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His. by calid23
Chapter 10 : The Dalliance
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    My back hurts like a bitch. That was the first thing that floated to my mind when I woke up. The next was where the hell am I? And finally, who’s arm is this and why am I topless?

    Then it all came back to me in a rush. Sirius. I was lying, almost naked, in a classroom with Sirius Back’s arm draped around me. What is wrong with me? I mentally slapped myself. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

    So with utter caution I attempted to disentangle myself from a sleeping Sirius. I had no idea what time it was but I was sure we would be late for classes. I gathered all my clothes that had been so carelessly disregarded the night before. I was trying to be quiet. I didn’t want to wake Black. He was sleeping so soundly, and if we’re being honest here, I wanted to avoid the morning after talk for as long as I possibly could.

    Being me however, I was granted no such luck. My shirt was trapped underneath Sirius’ bare chest. I gave a small tug, but it was trapped. I sighed, gritted my teeth and tapped his shoulder. He mumbled and rolled over. So naturally, I kicked him in the leg.

    “Bloody hell! James what the?” Then he saw me, clad only in my bra and pants.

    “Black, I need my shirt or I’ll be late for Defense.” He stared at me, and a smile crept onto his face.

    “Good night, eh Everard?” I kicked him again and he groaned before he moved. I grabbed my shirt and pulled it on, glowering at him the whole time.

    “This was stupid. Okay? This was a mistake. This was an EPIC mistake.” He frowned at me.

    “Don’t tell me it wasn’t satisfying.” He wagged his eyebrows at me before pushing to his feet. I tried to ignore the fact that he was completely naked. He reached down and pulled on his pants before moving to retrieve his shirt. I would have left him, but I needed to get my point across. I couldn’t believe I had done this! I was so mortified and disappointed in myself.

    “This incident will never leave this room. Got it? That means no James, no Remus, no Pettigrew, no anybody. Alright Black?”

    “Right you are Everard. But you’ll come round.” He said as he moved closer to me, still shirtless, and hooked an arm around my waist. “I’m irresistible.” He said softly before leaning down to kiss me. I kissed back, falling back under his spell, before coming to my senses. I pushed him away, glaring.

    “No.” I said and began to walk out the door.

    “Ah come on Bee!” He said, catching my arm as I made to leave.

    “Come on what? You finally screwed the last girl you could here, what else do you want?” He looked a little hurt.

    “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    “What do you think? It means you’ve had me. I was the final conquest right? So can we just forget this ever happened and continue hating each other?”

    “Hating each other?” He asked, quietly now.

    “Well yeah, I mean. I know you don’t like me. But I really hope you don’t use that as an excuse to brag to the entire school.” I started to leave again but he moved quickly and blocked my way.

    “That’s what you think? That I don’t like you and it was all a game?”

    “Well wasn’t it?”

    “No! Bee! Not at all! I mean, sure you’re hot and I’ve definitely been waiting for this to happen - “ I tried to push by, disgusted by him, but he made me stop again.

    “Move Black.” I snarled.

    “No. Braxtany, I wanted this to happen because I want you. But wait! Not like, that! I mean, you. Like I wanted you to be um...” He trailed off.

    “What?” I was annoyed now. I needed a shower to wash all this shame and self-loathing from my body.

    “Nothing, my point is, I’d really like it if we could keep this up.” I scoffed, but he remained serious.

    “You’re kidding right? You want to keep fucking?”

    “Well, I wouldn’t put it like that but... yeah. If you’re willing.” I looked him up and down. His chest was toned and tan and his face was undeniably gorgeous. And he had been pretty damn satisfying the night before.

    “Deal.” I said holding out my hand. He looked at it for a moment before smiling and shaking it. “But this is going to be secret. You can’t tell a soul. And I mean a soul. Or so help me God I’ll chop off your testicles.” He grimaced.

    “Not even James?”

    “No. Definitely not James.”

    “So are you like, my secret girlfriend then?”

    “Sweet Merlin no.”

    “Why not? I’d like you to be.” He gave me a lopsided smile, but I only glared.

    “We are only friends, Black. Friends who partake in certain extra circulars.”

