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I cannot love a Gryffindor by Breeloveyou
Chapter 11 : Guilt
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I couldnt believe it!! Draco, Draco was the only thing i could think about. He would be furious. I slipped out of the bed shivering as my bare feet hit the cold floor. I scanned the room and walked over to find my bra hung on end of the bed and the rest of my clothes spread across the floor. I slipped my undergarments on and then my jeans, i then checked the mirror before putting my top on. Grabbing my jacket and purse i left without a word. Harry was not on my mind, Draco was the only one i could think about at this moment. I apparated back to the manor and jogged to the door. Flushed, i took a deep breath out before opening the door.


I entered the room greeted by a worried looking Draco. He ambushed me with a hug, squeezing me tightly. "Where have you been?" His face was red and tear stained. Guilt seeped through me. Still attempting to remember what had happened the night beforehand. A single tear fell from my eyes, i couldnt tell him, what would he think. We pulled back and i smiled before heading up too my room to change.


I hoped that Harry wouldnt say anything for a couple of hours, till i could gather my thoughts. My thoughts intruded by a knock at the door, it creaked open revealing Draco. I already have so many secrets, so many things to hide....


"I slept with Harry!!" I screamed my eyes shut tightly. Slightly opening them i saw a furious looking Draco. His hand raised, i deserved it i was ready for it. My eyes squinted awaiting the pain, yet nothing. I peeled them open to find Draco sitting on the bed, softly sobbing.


Draco's Point of View


I was crushed inside, that mere sentence, that mere moment was enough to destroy me. I sat on the bed, letting a few sobs escape my lips. But anger surged through me, i stood "How could you!!" i shouted furiously.


"I..I" she couldnt speak, she whimpered and stuttered uncontrollably. She was so frightened i was so upset at how she thought i was going to strike her. "You disgusting little whore!!" insults poured out of me. My face grew hot "You disgust me!! i cant believe i fell for you, i thought you were...ugghhh turns out your just another heart breaking slut!"


I watched the tears pour out of her eyes. I wanted to go to her, hold her in my arms comfort her. But instead i stormed out angrily leaving her alone to cry.


Normal Point of view


I wiped my eyes, but it was useless i couldnt stop the overflow of my tears. I ran down the stairs and out of the house after Draco, but he had already gone. I couldnt go back to Hogwarts, not with Draco and Harry. I would be pulled out soon anyways, but Draco was gone along with my heart. I went to Harry's, the door was still creaked open. Right where i left it accept Harry was no longer in the bed he was standing in front of a broken mirror. His fists covered in blood, i felt no sorrow nor sympathy for him. "How could you!!" i said before shoving him back.


"I...I sorry!" He looked to the ground.


"Sorry isnt enough this time Harry! i love Draco more than anyone i have ever known! you knew i was drunk!! you used me!! how could you!" He looked at me, placing his hand on my cheek. Angrily i pushed him off "Just get away from me!!" i started out the door.


"Scarlett please!!" Harry was folowing me, i didnt turn around i kept walking ignoring his pleads for forgiveness. "Please!!" i turned.


"Draco does not want anything to do with me anymore!" my voice grew less angry because of the sobs that replaced it.


"Scarlett, in the past couple of months i have realised that you are the smartest, prettiest most amazing girl i have ever met! and i just..." I shook my head.


"Harry, i..i dont love you" Was all that was said before i let him alone in the hallway. Partly none of that was true, my feelings for Harry had changed but whether i had chosen to believe those feelings had yet to be decided.


I used to think i had all the friends and loved ones i could ever have hoped for. But now...i felt so alone, alone in a world that had nothing to offer but broken hearts and uncertain emotions. I walked along the street, tears leaking from my eyes wondering if love gave second chances. The cold breeze blew my hair across my face, i shivered knowing that from this moment things were just going to get worst.


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I cannot love a Gryffindor : Guilt


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