next to Isa.

Isa straightened up and looked at James. “Is that all you guys care about? Brawns and brains?” Isa asked jokingly.

“What can I say?” James smirked. “We’re a package deal here in the Potter household.” He leaned in to Isa and whispered, “Consider yourself warned.”

“Whoops sorry am I interrupting something?” a man’s voice asked startled.

James blushed and stepped away from Isa. He ran his hand through his hand. “Uh—no, Dad, we were just talking.”

Harry Potter walked over to Isa and stuck out his hand. “Harry Potter, it’s nice to meet you finally Isa.”

“Nice to meet you too sir,” Isa said oblivious to his outstretched hand until James awkwardly reached over and lifted her hand to his. Isa blushed embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I would have known, but—”

“You’re blind,” Harry said. “Yes, I know. Very interesting in fact. I don’t believe they’ve had a blind Hogwarts student before. Tell me, how do you do it?”

“Well—I have a spell that reads me books. I have a quill named Barry that takes all of my notes exactly how they are said in class. I used to count my steps from place to place, but then I actually got friends, and they walked me from class to class,” Isa said awkwardly.

“Barry?” Harry asked confused. “And what spell?”

“Yea, he’s a Nice Notes quill with a mind of his own. So I named him. He’s more like a pet than a quill, if I can say that without sounding mental,” Isa said smiling sheepishly. “It the redrodium charm, makes the books read to me.”

“And what about dueling?” Harry asked. “I hear you are well accomplished in dueling.”

“I listen. It’s a weird sensation really,” Isa explained. “When I duel, I go into this hyper-hearing mode. It focuses on my opponent and I can tell where they are at any given moment, no matter how quiet they try to be.”

Harry nodded his head. “Interesting. Well I hope you’ll be staying for quidditch!”

“Yea she is,” James said. I almost forgot he was here. Whoops. “Although—”

“I won’t be playing,” Isa finished. “For obvious reasons.”

“I have to leave to set up the pitch, but it was a pleasure meeting you Isa,” Harry said with a wave.

“Likewise,” Isa said smiling.

Isa and James were once again left alone in the kitchen. This is awkward. Yea we’re friends, but we’re just standing here not talking. Not doing anything. Someone needs to say something!

“Would you—Er—like a tour?” James asked. Thank Merlin he said something. I had no idea what to say.

“Yea,” Isa said brightly. James smiled back and nodded before slinging his arm around Isa’s shoulders.

“Well obviously this is the kitchen. Rather large though. My mum can cook, not as well as Nana, but still very good. We have a House Elf, Tum, whom we pay thanks to Aunt Hermione.” James led her out of the kitchen and into the large foyer which Isa entered in. “Front hallway. Nothing special. Oh—one of my favorite parts of the house,” James said opening a door for Isa.

“That would be,” Isa said hinting at him to continue.

“Oh right, the basement,” James said happily guiding Isa down the stairs. “Comfortable couches and chairs. A Wiz-telly for watching quidditch games—”

“Team?” Isa asked. I may never have played quidditch or barely watched any, but I know where my loyalty lies.

“I’m obligated to say Holyhead Harpies because of my mum. But I actually prefer the Chudley Cannons. They used to be rubbish, but now they’re one of the best teams in the world. All thanks to their couch, that is,” James said.

Good choice. Now my dad won’t kick your arse. “Did I tell you that my dad—”

“And the best part of the basement is the full functioning miniature quidditch pitch. The goal posts are only a meter tall,” James interrupted Isa sitting down. Sliding his arm off of Isa’s shoulders, he gripped her hand and pulled it gently urging her to sit down.

“I don’t understand how you could play on that,” Isa said sitting down finally. Holy Merlin these couches are squishy.

James laughed. “You can’t, sorry should have said that. It has miniature replicas of actual teams. Each mini player has the same strengths and weaknesses of its real-life full size player. It’s just like a real match; no two games are alike. It’s absolutely brilliant,” James said sounding happily satisfied with his explanation.

Isa nodded. It really did sound cool. I wonder how much that cost, but I don’t think money is a problem for the Potters.

