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Dream by mekamissey
Chapter 1 : Do dreams really come true? I wish!
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Harry looked around and couldn’t believe his eyes. He was standing on a deserted beach. The wind blew through his already untidy hair and the water was just reaching his bare feet. Everything seemed perfect, although he couldn’t be sure since he’d never been to a real beach before. The closest he has ever been to a real beach was at the cave with Dumbledore. He was still hunting horcruxs then.





Harry shuddered at the thought. “Voldermort’s dead. He’s dead. I’m finally done.” He said as a smile appeared on his face for the first time in ages.





He looked around again. But something seemed off. The area about 30 feet to his right was a bit blurry. The longer he looked at it, the more blurry it looked. It looked like something was being conjured out of thin air; only in slow motion.





Something was definitely solidifying. It looks somewhat like a person, but distorted. There is a lot of blue. It looks like clothes. Or a cloak. And a lot of gray. Hair maybe? Definitely a person, Harry decides. He pulled out his wand just before the person fully appeared.





“B-but you’re dead!” Harry said, pointing his wand at the figure. “Does this mean that I am dead too? Did I die along with Riddle?” He asked while lowering his wand.





The figure chuckled. “Are you asking me or yourself?”





“Both, I guess.”





“Well, I would tell you the same thing that I told you last time. I think not”















“Good,” Harry sighed. “This is a beautiful place. Hey, what is that building over there? It wasn’t here before.”





“No. It was not there before. But neither was I.”





“Fair enough. But still, what is it?”





“Shall we go find out?”





“Sure,” Harry agreed as they both start walking towards the building that appeared behind him. The building looked like a log cabin, but one that belonged on a beach. It only had one floor, but it also had many large windows. Harry wished that he could look inside, but the sun was reflecting off all the windows that he could see.





“We miss you, Harry.” He read as they got close enough to see the banner above the door. “What’s that for?”





“See for yourself.” Dumbledore smiled as he opened the door of the cabin for Harry to enter.





Harry, knowing that Dumbledore would never hurt him, walked forward but stopped at the doorway. Again, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Standing in front of him are all the people in his life that are now gone. Standing closest to him are his mom and dad, both grinning like fools. Standing next to his mother is Sirius Black, looking younger than ever. And standing next to his father was Remus Lupin, arm in arm with Tonks. Just behind them Harry can see Cedric Diggory, Mad-Eye Moody, Fred Weasley, Colin Creavey, and Dobby. Harry felt tears coming to his eyes, but he didn’t mind. All he cared about were the people in front of him right now.





“Harry, you don’t have much time, but everyone would like to say something to you if you don’t mind.” Dumbledore said as he placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder.





“Sir, am I able to touch them?” asked Harry.





“Sure. You can feel my hand can’t you?”





Harry nodded.





Dumbledore smiles at him. “Who would you like to start with?”





“I don’t care. But let’s leave my parents for last.”





“OK, Harry. Let’s start with Mr. Diggory.” said Dumbledore, while gesturing for the co-triwizard tournament winner to join them. “Would you like for me to stay with you while you speak with them?”





Harry nodded again. “Thanks professor.”





“Hi, Harry.”





“Hello, Cedric.”





“I know you don’t have much time, so I’ll be brief. I just wanted to say thank you for taking my body back to my father. And I’m sorry that we didn’t really talk much. I didn’t really care for how you were looking at Cho.”





“Er.” Harry didn’t know what to say. But Cedric just laughed.





“It’s OK Harry. I know she loved me. But I shouldn’t have taken anything out on you. After all, look at everything you’ve done. Thanks again.” Cedric reached out to shake Harry’s hand.





“I didn’t do it alone.” Harry mumbled, grasping Cedric’s hand. As they let go, Cedric disappeared.





Not a moment passed before Colin rushed forward, camera in hand.





“Harry! Harry! Can I have another picture of you?”





“Um, sure Colin.” Flash! Harry is blinded before he finished answering him.





“Will you tell Dennis that I am happy? And that I want him to finsigh school and have a happy life. He can do that now because of you. Thanks Harry!” And with that, he disappears too.





“He’s fine Harry. He just said everything he needed to say.” Dumbledore said after seeing the alarmed look on Harry’s face. “You have more people waiting. I think that Dobby is next.” he said as Dobby walked up with tears in his big eyes. Harry knelt down to see him better.





“What’s wrong Dobby? Are you sad?”





“No, no Harry Potter, sirs. Professor Dumbledore called Dobby a person sirs.” Dobby sobbed.





