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Oblivion by Chesh
Chapter 4 : I'm keeping my feet firmly on the ground
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“Is she the one, you know the one with the mental issues?”

“Yeah, I heard she knocked herself out and got picked up by the Ministry.”

“Nah Eliot said she was part of this all too secret organisation and something went wrong and wallah no memory.”

“Eliot’s an idiot.”

“I bet it’s all an act, she’s just putting it on to get close to the Marauders, haven’t you seen all the attention they’ve been giving her lately, especially Sirius. I wish I thought to try that.”

These are some of the nicer comments that circle around Hogwarts, I’m not worried, the latest gossip is the last thing on my mind as so far I have plenty more to think about.

Who would ever think that a book could be this interesting? Flicking through the pages of an old transfiguration textbook, I stop at a promising page. Pointing my wand at the feather before me I whisper the spell under my breath. I watch as it slowly transforms into a pen.

“You do realise that we are meant to do all our spells non-verbal?” Says Lily, carefully rolling up her essay, tucking it into her bag.

“Yeah but they sound so cool when you say them out loud”. I grin, jumping up to show her my new pen. Quills look neat and all but they are really difficult to use and so far I seem to have the glorious talent of spraying myself with ink every time I try to use one.

“Very nice but I don’t think pens are meant to have feathers”. Lily rolled her eyes before standing up and swinging her bag over her shoulder.

“It gives it character”. I say scrunching up my face in a glare. No one insults my feathery pen.

Lily snorts and rolls her eyes again. Boy she does that a lot.

“Get of your arse and come on, Mary wanted us to come watch her at quiditch try-outs. Although why she would want to torture herself is beyond me”.

Standing up I quickly shove my stuff into my bag before heading over to the portrait hole. So far I have heard a lot about quiditch from both James and Sirius and I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about.

Pausing at the top of the steps I turn back to glance blankly at Lily.

“Which one’s Mary?”

Lily sighed and linked arms with me. She has been doing this a lot lately and I have a feeling it is to make sure I don’t get lost.

“The Blonde”. She says pulling me through the crowd of students.

I stop and think about this.

“The one with a c-cup and glasses?”

Lily nods.


Let me get this clear, quiditch players are suicidal.

Its official, the criteria for being as extreme quiditch player is to have superb muscles, lightning fast reflexes and balls of steel to spare.

Watching the new hopefuls zoom around metres above the ground was interesting; especially with someone called Alicia as the Gryffindor captain. It made excellent entertainment for us on-watchers.

“Ok guys, I want those trying out for the new beater to line over there. In a second two of you will fly up and hit a bludger to each other, got it?” Alicia yelled, her voice reaching all the way to the stands where Lily and I are sitting.

“Pssst, Lily.” I said poking my new friend in the arm.

“What is it?” She whispered back staring fixedly in the opposite direction of James who was trying to get her attention from his broom.

“What’s a bludger again?” I asked poking her again till she looks my way.

“It’s a ball that… QUIT IT POTTER!!!” she screams standing up and stomping angrily.

James who is hovering on his broom just in front of us stops singing and looks in wonder at the fiery demon before him

“What tis it my love? Does my angel not love her song, for if she doth not I shall create another to win her glorious heart...” James called staring at her with wide eyes, before singing a different song.

“My lo-ve, my beautiful lo-ve… I fly to you as a do-ve…” James sings his hand pressed to his heart as he closes his eyes.

“A bludger is the ball that tries to knock the players of their brooms; it’s the beater’s job to make sure it doesn’t hit one of their teammates”. Remus whispered before sliding into the seat next to me.

“Thanks” I whisper back still watching Lily carefully as her face goes from a pretty pink to a deeper red.

James is such an idiot.

“I would die for y-ou… With my glasses all as-kew…” James sang his eyes closed, he has an exceptionally goofy expression smothered across his face.

“IF YOU DON’T STOP SINGING THIS INSTANT I SWEAR I WILL, I WILL…” screamed Lily, her fists clenched tightly at her sides.

“Hurry up lover-boy and get down here right now!” Alicia called, putting a stop to James and Lily’s little romantic moment.

With one last, long look James dives towards the pitch and lands with a thump behind Sirius who just shakes his head and whispers something in James ear.

Lily sits back in her seat and folds her arms across her chest.

“Bloody, Potter and his bloody…” She mutters glaring down at where the Gryffindor team is having their try-outs.

“Just let it all out, you’ll feel better that way.” I say patting her gently on the head.

Next to me Remus snorts and looks away quickly as Lily turns her furious gaze towards him.

From up here we can only just make out the little blobs that resemble the Gryffindor quiditch team, I guess it makes the game more exciting for the audience. One of the little blobs waves frantically in my direction jumping up and down with excitement.

Feeling extremely odd I raise my hand half-heartedly and give a little wave.
The blob jumps higher and begins to beckon with its hands, I think it wants me.
Standing up I begin to walk down the stairs to the pitch.

“Where are you going Amy”? Lily calls joining me at once at the top of the stairs.