“Junior!” came a male’s voice from up the stairs. “Nana just got here and she brought food!”

James squealed a little as he stood up. “Thanks!” he called up to the person up the stairs. Still don’t know who it is. It really isn’t that important to my life, so I really could care less. “Come on Isa. Food!” James said greedily.

They went upstairs and walked into a large room bustling with people. Isa was sat in a chair next to the head of the table and James sat next to her. Taylor had appeared right across from Isa and was looking hungrily at the food in front of her. After a few minutes, people had settled in their chairs and were eating and talking.

Isa was eating mashed potatoes when she heard the voice from the top of the stairs. “Enjoying the food?” he asked.

Isa smiled. “Very much so,” Isa said.

“How rude of me. You don’t know who I am!” Isa shook her head embarrassed. “Ron, Ron Weasley,” he said taking another large bite of chicken.

“Pleasure,” Isa said.

“You must be Isa,” Ron said. He said my name wrong. Gets annoying after awhile of hearing Is-ah and not the proper way.

“It’s pronounced like E-sah, but yea close enough,” Isa said taking a small bite of chicken. I can’t describe how good this food is.

“Sorry about that. Only seen your name in writing,” Ron said.

“Not to worry, you’re not the first to mess it up,” she said.

“So, Isa,” he said her name carefully not to mess it up. “What do your parents do for a living? I would imagine they would be pretty busy for you and your sister to rarely come home during holidays.”

“Yea, they travel a lot,” Taylor said joining the conversation. “Oh—I’m Taylor, Isa’s sister.”

“Ron Weasley,” Ron replied and he held out and hand and Taylor shook it.

“What do your parents do?” James asked. “You’ve never told me.”

Taylor gaped at her sister. “You haven’t told them?” she exclaimed.

“I tried telling James today, but he continued talking,” Isa said. “Before today, it’s never really come up.”

“I think they would be more than interested to hear what mum and dad do,” Taylor said crossing her arms. Isa sighed.

“I’m sure they would to. Why don’t you enlighten them?” Isa said harshly.

Taylor glared at Isa. “Fine,” she mumbled. “Our mum owns the Chudley Cannons,” she said loudly. All conversation stopped. “And our dad is the coach.” It was completely silent. Down the table, Dom’s eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging wide open.

“Your parents are Marcella and Bovin Hellswind?” James practically shrieked waving his arms wildly. Isa nodded.

“Yep,” she said shortly.

“Wicked,” three people said simultaneously. I suspect Freddie, Roxie, and their dad. They seem like they would do that.

“Wait—how did I not know this? I knew they were married, but kids? Wait you guys don’t have the same last name,” James continued with a slightly higher voice. Conversation had resumed. A little more excited than before, most likely about the new development in the new friends.

“Our parents like to separate their professional and personal lives. Kept us very under wraps some how,” Taylor said taking a sip of pumpkin juice.

“And Marksmen is our mother’s maiden name. She doesn’t like Hellswind all that much, so even though she took the name she convinced our dad to have Marksmen as ours,” Isa explained.

“So you know Holsten Warren?” James asked. “The absolute best chaser in the entire world? Not nearly as good as your dad when he played of course.”

“Yea,” Isa said smiling. “He’s really nice. Close family friend now. Over at our house all the time. Didn’t he buy you a broom last year for your birthday?” Isa asked Taylor. Taylor nodded.

“Yea, the Winged Warrior R8,” Taylor said.

James and Ron immediately both began to choke. “The Winged Warrior R8?” James asked bug eyed. “Do you have it with you?”

Taylor nodded. “She always has it,” Isa said. Taylor shot her a look, which had no obvious effect on Isa.

“Then you,” James said pointing his finger dramatically at Taylor, “are playing on my team for quidditch after this.” Taylor shrugged and nodded.



The wind was cold as it whipped around Isa. The snow that hadn’t fallen all day was falling heavily on the quidditch pitch. The players were bundled up in complete winter gear, making playing rather difficult, but they managed.

