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My Marauder by Lunalove21
Chapter 3 : Pranks and Other not so Funny Things
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The first years all looked the same- small and afraid. They are all gathered in their small enclosed group, coming closer together as their fears became larger. Finally the sorting hat had sung its song, but I missed the entire thing since I had dozed off about two minutes before it started. I was awoken by grinning Chris how had choose to take advantage of our now legal magic, and sent paper birds vivaciously peeking at my head.



A very clear and demanding voice of a mid aged women, with a pointy face and kind eyes that were still visible behind her glasses; she wore her slightly graying dark hair into a tight bun- Good old had her knickers in bunch once again- “Andrews, Evan” .Just like that the sorting had begun with a nervous short ginger being sorted into Hufflepuff.



“So, Chris” I begin in whisper (I decided to let her bombarding me with birds go…for now) “Who’s going to be your first mark?”



She smiles mischievously. Chris looks around her eyes not lingering on anyone too long, until… “Him” She says while undressing a hunky hufflepuff with her eyes.



“Promised who?” she asked raising her eyebrow.



“Myself” I spat defensively. I promised lily too obviously, but Christina might not be the happiest about that, she’s the jealous type-trust me.



“We’ll see.” Chris smirks after looking me over a couple of times, as if she was debating what to.



“So” Christ declares breaking into a grin “I am taking bets.” I gave her a death glare, while the rest of the table looked at her inquisitively.



“How long do you think Cora can go without a bloke? I’m in for a month-12 knutzs.” She replys her grin was widening at her own actions.



Alice looked amuse before she and frank answer in unison “2 weeks!”



“Shhh!” I sigh, not wanting my friends to be over heard.



“And how about you Molly?” Alice asks in a whisper.



Molly turns to me. “What!? Are you, actually trying not to date, queen of snogging, herself not snogging, not dating, not- ANYTHING!?!” She says in a very a friendly voice.



“Yes, I am. Put me down for the whole year – twenty knutz.” I try to hide how offended I am. It hurt me to think that’s what my friend thought of me, even if she was joking, it still hurt.



“Okay, I’ll meet that- 2months.”



“Fine, more money for me” I say matter-of-factly.



Everyone at the table seems to be communicating via brain. They all nod in unison after about two minutes of everyone shooting strange glares at each other. My guess is they were all going to do everything they could do to get me to lose the bet. Good luck, I love a challenge.



It’s only now that I notice the lacking of one Mr. Matt Edgecombe. I scan the table and before I could find him- “Find your next victim, yet?” Chris asks



“Where’s Matt?” I ask absent mindly.

“OH MERLIN, not Matt!” Chris yells out, Thank goodness the gryffindors had just got a new member and erupted into cheers. Annoying gryffindors, I think to myself.



“Shh, No! I just noticed he isn’t here.”

“He’s off with his odd little qudditch mates.” Chris says pointing wearily in the opposite direction I was looking in.

“I have a few start of term words, I would like to share before the magnificent feast appears” I hear the wise yet kind voice of Albus Dumblodore. I also hear my stomach growl and miss his next last words.



Piles, platters, and plates of delicious food are appearing before my eyes. I can’t help but give into the delicious temptation of the Hogwarts start of term feast- I carefully avoid the pudding, but make sure all my friends have plentiful helpings. I smile mischievously at the group of ravenclaws and turn my head to the gryffindor table.


My eyes quickly find the pranksters, all wearing the biggest grins. I momentarily lock eyes with Sirius, he smile even wider, which I didn’t think possible. He now highly resembles the Cheshire cat. I wink at him knowingly, and return to my third tart.

Chris, Molly, and I make are way up to the fifth floor, all of us complaining about how our stomachs are going to explode, and making plans to punish the house elves for making such irresistible food.

“Oh my flipping Merlin” I declare upon reaching the ravenclaw door. Time for yet another year of standing outside the door with its annoying riddles.


“Riddle me this: I dance without legs and I breathe without lungs, and I am the light of the world and the path to hell, I have life and death, but do not live, what am I?” asks the eagle door knocker.


I was tried and I didn’t completely process the question, but years of answering riddles, on a daily bases you tend to get pretty good at them.

