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Evelyns Guide to the World of Harry Potter by limwen
Chapter 2 : Dumbledore
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Muffins, I smell muffins.

But not just any muffins, these smell like chocolate chip muffins, homemade chocolate chip muffins. But my mother never makes muffins, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even know how to bake.

So why am I smelling homemade chocolate chip muffins?

I slowly open my eyes to assess my surroundings to find that I am in an unfamiliar room, which can only mean I’ve been kidnapped. I really hope I haven’t been kidnapped; my parents most likely won’t pay the ransom, I’ll be stuck in this dusty old room FOREVER!

“Ms. Equel?” I turned my head as I sat up in the bed to see THE Albus Dumbledore!

“Wha-how-I-“I’m pretty sure my mouth is hanging open, but I mean I have an insanely good excuse. It’s not every day a fictional character kidnaps you, and stuffs you in a dusty old room.

“Ms, Equel, I know this must be a lot to take in, and you must have a lot of questions, which I will answer all in due time. Right now, I think you should eat something. Mrs. Weasley will have breakfast ready momentarily, and there are some cloths in the trunk over there. You can come down stairs after you change,” Dumbledore said, I just nodded my head like the idiot that I am.

I slowly got out of bed to find that my head was pounding; I looked around the room to see an old trunk (just like the ones in the Harry Potter movies). I made my way over to the trunk and slowly opened it; one side of it was filled with books and the other clothes. I looked down to see what I was wearing; I was still wearing what I wore at the party, the same party where I cracked open my head.

And somewhere in between me blacking out and me waking up I was kidnapped, well at least I was kidnapped my Dumbledore and not Voldemort.   

I put on a blue short sleeved blouse that had white lass over it, blue jean shorts and a pair of leather ankle boots. I looked pretty good considering I was just kidnapped by Albus Dumbledore; I thought as I pulled my blond curls up into a clip that I found in the trunk.

I walked over to the door and slowly opened it; it opened up into a hallway, to the left I can see a stair case, leading most likely to thee kitchens. I carefully make my way over to the stair case, as I get closer to it I start to hear voices. I stop for a moment to listen.

“It’s wrong Albus, taking the poor girl away from everything she ever knew and throwing her into a world she knows nothing about!” I’m 95% sure that that was Mrs. Weasley, I wonder if they are talking about me? Probably, unless Dumbledore makes a habit out of kidnapping teenagers, I really hope not, that would just be too weird.

Even for me.

“She knows more than you think, Molly, you need to trust that I know what I’m doing,” was Dumbledore’s vague reply, I guess I should head on down the stairs.

One step at a time

Almost there

Don’t tripe, Evelyn, don’t tripe.

Once I made it down the stairs, without tripping I might add, I made my way over to the door that the voices where coming from.

As I slowly opened the door I was bombarded with the wonderful smell of muffins, and other varies breakfast foods.

“There you are dear, I’m Mrs. Weasley,” Mrs. Weasley said as she approached me, she ushered me into one of the seats in the crowded kitchen/dining room.

“I’m Evelyn,” I gave her a small smile before I sat down; she started putting food on the plate that was sitting in front of me.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why you are here, Evelyn.” Dumbledore said, as he took the seat across from me.

“No, I was too busy pondering the meaning of life. Why would I wonder why I was kidnapped by people, who I believed, to be fictional characters?” my sarcastic tone caused Dumbledore to chuckle, and Mrs. Weasley to smile as the later sat down next to Dumbledore.

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the Order of the Phoenix,” Dumbledore continued, ignoring my privies comment, “I wish for you to join,” well that’s just a butt load of information there!

“Why do you want me to join? And why go through the trouble of kidnapping me? And how exactly did you bring me into your world? Oh, and also what the hell I’m I going to do while I’m in your world?” I asked. I think I got my priorities straight, at least I hope so.

Maybe the normal (non-Harry Potter fan) person would want to if they could go home, but why on God’s green Earth would I ask to back to a non-Harry Potter world.

“Why I need you to join is information that will be made clear all in due time, and I can assure you that I have very good reason for bringing you here, and as for how, I thought it would be obvious, magic,” Dumbledore informed me, It took me a moment to realize he did not answer my last question and didn’t really answered my first. I let the second one slide, because I’m secretly a REALLY nice person.


“You haven’t told me what I’m going to be doing here,” I told him, as I told him I saw in the corner of my eye that Mrs. Weasley quickly turned to look at the clock, she looked distressed for a moment but then regained her composer.


“You will be attending Hogwarts, a 7th year, the same year, if I’m not mistaken, that your son Charlie is in,” The last part of Dumbledore’s answer was directed at Mrs. Weasley, she nodded absentmindedly, still staring at the clock.

I was going to Hogwarts, I was going to be sorted into a house, I was going to learn things that I might actually find interesting, and I’m going to walk the same halls as the infamous Marauders!

 But wait, I’m not Witch, so how is this possible?

“But sir, I’m not a Witch,” I slowly informed him, and at this he just smiled!

“But you are, you’ve just never been exposed to magic, in your world magic is extinct. But you do have it,” Dumbledore explained, I guess it made sense, in some weird twisted way.

But back to the point, I will be attending Hogwarts, with Charlie Weasley! Even though he is not in the movies, and is only seen a couple times in the book, he has always been one of my favorite characters.

“So what will be my cover story?” I’m starting to feel like a secret agent or something, I am kind of a secret agent.

“Well, you’ll be an exchange student from Salem’s Witch Academy in America; your parents have just died so you moved to England to live with your stepmothers parents who are muggles. You are spending the last say of summer at the Weasley’s, since you grandparents are muggles they do not know about your being a Witch. So you’re staying with the Weasley’s who have agreed to help you buy your school things and escort you to the platform.” Dumbledore explained in a very serious manor, I wanted to laugh at the seriousness, but I refrained from doing so, because the situation is, in all seriousness, serious.