“My little blob was waving and I thought I would say hello”.

Lily blanches and looks at me oddly. “Your what”?

She glances at Remus who just shrugs and tucks his book back into his jacket. With two very confused expressions they follow me down the stairs.

“You were easier to manage when you were in a coma”. Lily mutters as I run down the stairs jumping two at a time.

“Hey I am here you know”. I yell leaping of the last couple of steps landing heavily on the grass.

“So why are we down here again”? Asks Remus panting slightly as he catches up to us.

I point over to my blob which is now waving its broom in the air and grin.

“We are being summoned”. I answer skipping over to the quiditch players.

Ah now that I’m closer I can see that my blob is actually a boy with light brown hair and even lighter eyes. He is leaning against his broom and is giving me one of the widest grins I have ever seen.

“Hey Amy!” The boy smiles before dropping his broom and sweeping me up into a massive hug. Over his shoulder, Sirius grips his broom tighter and glares.

“Umm hi, I think”. I say stepping away from him with a slight frown.

He sighs sadly before sticking his hands into his pocket.

“So the rumours are true, you really don’t remember anything”. He says rubbing his nose self-consciously.

“I can remember my name”. I say putting my hands on my hips and giving him a der-brain look.

“Well that’s always helpful”. He says, smiling once more.

“Oh so this is what you were talking about”. Lily says giving my blob/boy a very scrutinising look.

The blob/boy fidgets and gives her a sheepish grin.

“Next time you decide to go running of half way across the country could you at least give me some warning”. Lily says shaking her head slightly.

“Hey Ames, Remmy. Hey Lily”. Says Sirius walking over to our little group of friends, planting himself next to me he slips his arm over my shoulders.

Narrowing his eyes slightly at my blob he smiles sweetly.

“Shouldn’t you be of helping Alicia chose a new beater Christian”?

Christian, so that’s what my blob is called. Shaking Sirius arm of my shoulders I step forward and offer my hand out for him to shake. The boy just looks at me oddly. I sigh and take his hand and shake it.

“When two people meet each other for the first time they often do this thing called shaking hands.” I say slowly.

“It is very nice to meet you for the second time.”

Christian laughs and pumps my hand up and down.

“Nice to meet you again Amy”.

Behind me Sirius scowls and crosses his arms across his chest. Christian glances behind himself at the try-outs. Sighing he looks at us sadly.

“I gotta go but see I’ll see you guys around”. With one last smile Christian turns and heads over to help his captain.

“I didn’t know you were coming to watch the try-outs”. Sirius said looking from Lily to me and back again.

“Well we came to watch Mary. Do you think she will make it onto the team”? Lily asked.

Turning to watch the people flying I laughed as James did a double take at how close Lily was. Mary was one of the Gryffindor’s trying-out to be a beater and I have to admit she looks like she knows what she is doing. Although then again I don’t really know really know what the difference between a good flyer and a bad one is.

All I’ve worked out so far is that if they do not fall of the broom they’re doing the right thing.

“So what do you think Amy”?

Sirius smiles and gently turns me around to face him.

“What”? I squint at him in confusion.

“You told me once that you always wanted to learn to fly”. Sirius grinned, looking at me with large, hopeful eyes.

“I did”? I say wrinkling my nose as I think about this.

“Before you forgot everything”. Hey says waving his hands wildly in the air.


I can see Remus over his shoulder. He is trying hard not to laugh as Lily smiles and shakes her head.

“Well do you want me to”? Sirius asks, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“Want you to do what exactly”? Goodness he takes a while to get to the point.

Remus bursts out in laughter before quickly. Lily just rolls her eyes.

“Teach you to ride a broomstick of course”. Sirius grins, grey eyes searching my face for an answer.

Oh. I have a feeling that flying for me would not be such a good idea. I mean come on; gravity and I don’t exactly get along to well.

I pause before I answer, biting my lip nervously as I glance at where some kids are flying. This turns out to be the worst thing I could have done as at that very second a first year, surprised at finally catching the quaffle forgets that he is ten metres in the air and topples of his broom. Smashing spectacularly into the ground, I watch as he slowly rolls over and groans.

“Well…” I start, glancing at Lily for support. She sighs and nods once, silently laughing at my horrified expression.

“I don’t… okay fine”. I say closing my eyes.

With a yelp of surprise I am lifted off the ground for the second time today and swung around in a wide circle. With one last turn Sirius places me gently down on the ground and grins.

“It will be great! First thing you got to know about riding a broom is that it’s all in the technique…” I smile and nod as he rambles on about the different kind of grips. It’s kind of cute how rapt he was about quiditch.

I listen closely to his every word and Sirius smiles at how attentive I am.

I guess it’s a first.

I don’t think he realises that the only reason I paying this much attention is because don’t want to end up as a pancake on the quiditch pitch.

I want to look good in my coffin.

Hey again sorry for the wait, major assignments due soon and i'm trying to focus on that... Hope you enjoy it a big thanks to all those who reviewed.

Just remember the box below is this amazing little invention that lets me know what you think!



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