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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 20 : Outlook
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A/N: Hello there my loverlies!
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I sat next to Lavender in the crowded waiting room, her sobs the only sound in the room. I was still in shock. Ron couldn’t be dead, not brave, little Ron. It was heartbreaking knowing I would never get the chance to tease him again, knowing that he would never meet his own child. A doctor appeared at the door.

       “Miss Brown, Mr and Mrs Weasley, you can see him now.” I squeezed Lavender’s hand as she eased herself off the chair and followed mum and dad out of the room. I looked over to see Seamus staring after them. ‘Odd.’ I though as he shook his head and fiddling with his watch.

       “George, Luna will be out of surgery in a few minutes.” He said looking up from his watch. I nodded at him as I walked towards the door. Just as I reached the other waiting room the young doctor that had spoken to Luna and I came in.

       “Mr Weasley?” He asked looking up from the clipboard he was holding, his eyes emotionless. I nodded and walked towards him. This was it; the moment my future would be decided for me.

       “The operation was a success. You can go and see her now.” He said his face still stony. My face broke out into a grin. I hugged the doctor before turning down the hall, practically running in search of Luna’s room.

       “Third door to the left Mister!” The doctor called in a stern voice as I fumbled around in the hall. I grinned as I turned the door handle. All I could think about now what that Luna, my Luna, was going to be okay. I entered the room and my smile quickly vanished. Luna was lying dead still in the middle of the room. Her face was pale and she was hooked up to all types of monitors. I heard a small coughing noise from behind me and I turned to see the doctor standing in the door frame.

       “Mr Weasley, Luna is going to be all right, but she is still recovering from the operation. You ran off before I could tell you that she might not wake for some time.” I looked back at Luna, who hadn’t moved one bit. The doctor nodded at me and left the room. I went over and sat on the edge of Luna’s bed, placing her hand in mine. It was ice cold. I drew circles over the back of her hand and stared at her face. Even in her state she still managed to look beautiful.


I don’t know how long I sat next to Luna on the bed. I stared at her, willing her to wake up. The only movement she made was the rising and sinking of her chest as she breathed.  A noise came from down on the bed. I looked down to see Luna looking at me. She was awake!

       “George, George what happened?” She croaked squeezing my hand. I looked at her, confused to what she was getting at.

       “I can tell something is wrong, George. I can see it in your eyes.” Her voice was stronger this time.  Of course she knew something was wrong. She knew me just as well as I knew myself.

       “It’s Ron.” I whispered, not wanting to overwhelm her with the news. “He’s gone.” Luna’s eyes filled with tears as she squeezed my hand. I looked down, unable to stop my own eyes from welling up.

       “Sir you have to leave now!’ A harsh voice came from the door. Luna and I looked up to see the bitch doctor standing slightly in front of the door.

       “No.” I glared at her. “I am staying right here.” I looked down at Luna to see her nodding weakly.

          “Fine!” The doctor snapped slamming the door shut as she stormed out of the room. I smiled at Luna and swung my legs over so I was lying on the bed with her. She snuggled into my chest as much as she could and sighed softly.

       “Good night George.” She closed her eyes. I pressed my lips against her forehead.

       “Good night my love.”




       “Are you ready to leave miss?” A doctor asked Luna as we walked out of the front door of St. Mungo’s. Luna nodded and took my hand.

       “Now remember no vigorous…exercise for three more weeks.” The doctor winked at us. I felt the tips of my ears going bright red. I knew what he was insinuating.

       “Of course not Sir.” Luna said in a sweet voice and we walked away from the hospital.


We arrived at the Burrow a short time later to find Hermione, Ginny, Lavender and to my surprise Seamus waiting for us. We each took it in turns to hug everyone before taking a seat in the sitting room

       “So Lavender, how far along are you?” Luna asked her in a quiet voice. The subject of Lavender’s pregnancy was almost a touchy as the one of Ron. Lavender’s eyes filled with tears as she gulped for air.

       “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.” Luna whispered, but Lavender shook her head.

       “No it’s fine Luna. I’m eight months and two days.” She croaked. I noticed Seamus’ eyes hadn’t left her face ever since we got here. It hit me suddenly. I knew what was going on.

       “Seamus can I talk to you for a minute.” I asked as the girls shared a moment. He nodded and got off the couch. I followed him out and motioned for him to go upstairs.

       “Yes George.” He asked leaning against the narrow wall of the hallway.

       “You still have feelings for Lavender, don’t you?” I questioned looking directly at Seamus. His face visibly paled as he fidgeted with the sleeve to his shirt.

       “Is it that obvious?” He asked his brown eyes darting from mine down to the ground.

       “Yeah it is. But just don’t make a move on her. She is pregnant with my dead brother’s child and she isn’t going to get over it for a while.” Seamus nodded.

       “I know. I just want to be here for her as a friend and once she is ready to move on I will help her. All I want is for her to be happy, even if it is not with me.” I nodded as we came back down to join the girls.

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Rest in Pieces: Outlook


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