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Family, Love, School.... Oh and Quidditch by Antilles
Chapter 2 : Favourite Ties and Timetables
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Credit for the awesome Chapter image to Estella

Authors Notes:

So, here it is, my second chapter.
Everything you dont recgonize is Mine, everything else is JK's

EDIT: Included the new chapter image!


 We had been on the train for little over three hours by the time Rose and Scorpius had been able to escape their Head duties.

Ohh? I forgot to mention that? Ya, two of my best friends were going to be the Head Boy AND Head Girl for our final year of Hogwarts. Guess that means there won’t be any pranks from us. (Ha! Ya right.)

Anyways, Rose and Scorpius joined myself, Molly and Al in our compartment near the back of the train. Everyone else had trickled out over the past few hours. Lily and Hugo had gone off with one of their friends, Louis had ditched for his friends, as had Roxie, and Lucy had dashed off to find her Ravenclaw friends (Poor Lucy, she was the only Weasley to ever be shorted into another house, but it kind of made sense, she was terrified of EVERYTHING). 

When they entered, Molly was leaning against the wall beside the window reading the latest Witches Weekly, her legs strewn across my lap as I read the latest Quidditch Weekly myself. Al meanwhile was snoring away across from us on the other bench seat. That boy could fall asleep anywhere, and I envied him for it. Rose entered first, followed shortly by Scorpius.

“Hey guys.” Scorpius said as he shut the door behind him.

“Hey.” I replied giving him a glance over top of my magazine.

Rose lifted up Molly’s feet and sat down beside me, while Scorpius pushed Al’s legs of off the bench so he could sit down across from her. With a grunt, Al opened his eyes and gave Scorpius an angry glare, to which he got a laugh from all of us.

“So, how was the stupid Prefect meeting?” Al asked as he ran a hand through his hair to smooth it out, only for it to return to its natural messy self.  Albus hair was a thing of mystery, no matter what he did to it, it always somehow ended up messy again. It was a lot like Uncle Harry’s hair in that aspect, course everything about Albus was like Uncle Harry, he could be a clone really he looks so much like him.

“It wasn’t stupid.” Rose replied giving him the famous Granger stare.

“Yes it was, everything to do with that job is stupid.” Al replied giving her a smirk. It was so easy to get a reaction out of Rosie.

“Rosie, you make it too easy for him.” Molly said looking over the top of her magazine.

Rose let out a sort of growl sigh before pulling a book out of her bag. With the 3 of us reading, Scorpius and Al started to play Exploding Snap.



As the trained pulled into the station, our compartment was a flurry of activity. Molly and Rose had left a while ago to go get changed, but of course, after they had left us boys had started to plan a prank and had completely forgotten to get changed. So we were scrambling to throw on our uniforms.  I had nothing but my trousers on when I heard the compartment door slide open. “Oyi! People getting changed here!” I said spinning around to face them.

Of course it was only Molly and Rose. Rose instantly blushed when she saw Scorpius at the same level of dress as me, but Molly just stared at me, it was kinda creepy.

Sure, I guess I was good looking. I had muscles thanks to Quidditch, and I definitely was not short. I stood at a solid 6’1”, but she had seen me like this before. All those times in the change room on the Pitch, or when she stayed over at mine and Al’s house. She had never stared at me like that though.

“Uhh… Earth to Mols? You there?” Al asked as he threw on his robe. Damn that boy, he was always so quick to get ready.

“Huh?” Molly asked looking at Al.

“I said you there? You kinda spaced out looking at Blake.” He replied.

“Oh… ya.” Molly said sheepishly looking back at me. “Sorry, was just thinking about something.” I swear, I saw her blush... but whatever.

“Okay then.” Al said grabbing his things off of the rack above the bench.

I threw on my shirt and buttoned it up, throwing my robes on overtop. We all grabbed our things and carried them out to the platform where they joined the ever growing pile of trunks and pets at the end of the platform. I had never figured out how they got to the castle from here, but had always figured the House Elves had something to do with it.