“Fire” I and Molly respond at the same time.

“Very good” The door replies while swinging open.



I take in the familiar common room. The circle dome, with a star filled ceiling, and the windows that are shinning as the half-moon shines over the top the mountains. I love the opened space and bookcases that makes me feel at home. I am home.



As I walk past the bust of Rowena Ravenclaw, of which I have spent countless hours gazing upon, I reach the door that leads to the dorms. I find the sixth grade girls’ and quickly open the door to find my new room.

There are five four-post beds with blue and silver drapes and curtains. We each have our own dresser, end table, and book case. I find the bed with my luggage atop it and quickly hither towards it.

I let out an awkward sounding “Umm-ugh” thing. I collapsed (Yes, literally collapse) on my bed. After about ten minutes of blissfully brain obsoleteness, I am awoken by several loud, high-pitched: all too familiar voices of my other not so friendly roommates.

I have three options right now a) stand up and get out my pj’s and go take a nice hot shower before the start term. b) Grab my soft pillow and almost-suffocate myself; making their voices inaudible c) Throw, the previously stated pillow- after preforming a series of simply spells to make the pillow anything but soft- at the previously stated not-so-friendly roommates.

I feel a wave of sanity briefly engulf me, and I pull my pj’s out of my trunk and walk pass the other sleeping ravenclaws into the bathroom. I realized how tense my muscles were and decided that a hot shower, would not only letmbe smell not-overtly-disgusting for my first day of classes (which is something I would recommend), but would also do me some good.

After I shower I change into my grey sweatpants and blue t-shirt. As I walk to the sink, I have the misfortune of coming between Chris and Ashley who are having a lively stare down. Oh joy. (Yes, I’m sarcastic after I take showers, got a problem?-Didn’t think so.)


I grab my toothbrush and put down my clothes atop the sink counter and do the only thing I can- I brush my teeth and watch the two girls malicious attack each other, without moving a muscle. After I spit, in a very lady-like manner (yes, I spit in a very lady-like manner, which is completely normally and possible-maybe) I seem to break the awkward quietness, and tension.

Chris grabs her clothes and forcefully grabs me by my arm. I don’t protest even though my clothes are still on the counter. I was just happy that no one assaulted the other. (For all those people inside my head:’ YES! That has happened before!’)

I sit down on Molly’s bed with Chris and we show each other are schedules

Me- Monday-Potions, Defense Against the dark Arts, Anicent Runes, Transfiguration. Tuseday –double charms, herbology ,and history of magic. Wenseday- Potions, Defense Angainst the Dark Arts, History of magic, and transfiguration. Thursday- Double charms, Anicent Runes, herbology. Friday- Potions, Defense Against the Dark Art, Herbology, Ancinent Runes.

Molly-Monday-Potions, Herbology, Muggle Studies, Transfiguration. Tuseday-Double Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, History of Magic. Wenseday- Potions, charms, Muggle Studies, Transfiguration. Thrusday-Double Defense Against the Dark, Herblogoy, History of Magic. Friday-Potions, Charms, Muggle Studies, Transfiguration


Chris- Monday-Potions, Herbology, Divination, Transfiguration. Tuseday –double charms, Defense Angainst the Dark Arts, History of magic. Wenseday- Potions, Double Divination, Transfiguration. Double Defense Against the Dark, Herblogoy, History of Magic. Friday-Charms, History of Magic,Herology,Transfigurations.

We have a discussion about our hopes and fears for the term. The conversation wasn’t exciting nor was it filled with hilarious banter, but I was in a state of euphoria. In the moments were I can just be one hundred percent myself and know that the people around me understand and truly care about what I am saying, and knowing that I give them the same comfort. This is all anyone could ask for- people to stand by you and with you, and here were mine.

The discussion between us finished after an interesting debut about mistreating house elves. Those poor little guys, I want to hug them sometimes. They’re worked so hard and never get a break. Chris on the other the hand wouldn’t be more happy if she could have her own at her beck and call, but she insist that the creature couldn’t be more happy to have her as a master.



