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With Sirius Black by Owlpost68
Chapter 4 : When Things Go Badly, With Sirius Black
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A/N: Here's the last chapter! It's a little shorter than I thought, but I have a surprise for you at the end! :D Enjoy!


Disclaimer: Anything you recognize is JKR, anything else is mine, like Cora, I really love her character <3



Chapter 4



When Things Go Badly, With Sirius Black



Over the rest of the month was just as amazing as the beginning. We were even able to set a few pranks on whatshisname. With me in Disallusionment of course. Well, we had to do something. It had to be something that wasn't able to be traced to us, so I came up with the idea that he steps on a piece of gum, but every time he tries to take it off, another one gets stuck. This was particularly funny because he's always wearing unmerlinly expensive shoes. The charm was supposed to “stick” with him for half the day. Definitely not my best work, but it had to do.


Although I was confined to mostly the house, and the backyard, I could still help Cora keep house, and try to cook for her. Unfortunately it wasn't safe to go out to clubs anymore. Cora said she doesn't mind because she's with me now. I just wish it could stay that way. She's tried asking to go with me, but being the person I am, I had to tell her that she'd have no life if she came. I couldn't put her in that kind of danger. Plus, what would she tell her family? That's what got to her. She couldn't do that to her family. For once, she cried, I did too, but I tried to hide it.


The next day, her dad came and knocked on the door.

“Daddy? What are you doing here? I thought you and mom were spending the day together.”

“Sir.” I said, trying to act sick, and respectful at the same time.

“Son, how many times have I asked you to just call me Jim? But that's besides the point. We were about to leave sweetheart, but then some men came by and said they were looking for someone. Looked a bit like your friend there, so I told them I might know someone who does and came right over. I told them I'd be back at 2 just in case there was a delay. Son, do you have a brother or something, the picture looked like you, but I couldn't be sure.”

Before I could say anything Cora took out her wand, being behind her father, and said “Obliviate.”

“Are you sure that was a good idea?...”

She ignored me. “Sirius, you have to leave. If you stay too much longer you'll be caught, and I'll never forgive myself...”




Someone was pounding on the door.

“Shit,” she started leading me out the back.

“Cora, wait, couldn't we?...”

“No, we can't, we've used up all our time together,” she said with tears in her eyes. “Listen. I've had a bag packed for you for days now, just in case. Buckbeak is all set too. You have to go now.” She tears were flowing freely now.

“Won't you need help fending people off? Jeez, why did this have to come up so fast?”

“No, I'll just wipe their memories like dad's”






“Shit, it sounds like I'll have to fix a door too.”

She shoved me towards Buckbeak, but before she could move me another inch, I kissed her. Trying to give each other enough to last the rest of our lives in case the worst happens.

“I'll find you when I know it's safe love, I promise. If I don't, and it's safe, go to England, to Hogwarts. There will be people there who'll help alright?” I said, hearing crashes from the inside of the house. I had tears down my cheeks, but I didn't care.

“I love you Cora, remember that.”

“Don't you forget that I love you too Sirius, when things are going badly. Remember that you always have my heart. Now go!”


I got on Buckbeak, she said a few incantations, presumably so no one could see us, jumped up to give me one last kiss, and snapped the reins for me. I was still too much in shock. I looked down, and saw her fighting some of the men. A few of them went down which gave me a sad smile. It was just like when I left Hogwarts when Harry and his friend sent me on my way. Now it was the love of my life, and we might never meet again.


When things were going badly with Sirius Black

June 1996


I had just gotten word that Harry was going to the Department of Mysteries because he thought I was there being tortured by Voldemort. Snape tried telling me to stay behind. As if!! like I'm going to just let my God Son be lured into a trap by Voldemort, and not do anything??! I knew he was off his rocker.

I couldn't help but think of Cora right now and what she'd do to a nasty guy like Snivelous. Of course, I still thought of her all the time. I still hadn't mentioned her to anyone, to protect her. I can't help but think when Voldemort does go out of power how people will react when they find out. I can't wait for that day. She'd love Harry, and everybody...

Crap, right, Harry, he's in trouble... again. He's sure inherited that from his father.

The Order and I got to the apparating point and next thing I know we're right in the middle of it, and bloody Lucious Malfoy is right in front of Harry.

“Get away from my Godson” I said, and gave him a right hook I was pretty known for in school.

After that, the shit hit the fan, we were all dueling the best we can.

James was bloody amazing.

We took care of Malfoy. Ha! Me and James. Wait until I tell Cora about tonight.


“Aveda Kedevra!”


A/N: I know, it's terribly sad :( But I hope I did it justice... Anyway, that wasn't the surprise. What is, is this nice little Preview of  chapter 4 in my Novel, What Means Most!

Then it hit me. If I'm going through so much, Harry must have been heartbroken too. “Good. Merlin Harry, I'm so sorry you lost him so soon after having found him. It must have been just as hard on you” I open my arms to offer him a hug, and he came willingly. “When I knew him the summer he was with me, almost all he could talk about was you, and how happy he was that you knew he was innocent, and was able to spend any time with you." My voice hurts but he has to know, "He loved you. And that's part of the reason why I loved him. Because he never gave up on his friends. He didn't want to give up on me either” I hug Harry a little harder, and I can't help but start crying again.

“I feel so lucky to meet you now. So many people have died last week, including another friend of my parents Remus. He was the last of their true friends to be alive, and now he's gone too. Now that you and your son are here, it's good to know that a bit of Sirius lives on too; just as Remus's son, my other Godson, lives on in him. Now, I have 2 Godsons!” He gives me a huge smile, and so does Ginny next to him.


A/N: Please R/r! If you don't, thanks for reading anyway, With Sirius Black :D *hugs!*

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