We all piled into a carriage, Rose, Scorpius and Albus on one side, and Molly and myself on the other. With a lurch the carriage started moving.

“So… everyone ready?” Scorpius asked.

“Not in the least.” I replied truthfully.

“To be expected, you’re never ready.” Al said with a smirk on his face.


Albus and Scorpius let out a laughed, while Rose and Molly just grinned. It seemed like this happened every year. Scorpius would ask if everyone was ready for the new year, I would reply, and Al would insult me. Ahhh, traditions.

“I’m ready.” Rose said looking out the window, the sun was just below the horizon now, and the sky was a beautiful orange colour. “I can’t wait to start classes tomorrow.”

We all sighed, another tradition. Rose was probably the most prepared out of the all of us, she was so much like her mother.

“I just want to get to the feast. Im starving.” Al chipped in.

“Me too.” Molly added as well.

“You Weasleys, always hungry.” Scorpius grinned at them.

“Oh, I am not a Weasley!” Al argued. Oh Merlin, not this again.

“Yes you are, your mother is a Weasley, thus you are one to!” Scorpius replied.

“I am a Potter!” Al said back defiantly.

“Doesn’t mean you still not a Weasley.” Scorpius said with a smirk.

“Git.” Albus said back crossing his arms across his chest. It always ended like that, without fail. Al is a great guy, really bright in most things, but he really can be stupid in the common sense area every once and a while. I’m not one to talk though, we are in pretty much the same boat.

The Castle came into view as the Carriage reached the edge of the forest that lined the path. Without fail, it was stunning. I never got used to seeing this amazing place at the start of every year. The carriage stopped, and we all got out. We walked into the castle and made our way into the Great Hall, taking a seat near the middle of the Gryffindor table, were the Potters, Weasleys and Company always sat. I’m pretty sure James had carved his name on the table somewhere near it.

The food was fantastic as usual, and Gryffindor had 7 new students, Slytherin had 10 new students, Ravenclaw had 8, and Hufflepuff got 8 as well. Seems like they just don’t make them like they used to.

We talked mainly about what we wanted to do over the course of the year, Scoripus, Albus and myself about the various pranks we wanted to pull, then over what plays we would use to win the Cup this year. Rose and Molly caught up with their fellow dorm mates, Sarah Mackenzie, Katilyn Finnigan, and Alice Longbottom. Emmet Finnigan and Jack O'Neill, my other dorm mates, were still scarfing down food, to buys to talk. Ya, us guys were a talkative bunch.

The Feast soon ended, and we all headed up to the Common room minus Rose and Scorp who were off doing head duties, making sure kids get lost and what not.

I flopped down on the couch infront of the fire letting out a huge sigh. Al sat in one of the big armchairs and Molly dropped down onto the couch beside me. It didn’t take long for the rest of the Weasleys and Potters to join us. This was our area of the common room, and no one doubted it.

“So, Anyone heard who the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is going to be?” I asked.

“Nope, thought there are PLENTY of rumours going around.” Lily said. Of course she would know most of the rumours, I swear she was probably the most popular kid at school.

“You going to tell us these rumours?” Al asked.

“Of course.” Lily said. “One, is that it’s going to be a vampire.”

Everyone laughed, that rumour had probably come from the Puffs, they were loyal as hell, but air heads. “What next, a unicorn as the Potions professor?” Al said as he calmed down some.

“Hey, I don’t start the rumours, I just tell em.” Lily replied with a smile. “I heard a good one that Dad’s going to be the Professor. Fat load that is.”

“Ya, pretty sure he would have told us.” I said with a smile of my own. Uncle Harry kind of was like a Dad to me.

“Hey, at least we would have someone who actually knows shit about the subject if that was true.” Hugo said from his spot beside Lily.

“Aint that the truth.” Molly said.