Polly and Pierce had finally made it. It wasn’t clear what their relationship was quite yet as nothing was concrete. They set up the teams and began to play.

There was James (seeker); Taylor, Rose, and Louis (chasers); Lysander and Freddie (beaters); and Scorpius (keeper).

Against them was one of Louis’ friends Ben (seeker); Al, Anna, and Roxie (chasers); Polly and Hugo (beaters); and Lucy (keeper).

James’ team was winning easily. Lucy is a little young to be playing keeper, but unlike her father, she is a little stubborn and adventurous. Taylor’s Winger Warrior R8 helped as well. Taylor inherited her skill from her father who had played professionally for 25 years before becoming coach.

I can hear the shouts of players and the sounds of flying. Honestly, I’ve never really been to a quidditch match before. I never had anyone to go with, or someone to explain what was happening. So there really is no point. Pierce, however, is more than happy to explain what is happening. Although I don’t really think a description of how Polly’s arse looks on a broom is necessary.

“It’s just so—”

“Ew. Dear Merlin Pierce. Please stop,” Isa said with a disgusted look on her face. Pierce laughed.

“I agree,” said a woman’s voice. “I did not come to watch quidditch to hear you talk about your girlfriend’s arse.”

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Pierce said blushing.

“She should be,” Isa said.

“But—” Pierce started.

“Merlin Pete!” the voice said.

“Vic, you know my name is Pierce,” he said rolling his eyes.

“Whatever Payton,” Vic said. “Victoire Lupin,” she said sticking her hand out to Isa. Pierce raised Isa’s hand awkwardly just as James had done before.

“Isa Marksmen,” Isa said shaking her hand.

“Who’s your new friend Vic?”

“Hey Ted,” Pierce said. Teddy sat down next to Vic and gave her a quick peak on the cheek.

“You must be Teddy Lupin,” Isa said looking straight ahead.

“And you’re Isa. The girl with the quidditch parents,” Teddy said. Isa smiled and nodded.

“That’s me.” They cheered loudly. “Score?” Isa asked trying to

“Er—130 – 50. James’ team is still winning,” Pierce replied. “Wait no,” Pierce said over some loud cheers. “Scorpius let another one in. 130 – 60 now. Rose has the quaffle. Passes it to Louis. Back to Rose. Back to Louis. OI! MAKE UP YOUR MINDS! And now a rude hand gesture from Rose, and now her mum is yelling at her. The joys of Weasley quidditch.”

Isa listened to Rose’s mother yell from across the pitch. Typical “I don’t want to see that again” speech. Rose didn’t look too bothered by her mother’s yelling, she climbed back onto her broom and flew back into the air once she was finished.

“Enjoying the game?” Charlie asked sliding in next to Isa. Isa shrugged.

“I guess so,” Isa said shivering slightly. “Is it almost over? I’m cold.”

“It’s over when someone catches the snitch,” Pierce said.

“We’ve been out here for two hours already. I could catch the snitch faster,” Isa said. Charlie and Pierce laughed.

“I’m sure you could,” Pierce said patting Isa on the back. “Uh oh—”

“What?” Isa asked. Did someone finally catch the snitch?

“Rose and Scorpius are getting into it again,” Charlie said. Isa listen and could hear Rose yelling loudly at Scorpius and Scorpius yelling right back.

“What do you mean it’s my fault?” Rose yelled.

“I mean it’s you doing. You are to blame. Rose Weasley is at fault. She did something wrong!” Scorpius said harshly.

“Excuse me, but I do believe that it was your fault,” Rose said crossing her arms.

“How in Merlin’s bloody blue hat is it my fault?”

“Your job is to catch the quaffle not to lazily watch it go through the hoop,” Rose said.

“If you moved your arse a little faster maybe you would have gotten the quaffle from Al in time so I wouldn’t have to do an impossible move to save it. There is no blame to put on me!” Scorpius said.

“Now, now fifth years,” Freddie said stepping in. “Let a big bad sixth year settle this for you. Rose I love you because you’re my cousin, but you so could have gotten the quaffle away from Al.”