Afterwards I rummage through my trunk looking for the books I’ll need for my morning classes and my wand. A wide grin spreads across my face as my fingers tingle warmly- awww, my wand. It’s 11 2/3 oak with veela core. “Oak signifies wisdom, endurance, protection, and authority. The veela hair as a wand core means that you are slightly unpredictable but very powerful.” I remember Oliver telling me when I first got my wand. So to put it in my own words I’m a book-worm, have a high tolerance for annoyingness, care too much, bossy, but the on the inside I am just insane.

I look at the clock it was just past 10, but I am dog tried. I need to curl-up underneath my covers, and sleep, before I pass out right here over top my trunk a yard away from my bed. I actually crawl over to my bed and climb on top of it. As I huddle underneath my covers, and rest my head on the soft pillow, I feel my mind drift off to dizzy lands and blissful ideas of sanity.






“Hurry up” I yell at Molly.


“Almost ready” she responds

“I need breakfast” I whine, but to no avail. Still no Molly.

“If you’re not out here in five minutes I’ll have your head! And I’ll eat it for breakfast.” I say in a tone that freakishly resembles me mum.


“Merlin, you’re not a morning person, I almost forgot.”

“No, I suppose I am not.’I say simply

“Hurry up” Molly finally comes out of the bathroom, looking more beautiful than normal. Her hair most have been charmed into a nice wave that tumbled down her back. Her face was flawless, the perfect amount of blush and mascara made her look like veela and I like a zombie.



“You look nice. Ready?”


“Yep.” She says as she grabs her bag.

After walking down five annoyingly long stair cases, we reach the great hall.



“Hogwarts needs to get elevators. “I complain playfully.

'‘Stop, being such a baby, you need some food in you.” Molly observes.



“Well, if someone hadn’t acted like the queen was coming and got all fancied up than maybe I wouldn’t be such a baby.” I challenge.

“Unlikely.” Molly says as we enter the great hall.



“Oh my hippogriff.” I had completely forgotten about the pudding prank. The second that Molly walked into the great hall her hair started to expand. and a pink mustache that would challenge the Lorax had spouted above her lips .




I could not help but stare as she made the face of rage, shock and terror. I laugh as I look around the room. Some wizards, but mostly witches were screaming and vigorously trying to change their hair back. Then, I actually fell to the floor laughing, with my gaze glued to the teachers table. Dumbledore as clam as could be, just like nothing ever happened, except he, himself had pink hair the frizzed out into an almost afro and a matching mustache (the bred looked fake compared to the rest of his pink hair-that’s really odd). Slughorn, who is almost completely bald, is nowing sporting a vertically challenged pink forehead.



I wasn’t the only student brought to tear by this hilarious encounter, many others (some victims; others not) are filling the hall with obnoxious laugher mixed the a few screams as people enter the hall and undergoing the change.



As I regain self- awareness. I scan the gryffindor table for a group a pranksters. I found them with ease. James was glowing in a state of pure euphoria, Remus looked pleased, but you could find the slightest trace of regret. Peter looked proud, and was displaying his boyish charm. SIRIUS HAD BIG PINK HAIR AND A MATCHING MUSTACHE!



I abandoned Molly and run to the gryffindors. “This is absolutely amazing!” I beam, and ruffle Sirius’ hair. “But why is your hair pink?”



i"i didn't wanta miss out on the fun, and pudding is one of my favorites.” Sirius says while stroking his mustache. I was smart enough to realize that they probably didn’t want to get caught and this was the best way to avoid that.



“This is really advanced stuff, how’d you do it?” I muse, not really thinking about what I was saying.



“I would tell you, but than we would have to kill you.” James says



“Right, well I am going to go have breakfast.” I say as I turn to leave. “Oh, wait! Is there any other food I should avoid eating?”



“Yes, Poison berries, werewolf saliva, tentacle leaves, unicorn ear wax, troll-” Sirius begins, before I cut him off.



“Okay, I get it, never mind. I’ll see you later.” I smile.



“Yes, you will.” I think Sirius responds, but it was really loud in the hall so no guarantees. I hope I will run into Lily, but there is no such luck.



I walk over to the ravenclaw table to quickly shove some form of food down my throat. I sit next Chris and Xeno. All of them had eaten the pudding last night, and it was an enjoyable sight. I was grinning wider than the Cheshire cat.



