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The Walking Dead by Riya Potter
Chapter 6 : Pia's wish
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 Abhay left soon after their talk, and Harry and Ron slept. Harry got weird dreams about Abhay and Pia and Harry decided to talk to Pia first thing in the morning.


 Pia, Ginny and Hermione returned by breakfast time, and Pia had brought breakfast for all of them from a restaurant. They ate together, chatting and laughing, but Abhay did not come. Pia called him, but he said he was busy. Pia wondered why he said so, but then she thought maybe he was really busy. Harry and Ron kept glancing at each other and then Ron excused himself saying he wanted to talk something to Ginny and Hermione. The three of them went to talk.


 This left Harry and Pia alone at the table. “Will you help me clean?” Pia asked Harry and both of them starting cleaning up.


 “Pia, yesterday we talked to Abhay.” Harry said in a serious voice.


 “You talk to him everyday Harry,” Pia said while putting the dishes in the washer. “And besides Abhay told me everything.” Pia shrugged.


 “He told you? Told you what?” Harry looked awestruck. They had talked till nearly one in the morning, and Abhay had told her?


 “He came by at three. I was asleep, he was about to go, but I woke up. He told me everything he told you, about Siddharth. It was really good of you to ask him, or he would never have actually dared to tell anyone.” Pia smiled at Harry. “Thanks Harry.”


 Harry was awestruck. So Abhay told Pia everything?


 “Pia, are you and Abhay together?” Harry asked her, straight.


 “I wish,” Pia replied, “Harry I love him, and he too cares for me so much, it’s just that he says a human, or let’s say a witch and a vampire can’t live together. He’s not ready to convert me.”


 “He’s not ready to what?”


 “Convert me, make me a vampire, so we can be together.”


 “Are you crazy?”


 “I guess I am,” Pia sighed. With one last stroke of the wand, the kitchen became clean. “I know Harry, it sounds crazy, but, well, there’s no other way we can be together. I mean, I know he’ll do something wrong, like crazy thing if I die.”


 “And why are you going to die?” Harry asked angrily.


 “Harry, everyone’s going to die one day, even am I, but he won’t. And...” she trailed off.


 Harry finally got what Pia was trying to say. “And?”


 “And I don’t know what to do. At present, all I can do is keep living. I’m already two years older than him but,” “you’re what? You’re two years older than him? I thought you were two hundred years younger than him.”


 “Harry,” Pia sat down on a chair, “I’m talking about his frozen age. For muggles he’s seventeen, and for Dehradoon people he’s twenty. He came here three years back. And that’s the next problem. Two more years, and they’ll be moving. They can’t stay at one place for more than five years.”


 “And you want to go with them?”


 “Of course.”


 “And as a part of their family?”


 “Harry, will you help me?”




 “You’re my best friend.”


 “I don’t want my best friend to be a living dead.”


 “You could take in that Remus was a werewolf, you are his son’s godfather.”


 “That’s different. He, well, he turned only once a month.”


 “But he was a creature all right. Then why not I?”


 “Don’t argue Pia.”


 “Harry please. He won’t listen to me.”


 “And you think he’ll do so if I tell him?”


 “He’ll think. He just needs a little push.”


 “Pia, forget this.” Harry started to leave.


 “You love Ginny, you can live with her in years to come, then don’t I have that right?”


 “You don’t have any right to love a walking dead Pia. And most important, he shouldn’t convert you. He’s sane if he says no.” With that Harry went away.


 Pia was not going to give in so easily. She knew there was someone who might help her. I’ll talk to her now. We’ll find out a way. Riya was determinant.


A/N: I know I've updated after a real long time, and next update will take a while too. But please be patient. Thanks to all those who read, and don't forget to put a review in the box down there.




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The Walking Dead: Pia's wish


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