“Well, I heard it was going to be an ex-Auror, no specifics though.” Louis said.

“Hell, we will probably know them then.” Al said. There was definitely truth in that. Uncle Harry was head of the Auror department, when we had visited him at his office when we were younger; we got to know a lot of them.

“What about Kingsley, he was an Auror.” Hugo pointed out.

“Ya.. But last I heard Uncle Ron talk about him, he was in Africa somewhere, which was a few days before we left.”

“Okay, so maybe not.” Hugo said looking a bit resigned.

“Well, I guess we will just have to figure it out when one of us has the class.” Molly said leaning back on my shoulder. Her hair splayed out on my chest, and I didn’t mind. We had been sitting like this for years, I mean Molly was pretty much a sister to me, like Rose. I felt happy though, as she leaned against me, it felt right to me.

“Ugh… don’t remind me, classes are evil.” I said covering my face with my hand.

“As long as we don’t have Potions first thing tomorrow, Im happy with whatever.” Al said leaning back into his chair, letting it envelope him.

“Ugh.. Potions, I hate that class the most.” I replied.

“Hey, its not all that bad.” Molly said.

“Ya, but you have Rose for a partner. I have him.” I said jerking my finger at Albus.

“Hey! I only blew up one Cauldron last year!” he said loudly back.

“Ya, but it was mine!” I said back.

“Hey, Mom bought you a new one.” He said back, “And you blew that one up.” He flashed me a smirk.

Okay… I had to give him that one. Honestly, I don’t know how we got by in that class; we were both horrible at it. He had inherited his Dad’s potions abilities, while I apparently my Mums. I let out a sigh and stretched my arms across the back of the couch.

“Whatever. At least I can pass Herbology.” I said giving him a smirk.

“That plant had it out for me!” Albus yelled jumping out of his seat.

We all laughed at him, he wasn’t lying. That plant really did have it out for him, it had almost choked him to death.

“Looks like it will be another year of cheating off Scorp and Rosie.” Molly said with a laugh. She didn’t have to cheat like we did, she had gotten her mother’s smarts.

Al and I both scoffed at that, those two hated it when we tried to cheat off them. One time me and Al had to tie Scorpius to his bed just so we could check his answers against ours.

“Ya, well, I’m going to bed.” Lily said, laughing at us. “You two can continue with, whatever argument it is you are having.”

“Ya, I am too.” Hugo said, followed shortly by Roxie and Louis.

“Children.” Albus said as they got up and walked off, “Can’t even stay up past 10.”

“You know, we used to be like that too.” Molly replied staring at the fire.

“No, we were never like that, right Blake?” Al said giving me that you-better-agree-or-else look.

“Whatever you say mate.” I replied giving him a smirk.

With that Al leaned back into his chair.

We stayed there another few hours until Scorpius and Rose walked in. They were bickering about something or other. Bickering like a married couple. God, if those two didn’t end up together, the world would come to an end. We all said our good nights and headed to our dorms. I passed out almost the minute I hit my pillow.



It wasn’t my alarm that woke me up in the morning, but Scorpius and Albus. Oh.. hey, did I forget to mention Scorpius was a Gryffindor before this? Ya, Im sure you might have figured it out, but this is just confirmation I guess. Ya, in our first year he was sorted into Gryffindor, to the surprised, of… well everyone.

Back to the gits waking me up though. I don’t know what it was, but they were fighting over something. Emmet and Jack were both up as well, giving them the evil eye while getting ready for the day. Now being a good friend, I just ignored them and went into the bathroom and had a shower.

By the time I got out, they had calmed down apparently. Both were getting dressed, but not looking at each other.

“For the love of god, what is it this time.” I said giving in, throwing my towel on my bed.

“He stole my favorite tie.” Albus said.

“Seriously!” I yelled grabbing a pair of trousers from my trunk. “He took your favorite tie, so you decide to wake EVERYONE up?”

“I guess…” Al replied sheepishly.