“Hello” I greeted a little too chipper.



“Why isn’t your hair pink?!” Chris demanded



“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I tease.



“Yes, I would, now tell me!” She says threating me by holding the only plate of toast out my reach.



“I think it was in the pudding.” I say still smiling at my friends’ mustaches. Chris actually didn’t look too bad with a mustache, but Molly and Alice weren’t as luck.



“Well, aren’t you the clever one.” She says but her words were muffled by her facial hair




“How long is this going to last?” Alice asks sounding annoyed.



“No Idea” I answer in between mouthfuls of toast. Saying Molly seemed just a bit mad right now is like saying that the Horntail is just a dragon. She wasn’t the type to put a lot of work into how she looked, so her anger was to say the least, understandable



“Come on you lot, we’ll be late for potions.” Molly declares as she grabs her bag and my arm. As Molly, Matt, frank, Chris and I (Alice has advanced herebology right now) walk down to potions I listen as they theorize about the people behind the prank, and what their punishment should be. In the end they decided it was either a group of slytherin imbelices or the notorious group of griffyndor pranks, and they should have to have pink handle bar mustaches and baby sit Mr. Nouriss for the rest of the year.



We walk into the class room, and see Professors Slughorn at his desk looking over a small vial of a clear substance, which I recognize as verita serum. I gaze for a moment at the different bottles and caldrons sat up over the room. This was enough time for my friends to fill in next to each other at the table in the back, the tables only seat four. “Thanks guys, I guess we’ll see who gets to copy note now.” I say sticking out my tongue.




Crap! I sigh inside my head. I look around the room, hoping to find a friendly face, but the rest of the class is slytherins. But really I shouldn't have I expected anything else. Oh well, moping around inside my head isn’t going to help this any, so lets put on our big girl knickers and find a place to sit.




I choose a seat next to grease haired hooked nose boy, that I actually recognize.



“Hello” I greet. “Your name’s Snape, right?



He nods in agreement, but looks confused.



“I am Cora, a friend of Lily’s.” That perks him up, he almost smiles.



“Sh-She talks about me?” He asks nervously.



“She’s mentioned yea.” I say, hoping that Lily wouldn’t mind. It looked like he was about to say something, when I see Lily, herself walks into the classroom. I happily call her over to my table, “Lily Evans! Get your bum over.”



She smile when she sees me, and rushes to the seat next to me, unfortunately she didn’t realize that I was sitting next to Snape and a grimace comes over her body and an awkward silence fills the room when she sits down. Snape looked like he was about to say something again, but Slughorn beat him to it.



Somewhere over the course of last year, me and Lily decided to stop aggressively competing against each other for top student. We came to a silent agreement- she got potions and I got charms. We both fight for dada and transfiguration against the other gryffindor. My favorite subject is history, but I basically teach myself that, due to the misfortune of a teacher. Most ravenclaws are nerdy so they like ancient runes and herebology ans such. I love all my classes (such a ravenclaw, I know)



After the first class, to must people’s relief, almost everybody had lost their mustache and deranged hair. I spend the rest of the day going to my classes (I figured that three other classes that week I would sit with Lily, and by several misfortunes I ended up sitting next to Sirius in three out of my four classes that day. I’ll get sit with my ravenclaws for only two classes every week.)



I decided to go to the library to finish my foot on the revolution of wands making for history class. I missed the smell of parchment and old books. I wonder aimlessly around the cases of books. The library was oddly empty; I thought more people would have wanted to come here. Oh well, I guess I am just extra nerdy. As I turn the corner, and I almost run into the back of a greasy haired boy. This causes me to scream in a very high pitched unattractive girly voice. Earning myself a death glare from Madam Prince.



“I am so” I begin when the boy turns around, it’s Snape. “Sorry.” I finish weakly.



“It’s okay.” Snape says very quietly.



“What you doing here?”




“I just like it here.” He answers simply.



“Me too” I smile weakly



“Want to sit down.” He asks, like he knows I will say no.



“Yeah, sure.” I say surprising him, his face brightens.



I follow him to a nearby table.



