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Welcome To CrazyLand by EmmyPotter
Chapter 2 : Spying, Crushes, and Scorpius. Oh joy!
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Spying, Crushes, and Scorpius. Oh, joy! 


 “I thought he’d never let us go!” I say when we’re finally let go. Filch (who is still alive; he was here even when my parents and aunts and uncles were here. You’d think he’d be dead) never lets the three of us leave without being checked. If Dom and Marie were here, it’d be even worse.


 “You always say that, Anna.” Alan laughs.


“Well, it’s true.” I defend myself, crossing my arms.


“You look like a three year old.” James comments. I really hate that boy sometimes. I stick my tongue out.


Real mature, Anna, real mature.


“My point exactly.”


Like he’s so much more mature. Seriously, the man- No, correction, boy- boy spends free time trying to plan ways to prank pretty much everyone in the vicinity.


I snort. Sexy, right? “Like you’re so much more mature.” I repeat, I can speak my thoughts if I want. Shut up, you. I’m telling my story.


James shuts up and we continue walking in silence. Ha, I got you this time!


Annabell: 1 James: 100. Shut up, it’s good news for me. Like you wouldn’t be happy if you were me.


When we get to the small town, Alan says, “Well, I’m off.” I eye him suspiciously.


“Already? I thought you were staying with us.” I say. Alan looks guilty. “Who is it this time? I thought you liked Dom!”


He shuffles his feet nervously and stares at them. I seriously doubt that the ground is that interesting. “Well?”


“I know,” He mumbles. “But she has a date.”


“Well, then you’ve got to ask her out before she gets one next time! And you people call me stupid.” I say. “Well, you go off now. We’ll just go our separate ways.”


“Bye!” He says, and before we can respond he’s running off in the direction of a brunette girl.


“So, what do you wanna do?” James asks and I shrug.


“Let’s go to your uncle’s store.” I say. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, the Hogsmeade branch that was added a few years ago, is awesome. It got so popular, Zonko’s old joke shop was almost put out of business. It’s always really fun there, with all the new things  James’ Uncle George is always creating.


 When we get there, Uncle George (I call him that because if I called him Mr. Weasley, it would be weird. With all the Mr. and Mrs. Weasley’s, it’s easier to pretend they’re my family around them.) comes over to us. He claps James on the back.


“Well, hello.” He says, sounding happy. But we all know what happened during the Second War. He lost his twin, his brother, his best friend. There’s a perpetual sadness that hides in the back of his eyes. It’s plain to see. “You two planning on a new prank yet?” He asks.


James grins. “Not yet, but we’ll see.”


“So, where’s everyone else.”


“Well,” I say, “Dom’s off on a date, Marie’s with her boyfriend, and Alan’s on a date, too. Fred’s off somewhere with his wh- I mean, his date.” Fred’s like Dom when it comes to dating. Dom has a new boyfriend every few days. One of the perks of her being part Veela. Fred’s just Fred. Every girl likes him, really. And he seems to ‘date’ mainly girls who.. get around.


 Uncle George laughs. “Well, you to have a look around. I’ve got to go.” He walks away, weaving through the excited crowds of teenagers. James and I split up, agreeing to meet outside in twenty minutes. I look around, not seeing anything. I head towards the front of the store, only to crash in to something.


Or, rather, someone.


“Ow!” I yell. “What the fudge was that?” I think I hit my head, because that was just weird. “Really, random person? You ran into me!” I say, looking up. “Oh, hi Fred.”


Yes, I can do that. I’m awesome enough for that.


Be jealous. You know that you want to be me.


Don’t flatter yourself, Anna.




Sorry about that. I’ll try to be less.. insane now.


Fred let go of his who- I mean, date, and grabbed my hand. He pulled me to my feet and said, “What are you doing here? Where’d James and Alan go? I thought you were spending the day with them.”


See, that’s what I love about Fred. You can be all weird with him, and he doesn’t question it at all. Probably because he himself is weird.


“Oh, well Alan went off with some wh- uh, I mean his date. And James is somewhere around here.” I check my watch. Fred nods like he understands. He knows about the whole ‘Alan likes Dom’ thing. I mean, you’d have to be blind to miss it. Although Dom is pretty oblivious most of the time. “Speaking of, I’ve gotta go meet James soon. Have a good, um, date?”


I don’t wait for him to answer and run off to the front of the store. I check my watch again. Trust James to be late.


A second later he comes walking up, just as I was about to leave without him. I’m a great friend, aren’t I? He isn’t carrying anything, which is strange. Being the owners’ nephew and all, the whole Potter/Weasley (You know what, we’re calling them the Wotter’s. It’s better than Peasley, anyway) James knows how to make the most of that.


“Hey, didn’t you get anything?” I ask. He shakes his head.


“Nothing new,” He says simply. “But I have plans. So where d’you want to go next?”


I think it’s strange for him to say that. Then again, James Potter is rarely anything but strange. So I move on and say, “Let’s just go to the Three Broomsticks.” He agrees and we start walking down the streets. I think about things, random thoughts popping into my head. As we get closer, I think, Strangely enough, this is sort of like a date.