“Could you write that down, I don’t want to get it mixed up later,” I asked, he pulled out a paper and wrote it all down and then handed it to me, I don’t think he realized I was being sarcastic, but I pocketed the piece of paper anyway.

“Arthur will be home soon with the kids, Dumbledore, you should go before they get here,” Mrs. Weasley told Dumbledore, Dumbledore pondered this for a moment before he got up from his seat.

“Evelyn, it is very important that you cooperate completely, I know you still have questions that have yet to be answered, but have faith in what you know to be true,” Oh God, trust Dumbledore to turn into a freaking fortune cookie! “But have faith in what you know to be true” what kind of crap is that!

“Um, okay,” was my amazingly witty response, I’m ashamed of myself, I blame falling down a flight of stairs, and being brought into a fictional world.

“I will see you on September 1st, Evelyn,” Dumbledore said before he walked out the door, leaving me with Mrs. Weasley, who is giving me weird looks.

“So, how many kids do you have?” I asked her, small talk was never my forty, starting a conversation as well. Kind of think of it, I’m a social failure. But Mrs. Weasley seemed to light up at the question, so I must not be such a social fail.

“Well, the youngest is Ginny and she’s nine, and then Ron is 10, he’ll be attending Hogwarts next year. And then I have the twins, Fred and George, they are in their 2nd year at Hogwarts, and then Percy, he’s in his 4th year. And then Charlie, who will be in his 7th year with you, and then Bill who graduated 2 years ago, he is now working at Gringotts as a curse breaker,” I couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm when it came to her kids, she really loved them. That was a completely new concept for me, my parents were never around enough to really know and love me, and I can only imagine the horrible things my parents say about me behind my back. 

“That’s lovely, I always wanted a big family,” I confided in her, that is one of my secret desires, I don’t like people knowing that my parents are A class assholes, but something about Mrs. Weasley’s mother bear personality made me want to confide in her.

“Do you not have any siblings?” Mrs. Weasley asked, with a curious expression on her face, I wanted to tell her no, but before I could the door opened and in walked 6 red headed Weasley’s.

“Oh, good your back,” Mrs. Weasley said as she walked over and kissed Arthur, I looked around and put names to face’s. Ginny wore a pink sun dress with her fiery red hair in braids, Ron wore a green tee shirt and khaki shorts, Percy wore a short sleeved button up with khakis like Ron. Charlie wore a white tee shirt and jean shorts, and just let me say, he looked HOT!

“Oh, everyone this is Evelyn Equel. Remember, I told you she would be spending the rest of her summer with us, because she just moved her from America,” Mrs. Weasley said as she gestured toward me, I stood up because it felt weird being the only one sitting down.

“Hello,” I said with a smile, I wasn’t really sure what to do; I mean my head still feels like a million hippogriffs are running around in there.

Hah, I can make references about hippogriffs and people will actually get them!

They all murmured a hello in response, good to know I’m not the only one feeling awkward!

“Do you want to play Quidditch with us?” asked one of the Twins, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell those two apart.

“Quidditch, I would love to say yes, but that fact that I can’t fly might hinder my abilities to play well,” I informed the twins, who where both looking up at me with eager eyes.

“I could teach you,” I turned to see Charlie Weasley offering to teach me how to fly, his deep blue eyes digging deep into mine. His stare was intense, to say the least.

“That would be lovely,” I agreed, offering him a small smile. I was never one for smiling; I think girls who grin all the time with their teeth look creepy.

As Charlie lead me to their makeshift Quidditch Pitch I couldn’t help but notice that Fred and George started walking on either side of me. It’s safe to say I’m a little freaked out.

“How come you don’t know how to fly?” the twin on my left asked, I turned to him; I decided he would be George and the other Fred.

“I was just more focused on my studies, I guess I just never really had the need to learn how to fly. Truth be told, I never really gave it much thought before,” I said thoughtfully, I was always a good liar; it was never something I was proud of, but it’s useful.

“See boys, your studies are important, it’s not just me!” Percy came out of nowhere and exclaimed, rather loudly I might add.

I tried very hard to suppress my laughter.

“I’m the boys will get fantastic grades, and dare I say, go out with a bang,” I add the last part as a inside joke as I remembered the end of the 5th Harry Potter movie/book.

The boys seemed to light up at the mention of a bang, but little did they know just how literal I was being.

“What’s your favorite Quidditch team?” Fred asked as we stopped at the Pitch. I pondered this for a moment, trying to remember what few Quidditch teams I’ve read about.

“My family was never big on Quidditch, but I hear Puddlmere United is good,” I figured I would play it safe and say I didn’t know much about the sport, which was true.

“Interesting,” was all that Fred said, I gave him a confused look, but he ignored it.

“Evelyn,” I turned around just in time to quickly catch a broom that Charlie through at me, thank God for my reflexes.

“Why could you not have, I don’t know, HANDED ME THE BROOM?!” I asked as very nicely I walked over to him, if it wasn’t for my AMAZING reflexes I would most likely have a bump somewhere on my body.

But at my question he just chuckled, the asshole chuckled! I would have glared, but I don’t want to come off as a total bitch before I can even call him a kind of friend. That and he is teaching me how to fly, on a twig.

This should be fun; at least it would be, if I actually had gotten over my fear of heights in the 8th grade.



AUTHORS NOTE: Hello lovely people of the internet! I have a chapter image! The banner is in the process of being made!

So give me your thoughts on this chapter! Evelyn gets kidnapped by Dumbledore, Charlie is going to teach her how to play Quidditch, and the twins are most likely plotting something.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, I had a lot of fun writing it!

Lots of love,


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