“History paper” We say simultaneously. We both smile at this. He wasn’t what I expected of a slytherin. He seemed shy and smart, almost sweet. He had this air about him that was screaming – WOUNDED! He had been hurt by life, and was alone. I don’t know what he did to Lily, because she was so kind (Well, not to James), and he needed a friend.



We get to work and make plans to meet at the library again on Thursday. This is not a date, just me being friendly- I made this perfectly clear. He just laughed. I was actually looking forward to going. I loved my ravenclaws and Lily, but I couldn’t always relate to them- they spend their free time playing quidditch, and fawning over boys and reading witch weekly. Sometimes I feel us drifting apart. Lily however, like me is content with a good old fashioned muggle story, and doesn’t live off drama, and looks for the best in people. Even though I love all of them I needed someone like Snape, someone different.



I start my journey back to my common room with a brilliantly completed paper. However, me being me, I can’t just peacefully walk back.



“Rose, Ms.Rosie” I hear the annoying voice of one Sirius Black calling out.



“Hello, Sirie.” I say, being friendly.



“Where you coming from?” he inquires



“Library, what about you?”



“Wouldn’t you like to know?” He says hoping to get me to play along, but I know this game.



“Fine than don’t answer my question.” I say in sing song voice.



“Alright, alright I’ll tell you.” Sirius says as if he had just been physically injured. “I was in good old Sluggy’s office.”



“What for this time?” I ask, in a fake concerned voice.



“I never said I was in there with Slughorn.” He winks at the end of his mysterious and suggestive sentence.



“Why on Merlin’s bloody mustache would you think for one disgusting second that I wanted to know that?” I say deadpan, but on the inside I feel unnerved, and almost angry. I make sure not to let this show at all in my voice.



“I was in there with Pron, I mean James.”



“Who’s Pron?”



“Prongs, its Jamie’s nickname”



“Fascinating,” I begin sarcastically. “Now what exactly where and Jamzie doing in Slughorns office?”



“Now, that you would really like to know wouldn’t you, and guest what I am not telling” he adds a playful push on my shoulders at the end.



“Please” I beg using my best puppy dog face. Just when I thought I almost had him, he looks away. Damn.



“Nope, not tellin' you.”



“Alright, then I wouldn’t tell you what happened between me and Chris in the girls dorm last night.” I say in flirty seductive way.



“Wait, what happened?” He says looking thoroughly shocked.



“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I have him just where I want him, I think mischievously inside my head.



“Nope, couldn’t care less about what happens in a ravenclaw dorm.” Apperently he know how to play the game too.



“Alright your loss, Mr. Gryffindor” I say as I begin to walk again. –He follows



“Where are you going?” He asks quickly



“Where you going?” I respond childishly.



“I asked first.” Sirius complains in an equally juvenile way.



“I asked second” I point out.






“Just the common room, your turn” I answer truthfully.



“You’re such a ravenclaw- School, library, common room. Come on I think it is time you learned to live a little.”



“Only a gryffindor would say that, and you still haven’t answered my question.”



“No, I haven’t” He says and stops walking, I stop too. “And I’m changing your answer!” He grabs me by the wrist and pulls me through the hall. He didn’t need to pull me, I would have followed him. I try to pull my wrist away, feeling strange by his touch. He lets go and slows his pace.



“Where we going?”



“So many questions” he says in an awkward sing song voice “You’ll see soon”



“We’re at the come and go room.” I state simply



“You know about the room” He says in awe.

“Yes, even a ravenclaw has there secrets, besides I am the smarter one of the two of us it shouldn’t be that surprising.” i tease.



“Why are we here” I ask as he begins to pace. A grand doorway appears, and loud music can softly be heard through the door.



“Welcome to the start of term part! “I must warn you this is a how would you say gryffindor-type-of party, so if you can’t handle it I’ll understand.” He adds playfully.



“Oh, just shut up and lets go inside” I say even though every bone in my body is screaming bad idea- you’re a ravenclaw- you’re a prefect. I have once again lost my brief wave of sanity that had overcome me at start of term. Oh well, sanity is overrated.



“Holy merlin! Is their one every year?” How did I not know about these?



“For the past five” Sirius winks.



Than why on earth is this the first time I am at one.”



