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Neon Angel on the Road to Ruin by Joan Jett
Chapter 38 : Forgive. Forget.
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As the students cheered their way to the Quidditch Pitch for the Gryffindor V Ravenclaw match, Harlow slipped out of the crowd. She walked down into the woods and jumped the fence, landing into Hogsmeade.

She made her way to Puddifoot's, a blonde already waiting for her.

'Hiya, Kate.' Harlow said, they hadn't spoken since Kate lied to her back in America.

Kate smiled, 'Hello.'

'So why did dad ask you to meet me here?' Harlow asked, she had a letter from her father the day before asking her to meet Kate on his behalf.

'Because he's in Rome, with Adeline.'

'Adeline?' Harlow asked with a confused expression.

'Your new stepmother.'

'Didn't he think to tell us?! Does Belle or Donnie know?'

'Not yet,' Kate remained calm. 'He asked me to give you this.'

Kate handed Harlow a letter, in which Harlow scoffed. 'Actually giving my letters to me now?'

Kate rolled her eyes and got up. 'Harlow, I know what I did was wrong, and I'm sorry. I hope we can just forget it.' She held out her hand.

Harlow smiled and shook it, 'Yeah, I guess.'

'Thank you!' Kate bent down and hugged her younger cousin.

Harlow hugged back, 'I'll see you soon.'

'Yeah, soon!' Kate left with a large smile on her face.

Harlow opened the letter.


I am rather shocked at the discovery that you have telekinesis, your mother also discovered she had the power at your age, but it faded as she didn't pursue it. I have arranged with Professor Umbridge to meet you at seven thirty this coming Friday to take you, Donnie and Isabelle out for a meal at a well kept secret restaurant near Knockturn Alley. I also have a friend I would like you three to meet.

See you soon – Dad.

Harlow got up and left the shop.


She showed Donnie the letter who moaned at having to visit his father, as William Reaver never believed his oldest and only son lived up to the standards of a “true Slytherin.”

Isabelle sighed at the fact her father was moving on, 'Yeah, as if this chick is a friend.'

'Kate told me it was our new stepmother.' Harlow replied.

'Exactly!' Isabelle sat down. 'I mean, mom's murder still hasn't been properly solved.'

'What do you mean?' Harlow asked.

'Well y'know, the body that the Ministry have isn't hers.'

'Wait, can you explain a little bit more? When did all this get found out?!'

'When you were in America. The body they took to the Ministry was mom's, but the body got stolen a few hours later, or moved, or something, the Ministry aren't too sure.'

'But it's been months and we still haven't had a proper funeral for her!'

'We haven't had one at all,' Isabelle said.

'Is dad aware?'

'No, they couldn't contact him. We'll have to tell him on Friday.'

Harlow nodded in agreement. 'Along with a few other things.' 

'What do you mean?'

'Well, we still don't know why he faked his own death, at least not in detail.'

'Should we really do it in front of Adeline?'

Harlow nodded and shrugged. 'Should be interesting.' 

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Neon Angel on the Road to Ruin : Forgive. Forget.


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