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Mondays by chelsizzle
Chapter 25 : The Delivery
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 I do not own Harry Potter.

Ch. 25 The Delivery


Everything moves so fast, instantly men surround me, Blaise, Harry, Theo, Jake and Lucius came up to me as I started to scream.  My legs won’t hold and Draco catches me as I start to collapse.  The pain is intense and I just close my eyes as I breathe through it, It passes and I open my eyes to see I’m laying on the ground under the archway, Draco is kneeling next to me and the guys are all looking down at me.


“Draco, what happened?”  Harry asks sounding scared.


“I think she said her water broke?”  He answers making it sound like a question not taking his eyes from mine the entire time.


“Yes that’s what I said.”  I pant the words out as pain rolls through me again.


“We need to get her somewhere other than out here.  She is in labour.”  Narcissa says crisply.  “Hermione can you tell me how long you have been having pains?”  She asks as she pushes aside Theo and Blaise to get closer to me.


I take a few breaths and then open my eyes to find hers, “I have, Ahhhh.”  I scream again as another sharp pain hit me. “Wow that hurts.”  I say panting again closing my eyes I breathe which makes it a bit easier to deal with the pain.  “Last night.”  I finally get out then scream again.


“Last night!”  Narcissa exclaims, then turns to Ginny, “Get Healers Thomas and Watson, tell them Hermione is in labour and that she has been having contractions since last night.”  I hear a pop after she gets done talking apparently Ginny has disapparated.


“Oh, man this hurts, here comes anoth.”  I scream again unable to finish the word then I breathe through it again.


“Okay guys lift her on to the stretcher, and we can take her into her bedroom to wait for the healers, I don’t think we have much time to floo her to St. Mungos.   Draco keep holding her hand and talk to her.  Charlie Weasley get over here, Theo, Harry, Jake, and Charlie, carry her into the manor.  Lucius, I need you to get things ready for when the healers get here.  Molly, could you direct everyone into the ballroom, and they can eat while we wait for the babies.” Narcissa finishes giving out directions efficiently as the guys carry me back down the aisle.


“Draco, wait a minute, have them stop.”  I say to Draco, as we are half way to the door still breathing through the pains.


“Guys stop a minute, please.”  Draco says, “Hermione wants you to stop.”  I feel myself being stopped as Draco squeezes my hand lightly.


I rub my belly through the pain and take a deep breath, “Thank you all for coming to our wedding.  Please stay and enjoy yourselves.”  I say as loudly as I’m able then can’t talk anymore as I squeeze my eyes shut in pain.  I hear laughing and clapping as we enter the house.


I scream a few more times and I listen to Draco’s deep voice as he tells me how much he loves me and how happy he is to be here with me.  I apologize for screaming so much, and then have to stop myself through another pain.  I feel myself stop in a room that I recognize as the room I slept in last night.  I watch as Narcissa transfigures the bed into a smaller easier to walk around bed not too unlike a hospital bed.


“That bed was really comfy.”  I state sadly.


“Don’t worry love, mother will turn it back when we are done.”  Draco says softly and I can tell he is trying not to laugh, so I smile at him.


“Cassie, Glori I need you to help me get her dress off.  I will levitate her and you two work quickly; let’s try not to completely destroy it.  Draco please keep talking to her, through her pains, this might be uncomfortable.  The rest of you please turn your backs while we do this.” Narcissa gives out orders, just as she mentions taking my dress off the guys all turn away before Narcissa has to even tell them.


“Oh, you guys are all so sweet, you’re the best!”  I say happily then as I am levitated, I feel more pain and another harp pain radiates through me and I can’t help but scream.


“Hurry ladies.”  Draco encourages even managing not to sound too snippy. “Thank you both.”  He says to Cassie and Glori as I feel a gown like at St. Mungos laid over me.


“Okay, guys lift her onto the bed, then wait over there.”  Narcissa says and motions with her arm.  The guys do as she asks, all murmuring things to me, and then walk over toward where the door to the loo is.


Finally I am lying on my back slightly elevated on the transfigured bed, when Healer Watson rushes in all dressed up. “You look nice.” I say and smile at her.