“No time for questions, we’re here to have fun, love.”



“Dance with me.” I Say, but raise me voice slightly so it almost sounds like a question, but more of a statement.



He grabs my hand pulls me into the sea of moving bodies and for once I stop. I stop thinking, stop pondering, and for the first time really listen to the loud music I had been screaming over. I look around the darkened room; I had neon lights flashing all about, and a bar serving brightly colored punches. I continue to dance, with no one person, just random groups and notice that almost all of them are either hufflepuff (the ones in really short skirts) or gryffindors. I saw Darmocules, and I nearly fall over. Thy ravenclaw, the smart , the nerdy, the perfect prefect- a trusted party goer. He never told me about the parties I say sadly to myself, but I let my body be taken over by the beat the flashing lights; my body moving around in a series of random movements. All my thoughts forgotten again .




“Ohh my merlin, CORA!”



I turn around fast “LILs”



“Why didn’t you invite me?” I ask sounding hurt.



“I can’t, only a marauder can.” She answers simply.



“A what, Sirius invited me.” I state confused.



“Never mind I tell you later.” She answers, giving me a goofy smile.



“Let’s get drinks, I need something or else I’ll die of thirst.” I exclaim.



“Come on, let’s go safe your life. “ Lilly say playfully as we make our way to the brightly decorated bar. I get myself a cup of punch and gulp in down. Lily looks shocked.



“That was disgusting, wait oh my god is this spiked?” I aked feeling slightly light head.



“No darling I don’t think they spiked the pure alcohol .” Lily laughs.




“Oh my Merlin. I don’t drink lily.” My mind was already on a high from just being at the party, but now this! How could I be so stupid? Why would they bring alcohol? I am going to kill Sirius.

“Here” Lily says giving me another drink, but this one is a bright blue. I just stare at her.


“No, I am not drinking anything else from around here.” I say very strictly

“Trust me you need to drink this.” She say.

“Alright I’ll trust you.” I gulp down the drink, skeptical this time. Silly peer-pressure. I feel focused, really focused, this is amazing.



“What is this?”



“Just a potion I bring to the party, and I’ll take it before test and stuff that I need to focus on.”



‘What’s it called?” I ask shocked that there was potion that I didn’t recognize that lily could already brew.



“I don’t know I just kinda of made it one day.” Lily says in matter-of-fact tone.



“Wow!” I say awe-stricken.



“Yeah, I know I am amazing, so instead of gaping at my genius-like complexion, let’s have some fun!” We linger at the bar for a moment, and look around focusing in a random people. Some of them obviously drunk (How come I never noticed any drunken people lingering at Hogwarts- I was prefect last year-I should have noticed. I have never even seen alcohol in Hogwarts!’ I rant inside my head) while other were whorishly throwing their bodies at one another- mostly hufflepuff girls on gryffindor boys. I see Sirius slightly tipsy dancing with one of the stated hufflepuff girls- repulsive- in fact I had to turn my head to keep from vomiting.



Then to I see a very drunk James walking towards. Lily was glazing upon the crowd of people and didn’t notice him. I grab her by the arm very forcefully and pull her into the crowd. I look over a confused Lily and didn’t see any sign of James



“What the bloody hell, did you do that for?” Lily shouts at me.



“I would watch what you say” I reply cheekily “I just saved your ass.”



She still looks confused.



“One very drunken James Potter was walking all too happily towards you.” I respond in a very loud sing song voice, hoping she would hear me over the raging music.



She looked grateful, but only for a moment than very furious. “Can’t he just go one party sans trying to do something utterly stupid?” She screeches. “He can’t just act go around asking me to fall in love with him, like he’s some sort of god that I should be forever in awe of his presents. He has the big head, filled with absolutely nothing but cocky, conceded air! He has actually sung to me at some of his parties, and once he insisted I give him a lap dance- That Pig!”



“Come on child, you need to forget about your fat air headed problems. DANCE!” I practically demand and I can be rather intimidating if I want to.



We start dancing and Lily is actually asked to dance by a nice looking bloke, and happily followed him through the crowd.



