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Gryffindor Through And Through. by 08simmonsf
Chapter 1 : First Night Feast
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"Mmm, a little bit shy, but certainly very loyal and caring. Oh! And what's this I see? There's more courage inside this tiny head than half the school put together! Now there's only one place you can put that to good use-"

The little boy fidgeted on the stool with nervous discomfort.


The timid eleven year old pulled the hat back over his eyes and was dazzled by the harsh brightness he had missed whilst awaiting the hat's decision. There had been an eruption of noise from one of the house tables, so after carefully placing the hat back upon the stool, he walked over to the table who were awaiting him. Shortly after ruffling his red hair, they had finished cheering and were now eagerly staring up at the headmaster.

Being the last to be sorted resulted in Arthur Weasley squeezing onto the end of one of the benches, and found his neighbour to be a vivacious girl with light brown hair, rapidly chatting with her brother. He could deduce this much based on the conversation they were having about writing a letter to their parents.

"Thanks Fabian! I think I'll send it tomorrow morning so that they know straight away."

Silence fell around the great hall as Professor Dumbledore rose from his chair. All eyes turned to the headmaster who stated with enthusiasm-

"Let the feast begin!"

As the last sound left his mouth, every single person's head turned towards the empty plates in front of them. Different foods had magically appeared, waiting for hungry bellies to enjoy. Several audible gasps left a few mouths at the sight, including the girl talking to her brother. With an eagerness not normally associated with little girls, she reached and grabbed for whatever was nearby, piling her plate high. 

Arthur had been so engrossed in watching her excitement, he had momentarily forgotten his own hunger that had been bothering him since he left Hogsmeade station. With an irritable growl from the pit of his stomach, he turned his attention instead upon the chicken drumsticks staring at him. By the time he had finished his third drumstick, the girl to his right had already leant over twice to satisfy her own cravings. Not a word was spoken for a long time as everyone ate their fill, and the only sounds that could be heard were the chomping and scraping of cutlery.

The noise level rose sum-what as people began talking to the neighbours, and with a quick scan across the room for any plates still bearing food, Professor Dumbledore rose once more out of his chair. He welcomed the first years and reminded older students of some school rules. He gave them some start of term announcements before asking each pupil to stand and sing the school song. 

Arthur looked around nervously, unsure of what to do. The little girl beside him, however, was joining in with such enthusiasm, she almost looked comical. She was looking up at her older brother, and as Arthur's eyes followed hers, he saw a badge gleaming on his robes. Fabian, it seemed, was a prefect, which comforted Arthur, knowing he could follow the little girl and her brother to the dormitories.

When the song ended, Arthur made sure to stick close-by, not wanting to get lost. They trudged out of the hall, and started a rather long procession up to one of the towers. Arthur was imagining a comfy bed awaiting him, and so absent-mindedly walked right into the back of the girl he had been following. 

She turned around, annoyance exploding out of the surprise. Arthur flinched, expecting her to yell or moan. She didn't however, for she had seen the fear creep across his face. Her irritation slackened, and with a sweet smile, she turned to face the direction she was going, all traces of anger had disappeared from her brown eyes.

A sigh of relief escaped him. All he could think of now was the sweet smile and the brown eyes that refused to be mad at him. It therefore came as a shock when he tumbled through the secret passageway, cleverly concealed behind the portrait of a large woman in a pink dress. This time it was his turn to gasp as his eyes accepted the cosy common room his feet had stumbled into. 

A roaring fire cast flickering shadows on the backs of the armchairs gathered around it. Some older pupils could be seen sitting together, happily divulging how their holidays had been. A few tables were scattered around the room, each accompanied by a couple of chairs, but no one was yet using these- no lessons had started which meant no homework or studying needed doing.

Yawns echoed around the group of first years who were avidly watching Fabian explain the Gryffindor house rules. Some had even contemplated taking notes so that they wouldn't forget, but Fabian was able to joke these comments aside, indicating his sister would keep them informed- apparently she had memorised each and every one of them from her older brothers. No wonder she had seemed so delighted to be sorted into Gryffindor.

"Now off to bed you lot. There's a lot to learn starting first thing tomorrow. Professor McGonagall will hand out your timetables in the morning so you know what lessons to go to. Sleep tight!"

As the crowd thinned whilst people made their way up to their dormitory, Arthur had stayed back to avoid the rush. Once again he found himself overhearing the girl and her brother talking-

"-Oh, and Molly, do try to behave yourself won't you?!"

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