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Pretty Little Gryffindors by SeverusSnape15
Chapter 2 : Lost Diaries
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Dorcas Meadows sat outside quietly. It was a warm day outside and though she loved the sun, Dorcas preferred the shade today. So, there she was, slung under a tree that was usually occupied by the Marauders.


For the past hour, Dorcas had been looking around nervously, a frown on her face. Her diary had gone missing the night before and she was horrified that someone would find it and read it. It held everything – every secret – including her love for her best friend, Mary MacDonald. If someone found out she'd probably end up like Regulus Black – a loner.


“Hey, Dory, fancy meeting you here,” came the deepening voice of James Potter. “Say, why don't we join you?”


Dorcas stiffened and looked up at the boy. His hair had grown longer since the last time she'd seen him, really. His hazel eyes were hiding behind his thick glasses. “I'd rather you not,” hissed Dorcas. She wasn't at all in the mood for James and his posse.


“Why not?” asked Sirius Black, “we only bite on weekends, and're in luck! It's the weekend.” A grin appeared on his lips.


“Screw off,” Dorcas muttered. A sigh of relief came when she saw Marlene McKinnon walking towards them. Dorcas always felt safe around her.


“Are you boys messing with my woman?” Marlene glared playfully, her blonde locks falling over her shoulders.


Sirius glanced at Marlene, sneering. “Come here to ruin another life, McKinnon?” Ever since Regulus's lover had mysteriously been killed, Sirius had held Marlene accountable for the action. Not many people thought it was right, but Sirius couldn't be convinced.


The girl rolled her eyes and threw herself down beside Dorcas. “It's not my fault that the bully doesn't like to be bullied.”


Dorcas locked eyes with Marlene, raising her brows. “Just leave, please. I didn't come out here for the next wizarding war to start!” 


“Whatever,” Sirius replied, walking away. After a bit, James turned and jogged to catch up with his best friend, taking a quick glance back at the two girls.


“Not cool,” muttered Dorcas. She pushed her hair back, tying it up with a maroon, Gryffindor ribbon that Mary had given her a few months ago for her birthday.


“It's not like I killed his butt-buddy, though! He acts like it. It's not my fault his family is fucked up!” Marlene glared at a nearby bird that fluttered around quickly, causing its different colors to blend together.


“We both know that, Mar, but you're not making it any better. Why don't you just ignore them?”


“I can’t,” Marlene admitted. “I don't just ignore things; you know that.” Dorcas did know – she knew oh, too well. It had been this way since the two met in their first year. Marlene had screamed at a couple of second year Slytherins for laughing at her pigtails.


“I know,” Dorcas sighed. “I know.”




“Where the hell is it!? I put it right here,” cried Lily Evans, a shaking finger pointing at her pillow. “Under here!” Her face was pale and struck with utter horror. The redhead was walking around the room, throwing stuff around, looking under the numerous beds of her roommates, but she still couldn't find her diary.


Mary MacDonald gaped, her heart pounding away. She, as well, had misplaced her diary. Lily's had mysteriously disappeared into the blue. Mary, who had always been and thought positive, didn't let it bother her. They would be returned once someone found them. Would someone really dare to read the girls' thoughts?


“Calm down, Lils,” Mary said softly, running her hand down her friend's arm. 


“I can't calm down! If someone sees that, they'll know that I really do like James Potter! Do you know how insulting that would be, Mary?!” Lily cried, throwing her hands into the air. She stuck her long nose up in disgust. “I bet it was one of them! I bet they had Liz come up here when I was gone! He wants to know,” she said angrily, “and Godric knows that Liz is James's little slave!”


Mary stared at her friend, shock written all over her face. Lily only spoke this way when she was upset. Godric only knew what she'd do if she found out that it was James who had taken her diary. “Lily?”


“What?” the redhead hissed, her fire hair seeming to burn.


“M-my diary is gone, too....”


Lily stared at Mary for a few seconds, as if she were trying to comprehend what the girl had just said. “Wait, what? Someone took yours, too?! Mary, why didn't you tell me this? I could have-” she trailed off, knowing that she couldn't have done anything. “We need to tell Dumbledore. He'll fix everything, he always does,” she mumbled, grabbing Mary's hand. She dragged the girl out of the room.