She smiles back, “I was on my way here, I’m sorry I didn’t make it for the ceremony, I had an emergency at work.”  She says looking upset.


“No worries, I know you love me.”  I say easily then brace myself for another pain.


“How far apart are the contractions?”  Watson asks the room.


“About four minutes.”  Narcissa says quickly, “What can we do?”


“I need to perform an exam on Hermione so until then we just need to wait, if someone can get her some ice chips, I’m sure she would appreciate it.”  She finishes.


I open my eyes and respond instantly. “I would.”  I notice that Watson has changed or transfigured her pretty dress and heals into the lime green healer’s robes and flats she normally wears at St. Mungos.  “After I have my babies, you should change back into that dress and stay for the party.”  I suggest as she waves her wand to check me out.


She smiles at me, then I watch her erect a barrier in between me and the rest of the room of people, Narcissa is on one side of me and Draco is on the other.  “I need to do another exam to see how far you are dilated, okay?”  She says and I nod then scream at another contraction.  “You are three and a half centimetres, I need Draco to help you with your breathing, it is going to get a little harder to breathe through these, but I know you can do it.”  She encourages and Draco makes agreeable noises.


Lucius rushes in with Healer Thomas followed by Ginny who is carrying shoes for the bridesmaids.  I laugh at her and she looks over at me and shrugs, “We decided on sparkly gold Chucks I hope you don’t mind, plus since you are in labour we need to be able to make haste, and well stilettos aren’t really conducive.”  She says quickly as she passes out the shoes.


“She makes a valid point.”  Theo says sounding like a lawyer, then laughing.


“Hey, could I come in and maybe snap some pictures?” I hear a soft voice say form the doorway and I turn my head to see Char looking shy I smile at her loss of exuberance.  “I’ve never taken pictures of a delivery.”  Char continues but stops as I groan loudly through another contraction as Draco reminds me to breathe.


The contraction passes and Lucius walks up with a bowl of ice chips, both of my hands are busy one gripping his son and the other his wife, so he gestures for me to open my mouth and he slides a couple chips in.  I sigh in bliss feeling slightly better having my parched throat eased. 


“Char, you can take pictures, this technically is still my wedding day.” I say to her and I hear some chuckles, as Char’s face brightens and she starts clicking away.


The contractions continue and Thomas finally does another exam.  “Looks like you are progressing quite well, Hermione, you are at about seven centimetres.”  Thomas announces as another sharp pain shoots through me.


I look over at Draco and his face is twisted in pain as well, once the pain passes his face eases up. “Are you okay, love?”  I ask wondering if by some weird act he can feel this too.


“I’m fine sweetheart, you are doing wonderfully.” He says his eyes shinning.  He moves his free hand to my belly and rubs slightly.  I notice his hand that I have clenched in mine has turned blue.  I release it instantly and look up at his face in horror.


“Oh my, Draco I am so sorry, I can’t believe I crushed your.”  I break off feeling more pain and Draco encourages me to breathe. 


“Don’t worry love, you can squeeze my hand as hard as you want. It doesn’t bother me.”  He assures me smiling through the pain while mopping the sweat from my brow.


“I must look awful.”  I say looking at Draco.


“You are always beautiful, sweetheart and I wouldn’t have you any other way right now.”  Draco assures me then I turn my head as Narcissa speaks.


“You look great Hermione, and you are doing wonderfully to deliver your babies.”  She also assures me and I feel tears flowing form my eyes.


“You both make me feel so special, Oh!”  I say then look down at my belly.


All of a sudden I feel no pain and I feel a weight in my lower abdomen.  “Huh, that’s funny, I don’t feel any more pain.”  I say in awe, and then I feel the urge to push.


I look up at Watson, “Um, I feel like well, you know the baby wants me to push.”  I say feeling like I really need to push, now. “Like, right now.”  I add feeling distressed.


“You are fully dilated, it won’t be long now, and you need to push in a moment.  I need you to breathe as well, Hermione push and breathe.”  He says and I nod feeling a pressure kind of pain. “Now, push Hermione.”