    “Fine.” He agreed stubbornly. I smiled and pushed by him into the empty corridor.


    I arrived mid lesson.

    “Good to see you Miss. Everard.”

    “Sorry to be late Professor.” He nodded at me.

    “Just take your seat.”

   My usual place next to Lily was taken by James and Remus was with Peter. I sighed and glanced to where Sirius was patting the seat next to him with enthusiasm. I grudgingly sat down next to him. As I took out all my things, Remus shot me a questioning look from across the aisle. I just shrugged and mouthed the words Over slept. He rolled his eyes but seemed to accept this excuse.

    Throughout the entire class I tried to ignore how close Sirius’ body was to my own, and tried not to shiver as he gently ran his hands along my leg under the desk. When we were finally dismissed I was the first to leap from my seat and was out the door before most people even had packed their things.

    “Oi! Bee!” Lily was calling me. Shit. I still hadn’t come up with an excuse as to why I never came to bed last night. I slowed my pace still and waited for my friend to catch up with me.

    “Where did you spend the night last night?” She asked, eyeing me. After I had left Black, I had snuck up to the dorm and quickly showered and dressed.

    “Oh, I fell asleep finishing a paper for Arithmancy.”

    “We had a paper for Arithmancy!” Lily’s eyes grew wide as she panicked.

    “Oh, no! It was um, extra credit.”

    “Oh. Alright. Well where were you doing it?” I coughed at her word choice.

    “Er, that classroom off the next wing from the common room. It’s always empty and I figured I’d have less, er, distractions in there.” I finished. Lily eyed me but accepted it in the end.

    “Well I grabbed you some toast from breakfast because I knew you would be starving if you ever showed up.” She pulled out a napkin filled with buttered toast. She warmed it slightly with her wand before handing the bundle to me.

    “Thanks Lilers, you’re the best.”

    “I know.” She shrugged. It was common knowledge.


    “Lily! Please! I’m so bored! Lets go for a walk! It’s so stuffy in here!” I repeated my plea for the sixth time in ten minutes. I tapped her shoulder over and over again as I said this before she finally looked up from her book.

    “Everard, go take a goddamn walk yourself. I’m busy. I have a test. I need to study, and you’re being obnoxious.”She snapped. I just pouted.

    “But Lils!”

    “Bye Everard.”

    “Fine.” I huffed. I stood and gathered my books from our table in the library. She disregarded the middle finger I sent her as I made my way into the hall. I walked up to the common room so I could dump my things before I took a stroll around the lake. As I was walking back down the stairs from my room I heard someone call my name.

    “Hey Black.” I sighed, turning to him. It had been two days since the incident and he had actually kept his word about not mentioning it to anyone. I would take it to my grave.

    “Where ya going? Its almost time for dinner.”

    “I’m going for a walk around the grounds.

    “Mind if I join?” I eyed him warily.

    “I suppose not.”

    “Great!” He beamed. We made our way out the portrait hole together. Sirius jabbered on about James and his qudditch obsession and how annoying it was when he was trying to get to sleep and James just wouldn’t stop talking. I actually found myself laughing at his jokes and I even made comments that weren’t rude. Weird.

    He held the Entrance Hall door open for me and I stepped out into the cool evening air. A small breeze hit me and I inhaled deeply. Winter was on its way, I could smell it on the air. I looked up to find Sirius eyeing me.

    “What?” I asked. He just shrugged.

    “Nothing, you’re just odd.”

    “Thanks Black.” He grinned. We continued on, chatting lightly about homework and the like. By the time we got halfway around the lake the sun was slowly disappearing beyond the mountains and the castle.

    “Let’s sit for a moment.” Sirius said abruptly, interrupting my complaint about how loudly Lily snores sometimes. 

    “Alright?” I said slowly as I sat down on the grass next to him. It was still slightly warm out as the remnants of the sun’s heat hit the bank we were seated on. I leaned back in the grass,

    “The sunset is so beautiful.” I muttered, more to myself than to Sirius. He just lay down beside me in response. There was a few minutes of silence as we watched the sun disappear and the first of the stars start to emerge.



    “This is nice.” I smiled and turned to look at him.