“Well, I think of you as a person to Dobby. And a friend. What’s wrong with that?” asked Harry slowly, hoping to not upset the house-elf.





Dobby started sobbing harder. “Harry Potter thinks of Dobby as a person and a friend? Oh! Harry Potter is a great wizard. Dobby is crying because he is happy sirs. Not sad. Harry Potter has made Dobby a happy house-elf.” And he flung his small arms around Harry’s neck. With that, Dobby vanished just like the others.





“Mr. Weasley, could you join us please?” asked Dumbledore with a slight twinkle in his blue eyes.





“Hi, Harry.”





“Hey, Fred.”





“I’m not Fred. I’m George. I thought you would know that after sevwen years.”





Harry’s mouth opened but he couldn’t say anything. He looked horrified.





“Harry, Harry, Harry.” He said, shaking his head. “You actually believed that? Oh, come on. I said the same thing to my mother the first time you ever saw us. Don’t you remember?” asked Fred, grinning from ear to ear.





“Ha, ha, Fred. Very funny.”





“I know. Here, eat this. It will make you feel better.” Fred offered him something that looked like a purple apple.





“What is it?”





“It’s not going to hurt you, I promise.”





Harry just looked at him, waiting.





“Ok. In a way, you could consider it a variation the Felix Felicis. One bite will allow you to make almost anything happen. Nothing life altering though. But, say you wanted treacle tart for desert, it would happen.” Fred explained trying to look serious but failing miserably. Instead, he simply looked mischievous, like always.





“No thanks.” He knew better than to accept anything from Fred.





“Can’t get ya twice huh? Oh well. It would have turned your body purple anyway. Tell George to keep trying. He has to keep up our reputation.”





“I don’t know if George will want to talk to me. Or any of your family for that matter. It’s my fault that you’re here. They should hate me.”





“Nonsense. You’re the reason everyone else is still alive. If not for you, my while family would be dead. Just do me a favor, take care of Ginny for me. She’s special, that one.





“I’ll say. I promise that I will take care of her….If she lets me.”





“Well, if you make her mad, she has my permission to hex you with her famous bat-bogey hex. At least the first time. And say it was from me.” Fred winked.





“Will do.” Laughed Harry.





After they shake hands, Fred disappeared. Then Moody limped over to greet Harry.





“I don’t say this often, so listen up. Good work, Potter.”





“Thanks professor.”





“I’m no professor. Never was. You did good with that too. Constant vigilance. You have it. Never forget.





“You taught me well, sir.”





“Yeah, yeah. Keep up the good work, Potter.” Moody barked and then vanished.





Harry turned to see Dumbledore smiling at him with a triumphant look in his eyes. “I can count on one hand the number of times I have heard Alastor give praise to someone. Good job.”





Harry blushed at the compliment. Then he turned as he heard movement close in front of him.





“Wotcher Harry.”





“Hi Harry. It’s great to see you.”





“Hi Tonks. Hi Remus. It’s great to see you both. Uh, are you guys happy here?” asked Harry with a frown.





Lupin and Tonks glanced at one another before Lupin said, “Harry, we are perfectly happy. I don’t have to worry about my furry little problem anymore.” He chuckled. “My only regret is Teddy. I…we wish that we had more time with him. But it’s better this way. We would prefer him to live without us in a world that’s sage than in a world that he could be killed at any second. I know that he will miss us, but he’ll be happy.”





“And safe.” Added Tonks.





“I promise that I will do anything and everything to make sure that he is happy. And I will tell him all I can about both of you.”





“We know that, Harry. That’s why we named you his godfather.” Tonks assured him.





“But you have to look out for yourself too. You can’t help anyone if you don’t help yourself first.” Lupin said.





“Thank you both for everything.”





“No. Thank you for allowing Teddy to live in a safe world. We are eternally grateful.”





After shaking Lupin’s hand and giving Tonks a hug, they both disappeared.





Harry looked up to see his parents and his godfather beaming at him.





“I am so proud of you Harry. You were amazing. Who knew that a simple spell that most first year students know would finish off Voldermort?” Sirius said walking up to harry.





“Apparently, expelliarmus and stupefy are my signature moves. Or so they say, anyway,” Harry shrugged.





“Whatever works. I hope you know how proud we all are of you. No wonder you were sorted into Gryffindor. You have the courage of a lion.”





“I don’t know about that. I just did what I knew I had to do.”





“You looked death in the eyes and walked away from it. That’s bravery.”





“I guess so.” said Harry looking embarrassed.