“You’re a massive git, you know that?”


“Good, Scorp, why did you take his tie?”

“Thought it would be funny?” He said giving me a just as sheepish look.

“How I am friends with you two gits, I will never know.” I said with a sigh, throwing on my own tie.

“Because we are awesome.” They both replied at the same time, giving me massive smiles. “Oh, and you’re stuck with him.” Scorpius said jerking his thumb at Albus, “You do live with him afterall.”

I laughed and grabbed my robe, “Thanks for reminding me. Now let’s go get breakfast.”

“Sounds good to me!” Albus said excitedly, practically running out of the room.



When we got to the Great Hall, Emmet and Jack were already halfway through breakfast, and Rose and Molly weren’t there. Taking a seat across from Emmet, I forked some pancakes and bacon onto my plate and poured syrup all over them. “So, Professor Longbottom brought the timetables around yet?” I asked them.

“Nope, he hasn’t even come into the hall yet.” Jack replied sipping at some coffee.

“Bugger.” I replied picking some bacon off the plate and stuffing it into my mouth.

After that, we ate in almost silence. It never could be quiet in the Great Hall, too many students, but we were all too busy eating. Around the time Rose and Molly joined us with the rest of the girls from their dorm, Professor Longbottom finally walked into the great hall with our timetables.

“Hello everyone.” Professor Longbottom said approaching the group of Seventh Years. We got our timetables first, being the oldest and all.

“Morning Professor.” We all chimed back, some of use more dignified then others.

*cough cough* Albus *cough cough*

“Looks like you all have a busy year ahead of you.” Longbottom said each handing us a piece of parchment with our classes on them. “Now don’t be late, class starts in 30 minutes.”

“Thanks Professor.” I said taking mine from him. Taking a look down, I saw I had Double Charms first, followed by Potions, then Transfiguration. Pretty easy for a first day. Then tomorrow I had Defense against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History if Magic, and Arithmancy. An okay second day too.

I reached beside me and snatched Albus’s timetable.

“Hey! I wasn’t done looking at that!” Albus cried, pancakes spewing from his mouth.

“You should worry more about finishing chewing your food.” I said chuckling, comparing our timetables. We had the same first day, but Albus had taken Care of Magical Creatures instead of Arithmancy. He hated that subject, too many numbers, where’s I loved it. Call me weird, but it was awesome.

“Almost everything but  Care of Magical Creatures.” I said with a smile, handing his timetable back.  I handed my timetable past him to Scorpius who was comparing his and Rose’s schedules, and now mine as well.

“Looks like we have everything together mate. You, me, Rose and Molly.” He said handing it back. That statement made something inside of me feel all warm and fuzzy.

“Awesome.” I replied sipping some coffee from my mug. Emmet was in half of my classes, as was Jack, and the girls the same. Looks like we were going to have a great year.

“We should go, Professor Flitwick may not care about us being late the rest of the year, but he does on the first day.” Rose said standing up and grabbing her bag from her feet.

We all groaned, even Scorpius, and he loved school about as much as Rose.

“Come on, you all know it’s true.” Molly said standing up as well.

With a sigh, I stood up as well, and slung my bag over my shoulder. Scorpius did the same, but Albus just kept eating.

“Come on Al, She’s right.” I said pushing his shoulder.

“No… Im still hungry.”Al replied shoving more bacon in his mouth.

I looked at Scorpius, and we both nodded. We stuck our arms under his armpits and lifted him out of his seat.

“No!!! The Bacon is calling me!” Al yelled struggling against us. He was a Seeker though, lean and thing, not muscle like Scorpius and myself as chasers.

“Grab his bag.” I said to Rose as we walked out of the hall.

“Bacon! Nooooo!!!!!”



What can I say, Albus loves his bacon!

Please, Review it if you like my story so far, and if you have any ideas. Thus far, I'm just playing it by ear, but Im planning on making basic plot line tomorrow sometime.


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