    “What? Laying in the grass?” He propped himself up on one arm to look at me.

    “Well yeah, that.” I laughed and caught his gaze for a moment. His stormy grey eyes were staring straight back at me, and there was a slight glint to them, he had one side of his mouth pulled up in a half grin. He looked beautiful.


    “Yeah Everard?”

    “We should probably get back.”

    “Right.” He said, but he didn’t move to get up. Neither did I. We were still looking at each other. Then he slowly started to lean down towards me. I didn’t stop him. He kissed me slowly at first, then moved his body so that he was completely lying on top of me. We stayed like that for quite sometime, just kissing. But then he pulled away.

    “We really should go Bee. People will be wondering where we are.” I sighed as he lifted himself off of me and helped me up. The moment I stood however, I felt chilly. Without the sun or Black’s body heat to keep me warm, it was actually quite cold outside. As we began to walk back towards the castle, I shivered. Black made no comment, but instead wrapped his arms around my shoulders as we walked.

    I didn’t complain. Instead I leaned into him. He was warm, and solid and smelled wonderfully. I sighed again and closed my eyes. We continued walking in silence until just before we reached the lights of the castle. Sirius stopped me there and turned me to look at him.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked him. He shook is head.

    “Nothing at all. I just want to get a good look at you before we have to go back inside and forget this happened.” I frowned up at him.

    “We don’t have to forget it. We just can’t talk about it. Or touch in public. That’s the whole point of the deal.” He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer. I felt his lips brush the top of my head. A rush of warmth flushed through me at this, but I pushed away slightly.

    “Why are you being so touchy tonight?” I questioned him suspiciously.

    “I’m not. I just like having you close is all.” I rolled my eyes, but he leaned down and kissed me. I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him backwards towards the greenhouses. My back pressed up against the building and he leaned all his weight into the kiss. Things were heating up much quicker than they had by the lake.

    Sirius began to unbutton my blouse and I hitched my legs up around his weight so that he was fully supporting me against the wall. I puled up for a breath of air, panting heavily. He continued to kiss along my jaw line, down my neck, and somehow found the notch in my collar bone that made me groan loudly. He laughed as he pulled away.

    “So you’re a collar bone girl?”

    “Shut up.” I murmured before kissing him on the lips again. He let this continue for a moment before he pulled away again.

    “Bee, we really should go in. If you don’t want anyone knowing than we probably shouldn’t be late to dinner.” I sighed.

    “Fine.” I released my legs from his waist and touched ground, but he didn’t back away from me. Instead he brought his face in closer and kissed me deeply on the lips. I moaned into him. His lips were a drug, I couldn’t help myself. When he was kissing me, all other thought disappeared and I could only concentrate on how wonderful he felt pressed against me.

    “Lets meet up later. We can go to the kitchens for a snack and just end up in a broom cupboard somehow.” He whispered against my lips.

    “Sounds like fun.” I whispered back. He grinned and took a step back, grabbing my hand.

    “Alright lets really go in now.” I let him lead me by the hand to the front doors on the castle, but dropped his hand before he pushed them open.


    “How was the library Lilers?” I asked as I took my seat next to her at the Gryffindor table. She glanced up from her plate and narrowed her eyes.

    “The moment you left this git showed up.” She said jabbing her thumb over her shoulder at James who was too busy stuffing his mouth to realize we were talking about him. I laughed as Sirius sat down across from me and beside Remus who looked between the two of us suspiciously.

    “How was your walk?” Lily asked me as I loaded my plate up with potatoes. I just shrugged, avoiding Black’s eyes.

    “Fine. Would have been better if Black hadn’t of tagged along.” I smirked at him and he stuck out his tongue.

    “You love my company Everard! I’m witty and funny and devilishly handsome. All the traits you could ever want in a man!”

    “Minus integrity, brains, morals and decency?” I quipped. He frowned.

    “Not kind.”

    “Am I ever?”

    “Now, now you two. Lets be civil at the dinner table.” James scolded.

    “Hush up you Nazi captain. Speaking of, when is practice tomorrow?” I asked him, he glared but answered anyway.

    “Six in the morning. Don’t be late. It’s going to be rather cold out too, so dress warm so the complaining is minimized.” I shrugged.