“Umm, no Fred,” Anna said when she made it over from her place in the stands.

This can’t be good. Anna is still pissed at Freddie for ditching her and being rude to her for the past week. If she has any anger pent up, we’re about to see it.

“Scorpius was irresponsible and didn’t move fast enough when he knew he should have. He made them get a goal because of his obvious lack of care,” Anna said.

“Not even—” Freddie started.

“In fact,” Anna said, “He ignored his responsibility. He was rude and careless around a person he supposedly cares about. Maybe if he just admitted what is really going on—I mean—what happened, then we could all move on with our lives.”

“I have a feeling this isn’t about Scorpius and Rose anymore,” Isa said. Charlie nodded solemnly. Charlie stood up and walked over to where Freddie and Anna were, dragging Isa behind him. “Anna,” Isa said.

“He’s wrong!” Anna screamed at no one in particular.

“Anna, let’s go somewhere else. We can calm down a little bit,” Isa said reaching for Anna’s arm.

“Why am I always wrong? Huh?” Freddie yelled back. “Maybe sometimes you’re wrong. You’re not Miss-bloody-Perfect!”

“Mate—” James said landing softly next to Charlie. The game had come to a complete stop. Most players were still in the air, watching the spectacle. The various adults around the pitch seemed unsure of what they should do. Freddie’s parents looked to be having a silent argument about whether to involve themselves or not.

Rose and Scorpius were standing next to Anna and Freddie. They shared looks of shock at the screaming couple in front of them.

Anna groaned loudly after a couple more minutes. James, Isa, and Charlie had unsuccessfully tried to separate the pair. Anna sighed. “Perhaps,” she said in a calm voice, “we should continue this discussion in private.” She looked at the surrounding people on the ground and in the air.

“Agreed,” Freddie replied in an equally calm of a voice. They walked off together just like that.

That was odd. Freddie has been rather distant over the last couple days. And by rather distant I mean totally rude and scarcely seen.

A couple hours past with no sign of the pair. The six friends sat around a large fire in the Potter’s living room, sipping hot tea and idly talking. The only light of the room was the great fire and although it cast some gloomy shadows, the fire was warm and comforting.

“I hope their ok,” Dom said. “It’s freezing outside.”

“They’ll be ok. I mean they aren’t stupid enough to stay outside and talk,” Pierce said. Dom shot him a look. “Don’t look at me like that. I just said they weren’t stupid.”

Dom rolled her eyes and took another sip of her tea. “So much for quidditch,” Polly said resting her head on Pierce’s shoulder. “It was a fun match even though your team was winning,” she said to James.

“Born to win,” James said.

“So modest,” Isa said dryly.

“Sod off,” he said.

“How’d you like the food?” Charlie asked Isa.

“Beyond good. I don’t think I could eat anymore,” Isa smiled happily patting her stomach.

“She says she can’t eat anymore and yet her stomach is still flat. How does she do it?” Polly said enviously. Isa shrugged and smiled. “Oh, Isa just wait for—Anna!” she gasped. The room turned to the doorway where Anna stood in her large winter jacket and boots.

She took off her layers and slid under the blanket between Isa and Dom. It was quiet except for the crackling of the fire. Anna cuddled close to Isa and rested her head on Isa’s shoulder. “Go ahead,” Anna said finally. “Ask.”

Dom and Polly exchanged looks. “He didn’t break up with you did he?” Polly asked.

“Of course not,” Anna said stealing a sip of tea from Isa’s cup. Isa sighed and petted Anna’s hair affectionately.

“Thank Merlin,” Dom breathed out. “I think I would stop believing in love if you two broke up.”

Anna sighed and bit her lip. “I broke up with him.”


So....what'd you think?

Anna and Freddie breaking up. Taylor and Isa's parents. Isa and James hanging out. Crazy shenanigans like that.

Anyways I wanted to post this chapter becasue I am going to be out of town next week! I'm travelling to Guatemala :) So I won't exactly be able to post or check anything. And that is why this chapter may have some mistakes in it.

Please review! I'd love to hear what you think.

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