After she left, I didn’t much feel like dancing anymore, I wasn’t nearly as fun. I decided to go off to the giant window that had a beautiful view of the lake right now. I felt bad for all the drunks at the party, they were missing the beautiful sight.



After finally making my way over to the window, were I thought there weren’t any people at. I realize that there are actually two boys gazing at the memorizing scene.



“Sirius?” I ask before I realize that it isn’t him, but he does look like him-odd.



“No, Regulus.” He says very annoyed



“Sorry, I am Cora.” I say, then look to the other slytherin standing next to him “Oh, hi Snape!”



“Having fun?” he asks sincerely.



“Kinda, you?” I ask politely.



“I guess.”



“How about you?” I ask Regulus in my sweet girlish voice.



“Not really, but when it’s your only chance to see your brother make a complete ass of himself up-close, than it’s not so bad.”



“No, Regulus.” He says very annoyed.

“Not really, but when it’s your only chance to see your brother make a complete ass of himself up-close, than it’s not so bad.”

“So, your brother’s Sirius.” I say putting together the pieces in my head.


“Wow, if he’s mischevious and in Gryffindor, I can’t imagine what a slytherin version would be like!”

“We’re really different, me and him. I am not as pigheaded as he is.” He says very casually. Thinking about this for a minute,flashing back to a pair of grey eyes. Was he pigheaded? Probably if he was like James, than yes. At least his brother seemed funny, Ithink. One way to find out…

“That’s awesome, you want to dance?” I ask spontaneously.

He looks a taken back at my sudden question, but quickly recover (he looks a lot like Sirius, but maybe a little younger, and has bright green eyes, that are equally interesting.)

“Sure, Love to.” He replies.

I have absolutely no idea what-so-ever I was think when I asked him, I just did. And just like that, we were heading off for the dance floor. I had almost forgotten about Snape, so I gesture for him to follow us. I didn’t like to see him so alone.

The dance floor was much less crowded from the last time I was on it. I and Regulus don’t talk much but laugh and smile as we point out the stupid dancing people around us, as we dance in a mocking manner-causing more laughter to erupt. I lost track of Snape afte about the first five minutes, oh well.

After about fifteen minutes the first slow song comes on. Regulus holds out his hand and I take. His hand is around my waist and mine wrapped around his neck we just sway, slowly, so my mind can drift off- contemplating his eyes.


After the song an annoying tune from the sixties comes on. “I think it’s getting late and we have classes tomorrow” I say in an almost convincing sad voice.

“Yeah, we should probably go before our ear drums decide to kill themselves.” He says very light heartedly. I smile at this. He smiles back.

I have never really interacted with anyone outside my little ravenclaw circle. I wasn’t anti-social. I just never really thought about the idea of their actually being other people that would appreciate me the way my ravenclaws do.

“Which way is the ravenclaw dorms?” He asks putting his arm around my shoulder.

“This way” I say pointing in the direction of a nearby hallway, not aware what so ever of what I was doing. Lily’s potion has completely worn off

There wasn’t anyone in the hallway, and my head was spinning. Our bodies were close together, too close. I felt my bare thigh gingerly rub against his hand. I wasn’t thinking! I couldn’t think my brainwaves were completely fried. This was it; I was looking at him directly in the memorizing sea green eyes and him into mine. He wrapped a strong arm around my waist and pulled me in closer; it happened- we we’re kissing.

I press my lips hard against his and run my finger through his hair, it isn’t as soft as his brother looked, but it was soft. I wasn’t really thinking about what I was doing, I was just focusing on his lips on my lips; there was a familiar fire spreading throughout my lips. Thesnog was growing more intense as his tongue was dancing with mine. I am still in a daze, it’s just him- a practical stranger, and me-us. Shortly after, I feel us starting to pull apart.Just before we break apart, I hear a loud “Bang!” We both look in the direct off the sound of someone dropping something, and that someone is Sirius.







Sorry that it took a while to update. I thought i posted it twice before. I left it at a bit of a cliff hanger, so please don’t hate me. I hope you liked the chapter, and spring break is coming up, so faster updates are coming your way J Anyone with ideas for how the next chapter should go or any characters that yo want to hear from - just review away. I also wan 2 say sorry for he strange spacing.




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