I bear down and push for all I’m worth, I groan, man this hurts. “Ahhhh.”  I get out then I ease up when Thomas tells me.  “Draco?”  I question not feeling his hand.


“Yes, love?”  He says next to my ear, “I love you, you are doing a great job.”  He says and I feel tears well up in my eyes.


“I need you, can I hold your hand?  I’ll try not to squeeze to hard.”  I say panting then Thomas tells me to push again as Draco slides his hand in mine.


“Squeeze all you need to, love it’s a small price to pay for what you are giving me.”  He says looking down at me, “You are the mother of our children, I am grateful for you and what you are doing right now.”


I smile at him feeling proud and loved and wanted and valuable.  We have been married only a few hours, and he is already making me feel like a queen.  I continue pushing feeling like I’m getting nowhere, and I can hear as Thomas tells me to push everyone else in the room is encouraging me to push also.  If it didn’t hurt so bad, I would laugh, then I feel a burning pain and I scream out.


“Do something!  Ouch!  It burns.”  I yell and Thomas calls out, “Baby is crowning.”  Then the burning is gone.


“Push, Hermione.” Draco and Narcissa are saying next to my head so I bear down and push.


After what seems like forever I give my final push and then I relax for a few moments.  I hear a cry as my baby breathes, Watson hands Draco some scissors and he cuts the cord.  I feel so happy and I wait anxiously to hear if it is Lucas or Libra.


“Welcome baby Libra, your little girl is here, Hermione.” Watson says and I can’t help but cry, though I don’t have but a moment then I feel another urge to push.


For whatever reason the second definitely seems easier, I push and push then all of a sudden the pressure eases completely and I hear a second cry join the first one.  Thomas and Watson are both working on cleaning my babies and otherwise there is no other talking in the room, though I do hear an occasional sniffle.


“You are amazing, Hermione.”  Draco says and leans down to kiss me softly, “I love you, my beautiful wife.”  He whispers to me and I feel tears running down my cheeks, so happy having him by my side.


I love you, my husband.”  I whisper back and then pull him into a hug and I can feel the love radiating from his body, he pulls back slightly and kisses me soundly I smile when he pulls back.


Narcissa efficiently helps clean me up and flicks her wand to have the sheets and my clothing clean, then she raises the bed slightly so that I am a little more supported.  She covers me to the waist and takes down the makeshift barrier from around me.  Watson walks over to me and lays my baby in my arms.


“Mummy meet your little boy, Lucas.”  She says softly and I look down at the most adorable little boy ever he has a little tuft of brown hair on the top of his head his eyes are closed as he is silently sleeping his pink little lips puckered slightly.


Then Thomas joins us and lays my other baby in my other arm, “Here is little Libra, say hi to mummy.”  He says and I look over at little Libby and I feel so much love I can hardly contain it, her hair is a lighter brown that Lucas’ and it seems to have a bit more or a reddish tint, though it is still brown.  She is also sleeping but her brow is furrowed slightly like she is dreaming or thinking about something.  Once she is settled in my arms next to her brother, the furrow goes away and her forehead is smooth.


“Hi little babies, I have been waiting to see you two.  Libra and Lucas, I love you so much, and I want you to meet your daddy.”  I look up at Draco who has tears running from his eyes, “Draco, meet your son and your daughter.” I say softly smiling through my tears.


Draco leans down slowly and softly whispers to Libra, “Hi sweetheart, I have been waiting to meet you.”  He kisses her head gently then leans toward Lucas, “Hi little man, I have waited for you also.”  He kisses Lucas’s head then leans over and kisses me, “I love you all so much.”


All of a sudden we hear a roar of shouts and applause and we chuckle as Harry rushes into the room looking like he is king of the world, “I had to tell them I’m an uncle.”  He says and shrugs.


After everyone calms down and nobody is talking, I clear my throat, “Lucas, Libra, I would like to introduce you to everyone.”  I say then I nod at everyone as they all move to ‘meet’ my babies.  I yawn hugely feeling like I just ran several marathons.