“Oh. I spoke with my brother, Regulas. He told me how to remove my mother’s portrait at Grimwald Place. Would you like to know how?”










“A person with mixed blood, a pure-blood, and a muggle born have to use the reducto curse at the same time. That shouldn’t be too hard for you. Should it?” He asked Harry beaming at him.





Harry just gaped at him. “You’re joking.”





Sirius grinned and said “I wish I was. I could have taken that damned thing down before you ever stepped foot in the door if I would have known soon enough. Ah well. I’m happy knowing that it will be coming down soon enough. You will be taking it down, won’t you?” Sirius asked with a worried look on his face.





“Of course I will! We will be working on the blood status problem. And I won’t allow that portrait yelling at my friends.”





“Good. Now I am sure that you are anxious to talk to your parents. But know that I am proud of you. Things will settle down. Allow yourself some fun. I’m glad to call you my godson.”





“And I’m glad to call you my godfather.” Harry said after embracing Sirius in a tight hug.





“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” He winked and then was gone, leaving Harry with Dumbledore and his own parents.





“Professor,” said Harry, turning to look at him. “Could I have a few minutes alone with my parents please?”





“Sure Harry. But I would like to speak with you once more before you leave.” Dumbledore replied before walking out the door.





Harry looked at his parents to see wide smiles on their faces and love in their eyes. At that point he was consumed with emotion. He ran over to embrace both of them in a very tight squeeze. “I have missed you both.”





“We have missed you to, son” said James just as Lily said “We have missed you more than anything.”





“Did…Did I do the right thing? I mean, I got so many people killed.” Asked Harry through his tears.





“Don’t even think like that Harry. If it wasn’t for you, Voldermort would still be out there killing people. That’s why I did what I did when he killed me. I wanted you to have a long life. I wanted you to be safe. And you finally are.”





“We are so proud of you. You didn’t kill any of them. You have spent the last seven years trying to prevent people from dying. You did everything that you could do. We love you.”





“I love you too. Both of you. I wish you could be there with me. I wish you could meet my friends. I couldn’t have done any of it without them.”





Lily had joy in her eyes as James said “Speaking of friends, who’s your red haired friend?”





“Oh. You mean Ron? He’s been my best friend since the first day at Hogwarts. He’s great. Beats me at chess every time though.”





“Well, I was actually referring to a female red head. It seems us Potter’s seem to fall for pretty girls with red hair. I know I did.” His father smirked.





“Ah. Um. You must mean Ginny. Yeah, I really wish you could meet her too. She really is amazing.” Said Harry with a faraway look in his eyes.





“I don’t know. She might be too much for you to handle though.” Snickered James.





“James, leave Harry alone about girls. He will do just fine with her…or anyone else for that matter.” Lily scolded. Then added to Harry, “I do like her though.”





“Yeah, after taking on Voldermort, a girl should be no problem. AND you’ve got your mother’s approval.” James smirked.





Lily just shook her head while Harry look very embarrassed. “Harry, it’s about time for you to go. So we will leave you now. Just know that we always loved you. And that we are so very proud of you. Take care of yourself. And stay out of trouble.”





“Ha! He is half mine. And you tell him to stay out of trouble? I don’t see that happening. But you can take care of yourself, can’t you Harry?”





“I’ll do my best. I love you both.”





“We love you too.” They both said at the same time. And after a final hug, they both disappeared. Harry was left alone in the room. He felt happier than ever. He finally knew that his parents were proud of him.





And Fred thinks that Ginny won’t be mad at me. I wonder if that apple of his would have helped with that. Harry shook his head at the thought. He knew what the apple would do. But he couldn’t stop hoping for some way to make things easier for him and Ginny.





After a few minutes of thinking about all the conversations with everyone, he decided it was time to go. He found Dumbledore waiting for him a few yards from the door.





“Ah. Harry. Do you have any questions before we go our separate ways?” Dumbledore asked.





After only a moment of consideration, Harry said, “Yes, sir. Back in first year I asked you what you would see if you looking into the Mirror of Erised. What would you say now if I asked you the same question?”





“I would still see myself holding a pair of new socks. Only, now I would also see that my family had given them to me. Now, Harry, I think it is time for you to rejoin your friends and celebrate this victory. You have done wonderfully. Be happy with who you are, and trust your instincts. Good luck, Harry.” And with that, Dumbledore left Harry alone on the beach. Harry looked around and thought to himself that he really needs to go on a long vacation.

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Dream: Do dreams really come true? I wish!


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