    “Right you are Potter. Remus, pass the turkey?”


    “I’m starving!” I announced later that evening.

    “It’s past curfew Bee, you can’t go down to the Kitchens now.”

    “Sure I can, Black, join me?” I looked up at him. I had been antsy all evening, waiting for Lily to go to bed. Only the tree of us and a couple of fourth years were left in the common room now. It was late and every other member of our group had gone up to bed. Sirius and I had been waiting for the coast to clear all night.

    “Sure Everard. I’m famished as well.”

    “Right then. Lily, go to bed, you look exhausted. I’ll catch ya at breakfast tomorrow.”

    “Really? How long will the two of you be?”

    “Oh, um. Well you know. Sneaking around at night takes longer than normal.” Lily sighed at my response.

    “I really shouldn’t have a badge. I can’t believe I allow this to happen.”

    “Later Evans.” Sirius grinned. Then we both ran out the portrait hole.

    The moment we were out of the fat lady’s sight, Sirius grabbed me and pushed me roughly up against the wall. I let out a whimper as he kissed my neck.

    “We shouldn’t do this in the hallway.” I groaned, not really wanting him to stop.

    “Well there’s a roomy closest up the hall.” He breathed against my neck. I laughed and pushed him away.

    “Im not really a broom closet kind of girl.”

    “Classroom floors more your style?” He smirked. I hit him lightly.

    “Just follow me Black.” I grabbed him by the hand and we silently made our way to the room of requirement.

    “Ah, well aren’t we classy.” Sirius laughed wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my shoulder from behind. I had conjured us up a cozy room with a fire place and a large, warm bed.

    “I’m insulted that you ever thought otherwise.” I grinned as I turned into his arms. “Now where were we?” I murmured looking up at him through my lashes. Then he leaned down and kissed me.


    “Bloody fucking hell. SHUT UP!” I shouted. Something was beeping off to my side. It wasn’t my alarm. I opened my eyes and I felt Sirius stir next to me. I smiled to myself at how cute he looked in the morning before I turned to the table beside the bed and glared at the alarm.

    We had fallen asleep in the room of requirement after a very active night. The alarm must have set itself, knowing we would need to make it to practice. I shut the beeping off. The clock read five am, an hour before we needed to be at the pitch. Perfect.

    “Sirius.” I said, gently prodding him. When he didn’t move I pushed harder. “Idiot. Wake up.” His eyes opened slowly, then focused on my face.

    “Hey Everard.” I rolled my eyes at the goofy smile on his face. He snuck his arms around my body and pulled me in tightly to his chest.

    “Morning Black.” I replied and smiled as he kissed me gently on the lips. “We have to get back. We’ll be missed.” He groaned.

    “Bleeding Potter and his early practices.” I chuckled and sat up, pulling on my pants that were lying on the floor by the bed. My shirt came next, and when I turned around to face Sirius he was just lying there still, watching me with a small smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and crawled over to him. I straddled him, then bent down to kiss him again.

    “We really need to go.” He groaned again, but I just laughed and got off the bed. I put on my shoes then picked up his shirt that had been lying by my own. I handed it to him after he had pulled on his other garments and he tousled my hair as if I were a puppy who had just fetched. I swatted him away, but he just caught my hand and pulled me to him, kissing me. I got caught up for a minute or two, but snapped back to my senses when the buzzer on the alarm went off again.

    “Come on you twat.” I grinned. He pulled his shirt on and we both left the room, again sneaking through the dark and back up to the common room. We had to wake up the fat lady, who told us off for being out all night, ten entered the common room. It was deserted.

    “See you at practice Black.” I waved as I headed to the girls stairs.

    “Wait, Everard, you’ve got something on your face.” I brought my hand up to try and wipe whatever it was off.

    “Here, let me get it.” He drew closer to me, and leaned in. Instead of wiping anything away, he kissed me gently. My eyes fluttered closed and I melted for the hundredth time this morning alone.

    “See you on the pitch.” He smiled against my lips, then turned and disappeared up to the boys dormitory. I grinned and ran up the stairs to get changed for quidditch.

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