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Hi I'm Magenta and you probably know my brother. by NymphadoraLupin
Chapter 2 : Yes, But A Snake I Just So Happen To Have Liked Since Fourth Year.
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I hit my head on the desk and mumbled and incoherent

“I forgot my brother was gonna be here. Ugh,”

“It’s gonna be alright Magenta, he can’t be that bad,” Juno said sympathetically. We ate dinner and once it had finished I was walking out of the hall with Juno, Fred and George when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and came face to face with my brother

“Hi Viktor,” I said

“Hello Magenta,” He gave me a hug and I heard all the fan girls around me let out an aggravated sigh, I don’t think the realized that I was his sister.

“How are you going brother? Not too many fan girls?” I asked. I hadn’t seen my brother since the summer break and we we’re already a few months into the first part of the year. I didn’t necessarily hate Viktor but it did annoy me that he was all known and I was just the girl in the background, but I guess that is what happens when you have a famous sibling.

“I’ve been fine; they’ve actually been pretty good lately. I haven’t had anyone swarming me while I’ve been in the shower,” he laughed.

“Well that’s good,”

“What about you? Don’t try to get it passed me, I saw you looking at that guy in green at dinner,” he elbowed me lightly in the hip

“Nothing’s happening. I’m still the outcast girl that you’ve known you’re whole life, the Slytherin and I have nothing,” I said with a twinge of sadness in my voice

“Alright then. I promised mum I would look out for you this year, I know you’re capable so I’m gonna let you go but at the first sign of trouble I have to step in. okay?”

“Yeah Vik, that sounds alright,” I smiled

“I better let you go Ten, you have to go right?”

“Yeah Vik. See you tomorrow? You can come with me and my friends to Hogsmeade if you want,”

“Sounds lovely. We need to spend some time together and I’ve never met your friends,” he smiled. He gave me one last hug before he went off to his friends and I walked over to Fred and George

“Juno had to go speak to Flitwick; she said she’d see you back at the dorm,” Fred said

“So what was that about?” George asked

“I was talking to my brother; he’s coming to Hogsmeade with us tomorrow. He’s never been,” I said

“Never been to Hogsmeade?” George exclaimed

“How has he never been to Hogsmeade?” Fred finished

“We both live in Bulgaria remember? We don’t come ton England very often. The only reason I’m here is because I don’t want to go to a prissy all-girls school and Durmstrang is an all-boys school.”

“I forgot you didn’t live in the UK, I’m so used to your accent now I don’t register it.” Fred contemplated. I sighed and listened to the boys talk aimlessly about their plans for trying to put their names in the goblet.

“It’s gonna go wrong, you do realize that right boys?” I asked them

“Go wrong!” George exclaimed

“Are you questioning us? I think she’s questioning us,” Fred said

“I’m not questioning you boys. I know it’s gonna go wrong,” I stated

“Why would you say that Ten? Of course it’s gonna go right. We’re doing it,” George said indicating between himself and his brother.

“That my dear friend is exactly why it’s gonna go wrong,” I said before walking up too my dorm room. I plonked on my bed and let out a sigh. I grabbed my trackies and went to the bathroom to get changed, once I was out of my fairly uncomfortable school uniform I made my way down to the common room. Fred and George were already sitting in one of the couches waiting for me.

“Sorry guys, I just couldn’t stand the skirt anymore. It was annoying me,” I explained

“No problem, I can only wonder what it’s like to spend the whole day in a skirt,” Fred said sarcastically

“It’s not that easy you know. I have to spend the whole day trying not to flash the whole world. Since my bloody cousins cat chewed up my tights on the holidays. I’m gonna try and get some more tomorrow though,”

“Ready?” George asked.

“Yes,” Fred and I said simultaneously. We walked out of the common room and as soon as I walked down the stairs I ran smack bang into someone.

“Sorry,” I muttered and started to walk away when the person I had run into grabbed my arm. I quickly took note of the tattooed black triangles on his knuckles and my heart skipped a beat and my stomach got butterflies. I looked up into his brown eyes and he said

“Hey Magenta,” he gave me an earth melting smile, but I tried to keep it cool, which obviously didn’t work

“How do you know my name?” I asked

“You’re the sister of one of the most well-known quidditch players, it’s hard not to know your name,” he said. Great my brother strikes again.

“But that isn’t how I know your name,”


“Yeah. You play chaser for Gryffindor, it’s kind of hard to miss your pink hair zooming around the pitch. One of the first pieces I got when I joined the team, don’t be fooled by the pink hair, you’re vicious,” he laughed

“Yeah, I’m not that bad off of the pitch though,” Fred and George took that moment to realize that I wasn’t walking with them anymore and to come and join the conversation

“So, Rickett, what are you doing talking to Magenta? Want me to knock you off your broom again?” George said

“Hey guys, I wasn’t being mean,” Ronnie defended him

“As if. Bloody Slytherins always trying to break down Magenta, but here’s news for you. She won’t break.” Fred said

“Back off guys. We were talking about quidditch,” I said

“Sure you were, Magenta, the grimy git doesn’t ca-” George was saying but I cut him off

“Guys,” I said in a vicious tone. The boys knew how I felt about Ronnie and they backed off because they suddenly realized that was what’s best for them.

“Watch out for the git,” Fred warned me before walking off. There was a silence before I said something

“I’m sorry about them. They get a little defensive about me; I’m like a sister to them,”

“Yeah, I think it’s the fact that you’re talking to me, I don’t exactly have the best rep with girls and I’m a Slytherin and all,” he said looking at the ground

“I better go catch up with them,”

“Fair enough,”

“We’ll finish this on the pitch,” I laughed. Gryffindor versed Slytherin on Sunday.

“We’ll win, I promise,” he said in confidence

“Care to place a bet?” I asked cocking out my hip

“If Slytherin win, I get to hang out with you for a whole day, none of your friends. If Gryffindor wins, which they won’t, I’ll buy you a packet of your favorite chocolates next Hogsmeade trip,” he wagered

“That would require me going with you on the next Hogsmeade trip,” I sad cocking an eyebrow

“It would,”

“You have yourself a deal,”

“Either way I win,” he said

“Just wait and see Ronnie, just wait and see,” I said before walking away

“How do you know my name?” I heard as I walked away. I flipped my hair over my shoulder and called back

“I have secret powers!” I heard a laugh and when I turned the corner I ran into Fred and George who were waiting for me.

“We heard everything,” George said

“You do realize either way you have a date with the snake don’t you?” Fred asked

“Yes, but a snake I just so happen to have liked since fourth year,”

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