Draco picks up Libra, and Lucius picks up Lucas, “Hey, Lucas, I’m your Grandpa.  I promise to love you always and whatever you need I am here for you.”  He says his voice slightly cracking as one single tear leaks from his eye.  “This is your Grandma, Cissa.”  He says in a throaty voice full of emotion as Narcissa bends to kiss the top of Lucas’ head.


“Hey, Libby, I’m your Aunt Ginny, and I am so happy to get to meet you.”  Ginny coos to Libra as Draco slides her into Ginny’s waiting arms.


Cassie and Glori both walk up to Ginny and take turns kissing Libra’s cheeks, while stroking her head lightly.  Angelina walks up and says, “Way to go little Libra, you beat your brother and that makes you my hero.”  She says then kisses Libra’s head.


I chuckle, “You are already giving them ideas on how to be like Fred and George, by the way where are Fred and George?” I question then look around, “Could someone go find the rest of the Weasley’s and Pansy?”  I watch as Harry leaves, then comes back with the Weasley’s and Pansy.


“Pansy, come here.”  I say happily, “I never got the chance to ask you, would you be a God Mother to my babies?”  I ask, “You and Ginny?”


Pansy is crying and nods her head looking pleased, “Draco, you need to ask someone too don’t you?” I remind him, and he nods.


“Blaise, mate, you would be their God Father, you and Potter?”  He asks and Blaise looks shocked, Harry just nods since I had already asked him. 


Blaise clears his throat and says, “Are you sure?”  Both Draco and I nod, and he puffs his chest out, “Of course I will, I’m honoured.”


I lay there feeling wonderfully happy and complete with my family. Char is rushing around grinning taking massive amounts of pictures looking like a mini tornado again.  Blaise and Theo approach me and both are smiling.


“You are a champ, ‘Mione.”  Theo says looking at me proudly, “That sounded painful, and well, wow, I’m proud of you.”  He says slightly flushing.


“I agree, best friend, I am so proud of you.”  Blaise chimes in, “You made some cute looking babies, my godchildren.”  He adds glancing over at Charlie who is holding Lucas.


“Thank you, both.”  I say then yawn again feeling my eyelids droop, and I jerk them open determined to stay awake.


Jake walks up and leans down to hug me, “I third their comments, I am in awe of what you went through, and you never complained once.”  He says in approval.  “I love you ‘Mione.”  He whispers and kisses my cheek, I pat his cheek smiling and my eyes droop even further.


“Hermione, you need to rest, I will wake you in a bit, but you just gave birth, twice, you need to sleep.”  Watson says coming up next to me in her dress that she had on earlier. “We are going to give you, the twins and Draco some time together, while we all go party.  In a little while you can come out if you feel up to it to party a little also.”  She says and winks at me, “Your dress is over there and we have a chair for you, so you can enjoy some of your reception, but for now you get some rest.”  She whispers and kisses my cheek, “You did wonderfully.” then turns to shoo everyone out.


“Lucius, help me a moment.”  Narcissa says, coming to stand next to me, she is holding Lucas.  Lucius is cuddling Libra to his chest smiling.  “Here put sweet Libby in here with Luke, and help me make this bed bigger for ‘Mione and Draco.”  She says and by this time I can hardly hold my eyes open.


Lucius kisses Libra then lays her ever so gently next to her brother in a little bassinet that somehow appeared in the room, then helps Draco levitate me while Narcissa transfigures the bed to its original and I sigh in comfort as I feel the bed against my back.  I feel covers being pulled over me and I turn my head to look at my babies sleeping contentedly next to me.


“Rest for now, we will come check on you later.”  Narcissa whispers in my ear.


I feel Draco crawl into bed next to me and gently wrap me in his arms, “Sleep now sweetheart, I will watch over you.”  Draco whispers against my hair and I feel him press a kiss against my head as I drift off to sleep.

Even I teared up writing this, I hope you enjoyed the babies' arrival!  Please please review, let me know what you tink! :)  Thanks so much for reading!

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Mondays: The Delivery


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