I pause at that. Me? On a date? With James Potter, one of my best friends since first year? The idea is so absurd that I could laugh. But, in one of my rare moments of utter seriousness, I think of something else, almost even more strange and laughable. A part of me thinks that maybe, just maybe, it’d be kind of nice to go on a date with him.


NO! Annabell, no! We don’t think like that!


But it’s a good idea, brain!


No, bad Anna. We can’t think that.


Why not?


He’s your best friend! You’re roommate/best girl friend’s cousin!


So what? Maybe the idea is good!


It’s wrong! Wrong, wrong, WRONG!


Okay, brain, you win..


Thank you.


Sorry, had to have that conversation with my brain. My brain hardly agrees with me. I’m not crazy, if that’s what you think. Jeez, trust issues? I think so.


I also thought that the Three Broomsticks was very date-ish. Of course, this wasn’t a date. But if it was-


No. No, no, no. Anna, you can’t think like that.


I was thinking about this and that and all that James this-is-a-date-but-it-really-isn’t un-date. While I was thinking this, James was waving his hand in front of my face.


“Anna? Aaaannnnnnnaaaa,” James says, dragging out the word. “Are you okay? You kind of zoned out.”


“O-oh, y-y-yeah, I’m f-fine.” I say, stammering a little. Wait what? Since when to I stutter around anyone, let alone James?


Oh, god. Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god. It’s a relief I’m not hyperventilating by now.


Based on these signs though, something is happening. And I have a sneaking suspicion I know what it is.


Is it possible? Could it really be?


Could I really have a teeny, tiny, mini-crush on… James?


Ahhhh shit.


I think I do.


We reach Three Broomsticks and James opens the door for me. I walk in, and see a lot of couples.

















“So you felt all of this?” Marie says. “Are you sure?”

I nod. We’re in the empty bathroom of Three Broomsticks. Incidentally, we (as in, James and I) came in while Marie and Marcus were here. I excused myself to the bathroom and found her. There I explained the whole thing.

“Seriously, James? Honey, you have no idea how awkward this is going to make you around him.” I grimace. I think I do know already. Marie continues, “I’d love to stay and help. You’re my best friend, right? But I’ve got to get back. Marcus’ll be worried if I don’t go now. Just remember, be careful.” On that oh-so-happy note, she walks out and over to the table she’s sharing with Marcus. I sigh and follow suit, walking over to the table James is at.

He’s there, talking to someone. He’s wearing that smile where he’s either A, gotten a ‘great’ idea or B, has a very stupid idea. Really, they’re almost always the same but sometimes he does have good ideas. I know, it’s so hard to believe right?

 The man nods, says something, then walks away. James looks up. “Hey, I gotta go now.” He does? Oh thank god. I think it’s great for me.

“Okay, I’ll just hang with someone or go back.” He smiles and walks away. Ah, James. I sigh again and walk outside. Down the street, I see Rose Weasley with some of her friends. I’m about to call her name out when there’s a crash from the side between two buildings. There are some trash cans and-

“Scorpius! What are you doing?” I yell at the sixth year whose fallen on top of a garbage can after he knocked it down. He looks up at me and smiles sheepishly.

“Hey, cuz.” He says. Yeah, the one and only, most annoyingly odd Scorpius Malfoy is my cousin. Lucky me, right? Snort. His mum is my mum’s younger sister. My mum’s Daphne Greengrass and my dad is Zackary Aston. I hate my dad, by the way. “How’s.. life?” He finishes lamely.

“Were you spying on Rose?” I say sternly.

“What, no! Would I spy on her! I mean, I don’t like her.” He says, laughing nervously. “At least, not like that.” He says this too quickly and I know he’s lying. I already would’ve, because it’s totally obvious he likes her. To anyone with two brain cells, anyway.

 “Yeah, you were. You obviously like her!” I say, dragging him up by the elbow.

“I don’t!” he says. Wow, he’s a genius at comebacks. That was sarcastic, by the way. I think I may have to point that out to our... less smart readers. NO OFFENSE, PEOPLE! I love you all the same (until you make those stupid comments. I'M TALKING TO YOU! In the back! Yeah, you! Shut it!)

“Yeah, sure you don’t,” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Well, I was just going to head back to the castle.” He says, trying to change the subject. I let him, knowing that I’ll find a way to force him into admitting he likes Rose.

“I was too. Let’s go.” I say. We walk in silence. Every once in a while I’ll try to get it out of him when he least expects, but he ignores me. Jerk.

When we get back, we walk up to the common room. Somehow, Scorpius got Gryffindor, which goes against everything Uncle Draco must have told him. Then again, who am I to tell?

I go up to my room and decide to wait for my friends to return. When I flop down on my bed, I think about the day. It’s only like Twelve now, which means I was there for like an hour. But oh well. I think about how I discovered that I have a (super-teensy-tiny-small-little-mini) crush on James. Crushes like that don’t amount to anything usually, right?

Shut up, I’ll believe it if I want to.

I end up falling asleep after a while, dreaming about.. certain people. Later in the evening, Marie wakes me up and we go down to dinner. I try and forget about the (mega-tiny-super-little-teeny-mine) crush I have on James and pretend everything is normal. At least, as normal as anything in my life ever is.


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