“Lily! Wait,” squealed the smaller girl, but she was tugged along and out into the hallway. People glanced as the girls past. Mary tried to throw them loving smiles, but their stares didn't stop.


“Lily! Mary!” called a familiar voice, causing Lily to abruptly stop. Dorcas came running up, her hair still tied up. Her eyes were running from one of her friends to the other. “What's wrong?'re pale!” Her eyes locked with Mary's. She'd lost Marlene on the way to find them.


“Our diaries are gone. We're going to see Dumbledore,” Mary spoke since Lily hadn't said anything. The redhead was staring at Dorcas, her green eyes wide as could be. The blonde could tell that something was wrong in her eyes.


“Yours too?” Dorcas whispered, looking from one girl to the other. Lily’s horrified look turned to terrified in an instant. This was not an accident whatsoever. Someone had taken their diaries and it had been intentional. The three girls looked around, wondering if Marlene would appear as well, claiming the same thing; she didn’t.


“Do you really think that Dumbledore will do anything?” Dorcas frowned, stepping towards her two friends.


“If he can’t do something about it, who can?” Lily cried out, tears in her eyes. “What if someone reads our diaries, Dorcas? They’re going to know things we never wanted them to know!”


Dorcas understood perfectly. She didn’t want anyone to know how in love with Mary she was, nor that she was a lesbian. She didn’t know how she was so calm about the subject, but she felt that Lily should have been the one to be calm. What did her diary contain? Lily, confessing her love for James? So what! There were so many things worse than being in love with some guy. What about her? What about all the things she’d said about Mary?


“I know that, Lily! I’m not happy about this either; but what can Dumbledore do for us?”


Lily scoffed and turned her back to Dorcas, strutting away, pulling Mary along with her. The brunette mouthed a “sorry” and scurried along behind her redheaded friend, a frown on her face.


When they reached Dumbledore’s office, Lily muttered the password since she’d been up to see the man many times. The two stepped onto the staircase, the redhead’s hands shaking nonstop. “Come in, Miss Evans. Bring your friend as well,” Albus Dumbledore’s voice echoed. The two girls walked into his large office, glancing around. It was the same as always – Fawks sat on his podium, looking around the room as birds usually did. The portraits of former Headmasters and Mistresses were in place on each wall, some talking to one another.


“What can I help you girls with?” The man asked, stroking his growing beard. Mary and Lily took a seat in front of his desk, the brunette fiddling with her fingers.


Lily sat up straight, staring Dumbledore in his blue eyes. “Our diaries have been taken, Headmaster. Mine, Mary’s, and Dorcas’s. She didn’t come with us, but it’s happened, sir, and we don’t know what to do!”

Dumbledore frowned. “Have you tried summoning them? I’m sure they’ll come if you call! Accio Lily’s diary!” the tall man said, flicking his wand. They waiting a bit, but nothing happened. Something was holding it down, refusing to let it up. “Hmm…Well, we’ll have to look for it, won’t we? I assure you, Miss Evans, we’ll find your diaries, and I’ll make sure of it.”


Mary smiled at her Headmaster, but Lily sat still-faced. “That’s all you can do? Not to sound rude sir, but you’re Dumbledore! You can do anything! Why can’t you find our diaries?” She cried, glaring at the man with frustration in her eyes.


“Lower your tone, Miss Evans,” Dumbledore began. “I can’t make it magically appear, because I’ve obviously already tried that,” he smirked a bit. “I’m sorry, but there’s not much else I can do besides keep a look out. I’ll need to know what each of them looks like.”


Mary spent the next few minutes, detailing each diary. She added Marlene’s in, in case hers went missing as well.


Lily sat there, a frown on her face as she tucked her hands into her pockets. Something touched her fingers, something that hadn’t been there before. The redhead pulled it out, noticing that it was a piece of folded paper. When she unfolded it, it read:


Looking for something, red? Tell anyone about this note and I’ll make sure you’ll never see that diary again. Oh yes…and James will find out everything. That includes a certain love for someone…that isn’t him.







Author’s Note: So, I was going to make it a different letter, to lead people on…but then, I realized that if I used to letter of the blackmailer’s first name, it may have been obvious to whom it was. I don’t know. Please let me know what you think. I’m not a huge fan of my own story right now, nor do I know in what direction it’s going to go =) R,R,R, please!! I’d love to know what you think. ~Cierra.


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